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Will giving up porn give me superpowers?

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How do I tell her I'm addicted to porn?

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But what about premature ejaculation?

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Interview with Noah B.E. Church (author of WACK)

Noah B.E. ChurchNoah B. E. Church is a wildland firefighter, EMT, tutor, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. At 24 years old, he’s also a recovering porn addict. Having first encountered internet pornography at the age of nine, it wasn’t until very recently that he realised how badly his porn habit had affected his sexual and emotional well-being.

Following his recovery, Church wrote down his own story as a form of catharsis, but this soon grew in a short non-fiction title, Wack: Addicted to Internet Porn, which he released earlier this year. The book is an attempt to look at current research into porn addiction, and to help others realise the negative effect it could be having on their lives, and escape the addiction.


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