Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions

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"It's hard to know exactly how many young men are suffering from porn-induced ED. But it's clear that this is a new phenomenon, and it's not rare." (link)

- Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, Director of Men’s Health Boston and Clinical Professor of Urology at Harvard Medical School

This phenomenon may have been new to Morgentaler, but US Surgeon General C. Everett Koop MD warned about it in a keynote address back on May 31, 1985:

"Pornography seems to have what I would call a "persistent presence" in ...sexual dysfunction. Pornography intervenes in normal sexual relationships and alters them in some way. It seems to provoke a dysfunctional response among certain people. I think we need to know how prevalent this is and how it works."

If you have a porn-induced sexual dysfunction (PIED or difficulties during partnered sex), the problem is not in your penis - it's in your brain. And research is starting to catch up with this reality. See Studies linking porn use or porn/sex addiction to sexual dysfunctions, lower brain activation to sexual stimuli, and lower sexual satisfaction. A good first step is to watch these videos:

  1. Porn-induced Erectile Dysfunction
  2. Porn-induced ED Reboot Advice Vlog: Gabe Deem
  3. Porn-induced ED recovery (Noah Church at The Mystery Box Show)
  4. Did Porn Cause My Erectile Dysfunction? TAKE THE TEST! (by Gabe Deem)
  5. The Essential Basics of PIED Recovery by Noah Church
  6. TEDx talk by a young gay man who recovered from PIED and reclaimed his sexuality
  7. Porn-induced ED presented at the American Urologic Association Conference, May 6-10, 2016: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.
  8. The Basics of Rebooting, by Gabe Deem
  9. Adolescent Brain Meets High-speed Internet Porn (2013): Very applicable to young men with porn-induced ED or porn-induced fetishes.

Then read the "PIED START HERE" article which covers most of the basics. To delineate performance anxiety from PIED make sure you take the porn-related ED test.

Next, you need to read Rebooting Basics. Everyone wants to know How long will it take? Also read "HELP!" to prepare for the "flatline." See Rebooting Advice & Observations for pages of tips, advice, and motivation from those who have successfully recovered. If needed, here are useful tips for long rebooters.

For recovery stories, scroll down to Porn-Induced ED Recovery Stories. For longer more detailed stories of ED recovery see rebooting accounts1 and rebooting accounts2. Read about the growing numbers of experts recognizing and treating porn-induced ED, and recent studies on young men reporting a sharp rise in ED rates.

Finally, if you still have questions:

  1. look below,
  2. see the Porn FAQ's page, or
  3. read Gabe Deem answers common questions about PIED recovery.

Everything we know about PIED is on this page. Always keep in mind that every aspect of porn-induced ED is on a spectrum. You must judge what's right for you based on your history and current symptoms. Be flexible in your approach.

  • Please do not ask YBOP admins questions specific to your situation. YBOP does not diagnose or provide medical or sexual advice. YBOP strongly suggests you see a competent medical professional to rule out psychological issues, dietary deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, or other organic causes.
  • If your doctor confirms that you do not have an organic (below the belt) issue, and tells you that you are suffering from "performance anxiety," read this: What Experts Tell Guys Suffering From PIED

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The Basics: More Audio & Video Presentations

Commonly Asked Questions

Other Sexual Problems

Rebooting With a Partner

YBOP Blog Posts on Porn-Induced ED

Tales of Porn-Related ED

Porn-Induced ED Recovery Stories

General Information

Articles About Masturbation

Basic Physiological Research

Studies: Increasing Rates of Sexual Problems

Studies Linking Porn Use to Sexual Problems/Altered Libido

  1. Study: Is Internet Pornography Causing Sexual Dysfunctions? A Review with Clinical Reports (2016)
  2. Study: Male masturbation habits and sexual dysfunctions (2016)
  3. Study: The Dual Control Model - The Role Of Sexual Inhibition & Excitation In Sexual Arousal And Behavior (2007)
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  28. Studies: PDF of a lecture by Carlo Foresta, urology professor (2014)
  29. "Study": Erectile Dysfunction Forums Offer Raw Insight Into How Millions of Men Cope With The Condition. HuffPost (2015)

Porn-Induced ED in the Media: Primarily Experts

Since YBOP came on line (January, 2011) over 120 sexual experts (urology professors, urologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, sexologists, MDs) who acknowledge and treat porn-induced sexual problems have published articles or appeared on radio and TV. Note: Urologists have twice presented evidence of porn-induced sexual dysfunctions at annual conferences of the American Urological Association.

