Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions

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"It's hard to know exactly how many young men are suffering from porn-induced ED. But it's clear that this is a new phenomenon, and it's not rare." (link)

- Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, Director of Men’s Health Boston and Clinical Professor of Urology at Harvard Medical School

This phenomenon may have been new to Morgentaler, but US Surgeon General C. Everett Koop MD warned about it in a keynote address back on May 31, 1985:

"Pornography seems to have what I would call a "persistent presence" in ...sexual dysfunction. Pornography intervenes in normal sexual relationships and alters them in some way. It seems to provoke a dysfunctional response among certain people. I think we need to know how prevalent this is and how it works."

If you have a porn-induced sexual dysfunction (PIED or difficulties during partnered sex), the problem is not in your penis - it's in your brain. And research is starting to catch up with this reality. See Studies linking porn use or porn/sex addiction to sexual dysfunctions, lower brain activation to sexual stimuli, and lower sexual satisfaction. A good first step is to watch these videos:

  1. Porn-induced Erectile Dysfunction
  2. Porn-induced ED Reboot Advice Vlog: Gabe Deem
  3. Porn-induced ED recovery (Noah Church at The Mystery Box Show)
  4. Did Porn Cause My Erectile Dysfunction? TAKE THE TEST! (by Gabe Deem)
  5. The Essential Basics of PIED Recovery by Noah Church
  6. TEDx talk by a young gay man who recovered from PIED and reclaimed his sexuality
  7. Porn-induced ED presented at the American Urologic Association Conference, May 6-10, 2016: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.
  8. The Basics of Rebooting, by Gabe Deem
  9. Adolescent Brain Meets High-speed Internet Porn (2013): Very applicable to young men with porn-induced ED or porn-induced fetishes.

Then read the "PIED START HERE" article which covers most of the basics. To delineate performance anxiety from PIED make sure you take the porn-related ED test.

Next, you need to read Rebooting Basics. Everyone wants to know How long will it take? Also read "HELP!" to prepare for the "flatline." See Rebooting Advice & Observations for pages of tips, advice, and motivation from those who have successfully recovered. If needed, here are useful tips for long rebooters.

For recovery stories, scroll down to Porn-Induced ED Recovery Stories. For longer more detailed stories of ED recovery see rebooting accounts1 and rebooting accounts2. Read about the growing numbers of experts recognizing and treating porn-induced ED, and recent studies on young men reporting a sharp rise in ED rates.

Finally, if you still have questions:

  1. look below,
  2. see the Porn FAQ's page, or
  3. read Gabe Deem answers common questions about PIED recovery.

Everything we know about PIED is on this page. Always keep in mind that every aspect of porn-induced ED is on a spectrum. You must judge what's right for you based on your history and current symptoms. Be flexible in your approach.

  • Please do not ask YBOP admins questions specific to your situation. YBOP does not diagnose or provide medical or sexual advice. YBOP strongly suggests you see a competent medical professional to rule out psychological issues, dietary deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, or other organic causes.
  • If your doctor confirms that you do not have an organic (below the belt) issue, and tells you that you are suffering from "performance anxiety," read this: What Experts Tell Guys Suffering From PIED

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The Basics: More Audio & Video Presentations

Commonly Asked Questions

Other Sexual Problems

Rebooting With a Partner

YBOP Blog Posts on Porn-Induced ED

Tales of Porn-Related ED

Porn-Induced ED Recovery Stories

General Information

Articles About Masturbation

Basic Physiological Research

Studies: Increasing Rates of Sexual Problems

Studies Linking Porn Use to Sexual Problems/Altered Libido

  1. Study: Is Internet Pornography Causing Sexual Dysfunctions? A Review with Clinical Reports (2016)
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  28. "Study": Erectile Dysfunction Forums Offer Raw Insight Into How Millions of Men Cope With The Condition. HuffPost (2015)

Porn-Induced ED in the Media: Primarily Experts

Since YBOP came on line (January, 2011) over 100 sexual experts (urology professors, urologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, sexologists, MDs) who acknowledge and treat porn-induced sexual problems have published articles or appeared on radio and TV. Note: Urologists have twice presented evidence of porn-induced sexual dysfunctions at annual conferences of the American Urological Association.

  1. Video of a lecture: Porn-induced ED (parts 1-4) presented at the American Urologic Association Conference, May 6-10, 2016. Urologist Tarek Pacha.
  2. New findings: Study sees link between porn and sexual dysfunction (2017) - Data from an upcoming study, presented at the 2017 American Urological Association Conference.

List of articles, broadcasts, radio shows, and podcasts that involve sexual experts who confirm the existence of porn-induced sexual dysfunctions:

  1. Too Much Internet Porn May Cause Impotence, urology professor Carlo Foresta (2011)
  2. The Young Turks discuss porn-induced ED (2011)
  3. Porning too much? by Robert Taibbi, L.C.S.W. (2012)
  4. Does Porn Contribute to ED? by Tyger Latham, Psy.D. in Therapy Matters (2012)
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afternoon gents, thought id share me story as i havent read anything similar in the forums so might help any one in similar scenario. so im 28 and im 3 weeks into rebooting im currently flat lining but feeling great about myself and really optomistic about the future, i had a months previous to this where i would get to 3 or 5 days and give in, then my girlfriend left me and i had a massive binge and hit rock bottom, but for me i had to hit that low so i could finally start recovering. i never had a problem with porn until about 4 years ago where as the result of a pretty chaotic relationship i needed to get circumsized. following the circumsition i was concerned if id be able to perform etc and came to rely on porn as a crutch , 1 for gratification but 2. also to prove my own masculinity to myself. another user recommended a book No more mr nice guy by Dr Robert A Glover , its a good read for me porn addiction was just a symptom of a greater problem of lack of self worth in myself, this books a good starting place to start fixing the disease and not just the symptoms. this might be my only post as im incredibly determined to beat this and take control back of my life, thanks to every one else whos posted on this forum hearing others stories has really helped me. heres looking forward to my 4 week milestone woop woop!

