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The following "ED recovery story" pages contain shorter accounts.

For longer, more detailed ED accounts see Rebooting Accounts and External Rebooting Blogs & Threads

Felt Like Giving an Update

Hey everyone, just thought I'd drop in to give an update. Well, it was nearing 4 months of no PMO for me, and possessing the extreme logical mind I have I felt like I really had to undergo some testing to see just how much I have changed over this period of no PMO. So, last night I decided to masturbate right before sleeping. The important caveat here is that I used no porn (obviously) nor any sort of fantasy. Just my hand, and very light strokes at that. None of that anaconda gripping that so many who masturbate use.

The point of this test was to see if I could get hard without any sort of external stimuli besides the feel. A while back when I started on this journey, I read several reports where a good indicator of some recovery was the ability to masturbate with just experiencing the feel of your hand. Well, I was VERY surprised trying this out. I was hard after about 2 seconds, and I mean really hard. I didn't last very long during this session. I was hoping just for some response at all with no porn or fantasy, and wow I guess the response was too much.

I wasn't convinced, however, because I haven't masturbated in almost 4 months. Perhaps I didn't last long because I haven't done it in a while. I decided to try again today, this time with a condom. Before getting to the results, I have to say there were no "chaser" effects from last night. No desire to look at porn or fantasize about porn today. Well, today's session was just as fast as yesterdays. I put the condom on no problems, was still extremely hard before and after, and had no problems finishing off with the condom on. The kegel exercises definitely pay off too. I noticed an extremely harder erection right off the bat, and it was significantly easier to stop myself right at the point of orgasm than from what I remember in the past. That should make the future girls happy

I really wanted some sort of confidence indicator that I was getting better before getting in bed with a lady again, and I think this definitely gave me that. I count this as a success, and it's always preferred to have your most recent memory a successful one rather than unsuccessful. I'm not going to binge on masturbating again either, in fact I plan on stopping again for a while (maybe a month). I'm going to carefully watch myself during the next few days for any chaser effects like a strong desire to watch porn. So far I don't have any which is just great.

Maybe my brain has healed itself but I won't really know for sure until my next girlfriend. I'm moving in a month so I'm not looking for dates at the moment as I'm over the whole casual sex thing (that's another topic) and I don't want to start a relationship and then abandon it by leaving the state. I am talking to a girl who lives near where I will be living, so hopefully I'll be able to start the final test soon I do have this to say, my fears have shifted from not being able get an erection to not lasting long enough.

I'd say that I was mostly cured my now. Went 30 days without P&M (way back when - see earlier posts) but now M regularly, maybe once a week, but do not watch porn. Porn is the real killer here IMHO. Also, if condoms are killing your erections, make sure you have the right size ones! Mine were too tight and cutting off the blood supply, so I got bigger ones. If it feels tight, it probably is!

I reckon 6 weeks not P&M and then M once a week should sort most men out just fine!

Signs of improvement from PIED?

Hey guys so I've been struggling with PIED for quite a while now. The last girl I was with I could only get it up when she blew me but the moment I was putting the condom on it would just go limp. I'm 22 now and have been watching high speed internet porn since I was about 13. Currently on day 56 of hardmode right now, although I did take a glimpse of nude photo's a few times on this journey. Most recently I have been getting some of the hardest boners I've ever had since my early high school days. Can anyone tell me if this is a sign that my PIED is slowly being cured? Would love to hear about your stories and experience.

Cured! But new issue

Right so I'm cured and having sex regularly but my new issue is premature ejaculation, I last about 2-3 minutes and probably a bit more if I have sex again like half an hour later, was just wondering if this will go or I need to do something?

LINK -130 Day Report

I missed checking in at 120, thought I'd skip it until 150 but something notable happened recently. Background: I'm 40 and doing nofap to cure my ED. I was a forever alone type with little sexual experience. I've had an SO for a while and we always use ED meds to have sex. After 90 days I didn't get the reboot so kept it going.

Still have the ED but my SO was able get me off via a handy the other day. This had never happened before, a girl getting me off manually, so I call that progress. I'm also starting to get some spontaneous half erections, no full erections yet though.

Anyway, hang in there brothers, it gets easier as you go along, but we must be ever vigilant!

Day 10: The Washington Monument

Really happy with the results, I've never seen my little man so strong and healthy looking. Stay strong it only get better!

Seven weeks in today with no mb or p. Five weeks to go, I'm sooo, ridiculously sexually frustrated it drives me crazy. I am seeing killer results. This process really, really works. All I have to do is think about a sexual act and it gets hard... harder than it was before... and that was with physical stimulation. So the results are very good, and I know I will make it the end and I won't relapse, but it is just so annoying not being able to orgasms. Honestly this process gets more difficult as more time is elapsed, you see better a better results each week. And if I am having these great results now imagine what it will be like when i complete the whole 3 month sprint, but the frustration does build and build and build. The difficult part isn't staying away from porn it's the not mbing. I know this post has a negative underlying to it but I just wanted somewhere where I could post my frustrations- haha. Keep strong guys, I'll see you on the other side.

Masturbation isn't the whole story, or even the biggest part of the story. I'd be willing to bet money that most men masturbate to porn, rather than without it. Take away the porn and masturbation frequency goes down. I've also come to the conclusion that masturbating without porn is pretty harmless to the sex drive. It's porn plus masturbation that is the libido killer.

(Age 20) 17-20 has the most. Even though there has only been three hundred something votes out of what could be eighty thousand plus. Even if there was just two votes. I'd still be in complete shock.

Ever since I was 15 up until 3 months ago (when I discovered nofap) I thought the only person experiencing these problems was myself. I know thats kinda nieve to let myself believe that , but a teenage kid having an erectile dysfunction is kind of unheard of. I'm so glad and thankful that I discovered nofap because I was able to rid myself of the porn induced e.d I suffered from for 5 long years. Its a beautiful thing to have all of this support on here.

As someone who spans the gap between the pre-Internet porn era, and the high speed porn era, I can tell you I had no problems including both sex and masturbation in my routines in the early to mid nineties. When I started getting into Internet video porn in the late nineties and into the oughts, that's when my dysfunction developed. Delayed ejaculation was a huge problem: I could no longer orgasm from oral sex and I sometimes had difficulty with orgasm in a vagina. I found myself having to masturbate after sex with my wife because I couldn't get off any other way, and sometimes even masturbation didn't work all that well. In the pre-internet era, when I had only my mind's fantasies, masturbation was something I did frequently, but high speed porn changed everything--I was doing it more than once a day. If I didn't feel like masturbation, but wanted to relieve stress or go to sleep, porn helped me get aroused. I even found myself looking at porn prior to sex with my wife, in order to get aroused because she just couldn't do it for me, anymore. Once I eliminated porn from the equation (which hasn't been easy), my masturbation frequency dropped and my sex life improved.

I can say without a doubt it cured my porn induced ED. I've had a few 90 day streaks, and I went over 100 fairly recently. I can have sex with my wife more than once in an evening and have no problem getting an erection. I had years of ED problems prior to find the YBOP site. I've also been at this for over 2 years now. My first year was a real struggle, and I wasn't completely cured of ED until this last year.

I actually had a prescription for Cialis a couple years ago and I hated using it. Even going to the doctor's appointment made me so ashamed because deep down I think I knew it was the PMO causing the problem, and this was before I came across yourbrainonporn.com.

Link to post

Hi everyone,

I would like to make an update of my situation, as I think it could be encouraging to some of you. I will try to keep it as short and easy to read as possible.

I discovered this thread on the 3rd of January - date of my first post - and on that day I decided that I would go for at least 2 months without any porn or masturbation. And so I did; 2 and a half months to be exact.

During this period my libido was extremely variable. Most of the time it was non-existent, but then, every 3 weeks or so, it would rise to unprecedented levels and I would feel incredibly horny (just the act of getting naked to take a shower would get me HUGELY hard). This would last for 3-4 days, then libido back to zero. I remember being sad at this. "What's the point of abstaining, if my libido is down like 90% of the time?"

After this period I came back home (I was working abroad), which meant coming back to my girlfriend. And other things coming back with it - the feeling of my man-hood being put to the test, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts before meeting her, etc.

The first sign of change was the libido. From being on a high every 3 weeks, it started being on a high every week.

Then, on the 2nd April, that is 2 weeks ago, the most wonderful thing happened. Against my own expectations, and following an evening of doubts and negative thoughts even while being with her), me and my girlfriend had... sex! I mean penetration. After fooling around in bed my penis was half hard. She still managed to insert it a bit, but once she did it and began moving up and down, it was incredible - I ejaculated in 15 sec. To all of you who still haven't tried it, I tell you that the stroke of a vagina can be something so, so good. It's like it was built to make a penis ejaculate.

After this my libido continued high for long periods. It was bulging all last week, and Friday I met my girlfriend, and again we managed to have very satisfactory sex. Ejaculated twice, the second time as a result of penetration. The following morning, I had one of the biggest woods I have ever had. The strong libido and very strong woods have continued throughout the weekend and during today.

