Choose from these healthy habits

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Love and Freedom logo● Do 25 pushups (or more)

● Do 25 situps (or more)

● Sit quietly and watch your breath for 5 minutes (or more)

● Go outside and jog around the block 3 times (or more)

● Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while

● Watch a movie (careful that it doesn’t contain too many triggers: try a documentary that will feed your brain).

● Start working on that screenplay you’ve always wanted to write

● Read a chapter of a good book

● Listen to some music that inspires you to be a better man

● Visit

● Go to the store and buy yourself some organic vegetables and clean meats; then locate a recipe that will make them delicious

● Pick up a musical instrument and start teaching yourself using YouTube videos

● Go outside and take some pictures

● Start a blog

● Start learning to program

● Visit and read, for inspiration & support

● Do a set of 10 kegels (PC-muscle contractions)

From the Love & Freedom Project