  1. Video of a lecture: Porn-induced ED (parts 1-4) presented at the American Urologic Association Conference, May 6-10, 2016. Urologist Tarek Pacha.
  2. New findings: Study sees link between porn and sexual dysfunction (2017) - Data from an upcoming study, presented at the 2017 American Urological Association Conference.

List of articles, broadcasts, radio shows, and podcasts that involve sexual experts who confirm the existence of porn-induced sexual dysfunctions:

  1. Too Much Internet Porn May Cause Impotence, urology professor Carlo Foresta (2011)
  2. The Young Turks discuss porn-induced ED (2011)
  3. Porning too much? by Robert Taibbi, L.C.S.W. (2012)
  4. Does Porn Contribute to ED? by Tyger Latham, Psy.D. in Therapy Matters (2012)
  5. Urologist Lim Huat Chye:  Pornography can cause erectile dysfunction for young men (2012)
  6. Director of Middlebury College Health Center, Dr. Mark Peluso, sees rise in ED: blames porn (2012)
  7. Sexual Dysfunction: The Escalating Price of Abusing Porn (2012)
  8. "Addicted to Viagra: They should be at their most virile, but a growing number of young men can’t cope without those little blue pills" (2012)
  9. Hardcore corruption of the human hard disk (2012)
  10. The Dr. Oz Show addresses Porn-induced ED (2013)
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One man's report

It's been 5 weeks without PMO today. 5 weeks ago I would have never thought that was possible but thanks to an understanding of what is going on in my brain I have made it this far.

It was a pretty good week this week. I felt pretty strong emotionally, didn't really have any down days. The urges still come and go, some days are worse than others.

I wake up at some point every night with an erection usually. I am really enjoying that. It had been a decade without nighttime wood. I remember when it went away it was so weird. I felt like something was missing.

On Wednesday night I woke up with an absolute monster of an erection. I lay there for about 10 minutes, didn't think about sex, didn't touch it, didn't even move my body, but the thing did not go down for about 10 minutes. That has only happened a few nights so far but I am hoping it starts happening more consistently.

That same night I went on to have a dream orgasm. I actually remembered the dream this time so that was nice. I had no ejaculation though. This was my third dream orgasm. Last one was on day 16.

This was my most significant moment of the week: When I was driving home from work at around 7pm, I started to have some sexual fantasy. Usually I try to cut this off as soon as possible but I decided to let it go a little longer this time. Within a few minutes I had a full erection. I haven't been able to have an erection in the evening from just fantasy in such a long time, I don't even remember how long it's been. I was really excited about this. I am hoping it is a sign that my brain is become much more sensitive.

I also noticed my attraction to girls in real life go up this week. I even felt slightly attracted to this women at work who is not attractive at all. She is just way older than me and not my type.

Overall I would say I have come about 40-50% of the way from where I was. It depends on the day I guess. It's definitely not linear, just like everyone says. Some days I feel like I haven't made any progress at all; some days I feel I have come very far. Also I have noticed my sexual thoughts are becoming more sensual and realistic than before.

About 4 and half weekes ago i came across this site when researching my issue.

I can no longer keep it up with a real partner and end up dieing before penetration. It was/could have been a one night stand so i just put it down to being nervous at the time.
After researching with specifics i eventually found many sites saying the same thing but only this seemed to be the one that had help aswell as answers.

Yes i have used porn excessively for a few years 97% of the time it was just once a day before i went to bed brief occasions were it would be more than once a day.

I have since known my issue and started to recover and rewire my brain......However, i know that the porn has rewired my brain i can understand that, but i dont think i have a porn addiction as its been 4 and half weeks without porn and i dont care about it in all of the time i have not used it.
I do have an addiction i think or in my mind i do, my problem is the masturbation and i think the heavy porn use was just and easyer way to become eroused.

Im struggling since the first 2weeks after my recover with dealing with my masturbation addiction i do not need porn, its just as if i need to masturbate otherwise i get very agitated and restless, i can't focus until iv had a "release" and i dont want to masturbate anymore and am worried it will effect my sex life with a real partner in the future.

2 Weeks into my recovery were hard but i was mentaly strong because i didnt want to fail in bed again but after the 2 week peroid my urges were getting uncontrolable, when i first gave in to masturbation on the 2 week mark i was fine for afew days after then the urges happen.

Can anyone help me with my masturbation addiction, I know my brain has changed from porn use but my addiction isnt porn, trying to rewire my brain and recover is hard with powerful masturbation urges.