This is the story so far. Here are my main points:

1) A 2-month period of no porn and no masturbation seems to be essential for recovery. It was very difficult at times, but I could master myself to do it. I was busy with other things at the time, which helped my mind stay away from thoughts.

2) During this period, libido displayed extreme values, from sky-rocketing to non-existent. I believe this is normal and it's just a reaction of the body to the sudden lack of P&M stimulus.

3) After the 2-month period, libido seems to return to normal, that is relatively high, or even very quite high most of the time. A big change I noticed is that, thanks to no-porn policy, so many girls on the street look attractive and just made me want to have sex with them. This didn't happen as much as when I viewed porn. And I feel more ready to accept and enjoy a "normal" girl's body, and I'm even more comfortable with my own body.

4) After the 2-month period, I relapsed to porn only once, and I now intend to go on for a longer time without it. As to the masturbation, I have been doing it roughly once a week. I think this is not harmful, it may even be beneficial to "keep the machine working"; although I could perhaps go on a longer cycle, say every 2 or 3 weeks. When I masturbate, I use a very light grip so as to not desensitize the penis.

5) Having a supportive girlfriend was decisive; it is very helpful if one is to succeed and, if anxiety symptoms are present, as was my case, I believe it is essential. She made it clear she would stand by me and didn't put any pressure on me whatsoever. Plus, she lives alone (her parents are away most of the time), which means we could use her place for our nocturnal voyages of discovery into each others sexuality, without hassles.

So what's my point?

My point is that it is possible, guys. I don't think I'm completely out of the woods yet, but I feel immensely better. The recipe is getting a girl, stopping masturbation for 2 months then doing it every now and then (frequency will depend on the person; the aim is to maintain your libido high), and staying away from porn, if possible forever. Forever. All it does is harm.


I'm on day 70. If I look back at myself honestly, I have to admit that when I started this process I was probably most interested in being able to "perform" again. I wanted my raging libido back, and I wanted to be ready for action.

But today, over two months later, I find my libido isn't raging.

I feel a little sad about it, because there is that infantile part of me which really enjoyed constantly fantasizing about every woman I met, and getting so turned on by the special kind of porn I liked, and edging, edging, edging, and feeling like I was melting because I was so horny.

I see now--all that was infantile. It's infantile to be so preoccupied with ones own sexual release. Afterwards, all the fantasies evaporate, and if you don't love the person you are with, you immediately notice the crud in their eyes, because the angel dust that got sprinkled all over everything by millions of years of evolution goes....POOF...and you are staring at real life, which isn't always beautiful and pleasing.

For you young whippersnappers, "angel dust" is a drug, and I think it's a good idea to think of arousal as a drug. Because it distorts reality. And we rebooters all got addicted to it. And then habituated to it. And then certain basic body functions got screwed up, and that's why we're all here chatting on this site.

But the point is, I feel like my levels are evening out for the first time in my life, and my relationship with my sexual nature is changing for the better. "Hey, sex wasn't supposed to swallow up my entire personality! It's just a part of life!"

Don't worry though, horndogs. The machinery comes back even if you're a pansy like me. These days, sometimes I have to stay in the car for a minute or two when I arrive somewhere because, well, I am a little too ready for action. This kind of thing hasn't happened for a long while. Other things happen now too, but I'm not going to write about all that, because it's not the most important thing in the world.

Hang in there and you'll get there. Be vigilant about it. I hope you will find a new balance too, because you will feel stronger, and more at ease with yourself, and more in control of yourself, and, man, that is really sexy.

[Added] I am of the opinion that long period of total abstinence is the best way to go. I sort of inadvertently did the intermittent reboot thing. I would do PMO or MO for a few days, then go a week or two without. Back and forth for a year or so. Saw no improvement at all. I think it actually got quite a bit worse.

I didn't start feeling like things were healing up until I totally stopped PMO and went through a flatline period. After a month or so I started noticing some positive changes. Now I'm two months along and have had more improvement.

(Day 44) Everyday, my morning erections get firmer and firmer. When I wake up, I'm basically drunk with horniness. This is an entirely new feeling to me; I've never felt this way before. When I wake up my hands are basically on autopilot but I somehow control myself and avoid masturbating. On day 40 I had the strongest erection I can ever remember having in my life. It was GLORIOUS!!! Unfortunately, I couldn't resist my urge to masturbate, and I went to orgasm (no porn of course). The rest of the day, and I felt my hormones playing havoc with my emotions, too. I was kind of down and grumpy on day 41, almost a little depressed. That's a mental state I haven't been in since I started this challenge, but now that I look back at my life when I was PMOing I was in it a lot. My mood perked up on day 42 and I guess time just flew by since then because apparently today is day 44. I woke up with an erection again today and I just couldn't help laughing out loud. I feel so mischievous, life shouldn't be this easy, but it really is and the solution was right there in front of me the whole time!!! DOH =)

[More details] I think I'm still in my flatline period, although I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm 1000% committed to not using porn. Honestly, I simply couldn't do that to myself now, having seen the positive changes that quitting has brought about. When I woke up with the erection, I just needed to find some release. I couldn't remember ever having an erection that strong, and I didn't know what to do with it. As I continue this path I think I'll learn how to cope with them. I'm 22, and have watched porn since 15, so basically as long as I've been sexually active. It's crazy that my erections are stronger now than they were in high school, but I really believe porn did a number on my neurochemistry while growing up.

I know I'm still in my flatline because that's what I'm intuiting from my body. When I'm ready, I'll know. My flatline was rough for my penis. I don't think I had erections until day 30 or so, and then too only in the morning. The first 2-3 weeks it shrunk but I didn't pay too much attention to it. If you recall, I struggled with quitting porn a couple times before this effort, so I remembered the initial stages, which were identical. Over time though, I started getting erections again, just at random times, not triggered by anything. And my penis dropped down again and regained girth. The erections got stronger and more veiny. Day 40 I woke up and could have stabbed somebody with the thing. And that simply wasn't in my concept of reality until now.

Since day 40, my mood bounced back really quickly, and I redoubled my commitment - no excessive touching of my penis for a few days, period. I think the exercise is really helping in that regard. However, my erections haven't returned to the same strength, which is frustrating, but I'm waiting. I've also been drinking poolside all day everyday this week, so it could be stemming from that. I'm not much of a drinker. I'll be able to tone down the drinking next week so we'll see what happens then.

I'll check the energy circulation and masturbation guidelines out, but I'm probably going to be hands-off for a little longer. When I started this I thought there would be no way I could hit even 30 days, but now I'd like to give some love to my body and give it as much time as necessary. Socially and emotionally, I've been killing it, so I am in no rush whatsoever.

[March] Started masturbating when I was around 12-13 years old. My family broke up at the same time and I probably used masturbation as a way to escape reality. I have always been quite shy with the ladies but apparently been quite popular. Somehow I think this addiction has a link to my fear of real intimacy.

My last girlfriend was really hurt when she found out that I had a porn collection. I defended my self and said that this was normal, but then she got really upset when she found a bill for phone-sex. The relationship ended after 5 years and my addiction really worsened after this. I am now 31 years old and experiencing ED and anxiety when trying to have sex. Stopped cold turkey 2 weeks ago after another failure in bed with a really nice girl.

I also stopped using nicotine 2 weeks ago so I am experiencing double withdraw symptoms: Restless-legs, bad sleep, anger, depression and loneliness. On the positive side I am: training more, earlier to bed, more focused and more energy. It seems like my feelings are both through the roof and down through the floor.

[May] This is my second real attempt at rebooting, and I lasted around 4 weeks the first time. During my reboot I took better care of myself both physical and psychological. It might sound silly but somewhere in that time period I started to respect my self again. People noticed that and I had quite good feedback from friends, family and girls. This time around I will quit alcohol entirely during rebooting. I`m not taking any chances this time by making stupid choices when intoxicated.

[End of July] I have now been PMO free since the first of July, yeah almost one month. It's funny how this works, but I have had much more attraction going on with the girls. I met a real cute girl 2 weeks ago and we ended up having great sex without orgasm. My ED problems were just gone and it happened SO naturally.

We met and took a swim together at a beach a couple of days later. I had to stay alone in the cold water after we kissed for about 5 minutes, before I could walk up on the crowded beach. She was laughing and enjoying the scenario fully aware of me trying to lose my erection. ;-)

This reboot has been much easier than the first one, and I'm getting close to the old record of 4 weeks PMO free. I had a strange feeling of movement in my testicles the days after O-free intercourse, but this has now gone away.

One of my colleges said that I seemed to have a lower frustration level (she doesn't know about this process of course) but that she also likes this side of me. Maybe this PMO thing just paralyzed me into being a nice and depressed pussycat? This fall I am going back to school to finish my masters degree. :-)

Stick with it! Long term severe ED, but I was successful last night (self.NoFap)

LINK: submitted by xstarxstar 18 days

I'm mid forties and have had ED for about 10 years, severe (meaning ED meds only moderately effective...often not effective) for the last 5 years.

