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Connection can help ease porn addictionSaid one guy:

I like craigslist. I've had better success with it than with dating sites. I like that you can just be you, throw anything out there, see who bites, and try again being someone totally different.

I like that you have to have a normal conversation to get the information without the confining boxes of social sites.

I don't like the spam.

I've chatted with people I would be friends with and some that I would not. It is tough because everyone is very busy.

Most people are relatively sane, and the ones that aren't might already be in your life somewhere. Use common sense and meet in public places until you are more trusting of the person. We don't actually know who anyone is.

Another guy said:

Try the "strictly platonic" section on Craigslist, where you could meet someone as a first step.