Anyone who can help please do i will be so greatful.

I'm pretty much the only one answering post on this site. Not much action occurs on this site. Check out the support tab for forums - it's helps to blog or talk to others who are going through this.

First, do you think your problem is mostly anxiety or mostly desensitization due to porn use?
1) When you attempt to masturbate using no porn or fantasy, how is your erection?
2) When you gave in - did you use porn?

I believe porn has affected you, but sometimes copulatory ED is a combination of porn use and anxiety. As you reset your brain and stronger erections become the norm, your anxiety about performance will diminish.

You may be able to heal your ED with no porn and limited masturbation. So don't despair.

Thank you for the quick reply,

Ill use the link u posted for my future issues ect thank you for that.

Just to answer your questions
1) Not my strongest, but not as weak as they have been, for example i tryed many time during my years of porn use just to masturbate without fantasy and porn and i was much weaker then than now, Also im only wanting/urging to masturbate without fantasy or porn around every 4/5 days no more than once in the day when i do.

2) I have given in 3 times since the 2 weeks after i started my recovery so about 2 and a half weeks so far the all 3 times iv not used porn. however the 3rd time i didnt have a strong fantasy in my mind of a previous partner.

Im think it may be anxiety but i dont know for 100% sure, i just say that because over past 2 years iv had many hospital appointments which have given me much worrie and scare, however i think from that im much more paranoid than i used to be, thats all i can say on that.

between true libido and an addiction calling to you. Keep in mind that if you cannot achieve a full erection due to a desensitzed brain, that's a clue it's not true libido. A raging hard-on is true libido.

Men who stop masturbating during the reboot period often do better in the long run because thay are not reactivating addictive urges. If you get past 2 weeks without masturbation, you may see a decline in urges and anxiety.

Also be aware that anxiety is the number one withdrawal symptom for any addiction.

Ahhh thanks for the advise

Im gonna try and fill me days out with things to do so i dont have as much need to indulge in my urges, i have started a 5-6 day gym workout to also get my body into shape, sadly im unemployed and am struggling looking for work i think if i was working i would have less bordem during the day which could be a contributing factor to my urges.

Im going to try and abstain completely from this day im even going to limit my internet usaged because sometimes whenever im on facebook or any casual site sometimes images of people i find attractive or people in advert banners set my urges off.
Most of the time i resist but when im 4-5 days of abstaining it really hits me, so i think as long as i can keep myself active ill find it much easer too do this.

Thanks so much for your help by the way its really good to talk to someone about this as usually i talk to family when i have issues but this is abit personal for them in my opinion, also when i first started recovery process i felt like i had avoidant personality disorder, as i just wanted to be away from everyone, especially in the first week.

turn off images on your computer for a while:

Hey guys,

Im a 30 year old professional who has watched porn since age 15. I will keep this nice and short. It essentially took over my life and at this present time is affecting my relationship with my girl i cannot remember the last time i managed to not suffer from porn related ED. I guess my brain has gotten so regulated to perceive images/videos in porn as a trigger. Either way I relapsed countless times and have given in to the uncontrollable urge to PMO. I recognize its simple just quit and tough it out and get over the hurdle. Now the added pressure of my woman who has every right to feel a ways about my lack of action in bed is getting to me. You heard it before but ill say it again how can i quit for real this time? Also what can i do as i reboot as far as alternative methods that i can institute as my regular sex drive is restored. Frankly i hope the reboot lasts 6 weeks. But beggars can't be choosers. I need to get through 2 weeks let alone 6. Please advise. Cheers.

Since this is an addiction, white knuckling alone often fails. That's why guys change other aspects of their lives, such as adding exercise, meditation, change their diet, and replace porn with fulfilling activities. Explore the "tools for Change tab above for suggestions.

Support can be a vital component. Not much action occurs on this site. Check out the support tab for forums - it's helps to blog or talk to others who are going through this.

Good luck

First, let me say thanks to Gary for this amazing resource for healing. YBOP video series really drove the point home for me. I haven't watched porn since viewing them, and feel like a new man already!