Originally, I thought I'd go 30 days with no sex attempt and no O (and no PMO for as long as it takes to eliminate ED), but one thing led to another last night when I went to give my SO an orgasm (her first one since I started no PMO...she's been VERY supportive and decided to abstain with me but I knew she would be feeling the need by now, so I offered up and was insistent).

Some over sharing that might be helpful, but you can skip this paragraph if it bothers you: I wouldn't allow her to touch my genitals as I didn't want to replace my hand with hers...I wanted to only have the stimulation of pressing against her and, eventually, PIV if I was erect enough. I varied from 80-100% erect throughout playing around and was about 80-90% most of the time PIV...with a few periods of 100%.

Bottom line: I haven't been able to do that for at least 7 years! And it was incredible. The O was so much better than my last (drug assisted) PIV orgasm...and infinitely better than my last PMO. My motions were slower. I was more sensitive. Everything felt better. In spite of my fear/anxiety that I would go soft at any moment, I was able to stay "in the moment" and focus on her.

I am amazed at the changes I've seen in 17 days. I'm lucky that changes seem to be coming quickly. If you have doubts, think about your goals and KNOW you can achieve them....stick with the plan....don't make excuses....get what you want, not what your brain is telling you that you need in a brief moment of weakness.

I'm at the start of a long road to get ED out of my life. It's nice to see progress, but I'm going to stick with this. No P is a permanent change. No fap for as long as it takes....and very little fap after that.

As someone else posted, do the next guy a favor and tell your doctor abut YBOP and this site. I've seen multiple doctors and have wasted thousands on office visits, drugs and tests. Education can start with you.

TLDR: first successful PIV w/o meds in 7 years...after only 17 days. Stick with your plan...this works

It took me about 3 weeks to return to full power. What a relief! Actually I think I'm much better now than I was before. I last longer and am much more interested in foreplay and other things. Maybe that comes with age. Who knows? I consider myself lucky. However I am curious to see if there is a difference between someone in their early-mid 30s like me, who only viewed porn heavily for a year or so, versus someone who started at a stupid young age like 13.

I'm wondering if males who started that young and continued heavy use for 10 years or so will ever be sensitive to the real thing. Are they fixable? Based on comments I've read from other sites my guess is 'no.'


Hello everyone. I have been PM free for about 2 months now more or less. Saw my g/f the other day and was able to keep up my erection the whole time with her and had gotten over my performance anxiety as well! I managed to have successful sex although without a condom but this was a triumph after so many past failures. Never watching porn again. Good luck to everyone else!

Improvements with ED

My previous streak before this one was my longest at 19 days. Even though I relapsed, I feel like I still am making great progress. On the 7th day of this current streak, 2 days ago, I hooked up with this girl. The following might be NSFW in terms of triggering a relapse, but I'll try to be blunt and not too descriptive.. lol.. (LINK)

Fapping for years and years before this has made it difficult for me to maintain an erection during sex, especially with a condom on. However, when I was with this girl, I was able to maintain an erection for as long as I wanted. We switched to 4 different positions and I was able to stay hard even when pulling out and taking our time with moving to a different position. Also, I was very hard inside her even with the condom on and made her orgasm 4 times in those 4 different positions, mostly with just my penetration and stiffness. Surprisingly, I didn't come prematurely either. I was able to hold back and focus on pleasuring her, and let myself come when I felt she had a couple of nice O's already. The sensitivity even with the condom on was amazing, and it actually took conscious effort not to come so fast.

After we took a break, I was able to get another erection very quickly from just her lightly touching me there and kissing and cuddling. Getting it up so soon after an orgasm like this has not happened for me in a long time. We were able to go another round with a condom on again and it was just as amazing with no ED issues and a mind-blowing orgasm for me that I felt all throughout my body.

The whole time also I was turned on by my passion for her and connection with her, not just the visual stimulus of her beauty. It was a slow lovemaking session, not fucking, and I completely gave myself over to the physical sensations of being one with her. I wasn't trying to get myself off, I was making a deep connection with her.

This experience has got me all excited and feeling like the healing process is working. I am 34 yrs old, and I had my doubts before about whether my ED would ever get better, but all I can tell you is trust in the process, it will produce results eventually. Keep fighting the good fight, fellow fapstronauts!

LINK - So the back story is that I've been in a several longish sex relationships in my life, but I've always had some trouble: namely it was very difficult for me to come without manual stimulation. During vaginal intercourse I had come once while on top and a handful of times while I'm behind. Usually I started to go limb before I was able to come. I always imagined this was because of physical exhaustion

So after I started nofap I've gotten into a relationship. We have sex maybe once, twice a week and I've been surprised how much bigger and harder I feel and how much more I feel with my member. I have also been able to come several times on the top. Just yesterday I had to fight a lot against coming, just to be able to give her any satisfaction. Needless to say that this has been a great reward for me, but it gives me new things to fight for and learn.

But still I get those horrible urges, especially to watch porn, sometimes I sneak a look into nsfw-subreddit, but I quickly close it. The toughest urges happen during weekend when you have those lazy hours with nothing productive to do. Fixed my road bike today, so maybe next time I can go for a ride, or hit the Alps for hiking! Stay strong, stay true.

nofap for 4 months (1 time in 5 months) ED gone.

Click my name, and read my other post for full story.

ED is now gone and i am horny 24/7 and can get it up no problem. And i even get turned on in everyday situations, it's hard to explain. but im feeling alive. i never fully recovered after my flatline. where i could get it up sometimes, but my dick wasnt hard. and i felt little libido. but was horni. kinda hard to explain. now its all good. so there is hope for the worst of us man..

Do the kegEls it fuking help.

29 y/o with 17 years of MO (to softcore and imagination) and 12 years of PMO escalating to extreme/fetish porn. I started to loose interest to real sex. I felt that build up and release from porn was always stronger than it was from sex. Porn offers unlimited variety, i could choose what i want to see on that minute.

My delayed ejaculation became bad and sometimes i couldn't orgasm at all. This killed my last desires to have sex.

Eventually my porn addiction was so bad that i wanted to stop. I had watched several hours of porn, orgasmed few times and still felt that i need more. I knew that i had problem and typed "porn addiction" to google and read stories and wanted to start PMO abstaining. I relapsed many times but it was working.

At day 70 (no porn, edging, masturbation or sex) of this NoFap streak i felt that i was physically recovered and i know that i could have sex now with good success. I believe that my struggle with desires to watch porn will continue because i have long history of porn use but i'm determined to keep myself away from porn.

Your brain rewires itself to increase dopamine releases. Sexual orientation is defined as what the brain seeks, and responds to. Addicted fappers are autosexuals and not heterosexuals/homosexuals. Discuss.


I identified as an autosexual for several years. I said the same things, sex with real girls didn't do if for me after 15 years of pmo. At one time in my life I could have sex with girls, then ED set in combined with performance anxiety. I though I would never have sex with another person ever again. Depressing as fuck.

Then some things happened and I woke up one day and said, no I want a partner and to have children of my own with a woman I love. That's when I started nofap, and went and got a script for ED meds. I'm not there yet, still use the meds, but I have a SO (significant other) and my life is 1,000 times better than it was 2 years ago.

Also note I'm old, 40. I think it's a lot easier for younger guys to reboot. You see it here all the time. Good luck to you!


Porn induced ED is basically gone

Just want to share with you guys an extremely quick success story.

I've been tracking the quality of my erections with prostitutes for more than a year now.

I have a spreadsheet with every single erection, rated from 1 to 10.

I used to always have erections ranging from 3 to 7. Sometimes I couldn't get it up at all and other times I couldn't cum because it went down during certain positions.

Now I always get it up. My erections are consistently 7s, 8s and 9s. On day 20 of my last reboot attempt I couldn't take it anymore and visited a prostitute. The erection was a 10. I felt my dick was going to explode.

The refractory period is way shorter as well. I've managed to have sex 3 times in 3 hours, something that was physiologically impossible one year ago.

I don't need my dick to get sucked for it to get hard anymore. It gets hard as soon as we start taking our clothes off and touching each other. I don't need a pornstar looking prostitute either (like I used to). I can get it up with cute ones, slutty ones, chubby ones, skinny ones, etc.

I'm enjoying sex much more than I did before. I'm now at a point where I prefer sex over porn (it was the other way around not so long ago).

I'm also noticing that it's way easier to make conversations with girls. I don't feel any anxiety. Yesterday I approached a girl at a bar and we had a very nice conversation. I wasn't nervous and we could've talked for hours if I wanted.

I don't think I'm going to watch porn ever again in my life. I know that if I do then the ED will come back.

89 days (well close enough to 90). ED overcome. My story.

I figured it's close enough to 90 days so I might as well report in.

