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I've been seeing a lot of posts lamenting the general state of this subreddit and the prevalence of newbie relapse posts over more experienced help, so I figured I'd compile a list of all the posts that have helped me the most over the years to help out any newbies here who are feeling lost. If anyone has any suggestions, just leave 'em in the comments!

  1. Universal Laws of NoFap
  2. 16 Habits
  3. The Guide to NoFap
  4. On Hormones
  5. Stages of NoFap
  6. Monk Mode
  7. NoFap Guide II
  8. 10 Ways to be Happier
  9. Quitting PMO
  10. Tips & Tricks
  11. Tips from a 1000 day'er
  12. On Avoiding Fantasy

Here's some other posts that, although not as helpful per se, were still funny as hell and every Fapstronaut should read:

  1. My Penis Soars in the wind like an Eagle
  2. Penis spoke to me today
  3. Chat with Pvt Johnson

Also, pretty much anything from YBOP, the famous TedTalk, and the Sacred Sexuality Project YouTube channel is golden. Every NoFapper should get familiar with those as well.