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Twisting Masculinity: The Harms of Pornography to Young Boys and Men

My hope today is to provide you with the answer to a very important question. But before I do that I need to warn you in advance that the details to the answer will be graphic and blunt.

The question is what impact is porn having on our youth?

Porn Is A Public Health Issue - Gabe Deem

Porn Is A Public Health Issue - Gabe Deem

US Navy Reports: Porn Is Sinking Sailors’ Erections (HuffPo)

If you’ve been on the internet within the last few weeks, you’ve likely heard about Anthony Weiner’s problems. However, there is another weiner problem that we need to talk about.

A growing number of urologists and psychiatrists are concerned about a drastic increase in young, otherwise healthy men, with erectile dysfunction stemming from chronic internet porn consumption. In a paper published in Behavioral Sciences last month, several US Navy doctors documented a near 1000% increase in youthful ED, pointing out that 15 years ago ED among men aged 18-40 was 2-5%, and all studies assessing youthful ED since 2010, shortly after the dawn of porn “tube-sites,” report ED rates in the same age group around 30%.

NETFLIX - Chelsea Handler interviews Noah and Gabe

Noah and I and Utah's Senator Weiler were on Chelsea Handler's Netflix show, but you have to be a Netflix member to watch it. Preview for everyone:

If you are a Netflix member,

The Negative Consequences Of Pornography - Wisconsin Public Radio interview

A former pornography addict is raising awareness about the negative consequences of porn. He shares his personal story and discusses the science behind porn addiction. He also explains why he recommends adolescents stay away from pornography.

LISTEN (20 mins)

"Real Simple" - Porn has serious effects on the men who grew up with unlimited access to it (podcast - 34 min)

A lot of people enlist porn when they masturbate, but what effect does porn consumption have on a person when he or she is with someone else in the bedroom? Turns out, porn can put a real damper on things. Host Lori Leibovich talks with two people who know, one from experience. LISTEN

Short radio interview of Gabe Deem - CJAD (Canada)

Host of CJAD ViewpointsListen to CJAD Viewpoints. Segment starts at exactly 1:00, an hour into the show.

Myths About Porn and Related Dysfunction (Girl Boner Radio)

Gabe_Headshot[1]-2August explores myths about women learned from adult films then interviews Gabe Deem, a former porn addict turned experienced speaker and mentor, on a controversial new study that claims that porn-related dysfunction isn’t legit. Listen to the episode on iTunes here or stream it here.

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