Background: 31, male, married, been with SO for 6 plus years. Suffered from ED for about 6 months before starting nofap. My initial post and intro:


I discovered that it's possible to flatline multiple times. I hit 3 flatlines before recovering permanently. First flatline was from days 0-28, second one was from days 31-38, third was from days 47-52.





Since the last flatline my libido has been getting higher and higher. My wife and I did it four times last week. That would have been totally unprecedented six months ago. I feel like I'm in high school again as far as libido and random boners go.

Any secrets? None really. Beyond abstaining from fapping I've done the following:

  • Taking multivitamins (vitamin C and fish oil)
  • Exercising 2-3x per week (sometimes I miss this but I try to get physical activity wherever I can. Including in bed. Haha).
  • There are those who say you can't look at any arousing pictures or read anything that might be a trigger. In the words of a prominent political figure "Malarky!". I've spent plenty of time on r/sex learning stuff since I started nofap and while I've gotten plenty of erections from stuff that I've seen on there, I don't let my hand go down there. I save them for my wife. It's all about self control, and once you have it, you can look at any trigger you want.

For those who are suffering from ED, give nofap a try. It made my sex life way better than I ever imagined it could be.

xstarxstar LINK

My story: I started this last May to fix DE and ED. I'm not entirely healed, but things are much better and continue to (slowly) get better.

I haven't been perfect. I went the first 2.5-3 weeks of absolutely no PMO or sex. Then I started having sex with my wife (including O) and found my DE was completely gone and remains gone. Yes! What a pain that had been. It'd gotten pretty severe. And my ED was much improved. So, big improvements in a short period.

At that point, I continued with no PM, but had sex regularly with my wife (including O). Sometimes I took ED medication (maybe 1x per week when I wanted to be very hard...as opposed to the variable 20-80% erections I was mostly having without meds....BTW, before no PMO, I had to use a cock ring plus 40mg Cialis (2x max recommended dose) and I still had trouble with PIV. Combined with DE, this often made sex frustrating).

My ED kept getting better for a month or two, but not close to perfect. Enough that it was manageable with medication and PIV was do-able without medication. I actually had no-medication PIV after a few drinks a couple of times. I haven't been able to do this for 5-7 years even with medication.

Then things stalled out a bit. I had a few relapses edging and viewing soft-core porn (topless pictures....nothing hard core and no video). I always reset my badge and move forward. When I've relapsed, pictures/soft-porn have played a relatively small role as I've been able to resist porn/photos much more easily than I've been able to resist edging to fantasy. None of this has happened a huge amount, but it has happened and I'm sure it has set me back when I've done it.

Based on what I know about reward systems generally (in terms of managing people), intermittent rewards often provide much stronger reinforcement than steady rewards. I'm now wondering if my intermittent/erratic/infrequent edging "schedule" had a powerful impact on my brain that made it much more difficult for me than one might think given the relatively few relapses I had.

In any event, a few weeks ago after relapsing to topless photos, I decided I had to go a little harder-core....so I committed to no orgasm even with PIV sex. Since then, no orgasm, no PMO, but I'm having PIV sex with my wife about 1-2x/week (it was 2-4x/week over the summer). I stop before orgasm.

The first time or two, I brought myself near orgasm, but I've decided not to do that any more...so I'm just enjoying it for a while, focusing on the sensations, and then stopping (...I make sure to give her an O in other ways). It's difficult because it's now very easy for me to orgasm and I have (generally) good control over when I orgasm. Given that I used to be able to (literally) cum on command during PIV but then lost that ability in a serious way, resisting the temptation to orgasm takes some serious will power.

It's too soon to say if my "no orgasm" plan is helping. I've had a nasty cold for about a week so we haven't done anything...but the last few PIV, I had a stronger erection than the last few weeks before I decided to eliminate all orgasms. If I don't see improvement from my current status by year end, then I'll switch to complete abstinence.

Also, I installed K9 to help me avoid the "innocent" viewing of soft core photos. I really don't have a desire to look at hard core any more (nor at video), but photos of pretty women are still a draw (topless or not). It's hard to describe and seems stupid writing it down, but it is what it is.

I have the password for my K9 installation, but having to enter the password is enough to stop the cycle (at least thus far--and I think moving forward. My trigger was just seeing a photo of a cute girl and then easily/quickly surfing to one of the soft-core reddits). So, it's been a worthwhile thing even though I can bypass it if I want to.

If it's going slower than you want, really examine how "perfect" you've been in your no PMO quest. I'm thinking the occasional and intermittent relapse is much more damaging than most people realize. And, if you've allowed orgasm with real sex (or real sex at all), I'd suggest eliminating it or cutting way back. Everyone is going to react differently and you have to find what works for you. Sometimes it's a process of elimination...literally.

Good luck.


I have not posted on this forum before but today is day 90 for me, and I would just like to inform you guys that this totally works! Finding this forum is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Stay away from PMO and you will be okay. I can not believe how many guys out there that must have the same problem, P is everywhere these days. When i first read the posts here, I immediately realized that this was the cause of my problems, and has avoided it since. I am not going back. I would like to thank you for sharing your stories, it has been a great motivation for me.

Reboot, unboot and rebooted again! Second sex no ED! (I'm back)

SUCCESS - Second sex no ED

That's it guys. Just like the last time I had sex for the second time in my life with no ED. I got 100% hard 100% time, just from the beginning. Now I can do more position, not the missionary standard, but by the back, other ones. Stuff that for me was impossible before.

I knew I should go for it because in the last days I rebooted again. How do I know I reboot? I can get erections during the day, by thought alone and morning wood. It doesn't need to have a thousand erections during the day - however, in the first days I like to force erection just to see it working again! After reboot, just a fews erections a day are an awesome sign. Very different from flatline where you have no erections at all.

Sex with ED: lose erection, dificult

Sex without ED: effortless

Very important. Cause of Porn Induced ED I also developed Performance Anxiety. So now I use mindfulness tecniques to deal with that. I had 2 great sex and 4 years of ED, I believe it will take a time to my mind get fully confident again. But even with some anxiety now, I still got 100% hard.

ED makes me very anxious, depressed and confused in the last 4 years. Porn took some of my life away.

t works fellas, keep at it

crazy i missed my prime years because porn addiction (from July 2002 to Aug 2012, 23 to 33) & i had no idea porn was the reason for the ED & SEVERE retarded ejaculation (i couldn't orgasm during sex whatsoever for 10 years. yes 10 years, a full decade 0 orgasms during sex, & weak erections during sex. a decade of bad sex. a nightmare to put it as mildly as possible. only i could get myself off with my hand) now i can enjoy sex & climax again like i used to in my younger days, thanks to NPMO, & of course yourbrainonporn.com, where i got the idea from. it's crazy it really only took me 3 weeks for a massive breakthrough (orgasm missionary with a blowup doll. then finally a few months later with a real girl), but some will take much longer so keep at it. it's a constant struggle but it gets easier & easier to avoid porn. and like ghost dog says, porn = poison. it's dead serious

i posted as "quarintine" before



Whether you've acquired PE or ED from fapping, don't wait till you're 29 to address your problem like I did. I've basically had to unlearn th

e quick orgasm response that I've taught myself over a decade and a half of rubbing one out in the bathroom.

No fap was the first step. My other tools have been coitus reservatus, kegels, and paying attention to my muscle tension/breathing. I think monitoring muscle tension/breathing was what really led to my break through over the last week. I've found that orgasms are triggered by muscle tension. I've been able to last progressively longer by keeping relaxed and not holding my breath. The kegels have may have helped a bit...I'm not really sure. I've been completely unsuccessful at "kegel-ing out" an orgasm.

And though I've been able to continue on after an orgasms or two thanks to kegeling, it hasn't really increased my endurance. Today I lasted a solid half hour from insertion, and I feel like I'm finally beating this embarrassing problem. That wasn't a half hour of straight up pussy-pounding: there was a lot of full-insertion and grinding, kegeling inside her, etc.

But it's a quantum leap in terms of what I've been able to deliver in the past. In the past I've tried practicing longer fapping sessions. I'm not sure why, but there is no crossover; it didn't help me last longer in bed at all. Good luck to anyone else out there going through the same problem!

I didn't FAP for over 100 days. What I learned....

First and foremost, I am 30 years old and began fapping at about 12 years of age. I began fapping regularly to hardcore porn at about 22 years of age and kept that up through age 29.

At or near my 29th birthday, I began experiencing ED issues with women. Some of these women were exceptionally attractive, and despite the fact that I felt intensely aroused and into the experience, my penis would be small, shriveled, and, in that moment, essentially useless.

I began NOFAP and made my goal 90 days. I ended up making it just past 100. I can say that it is not easy to make it to 90 days. It takes a full on commitment. If you are going in even 90 percent committed, you should probably save your fucking time. NO FAP 90 is not easy to accomplish-- but it can be done. I can say that the experience tended to get easier and easier over time.

