AUM Meditations

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Connecting with others can ease the effects of porn addictionHere's one man's experience:

  • Osho groups have this practice which is called the AUM meditation, which includes around 10 phases. In each phase you focus and concentrate on an emotion. Alternating yin ones, (anger, sadness), with yang ones (love, affection). It is considered to be a "social" meditation. And it feels like a washing machine for the heart. The gatherings are quite cathartic, but they are also VERY hug-friendly.

    Because of the type of meditation this is, it really makes sense only when enough people (at least 15, I would say, but the more the merrier), come together. Which means that some cities only can afford one of those meditation a month.

    People who have done the AUM together, often bond in real life. And meet ... just for a hug. Which usually takes some minutes. You don't need to be a Sannyasin (Osho follower) or even someone that does Osho practices to join them.