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Who Knows You?

I was sweating. An unshakable grimace that I didn’t even know was there, expressed my inner torture. My grinding teeth crunched on my crashing thoughts:

I’ve got to tell him. What is he going to think? I don’t know what else to do. Oh Shit!

Addiction Is A Lonely Liar

I was trapped. I wanted desperately to escape. Like a trapped animal I would have chewed off my leg if it meant my freedom. Here more of Josh's story:

Do They Want It Just As Bad As You?

men arm wrestlingWelcome to our series 3 Ingredients Every Recovery Friendship Needs. Ingredient #1: Equal Need and Equal Availability

Sometimes people in recovery ask me if they can rely solely on their sponsor, therapist or spiritual leader as an accountability partner (AP).

3 Ingredients To Make Accountability Work For You

ingredientsWelcome to the rTribe/YBOP blog! This is our first blog with yourbrainonporn and we are stoked to officially be part of the YBOP tribe. We are all about using the power of human connection to heal addiction.

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