The first 30 days or so were very difficult. After that, there was probably 30 or 40 days where I didn't even think about sex. I am heterosexual, but during this time, I was asexual. While that may sound like a bad thing, it really made NO FAP 90 much easier to achieve than I had anticipated. And trust me, your desire for women will return to you-- and it will do so like a punch across yout face.

One day you will just be like "damn I need to fuck." After about two months, I began experiencing pretty consistent morning wood. I knew, then, that I was on the right path. I finally fapped a little past 100 days, but was able to refrain from it for the most part over the course of the next month. During the month following the 100 days that I didn't fap, I had sex with three different women and also got a handjob, blowjob, and striptease (which I masturbated to) from a 4th woman. I can say that, for the most part, I had almost immediate erections with these women.

It was unbelieveable. I literally did not have to think about my erection-- it was just there. It felt as simple and natural as the blood flowing through my veins, the beat of my heart; my liver and kidneys doing their jobs. My brain had successfully reset-- and it felt great.

Even when just kissing these women, I had immediate and unbelieveably hard erections. I want to let those of you know who are about to start this journey that NOFAP 90 is legit. It saved me. It is a free and attainable cure for a serious ailment.

The number 90, in and of itself, is arbitrary-- it is a mean of sorts. Some may be healed after 30; with others, it may take 200. I think it depends on how long one has been viewing porn, how often one viewed porn during that period of time, and how hardcore/abnormal the type of porn viewed was. Whatever the case, this is the cure. Do it. It is worth it.

LINK - sayno2porn After 86 days without PMO finally i'm fully recovered.

I had sex today and it was awesome experience.erection was very strong, i ejaculate after 10min I can't describe that how relaxed i'm feeling. Finally i lost my virginity... lol Last year i tried sex(but that time i was addicted to porn) it was so embarrassing bcoz i couldn't maintain erection and i could not ejaculate, there was no sexual feeling with real girl. i had almost lost hope. It wasn't easy to abstain from masturbation and porn for almost 3 months. but my goal was real sex and i've completed it.

I'm totally different now, before porn was very interesting to me now it looks like crap. it feels like what a ****** up guy i was who wasted 10 years of his life for masturbation and porn., What i was doing it was really crazy. Yourbrainonporn.com and this thread changed my life. Those who are on same journey just don't lose hope. you will definitely recover.

Answers another guy - Yes I was totally off from PMO for 86 days. I think you have to stop M if you want to recover soon. My goal was not 3 months my goal was real sex where i can sex like a real MAN and I DID IT. I'm not going back to P&M again because I'm not a loser anymore, i'm totally changed now. i'm not nervous anymore in front of girls. If you have really strong feeling to recover then its not that difficult to abstain.

When you are online and you accidentally looking up on porn then you just have to do is close that tab....that's it..its that simple. But I know that sometimes the urge is so strong that its really hard to resist but whenever you are doing M and watching P just think that what if you were out of your body and watching yourself doing M&P, how you feel then? i bet it'll look stupid. I came to realize that watching porn is actually a stupid thing..what is the point in it to watching others doing sex or some bizarre things? ..what is that?. it is immature behavior. when you realize this then it'll not difficult to control yourself ..believe me.

Sorry for my English if i did a mistake because its not my first language.

I'M BACK: 10-02-12

So after I completed my reboot and everything was working good again. No ED and rare Delayed ejaculation, Successful sex about 95% of the time with spontaneous erections.

Then I started MO'ing again.

At first 1 or 2 times a week then every 3 days till finally it was back to everyday. Delayed ejaculation symptoms came back (successful sex 80% decreasing to about 60% ) but no ED.

After I was MOing everyday it became harder to O so I started to look at porn. Not the hardcore stuff just images. I told myself this was ok. Successful sex was now at 50%. I told myself it's because I'm using my hand so I purchases a fleshlight. I limited use with the fleshlight to every 3 days and no hands. Successful sex now back at 80%. I was having a hard time O ing with the fleshlight so I started looking a harder porn.

Successful sex starts to drop to about 60%. Once I was looking at harder porn I noticed I could O easily everyday with it.

Successful sex drops to 50% and ED starts to creep in. I would say it only took about 2 months to completely desensitize myself and drop my success rate to 40% and introduce the occasional ED into the mix and forget about the spontaneous erection.

The addiction is always there. It may hide for awhile but it is there ready to take advantage of a weak moment and justify it's existence.

Now I'm 30 days into a new reboot. Much easier this time and faster. I was able to maintain a health sexual relationship with my wife this time while in the reboot process. All my porn has been destroyed. I'm proof that this is real. My success rate over the past 2 weeks is 100%. I have just start getting spontaneous erections again just at the thought of having sex with my wife. No hands or fleshlight.

I never told my wife about the relapse however, in the few months of declining success rates and faking O's. She wanted sex less and less. Which meant I was PMO ing more and more. It's a vicious circle. I hope I'm breaking the circle this time. I would like to say that the fleshlight is pretty awesome if used in moderation with no porn. It really does improve sensitivity.

LINK - 90 Days and no reboot, keeping it going (self.NoFap) Wall of text follows (sorry trying to give as much data as possible to others):

Well at long last I've reached the mythical 90 day mark. My personal reasons for doing nofap were to cure my long term ED with a reboot. I started nofap about 18 months ago, reset many times, went 30-45 days a few times. During that time I didn't know about YBOP and porn induced ED. I just knew that I was constantly depressed and doing pmo way too much.

Then I discovered this subreddit, ybop and started a badge hoping after 90 days my erections would return. Here's my info: 40 yrs old, long term fapper (since 15 or so). No long term relationships or steady sexual partners, very few sexual partners. I was a forever alone type who never got a lot of sex. I think this has bearing on my ED as I never really got used to piv sex. When I did have sex I couldn't finish.

Now I have no problems finishing, but ED remains. Now I have a SO in a long term relationship, we have sex with ED meds usually weekly. The first 55 days of this nofap attempt were no sex, we've been having sex since.

Other benefits of nofap I've seen; my moods have improved, I'm not depressed all the time like I was, I'm less socially awkward. Physically, I feel a million times better; sitting locked in a rigid position fapping in front of the computer for hours every week wrecked my back and joints, so from the perspective alone I'm much better. Plus working out I'm back to my college weight. And I have an SO now in a long term relationship, my first, and it's AMAZING!

Things I've been doing: No browsing porn or suggestive pics at all, No edging and No Touching. I did all this in my previous attempts, and failed failed failed. My advice to anyone having trouble is to cut out all the above. I had pretty much cut out porn in my previous attempts. So porn wasn't as much of a problem for me this time.

Don't be afraid of failing/resetting. I reset many many times and learned A LOT from them. This reddit has been awesome I've learned soo much from you guys. One of the most profound things for me has been the realization that in a relationship with a woman, you are completely dependent on this other person for sexual release. When you can't do yourself, you must have a partner. That was very profound to me. I plan to keep nofap going for 120, 150, however many days. I don't ever plan to start fapping again. Good luck to you all!

TL DR: doing nofap to cure pmo induced ED, no reboot yet. Success due to no browsing, edging or touching. Benefits of nofap are real.

LINK - Day 50. The true meaning of sex Here we are.

I'm aiming for 100 (it's the new 90 right?) and this seems like an appropriate time to update you brave guys and girls. I met this girl a month ago, and we have connected so well in that time. I have had ED with her and explained nofap, and she was very uderstanding. However... Last night we had sex, and it was just electric!

My whole body felt warm and tingled. I've never ever felt like that after 5 years of constant sex (whilst PMO'ing ofc). We gazed into each others eyes, smiled, laughed, groaned. I wasn't protected so I wouldn't allow myself to shoot. But that felt even more electric. She has alluded to having bigger ex's but admits this is her favourite cock.

I guess its cause we connect so well, I think we may be in love. Let me tell you friends, THIS IS WORTH IT. Porn ruins your expectations of sex. TRUE SEX IS NOT A PERFORMANCE. Do not be anxious, do not worry. You are not performing for her/him. You are being yourself, offering yourself and connecting with that person. Has anyone else experienced this?

tl:dr: true sex is literately 'making love'. Nofap helped me achieve this.

No relapses at NoFap, but PornFree is way harder

Life's funny that way. I've fallen off the nofap bandwagon (although I'm way down. Once a day, no more than 3 days or so a week, instead of multiple times a day, whenever I could get enough privacy). I REALLY seem to need that release.

But I'm porn free for 26 days now. (I do see the occasional static nude, and do not reset. My habit was multiple daily faps to high-speed video internet porn. I've not been to a tubesite (or other video resource) for 26 days.

The thing is - that part has been easy. I seem to be fortunate in that in spite of being a porn user since puberty, I don't feel compelled to seek out porn.

The big news for me is that I got laid new year's eve and again new year's day - with no problems with ED.

I'll bet if I go back to nofap, my DE will go away, too.

