Demons: Fapping is Not Your Enemy.

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Demons: Fapping is Not Your Enemy.

 by The-Monolith 56 days

Calm your tits and let me finish. Fapping can be a very destructive habit and it can slowly eat away at everything you like about yourself, spitting back a partially digested husk of who you used to be. But as you claw your way back out of rock bottom, you slowly start to realize... there's something else isn't there?

Turns out fapping isn't your only problem, turns out that most of your shit isn't even remotely connected with fapping. Let's think about it for a second, what happens when you beat your meat? Well, you essentially trigger a surge of dopamine that marinades your brain in "feel-good juice" (don't fuck with me on this, feel-good juice is clearly a scientific term). In all seriousness though, a reward hormone essentially says "Hey dude, good job back there. You did great."

It's hard for your brain to differentiate between WHAT'S making it feel good. You just associate whatever the last thing that you did with the dopamine release as the cause of you feeling good. It becomes even harder when you're reward is associated with a primal part of your brain. Your brain honestly thinks that you just passed your genes on to the next generation, despite the fact that you're in your mom's basement wrecking your dick.

So here you are, your life is falling apart (to some degree or the other), and you're just sitting at your desk with an assortment of various stained tissues scattered about like a goddamn continental breakfast arrangement. Homework grade failing? No problem, fap fap. Losing your friends? All good, ding your dong. Gaining weight? Easy, rattle your snake. You get the picture...

The reason why fapping is so destructive is because it's an easily accessible diversion from the real shit that needs to be worked on in your life.

What nofap does is that it forces you out of your dopamine-haze. Your brain is actually clear for once, you can see what kind of mess your life actually is. And guess what, it's fucking scary. I get it, but don't look away. You have to deal with this crap eventually.

Where do you start? I'd say it depends on you. Pick anything, pick something, as long you are progressing in the right direction. And if your life isn't as bad, then congratulations! You have less work to do.

Little by little, a man walks far.

-The Monolith