Since reading the material on this site and watching Gary’s videos, I’ve become acutely aware of porn’s effects on a lot of servicemembers here at my On-base Crossfit gym. There is about a 9-to-1 ratio of dudes to chicks here, but for some reason, the guys at this gym aren’t paying any sort of attention to these ladies. I could understand if they were dog-ugly girls, but they’re not- these women are impossibly pretty, Airborne-qualified, Crossfit goddesses. Yet I’ve never ONCE seen a guy approach any of them. Sure, that could be attributed to “professionalism”, “sanctity of the workout”, etc., but not in this environment. Before the advent of internet porn (around 1999, when only a couple people I knew even had internet), I’d go to a gym on base, and it was basically 100 guys (including me)trying to hit on any girl in there. I mean, we’re Soldiers full of testosterone, surrounded by nothing but dudes at work, so any and every girl was fine to us. Heck, I look back wistfully at the days when I’d accidentally pop a boner at the gym because some hottie in spandex was doing aerobics.

This has made me wonder about the negative effect of porn on women, too! I’ve heard a couple of female Soldiers mention that they’ve had to get progressively “freakier” in the sack just to keep their man interested…...or that their man would “rather stay at home and watch porn and play Xbox”! So many of them have no faith in men anymore, and look at all men a weak, crippled by porn addiction. It’s really affected the military culture, I’d say. So I guess I have a question for Gary: Do you think that the lethargy associated with porn addiction by so many Servicemen could affect the "will to fight" mentality and, therefore, National Security? (semi-seriously) Thanks!

Have you seen this short TED talk - Philip Zimbardo: The demise of guys?

I think he nails it. Graduates from US universities are now about 40% male, 60% female. I remember a post from an older high school teacher, who said about the same thing you are: young cute girls in sexy outfits simply don't turn heads anymore.

Of course, we have a skewed view, since the guys who arrive are addicted to porn. Addiction or not, I suspect we are seeing massive shifts in perception. Many young men think its normal to require a lot of manual stimulation just to attempt sex. Many say that only 9's or 10's will do. We read complaints fron women concerning porns effects on young men. A lot of the guys on our forums say they dropped out of school due to porn. Examples abound.

I am worried about this country, but not it's national security. Men are not reaching their potential when they sit around playing video games and watching porn.

Good luck on your journey

I have to say I am very thankful I found this site. I always knew I had to quit watching porn. Especially when I realized I couldn't get it up with a woman but could with porn. I wish I discovered this earlier, I think this is an amazing thing you're doing for people! anyway I stopped watching porn off and on for the last few months (before I discovered this wonderful site) thinking it was the reason for my ED, and finding this really validated that. I havent watched it for 10 days and have masturbated twice since then (without porn) and concentrating on only the sensation of it. I honestly cannot say I share a whole lot of withdrawal symptoms with most of these reports (ex. flatlining libido, depression), just occasional anxiety that I will not be able to get it up properly when I reunite with my girlfriend in a months time. In the first few days my member was a bit lifeless because I tried not to fantisize, but now he is back, morning wood (not always full strength) and I fantisize about my girlfriend every now and then and I am able to get a decent erection. I was wondering if maybe I am not as bad of a case as some people or if my periodic loss of libido is yet to come? because I'd sure hate for it to arrive in a month when I see my girlfriend again. I also plan on not having an O at all until I see her again.

Some guys experience severe withdrawal symptoms, others very little. So it's hard to say how much your brain has changed. Masturbating twice may be postponing the flatline, or not. I really can't answer your question, sorry.

Today begins day 40 of no PMO. Its funny because I'm not as horny as I was after day 30 but when I do get an erection its a whole different animal than before I stopped masterbating to porn. Its much bigger and fuller. I haven't had sex with a girl in three years because of the ED problem and I've been putting it off for this reboot as well. After 40 days though I think I'm ready to start dating again. Even if I have some successful dates I probably wouldn't start sleeping with anyone until at least a few weeks so by that point I think I can realistically see where I am in terms of sex.


As I mentioned in my last post I'm closing in on six weeks without PMO. My libido is down compared to what it was after five weeks. If I've even come close to cheating it's that I've been on okcupid and do look at pics girls post wearing bikinis or low cut tops. I thought this was okay until I read the post from the guy on here who said that this actually slows recovery and that he didn't even look at a woman much less porn for three weeks. I have a date tomorrow and possibly dates with a different girl in the near future. I'm not sure if I should deprive myself even further by not looking at okcupid and not dating or continue on my current path.


It's fine to look at pretty girls, if you are simply looking to get a date. Its when you click, click, click using a dating site or facebook as you would porn - to produce little dopamine hits.
Read this FAQ:

Its been 42 days now or six weeks and I seem to be experiencing a new flatline. Not sure if this is normal or not. I admit that I haven't been eating as well over the last week as I had been previously so maybe that has something to do with it. It could be that if I got intimate with a girl things would kick into high gear but I'm obviously not going to start testing myself as that will just set me back. I'll keep everyone posted.