Life Changing

by Brandon7934 days

I've been doing NoFap since December 16 and I feel better than I've felt in any time during my adult life. I typically suffer from anxiety and depression that can be caused by minimal amounts of stress. Right now I feel like I can't be toppled off the mountain. Last week I had sex with my wife 5 times and was able to climax with a condom on each time. When we used to have sex, once every 5 or so months (no lie) we would call it "try" to have sex. I would blame my inability to perform on stress or depression or my medication. I feel so great now. This is something any man can do. There is no trick to it, just discipline. Being in a relationship helps. I would hate to do this as a single man. I'm enjoying this very much and I hope this continues. I can feel my confidence increasing in all aspects of my life. At work, social settings, with my family.

Age 30. It works. That's all you really need to know. Start now!

When erectile dysfunction and the crash hit me in the second half of 2012, I had no idea what was happening. As many of you know, your body, your way of relating to the rest of the world, your identity all come under huge doubts. This site has changed my life. Gary Wilson is a great guy. I hope this post can add, even in some tiny way, to the weight of evidence of the other info on this site.
If you found this site through your own problems then give up porn now. It will take a long time, it will be a struggle. But that's what you have to do to get better.
I know this post is quite short compared to other recovery stories but I feel some other stories have already covered different aspects of things really well and I just wanted to add another positive story to help motivate people. If ,however, anyone has any questions then just ask:)

35 days in - ED gone, DE gone

I'm seeing my new GF only on weekends, sometimes I don't see her for 3 weeks. First time I went home with her was 2 months before starting on NoFap. My dick didn't make a single move when we undressed and grinded, I didn't get hard at all. I've known ED and DE since I was 19, but it had become a serious issue during the past 12 months - total impotence with women, even while watching porn getting and staying hard required more and more effort.

So I took the blue pill a couple of times with the GF, it worked for ED, but there was no way I could O, even the wildest fantasies didn't help.

Last weekend (4th Week on NoFap) I didn't take any helpers. I simply didn't want to, it's not healty and taking Via9ra is depressing somehow. But for the first time with her I had a good natural erection, solid on and off for about an hour, and I was much more aroused by her naked body. Still, I couldn't O.

This time, on my 35th day, the magic did happen: kissing and touching the woman turned me on like never before, I was rock hard, and stayed hard even with a condom on. Now here's the thing: I could have orgasmed at any time, and I finally did, uncontrollable, intense like hell, no fantasies and no extra stimulation needed - with a condom! I can't even remember when this happened the last time, O with rubber between me and the girl.

I'm so grateful, fellow fapstronauts. It must have been at least 10 times where I'd have relapsed without you.

tl;dr: NoFap works for porn induced ED and DE. It may take a while, but even severe cases of ED do recover. Have faith!

lancedmedxx - (Medhelp)

Apr 06, 2013

I am 39 years old, have been a chronic MB since the 8th grade. Through high school, college, all of my 20's I MB. I MB to porn I rented, magazines, being turned on by women on TV, stories of friends getting laid. Lost my virginity at 21, had sex with casual GF's, a 1 night stand every once in a while. When I had the money, had escorts. Made it to the brothels in Amsterdam and Mexico. I never had a problem with erections. In fact I am pretty well endowed. I must of had 5 women in my early 20's tell me, wow your big. And when escorts tell you your well endowed, your are well endowed. I NEVER HAD A PROBLEM GETTING ERECTIONS. Then came 2004.

In 2004 I got my own place after years of roommates. I installed broadband internet. It must of been a week or two after that I started MB to porn I could find online. This was spring 2004 and the porn available online was maybe 15-20% of what's available now. That spring I also joined a swingers site( it's a big thing here in the Dallas area). I emailed a couple with a very good looking wife. We met for drinks, chatted went to a hotel. I got semi hard, and then nothing. I won't go into details about the night, but it didn't go well. I blamed it on nerves, cause the husband told me I was nervous. For the next couple of years, same thing would happen over and over again, semi erections, sometimes ok erections that would not last 5-10 minutes. Again, I blamed nerves. Starting dating a girl in summer 2005, first GF in 2 years. The sex was ok, as I could stay somewhat hard, but I knew it was not the erection of 2-5 years ago. I just figured it was a combination of nerves/anxiety.

 This went on for years. In 2008 started dating another girl, complete good looking sexual freak. We would go to swingers parties/clubs, had some 3somes. My erections were average to non existent. A lot of the times I would jerk myself to get an erection, have sex for 5 minutes, then have to stop. I must have been with 40 great looking women in the years from 2008-2011. I don't remember any of those episodes being great, just ok. cause my lack of erections.

I don't recall exactly how, but I came across an article that mentioned MB to porn constantly will induce a form of erectile failure. BINGO. I had no idea from the time I started MB to online porn in early 2004 it would and had been the cause of my ED.
My addiction was horrid. As bad as any member on this forum. From 1 hour a day during workdays to 8 hour binges on the weekends. This went on from 2004 to 2012. When I had the GF in 2008, we would make plans to go to a swingers party on Saturday night, where I knew I would be having sex with a number of very good looking women; But I still would MB to porn at my place until I had to leave to pick up my GF to go to the party. It was addiction. I can only relate it to the sad stories of heroin and other substance abuse addicts who's lives are consumed and destroyed by the drug. I often told myself that if MB to online porn was a drug, I would have been dead a long time ago.  

Let me tell you a quick story of how MB to online porn is a mental dynamic. In 2011 I was dating a girl, sweet girl. Went to Vegas, etc. Put a lot into the relationship. I strayed from the relationship with another girl. Me and the other girl met at a hotel. She invited her friend for a 3some. We are in the room drinking and I called my GF to tell her see you tomorrow. I put my phone down on the counter next to the the phone of the girl I was cheating with. The phone rang and the girl picked up my phone thinking it was her phone. The other girl coming for the 3some was in the parking lot and was going to call for the room number. So the girl answers my phone by mistake and say's "we are in room 209, come on up we are already drinking". She quickly realized what happened, as did I. I won't go into detail as to what happened the next hour of talking with my GF. It's pointless. But after an hour of sitting in my car and talking with what was my GF, the other girl texted me saying are you going to come back up, we are here drinking. I said F-IT, I'm already here, my gf is likely going to break up with me, let me go up and have some fun. What do I have to lose now.

So I go up there and within 20 minutes we are all naked going at it.  
One of the girls began to jerk me, go down on me, FULL ERECTION! I have not had a full erection like that in 7 years, it was just amazing. Now keep in mind, my MB to porn habit the previous week was the same as it was the past 7 years. MB to porn every day. I easily penetrated both girls, no problem. They both got on top, no problem( for some reason when I would jerk myself to get hard during sex, if a woman rode me, I would not stay hard). I had sex like a porn star. Went at it for 2 hours. BUT WHY?

Well, the emotional hardship of cheating on my GF and all the drama that went on for that hour after she found out, created a mental block
that for one reason or another, made my mind forget that I had porn induced ED. STRANGEST FREAKING THING EVER.

I left the hotel that night thinking, where did those erections come from. That is when I beagn to do research that led me to find out that MB to online porn cause ED.

In the past year and a half I have tried to quit MB to porn. I failed each time. 8 days was the longest without MB. The longest to MB to porn was 30 days. My addiction was so bad it really left me with 2 options. The first was to get inpatient help. I spoke with a specialist over the phone. They had a facility set up for me to check myself into. They would take care of all my work stuff, as far as calling human resources and making sure my insurance covered it. It was a very big step. I would have to disappear from work, family and friends, for 7-30 days, depending on what the Psychiatrist thought was the best treatment for me. I told them, I'm have a 1 more thing I would like to try to beat it on my own, if it does not work, I will check in to the facility the next day if it does not work.

On January 1st, 2013, I made a commitment to myself to quit MB to porn, swinger site pictures, etc. But I did not stop MB. I wanted to try just to quit MB to all the porn images. But I knew I would still have the urge to MB. This was just my attempt at beating the addiction.

The first couple of weeks was ridiculous. MB sometimes 8 times a day. But after 2 weeks something happened. My mind ran out of gas MB to just anything that popped in my head. There was nothing to motivate my mind to MB to, but my body still wanted it. It was pretty strange. After 30 days, I had no sexual desire, but would still MB cause I know I needed the pleasure of MB even though it was not very pleasure able. It's April 6th, 2013. I have not looked at porn this year, images, etc. I don't go looking for it. Like any addict, or like anything else in life nothing is certain. But it's been 90 days of no porn or anything porn related online.

I began to get morning wood after about 20 days. And get it a few times a week. I have had sex with good results, but I can see my erections improving. And they are 60-70% better then they were during my MB to prn days. I still MB, in the shower, in my bed at night. Like a regular guy.

80 days in. just had sex. went 4 times. girl was amazed at my feat of endurance. feels good man.

self. explanatory. Edit: The best part was, I usually suffer from performance anxiety right as I take my pants off. This time, even though my heart was racing, I didnt suffer from my usual ED.

