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No PMO: What Counts as a Relapse?

From Noah Church--Watch it on Youtube.

Getting your first 30 days porn free~

Watch it on Youtube.

So you decided to try going porn free or "NoFap" but haven't been able to get those first 30 days under your belt. Here are some tips to help you get there.

Raised on a Diet of Internet Porn: The Health Consequences of Long-Term Use

Noah Church speaks on how Internet porn can change our brains, our sexuality, and our lives.
Watch it on YouTube

Dear Sugars, Should I marry my porn-addicted fiancé? With Noah Church

Listen to the episode here. Cheryl Strayed (author of Wild) and Steve Almond invited me onto their wide-ranging advice podcast “Dear Sugar Radio” to help them tackle the issues of porn addiction and problematic porn use in a relationship. Together we answer a letter from “Unsure”, who is engaged to a man who can’t seem to stop using porn and (worse) lying to her about it. We also cover my story and general info about porn addiction and porn-induced symptoms.

Do Women Get Addicted To Porn?--Jessica's Story

Jessica Harris shows us that porn hooks many women too and discusses how it distorted her self-image, her relationships, and her sexuality:

Check out her site:

-Noah Church

70 Years Old, Finally Free of a 50+ Year Addiction to Porn!

I talk with Ross Smith, recovered porn addict who is now living the happiest time of his life and hopes to help others recover by sharing his experiences.

Visit for more from Noah.


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