We have seen young guys exit and re-enter the flatline period. This young guy re-entered a flatline, and it took him 135 days to recover.

Here I am on day 50 and things seem to be better. The new flatline seems to have subsided to a degree. Obviously I can't be sure until I try to have sex but I think things will go well. Ideally I would like to keep no PMO going until 12 weeks are up which for me will be in mid January. 84 days should be enough I think.


I am almost on my 6th week of no porn. I have not completely given up masturbating to orgasm throughout it though. I masturbated every 7 days on average which I regret. I am noticing significant improvements in my ED which is amazing. About 2.5 weeks ago there was 2 days where my libido was raging, I thought about anything slightly sexual and I would get a raging erection, I felt like I was 14 again. What do I do? Think I'm cured and masturbate. Woops. Since then I have gotten erections although not as powerful and my libido is very off and on. I also have not masturbated since that day and never will. I also need to stop testing myself which I do almost daily. It's so hard not to when you're extremely worried about it. However I reflect on days where I had strong erections for hope and reassurance that there is nothing wrong with my penis and that I am healing from my overuse of porn and masturbation. I am now completely convinced that my ED was a direct result of my low libido.

Another thing I have noticed is I seem to have a high libido and better erections right after exercise, after a night of not very much sleep and when hung over (I rarely drink) I wonder if anyone else finds the same thing

I'm 23 years old. I started masturbating only at 19, but already started with hardcore internet porn and these 4 years were completely filled with constant PMO for me. December 9 was the last PMO day for me. I've managed to go through two weeks without any porn, masturbation or orgasm, and had little to none craving to masturbate. The problem is that i'm dating a girl since December 4, we already met 6 times and we didn't have any type of actual sexual contact, but just kissing and feeling her causes me REALLY INTENSE "blue balls" if i'm long time without orgasm. So I've relapsed about 5 times to relieve myself before meeting with her. Most of times I used an old Playboy magazine I have here to minimize the damage, because I still can't manage to orgasm without visual stimulation (well, considering the things I was masturbating to until last month, being able to do so with this old Playboy is already a big improvement), but two of these times were softcore nude sets I downloaded from the internet.

I'm also very concerned about the day we eventually go for sex. Yesterday I brought her to my house for the first time, we didn't have any type of sex but we stayed in the bed, kissing and fondling, and my dick was soft all the time. I'm afraid these 5 softcore relapses I had might make my flatline even longer, but going with no masturbation at all is also scary because my "blue balls" is so intense that my balls swell, and since I have dilated veins from the varicocele I had when younger, it gets really strange in terms of appearance, and also hurts A LOT. To the point I don't even want to do something sexual in this stage. I'm considering totally quit porn once for all, but trying to sparsely relieve myself with masturbation only, no visual stimulation or porn fantasy. I think it'll be very hard in the start, but I'll eventually be able to do so. What do you guys think? I'll be very thankful for some tips to my situation.

If you are truly horny then you shouldn't need any porn. If you are going to orgasm then have it with your girlfriend, rather than with porn. You are now doing the exact opposite of your goal. This FAQ may help - What about 'blue balls' or 'lovers' nuts?'


Indeed. When my true libido come back, I will know by being horny and erect without porn or even softcore magazines. I just installed k9 on my computer and sent the password to a reliable friend (there's no way I will remember it). Also got rid of my Playboy magazine. Now I have no material at all to relapse. If I ejaculate from now on, it will be either through a wet dream, a masturbation session without any visual stimulation or with my girlfriend. Thank you, and wish me luck!

I have recently started the reboot process and I am 18 years old. I was in 3 weeks with no PMO when I had a wet dream. Does this mean I have to start my count of days over? Also I have been reading that others are using meditation techniques and different excersise to help reboot. Is this necessary for me to reboot? Do I have to do all these meditation tehniques and excersices to fully recover or will I be able to recover simply by quiting porn and avoiding intense stimulation?

Wet dreams happen. No big deal. It's what your body does. Counting is psychological and has no bearing on reality, so do what you whatever feels best. We have no program, so again do whatever you want with suggestions on meditation and exercise. You can recover without doing any suggestion - except stopping porn.

Good luck

I was also wondering one more thing.. I am currently carrying out a long distance relationship that involves skyping and texting. Would skyping with my girlfriend be non progressive towards my brain reboot. In other words could my brain still interpret this as sexual stimuli and I not be making any progress every time I skype her?