SUCCESS!! It is all worth the wait!...but questions

So I am back after a small hiatus.  I had gone 65 days without PMO and decided my last 25 days would be without YBR, so to get myself back to thinking positive about my penis and try to get back into the mode of normal sex life.                

Let em start by saying that I actually had a relapse at day 72, that saw me looking at porn.  I did not M, but interestingly I did ejaculate without even getting hard or touching myself!  I even MO'd to thoughts twice later the same day, but couldn't get fully erect!  It was scary and depressed and I thought I had set myself back weeks or months.  The next day I was getting hard erections in the morning just like before.  They continued for another week...with no apparent set back.  Finally came the day to try real sex with a woman who understands my issue.

I did take about a third of a Viagra pill, because I knew performance anxiety would be a problem.  It was, but the Viagra helped enormously.  I was able to have sex just like before in missionary style for quite a long time.  We did try her on top, but that was a bit tougher for me.  I did notice some DE though.  It almost seemed tough to ejaculate.  Granted, to me this was not the end of the world because at least my dick was hard!  She enjoyed the lengthy session too, seeing how long she waited before I could be hard enough for her.  The best was this was only two days after we fooled around and she gave me oral, in which I also had DE.  But this is a far cry from the NO erection even with more Viagra that I had about 5 months ago!

My question is how long should I expect the DE to last?  Obviously right now I need the Viagra, but how long should this be needed?  I am already going to start using less and less each time.   Finally, I am still 7 days away from the true 90 and I did have a relapse, but I was able to have successful sex with a great woman.  I know I am not completely rewired, but what should I expect now?  How long till I can say for certain I am rebooted?  How long till no Viagra?

Nonetheless, it is GREAT to have real sex again. My small relapse, did NOT set me back.  However, it did prove to me that there is NO GOING BACK to porn ever, I simply cannot get hard to it.  Yes, I can ejaculate, but I orgasm for a different reason.  On that is not normal and connected to dopamine in the brain.

Keep up the hard work guys, it can happen!  I am not cured, but I at least now see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Thanks to all here and yourbrainrebalanced.com!

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Yes, categorically, yes. It is possible that it is a medical issue, but if you are a healthy guy who got hooked on PMO and now has ED, it is highly likely that PMO is the culprit. after about 60 days (and i was a heavy user), i got mad erections just from laying next to my wife, and they didnt go away for a long time. regained full sensitivity. libido noticably heightened, which actually can be an inconvenience at times, but a welcome inconvenience. and get this, I'm in my 40s.

124 days later I am cured.

124 days ago I was sitting in front of my computer, feeling like a total failure. Today I am in love with a beautiful girl, for the first time in six years, and sex has NEVER felt this good. Keep going fellow nofappers, the reward at the end of your journey is amazing, and most of all; within reach.

Re: Dont give up...

I've been reading your posts for a very long time, I want to give you some advice and I registered just to do that.

STOP WORRYING, I can't stress that enough. Reading through your posts you seem to be over thinking things, sex is not about thinking, you can't think your way to an erection it has to be natural. You have to be comfortable and I think you will get your groove back once you have a steady gf and you will look back at all the times you wasted your time stressing as it's all trivial and not worth stressing about. One day it all work and you will get your confidence back, I think that's what you're missing. Just go about your life and stop thinking about everything in terms of sex. Hope this helps.ps. PIED is real and I've been PMOing since I was 14 to hardcore porn and at times I thought I was damaged for good, nope. I was wrong and everything is falling in to place. You just have to be, just be. When the time comes it will work.

got a girlfriend, lost virginity. age 23.

 by towonderland63 days

I don't feel like writing a lot right now but I'd like to say thanks for yourbrainonporn and this reddit.

after being a foreveralone for years, two months ago I (finally) had a somewhat intimate encounter with a really pretty girl. I couldn't get it up at all and pretty much freaked out. the relationship with that girl didn't really work out for several reasons.

I figured the sexual failure was mostly my masturbation/porn habits. I googled stuff and ended up here and on yourbrainonporn.com. I think YBOP made me give nofap/noporn a try.

two months later and I've somehow managed to get a girlfriend and this weekend we had successful sex several times. I was able to get it up fully, penetrate, and come.

I'm done with porn forever and I will continue to abstain from masturbation for the foreseeable future. anyway that's all. I doubt I'll be posting here again so this is my farewell. Thanks nofap.

The 60-Day Mark - ED, DE and More

Howdy Reddit. I've never posted to this sub before (in fact if you look at my comment history, this was actually my porn account originally) but I first decided to adopt your philosophy 60 days ago today, so I figured it was about time I said a few words. Maybe they'll be motivational or maybe they won't. Let's find out together!

Let me preface this by saying I started down this path purely for physical reasons. I wasn't masturbating often, three or sometimes four times a week maybe, but years of this habitual practice, a grip as tight as the day is long and a complete lack of lubrication had finally begun to wreak havoc on my little buddy. Sex was getting problematic; my girlfriend, despite being mind-blowingly attractive and a demon in the sack, was frequently disappointed with my downstairs mixups. In short, erections were becoming way more difficult, and I would last way too long in sex and feel next to nothing.

The dreaded ED and DE double whammy. Sex would eventually become tedious and boring.

Fast forward sixty days later. I haven't been completely abstinent in this time... or at all, really. Frequent sex abounds. Only now, it's good. Very good. I can feel it all and I last an amount of time that is good for us both. The DE is all but gone and the ED is drastically reduced. Neither are completely wiped out but I think that's more of a psychological issue at this point, maybe just getting too caught up in my assumptions that I'll fail and my penis doesn't want to let down my brain's expectations. Or something. I don't know, I'm no psychiatrist.

Anyway, this is getting way longer than I expected so I suppose I'll wrap this up soon. I look forward to hitting the 90-day mark, which I'm sure will be just as good. After that... well, I'll probably go back to masturbating on occasion, to be honest. Just less frequently, more gently, and with plenty of lubrication.

It actually worked!

It = my penis. I went out partying and drinking the other night and successfully wooed a member of the female species. We get back to my room to rip our clothes off each other. Normally, from the get-go I'd be super scared of the ED ruining the night ESPECIALLY with alcohol in the mix it always made me over think everything. But this time was so different. This time I knew it would work and it did! I was all like "YEAH!" and she was all like "YEAH!".

I know my counter is at 12 days but that's because of a relapse I had after 28 days so I attribute this success to residual effects from my previous streak.

for the guys who are rebooting for the second time

i did a reboot for 110 days, and on day 95 my ed was totally gone and had great sex. but.. unfortunately i relapsed and binged on porn for 6 weeks..(pmo (2 sometimes 3 times a week) and i was curious, i am in my second reboot for 2 weeks now and i am big flatline again.


The benefits of quitting porn

This is very personal (and probably TMI thing to share) but here goes… My wife is six months pregnant, so sex can be a bit logistically difficult. Three weeks ago, when I was still deep in the throes of my porn addiction, I would have had trouble keeping it up during the gymnastics required to find a position that was comfortable for both us. But last night, after a little more than a week of no porn (and no fapping) it was no problem to stay hard, and the intimacy (and orgasm) were both higher than they have been in a long, long time. Going ten days without porn hasn’t been easy, but last night made it totally worth it.

PIV sex! Day 31

It's 5:00am and I'm just returning home feeling like a champion! My writing might be a little scattered howcome im tired but follow with me.

I had sex tonight for the first time in years after numerous failed P induced ED. This might seem like something menial to most people but to me this is such a huge milestone i just surpassed. Now granted that im on day 31, i have actually been trying to beat PMO for about 3 years now and i finally feel like im on the right track. I would not say that I am cured just yet, but I was able to penetrate successfully and stay 75% erect. It felt sooooooo good to cum in her pussy. I have never in my life done that! Usually it was footjobs, handjobs, and me jerking myself all over them. If I tried to penetrate, I would lose the erection within seconds like a chump! Porn really screwed me up. I feel like a new chapter in my life is beginning. I'm tired everyone. I'll give a more detailed update of my journey tomorrow.

Day 26, I was able to have sex, ED greatly diminished!

(35, M) I started seeing a woman who is perfect for me, our first time together I had severe ED - like 0% response. I googled around for some help since I finally admitted I had a problem. When I had heard reddit had some legitimate resources, I was like, "Reddit? The place with the funny advice animals?

Thank god I found this place and your help. I've been PMO free for 27 days now, and I was able to have sex with my new lady last night. I'm not back to 100% yet but I would say I was at 80% erection which is a gigantic improvement over where it was a few weeks ago.

Side note: I have way more energy and focus than I used to have in the fap era. I've been waking up early to go to the gym before work on busy days, which would have been unthinkable a month ago. My plan is to make this no pmo business permanent!

Thanks again fapstronauts!

Thoughts on 20 day check-in, ED fading, I already know I'm never going back

Last Saturday night, I met a girl I've been messaging with on OKcupid - I hadn't PMO'ed in over two weeks and was already feeling changes, but imagine my surprise when we were making out in her car and later in my bed - no sex, but I had no problems achieving an erection - not necessarily 100%, but certainly adequate enough. We didn't have sex (hoping to see her this week) but having a functional penis again in the presence of a real-life beautiful woman was certainly a cause for celebration.

