Raised on a Diet of Internet Porn: The Health Consequences of Long-Term Use

Noah Church speaks on how Internet porn can change our brains, our sexuality, and our lives.
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Porn Is A Public Health Issue - Gabe Deem

Porn Is A Public Health Issue - Gabe Deem

Dear Sugars, Should I marry my porn-addicted fiancé? With Noah Church

Listen to the episode here. Cheryl Strayed (author of Wild) and Steve Almond invited me onto their wide-ranging advice podcast “Dear Sugar Radio” to help them tackle the issues of porn addiction and problematic porn use in a relationship. Together we answer a letter from “Unsure”, who is engaged to a man who can’t seem to stop using porn and (worse) lying to her about it. We also cover my story and general info about porn addiction and porn-induced symptoms.

Do Women Get Addicted To Porn?--Jessica's Story

Jessica Harris shows us that porn hooks many women too and discusses how it distorted her self-image, her relationships, and her sexuality:

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-Noah Church

US Navy Reports: Porn Is Sinking Sailors’ Erections (HuffPo)

If you’ve been on the internet within the last few weeks, you’ve likely heard about Anthony Weiner’s problems. However, there is another weiner problem that we need to talk about.

A growing number of urologists and psychiatrists are concerned about a drastic increase in young, otherwise healthy men, with erectile dysfunction stemming from chronic internet porn consumption. In a paper published in Behavioral Sciences last month, several US Navy doctors documented a near 1000% increase in youthful ED, pointing out that 15 years ago ED among men aged 18-40 was 2-5%, and all studies assessing youthful ED since 2010, shortly after the dawn of porn “tube-sites,” report ED rates in the same age group around 30%.


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