I ask because you seem to think contact with females is forbidden. Nothing could be further from the truth. Touching, kissing, even slow sex can be beneficial. Your goal is to avoid artificial and replace it with real.


I'm 5 weeks into my reboot from porn-induced ED. I can ejaculate to sensation now. I've masturbated a fair amount the past few days, however, with that culminating tonight when I orgasmed to Facebook pictures. Will this set me back a little bit? Yes. Am I still a lot happier than when I started and see that the end is in sight? Yes to that as well. I guess that I should probably get off my old Facebook. It was my birthday two days ago, which prompted me to look at my old Facebook, which featured all of the hot girls I used to "stalk." One thing led to another and a few minutes ago I came for the first time in 5 weeks. I'd like to keep the old Facebook, but I can't keep my hands off my junk when I'm on it. Is there anything that you recommend? I know that you said that looking at Facebook was a bad idea. I feel like I've kicked porn, and now I have to kick the sexual Facebook stuff. Given where I am now, can you give me a pep talk to get me through the next month or so? I'd really appreciate it.

Here's my pep talk: What stimuli must I avoid during my reboot (did I relapse)?

Your goal is to not use artificial, no matter what the source. Porn-induced ED is caused by the need for artificial stimulation. Real vs pixels. Youv'e done well, just keep going. Not much action occurs on this site. Check out the support tab for forums - it's helps to blog or talk to others who are going through this.

keep on truckin

I thought that I was pretty much back to normal, but I now realize that I can't get an erection only by looking or fantasizing about a woman, only by masturbating. That's all the motivation I need. Definitely a wake-up call. Hopefully I'm not one of those people who masturbates and orgasms during a reboot and never is heard from again. I hope that's not the case. I don't think it will be. We'll see.

I never saw that. Thanks for all that you do here.

I think I speak for everyone in saying what a good and useful site this is for us guys battling P addiction. My original motivation to quit was caused by major ED and PE with my ex. Anyway, I'm now 9 weeks completely sober from P and I only MO'd once which was 2 weeks ago. I was just incredibly horny one morning when I woke up, i couldn't help but mb - it was just by touch alone though, no visual on fantasy stimulation was required. Up until about week 7 I was still getting strong urges, cravings and P flashbacks but recently, these have virtually dissappeared which I'm very glad about. I do think it takes at the very least 2 months before your brain starts flushing P down the drain and things start to improve.

I'm had no erections recently, no morning wood and virtually no horniness either maybe for a week and a half now so it seems as if i'm having another flatline period. I don't mind though, I've just got to go through whatever it takes to beat this addiction and if I have a second flatline period for another 6 weeks then so be it.


I am new here and i want to tell something about myself and i have some questions maybe someone here can give me some help to my situation.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this!

I am 30 old I started to M when I was around 8 years old when I was 17 I started to M to P but only to normal stuff mostly sensual images. That time during a normal week I M in average 5 times a day 1 to P and the rest sensation. When I was 21 I stopped M and went on a diet and to the fitness after 4 months I had my first GF with her I got erections just by sitting next to hear or just by touching her.
We dated for 4 year and everything was perfect. At the end of our relationship I started using P again and even more after we broke up. I realized that is was looking at more different novels then I used to. There were also periods of 4 days about maybe 5 times a year where the novel P go out of hand and I started looking at really forbidden en disgusting stuff. After view I had periods of at least one week where I hated myself and had no idea why in the world I was looking at that stuff. It was so hard on me that I really needed to test myself by imagine it in real life to show myself that I am not attracted to this kind of novel at all. This has been going on for some time. 3 years after the break up I met a girlfriend who I know for a long and we ended up in bed but I had no erection I really had to concentrate to get hard a bit but came almost instantly. I blamed it on her not being my type and I had the stomach flu that day. This caused me to have a bit of performance anxiety which increased over the time and I was less confided not like I used to be with my ex. Any the P continued the next 2 year with the occasional extremes. Then I went on holyday where I could not watch any P the first week when I M I had really strong erections but then 2 weeks later nothing, I needed to concentrate really hard to get hard and O. I that week I also met a girl we had a really awesome time when it came to sex I was a bit nervous because of the past and when it came to it there was no life what so every down there so we enjoyed other stuff. After that we had a short nap I woke up and and had huge erection so I used it asap before it might go away that time it I was able to have intercourse but came also I matter of seconds. But she did not mind she was really happy with the way thing are going. When I came back home she told me she was coming to visit in 3 weeks in that time I also used P again but just normal P. With the Idea in my mind that there has to be something wrong I went to the doctor and he did test but everything was normal my testosterone levels where just above the minimum but he endured me that this has nothing to do with achieving erection.
He told me you have to be in the mood and take your time. So when I saw her we had intercourse and its was short but good over the time It got better and better until it was the same as I had before just to sit next to her and to get an erection the only thing that was different was that when It came to intercourse I really needed to concentrate to be hard all the time also when I moved to fast I became weak and I had to go slow for the erection to become hard again. Because it was a long distance relationship we only saw each other every few months and every time we saw each other the first time was not that good but also that problem disappeared after sometime but in the periods where I did not get to see her was using P excessively 10 time a day maybe that was to keep it going I had sex with her at least 3 to 5 times a day. When she broke up with me my P consummation got out of hand I over did it so much that I had blisters on my penis. I could not stop many more. Then 3 weeks later I met a girlfriend of mine she came to have holyday with me. When we ended up in bed I was only able to have a semi erection and came quick as well but after that I was able to get hard but with lots of concentration but lost the erection sometime during and had to get it back up again by concentration even harder.
Now I have to say that the girl I met on holiday before her was in every way what I want when it comes to looks absolutely my type and I mean everything from hair to toes just absolutely what turns me on.