I'm so embarrassed that I have to type this stuff out, but it just shows how insidious and deeply-entrenched a porn habit can be. For years, it was just a part of my regular routine, like brushing my teeth in the mornings. PMOing was like eating a piece of candy, except instead of hunger, I was indulging anytime I felt anxious or bored or lonely or I had ten minutes to kill, because ejaculating feels better than not ejaculating.

My emotions are coming back, and I'm finally starting to feel content and satisfied with who I am as a person now that I don't have this fog of shame borne out of secretiveness. When I see pretty ladies at the bar, I no longer have to think about how they'd react if they saw how I spent so many hours of my life, hunched in front of a computer with glazed over eyes, masturbating to movies of women who don't even know (or care) I exist.

I'm 32, so I'm still young, but I can't imagine how much more I would have loved my life before this if I hadn't been immersed in porn and the toxic, self-defeating, life-sucking mindset that comes with it. It truly is a cycle of shame - you feel bad, at least on a subconscious level, because you KNOW that people outside your house are enjoying sex and relationships while you're hiding away from everyone, fucking your fist and not feeling good about it afterwards.

It's true - you have to WANT to quit. You have to realise on your own that this habit does nothing positive for you besides a few moments of escape and pleasure in exchange for your self-respect, self-esteem, and self-worth. Imagine being able to walk around with the knowledge that you don't need to spend hours and hours looking at pictures and movies of 2-D women. It's like professional wrestling - nobody in their right minds believes that real life is anything like that, so why would people think that porn has any parallels with real sex?

Another thing we have to understand is that we're the first generation that has had to solve this problem for ourselves. No other population in history has had unlimited access to this much porn, and more is being produced every day. No previous generation has been brainwashed and programmed so directly with this amount of porn - even the worst perverts of the past had to leave the adult bookstore and peep show after closing time.

To end this on a positive note, I'm finally being able to envision myself in a long-term relationship, getting married, and doing "couple" things like celebrating anniversaries, taking trips, holding hands in public and all those lovely things I've always wanted but could never legitimately envision for myself when I was deep in the porn jungle. With every year that passed when I felt confused and depressed, I was still watching porn, still getting off on surgically-enhanced women participating in cartoonish scenarios that they'd likely never do if they weren't getting paid. It's so ridiculous - as a smart person, how did I waste so much of my life on this? I used to make fun of guys who spent four years of their life playing WoW, but porn use is far worse and I have no room to talk.

Here's to a new year, a new me, and every new day I don't spend distracted by fantasy and craving my next fix.

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For a long time I just figured this was what it was to get old, you loose hardness and size. But then I stopped PMO and it all came back, rock hard erections and my staying power is coming back as well. I had sadly trained myself to get off quick so i would not get caught and often got off before I was even fully hard. Not exactly a good thing to train your penis to do if you want good sex. It is getting better every time I am with my wife. I still have a little premature but that is getting better as well. It is not why I am doing this but it is a great side effect.

first wet dream!!!

Since day one of my reboot I have those sexual thoughts and memories from my last real sexual encounter especially at night since during day time I’m keeping myself very busy!! There are days that I can control it better and there are other when they are very strong and it has been 19 days into my reboot and I haven´t had a flatline and last night it happened, my first wed dream!! on one hand is good to see that I can get an erection with just a memory of a kiss or a dream (something that it didn´t happen before without porn and with a real sex partner it would take forever for me to ejaculate) and I do feel better, my life is much more productive, my penis even looks bigger but on the other hand since I haven´t had a flatline yet and flatlines are regarded as a true sign of improvement I can´t help but feeling that i could be doing better!!!

It's in your brain

I want to share an early success story I've had so far and some observations. First a little context...Out of my 4 most recent sexual encounters, 2 have involved some variation of ED, mostly losing or not maintaining a boner when about to have sex/put on the condom. At the time, I thought this was due to nerves or lack of passion, or just something being wrong with me. None of those relationships lasted and I ended up feeling pretty alone and just ended up PMOing a lot.

Fast forward to me meeting an awesome and amazing girl. We both have had bad experiences and decide to take it somewhat slow. Now, I started NoFap 22 days ago because we were about to have sex, both expressed want and desire and I ran into the same problem I had before, lost my erection as I was about to put on the condom. I was so embarrassed, nervous, terrified...Every negative emotion. Luckily she's an incredible person and I started looking up why this was happening to me.

This was when I realized that my PMOing was a direct cause of this problem. Or at least it made a lot of sense. So that's when I decided to quit. I wanted to gain the power back over my sexuality and learn how to establish an emotional and physical connection with someone who I am incredibly attracted to.

Well, we tried having sex again last night. And we did it! Not only that...I'm pretty sure it was one of the best encounters I've had. I guess partly what I'm trying to say is that this works. You need to focus on your own mind and brain for the healing to begin. Try not to worry about anything else and take one day at a time. Eventually you will get somewhere or something that will make it all worthwhile.

Oh and FYI...Even though this is a success story for me and how I'm regaining control. I'm still not well...I'm still not at 100%. As I'm writing this, I feel the urge and the craving to PMO. But I know what I'm fighting for. That experience last night. The closeness and realness of being with someone in a way that PMO could never satisfy. I won't give in and I won't let my addiction ruin my life.

Neither can you. We can all do this!



Hi everybody, I started rebooting on April 28th after 25 years of PMO. I also faced ED all these years. Two days ago I made love to my wife for the first time in weeks and results were amazing. My energy was at the top and erections were total and lasting. We had 2 intercourse by night and one the morning after and my performance was great all the time, even when I was a little bit expectant of how would I perform.

The process hasn't been easy and steady but it has been worthy. Rebooting started at day one, since then:

Day 18: MO
Day 26: MO
Day 45: MO
Day 51: Porn-Fantasizing (neither compulsory nor extreme)
Days 53-55: Same as day 51
Day 59: MO
Day 65: PMO (porn and masturbation was neither compulsory nor extreme)
Day 69: PMO (porn and masturbation was neither compulsory nor extreme)
Days 90-91: O (intercourse with my wife - really great)

It's amazing but for the last two weeks (after day 69) I haven't been tempted at all to watch porn or masturbate (I someway think of them as disgusting). I still feel sex desire but craving is not there.

It's worth to mention that days I masturbated after starting rebooting, I did it only once, what was also an achievement given that I used to PMO several times a day for days in a row.

I'm feeling better than ever and confident that I can keep a healthy sex life. I thank Gary, Marnia and all those guys that helped me out by posting their experiences.

Great story. No cravings for porn is an excellent sign.
To give better advice to others, I'd like to ask you a few questions:
1- Your age?
2- Did you start porn at the same time you started masturbating? Did you have sexual experience before starting porn use?
3- You list MO - but did you also have sex with your wife?
4- Did you experience a flatline?

Any other experiences or "aha's" would be appreciated.

Hi Gary.

1. Age 40

2. I started masturbating at age 15 without porn, only fantasizing. Afterward, masturbation became compulsive as a way to release tensions from stress and stay busy when I was bored. Even when I had sexual experiences before, my first sexual intercourse was at the age of 27. Since I frequently experienced ED in the past and wasn't a porn addict (no Internet access) I think my ED was more related to masturbation than porn; however, I do recognize that porn addiction, which came along with Internet access, helped to increase masturbation and ED episodes.

3. In MO episodes, during rebooting, I was separated from my wife.

4. I cannot recall prolonged flat lines periods, however, there were times during rebooting when i started fantasizing in bed just to check if I still got and erection.

5. The more vivid pain I can recall during rebooting and I still also experience it (though in a lesser degree) was groin pain and muscle cramps - mainly legs. These pains got worse after watching porn and started fantasizing. Now, sometimes the pain is triggered by an image/scene on TV or and ad. What's great is that I can now recognize this trigger and force myself easier to stop looking at the image/scene and avoid fantasizing, so, the pain is over in a couple of minutes.


Interesting that you would experience groin pain and muscle cramps. Just to be clear, you didn't do much porn early on, is that correct? Your post said 25 years of PMO, so I assumed 25 years of porn. When did you start heavy into porn?

I hate to bug you, but you were able to occasionally orgasm and yet recover nicely in 90 days. Orgasm can really lengthen the recovery time for most men with porn-induced ED.

Our current theory is that older men who start porn later in life, have wired their brains for normal sex by masturbating to fantasy for many years. In other words, boys who start masturbating with porn lack normal sexual pathways, and have trouble getting aroused without porn. Whatever the neurobiology, men who know only masturbation with porn need to avoid masturbation/orgasm during their reboot.

Hi Gary, thanks for your explanation. I really started heavy into porn aprox. 12 years ago. If correct, I can rephrase my statement as: 25 years of MO and 12 years of PMO.