No more porn-induced ED: My weird and abnormal fetishes are fading away. I can feel my brain re wiring

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I’m very happy to share my recent improvements and changes in my life. I got rid of PIED. My flat line has ended, thanks to meditation. For people who are suffering from abnormal fetishes, porn addiction and PIED and also ED I strongly recommend meditation. It has changed my life, period.

My weird and abnormal fetishes are fading away. I can feel my brain re wiring. I started practicing meditation two weeks back and I quit smoking pot the day i started meditating. Two days before i smoked a joint and I couldn't smoke because I got a loud buzz in my head and made me very disoriented. This used happen at the beginning of my weed journey. This means that my brain has rewired itself back to its default state. Also I think the loud buzz occurred because my dopamine levels were stabilizing and I disturbed it by toking. I stopped smoking cigarettes and playing games because of this. I want my dopamine levels back to default state.

Because of meditation and nofap, I feel bliss and became a very positive person who is enjoying life every day. I’m single and I’m very happy being alone. Ladies are staring at me (in a good way) and blushing when i talk to them. I think they can feel the positive vibrations and sexual energy emanating from me.

Guys a sincere request that are on nofap, Kindly practise meditation at least 5 minutes a day. Big changes can be seen if you do an hour a day for sure.

I hope this post helps.


by GajaYoni

Day 39- no more PIED