Now my questions are what to you get from this are my problems related to porn I for one guess so.
I know for sure that porn is an addiction for me because I can feel that I crave it too much I can’t wait to get home and get off.

So then I came across this website and I wonder if this could help me so I started doing no PMO.
After the first week of no PMO I woke up every night and morning with 80% full erection and intense sex dreams even after not being asleep anymore. The dreams are mostly about my exes and people I know.

Yesterday after one week of no PMO I tried to get hard by just touching myself gently no hard stimulation but I go only 40% erect.

So what would your advice be for me?

I can go without PMO but I am so horny all the time even doh I know it’s not because I am really horny. I try not to look at anything sex related or fantasize but at night and in the morning after waking up it happens automatically do I need to force that out of my head?

But the main question stand will no PMO help me with my problem?

Any advice you could give me is much appreciated .

Maybe you see a panther here.

Thank you.

in the above page - START HERE: Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction

The only true way to know is to reboot. I suggest clicking on support. Reboot Nation - has a porn-induced ED section.


I am under the impression that when you M that you kind of train you penis like insurance sport. I usually last 15 to 20 min. So i was wondering are there any know changes in the time you last when you don’t M due to the recovery which might make you lose you training due to the fact the you get more sensitive in the brain and penis ?

During reboot, would it be beneficial to cease smoking Marijuana? I ask this for two reasons:

1) 99% of the time I engaged in PMO, it was while high on Marijuana. I fear if I continue to smoke Marijuana, it may slow down the reboot because it is in this high state of mind that I incurred all of the damage (watching P) and may make brain plasticity changes harder to achieve.

2) Because my brain did rewire itself to porn while being high, maybe quitting weed would actually accelerate the rewiring process because these two (porn and weed) are associated with each other in my brain, sort 'killing 2 birds with 1 stone'.. Thoughts?

have found that giving up alcohol and pot was best because they fell back into porn while using. No one knows if removing pot will shorten the reboot time, but I suspect it could.

One more question not related to Marijuana...

Does porn induced ED necessarily have to stem from video pornography or fully nude women? Can it come from viewing a large number of attractive PHOTOS of women in their bra and underwear? (I engaged in both, but am very interested if the barely nude photos can still be damaging to the point of developing porn induced ED)

I engaged in both, but am very interested if the barely nude photos **COULD have been a factor in developing porn induced ED

 - so how you get there is all up to you. This is a simple concept that most people miss. It's not the stimulus, it's the effects. A better way to think about it is that you are training your brain to need a certain level of stimulation in order to become fully aroused.

