Change Your Brain: How Your Habits Cause Anxiety (short ebook)

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Change Your BrainAnxiety and the use of anti-anxiety medications are rapidly increasing for adolescents--and medication often does not help. What has changed? (Read it - and write a review!)

In Change Your Brain: How Your Habits Cause Anxiety Aaron Saunders deftly explains that the past model for treating anxiety will do little to resolve anxiety that is caused by a person's environment. He believes the major culprits today are internet porn, general internet addiction, diet (emphasis on gluten) and use of today's hyper-potent marijuana. He carefully supports his arguments with research relating to each. Says Saunders, "All of these factors can produce significant anxiety in people and can also lead to further issues such as cycles of social avoidance, leading to greater use and worsening of the symptoms."

He correctly points out that  if a person's anxiety is caused by one of these factors, neither medication nor behavioral therapy (the current protocols) will address the underlying cause. They merely treat symptoms. Only a change of habits will bring the brain back into balance.

This book is a wake-up call for everyone who isn't yet considering the possibility that disorders like anxiety can be the *result* rather than the *cause* of over-consumption. The take-away message here is that if you suffer from anxiety, you may have another, as yet overlooked, option for easing your distress: Stop and ease your way through any withdrawal symptoms. You just might feel better.

This is a timely message clearly presented. Warning: It isn't a book as such, but rather a clear, carefully documented essay. Nevertheless, it's important reading for anyone with anxiety (and their healthcare providers).