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"I just want to be cured of PIED. This is the last straw."

Watch it on YouTube. I respond to a subscriber letter as he describes the highs and lows of his battle against porn addiction to finally be free of porn-induced erectile dysfunction.

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Delving into the emotional roots of pornography addiction

Watch it on YouTube. Discovering the emotional core of why you can't leave porn behind is essential to breaking free. Learn from this subscriber's letter and experience.

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PIED Success Story: From suicidal to the happiest he's ever been! NEVER GIVE UP

Watch it on YouTube. If this man can rebuild his life from its lowest point, then all of us can.

The 13 Steps to Porn Addiction Recovery

If you have been looking for a recovery formula, here it is. Of course, I wrote it 3 years ago, so what have I learned since then? Watch it on YouTube.

No PMO: What Counts as a Relapse?

From Noah Church--Watch it on Youtube.

Getting your first 30 days porn free~

Watch it on Youtube.

So you decided to try going porn free or "NoFap" but haven't been able to get those first 30 days under your belt. Here are some tips to help you get there.

Raised on a Diet of Internet Porn: The Health Consequences of Long-Term Use

Noah Church speaks on how Internet porn can change our brains, our sexuality, and our lives.
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