I'm a 26 year old guy who recently lost his virginity. I have been masturbating since the age of 13. Initially it started off by fantasizing during masturbation or reading erotic magazines. But for the last 4 years, i have been dependent on internet porn for my masturbation. I don't think I masturbate a lot - normally its about 5 times a week. I watch porn only when I have to masturbate, normally when I go off to bed at night. About 1 month back I lost my virginity to the girl I love. She is from a different country & visits me twice an year. When I first had sex, I lost my erection while putting on the condom. My gf said it might be because of the condom or your anxiety. Just relax & let it happen. After that she gave me a BJ which helped me regain my erection somewhat & then we had sex. However, even after 25 minutes of sex, I couldn't reach orgasm. By then my gf was tired & it was hurting her too as she was dry after two orgasms herself. I thought it was my first time & may be I'll be fine from next time. Although the sex improved from the next time onwards, I still couldn't ejaculate inside her. I ultimately had to jerk off myself to orgasm fantasizing about sex. I also realised my erection during sex used to revolve around 50-75%. I then decided to search on the net & I found out that I was suffering from this problem called delayed ejaculation. Then I came across your sight & learnt what went wrong. My girlfriend has gone back to her country now with a promise to come back in December so that we can celebrate the new year together. I have now decided to start with a reboot process. I'm currently on my 8th day of reboot - no PMO. Its been really tough. Although I can easily manage without porn, its sometimes extremely difficult to resist the urge to masturbate. Last night I actually saw a weird dream - that I'm masturbating to porn & I suddenly realize that I had vowed not do that & I stop midway. I don't really remember what happened afterwards. When I woke up I thought may be I had a nightfall but I'm not really sure of that. I plan to continue with the rebooting as long as I can. However, I'm not sure how I can check if I'm fine now because I don't have my gf here. May be once I start reaching 100% erections, that would be a signal. I hope I m on the right track. Please advice. Thanks!


I answered some place else. Just keep going and see what happens. Everything we know is under the FAQs. I suggest visiting Reboot Nation - it's a forum closely aligned with YBOP.

good luck,


my sincere apologies for the multiple posts..
actually i am new to this site & wasn't sure if I was posting at the right place. I'll make sure this doesn't happen again.


Reboot Nation - as we have no forum on this site, and few people will see your posts. you can get lots of advice and support on that forum.

Im 30 years old, and I've been watching internet porn for years. I just started my reboot 2 weeks ago, but I still have alot of mental images of porn stuck in my head, and sexual thoughts of real women in my life. Do these thoughts slow down the reboot process?


This faq may be helpful - How do I cope with porn flashbacks?

And look at these -

The thing is to relax, and not get caught up in doing it "right"

I suggest visiting this forum for advice from the real experts - guys going through this - Reboot Nation

Im 30 years old. I've been using porn heavily since I was 15. Before porn heavily, I never had any sexual experience. I've actually only had 1 sexual experience where I was able 2 get hard, the others were failures. I found this site and alot of the content makes sense. I am on week 3 of no PMO,and I am wondering what are specific things to look for in determining wether I m ready for sex or not.


Hi, this is my first time posting. I'm a 22 year old male with ED from masturbating and Porn. I started no masturbation on June 28th 2012, with 3 relapses since then and some edging. I have cut out edging, masturbation, porn, and erotica from the help of this website. Great job by the way!!! I just had a few questions. Anyone with some useful information is much appreciated
1) I go to a very good university at the moment, however last year academically was horrible because of the PMO side affects (concentration, memory loss, anxiety, etc). This year is much better in many ways, however I still am having a hard time focusing on doing my work. I feel a large amount of sexual frustration that I find it hard to organize and do my work. Also, I can see this in hobbies sometimes when I try to focus and give my full attention. I work out often also, so I'm not entirely sure what to do or do I just let it ride out?
2) Secondly, I'm also a little scared. I'm only 22 and this is bothering the hell out of me. I have had about 7 chances within the last year to have sex and can't because of ED, also I only get a half erection for porn or with girls. I've cut out everything, fantasizing is about the only thing I catch myself doing. I just want some reassurance that it will get better if I stay on track. The benefits are really amazing, but I still get angry because of this damn ED.
Thanks again for the help from the forum. Fight the good fight!


First thing is to rule out organic or hormonal cause, if you haven't done so already. If you go to a doctor, just know that it is unlikely that they will be open to the idea of porn-induced ED.

If it is porn-induced ED it can take longer than 3 months. Since you say you have chances for sex - do you also have chances for fooling around without the pressure of needing an erection? Rewiring the brain to real deal, while forgoing porn is probably the best approach.

It's likle that I will be the only one to reply on this site. I suggest visiting Reboot Nation -most of their members are dealing with porn induced sexual issues.

Wish I had more answers for you.

No I understand, like I said the website is very useful and a great place to get general info. I will check out the link you have posted.

In regards to the girls, yeah I have fooled around besides having sex, but it always reaches a point where they and I expect to take it to the next level. From what I've been reading this seems to be good in the rewiring process.

Thanks again for the reply!