The Chinese way of NoFap

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Hello guys! I’m from China. I am also a nofapastronaunt. Do you know there is a nofap-alike website in China which is made up by 640.000 members now. And it’s developing really fast with 1000 new members per day.

More and more people are realizing what porn industry and masturbation were doing to them. And I notice some interesting difference between there two websites. In China, we don’t use the term of “nofap”, we call it “jiese” (it is hard to be translated into English) In general, ”jiese” means more than nofap. It also appeal to people to change their mindset. It’s a little about Buddhism. But we are not discussing religions here. Jiese is to change your mindset.It is not successful that you stop masturbation for the rest of your life while your mind is occupied with dirty images. To “jiese” successfully means you stop fapping and start to have a health relationship with people and yourself, becoming more and more healthier mentally and physically.

The very first step of nofap, according to Chinese, is to stop YY (which mean imagine having sex with the girl you meet on streets, at school, at shops, etc., just imagination). Because YY will result in urges. Let's see how our mind works. (imagination—YY---urge+) —interim-- (imagination—YY---urge++) ---interim -- (imagination—YY---urge+++) ----interim--- (imagination—YY---urge++++) ---- urge so strong that you masturbate. So here a useful Chinese way tip to fight against urges When you imagine sth (YY), repeat a sentence to yourself”. Eliminate the thought, don’t follow it, sense it and it dies”(sorry, it’s a little strange when translated into English). Maybe you think it’s stupid to do that. But it’s really powerful. Because once you learn how our mind work and know your imagination will cause your urges. And your urges will increase the difficult of nofap. So try to repeat a powerful line you made for yourself.

And another topic I’d like to talk about is sex education. I am wondering whether it is the same in western countries. We receive zero education about sex, but we learned it from Japan pron. So we usually joke that pron star is the culture bridge between China and Japan. What’s worse, we were told that it’s OK to masturbate and don’t feel shameful about it. We read that from the book teachers gave us. So we believed it even at that time our physical condition is not so good as before and we can feel that.

According to countless experience of netizens who fap for more than 5 years normally, there is a huge flaw in that statement. They told you it’s OK to masturbate if you can control the frequency of faping. And it won’t do any harm.It’s right scientifically. But it is totally wrong practically. First,as we all know,most teenagers lack the ability to control themselves. So they don’t really know how to control the frequency. Once they start it ,they become addicted. Secondly most people fap in front of there computers watching pron. Porn is the thing that change the way you think. Porn make you become less confident. Porn will attract you out of your normal life. Your mind will be full of lots of inappropriate images. It’s really pathetic spending all day dreaming have sex with women.

So is it the same in your country? And could someone please tell me what is PMO and other?

THREAD - Chinese way of nofap

by Ericyuyu