I started last Monday, so it has been 7 days since PMO.
I am targeting 90 days of same.
Just thought of sharing, because I am feeling incredibly horny right now and wanted to take my mind off my cock.

Hey there I have read from your site dating back over a year now and it has a ton of great info. I have "failed" on my journey to recover from porn related ED many times the longest time Ive made it without pmo was 14 days. I am not starting my journey again as I just "failed" again the other day today is day 1 for me again. I had a question about texting is texting real girls that you know in a sexual manner something that i should not do on pmo. The reason I ask is because I am a college student and I start school again next month and I plan on asking out a lot of girls and while im rebooting I will not have intercourse with them because i dont want to orgasm during my reboot to give me the best chance of curing my ED as quick as possible. I am really looking forward to dating girls though just interacting with them kissing touching ect but in order to do this I will ask them for their number and text them so I have two questions.

Is texting girls in a sexual manner considered artificial sexual simulation since its not face to face and its done through a screen. If this is not ok and will slow my reboot I dont want to do anything that will slow my reboot. it brings me to my next question

My second question is is it ok to text girls and flirt with them through texting by saying things like your sexy or you looked cute today or it was good seeing you. Is stuff like this ok flirting with girls over text as long as i keep it pg like this?

I realize that if i want to go on dates dring my reboot that texting girls will probably be something that will help me stay in contact with them and can flirt with them through text and most importantly help me set up dates with them but I want to make sure texting is not something that will slow my reboot because I dont want to do ANYTHING that will slow my reboot I'm hoping it will be cure in 90 days or sooner although I know there is no specific timetable so im trying to make sure I dont have any artificial sexual stimulation in my life at all and im asking questions like these to make sure Im not unknowingly slowing my reboot.

I want texting to be a tool to help me be able to set up plans with girls and talk to them not something that will slow my reboot. My main reason for texting is to set up plans with girls as I am really really looking forward to dating girls and the plus of that is that from what I have read on here is hat as long as its not leading me to orgasm contact and interacting with girls is beneficial to helping me speed up the process of my reboot.If you could answer me about the texting questions from the examples I gave when you get a chance I would really apreciate it.
Thanks and good luck to everyone who is rebooting.

It's like writing a letter. You are using your imagination, and involving a real partner. Seems fine to me, but people rebooting may have a different opinion.

I had a question about something that seems to be happening during my reboot. Im only at the beginning of my current reboot but I have made it over a week without pmo many times in the past the most being around two weeks. My qeustion is is it normal to have pre cum druing reboot.Today at the gym I was stretching after my workout and I kept looking/basically staring at the girls ass in front of me who was also stretching. I could kind of see the outline of her panties/thong thru her pants i was probably looking off and on at her ass off and on for around twenty minutes I wasnt fantasizing about doing anything i was simply just enjoying lookin at her ass which looked awesome as did she. I noticed that this caused me to have pre-cum just a very tiy bit as when i got home I could tell there were a couple very tiny spots on my boxers where the tip of my penis was touching. Its not like I ejaculated.

My question is first of all this doesnt count as an orgasm right because I didnt ejaculate as it was only precum? I am not taking part in any pmo so i want to make sure im clear this wouldnt count as orgasm as im trying very hard not to.

And my second question is is this normal does this sometimes happen to guys during a reboot?

Good luck everyone whos currently rebooting keep up the good work we will all beat this keep up the positive attitude. On the positive note for me something that im happy about is instead of looking forward to going home watching porn i look forward to seeing attractive girls like the scenario above. I look forward to seeing girls at my college or just out at the store or anywhere now. Not only am I really admiring looking at them much more than looking at porn but I am slo enjoying making eye contact with them and talking to them I feel much better about myself now than I did when i was doing pmo. Once again everyone keep up the good work!

Nothing abnormal about pre-cum when sexually aroused, and not it is not an orgasm, and if it was, it wouldn't matter. I say this because counting days is psychological. It's what happens between the ears that matters. Besides choosing not to orgasm during a reboot is purely optional. You make up all the rules for your reboot.

good luck

I just wanted to add that I have been having this pre cum scenario occur more often than just the example above you might say well mabey its cause you looked at a girls ass for like twenty minutes. But it has happen on past times that i have been trying to reboot when i havent been staring at girls for extended periods of time. I cant remeber specific times but i dont think they were times where you would be able to explain it easily liek the one above. I thought i saw something on here about other guys who have been having this happen to them and someone replying that it happens during a reboot that you will have some semen leakage until you recover. Its not a big deal its not like its this huge problem that ruins my day its not even really noticeable if i didnt have an idea that was happening and check my boxers to see the tiny bit of precum making two spots the size of a rain drop on the inseide of my boxers i think it was clear too so not even like it was noticeable at all im only asking this because i want to know will this slow me down in my recovery at all.i just wanted to make sure that this is not considered an orgasm since its not like i have been ejaculating and its not like i am trying to do this and dont really have any control over it and when it does happen its from looking at girls i find attractive.Again its not like it only happens when im staring at attractive girls for a long time i think it happens probably even from walking around glancing at attractive girls or even randomly i cant pinpoint it. Its just that sometimes usualy rarely i have a little pre cum or semen leakage as i think is probably the proper name for it. Again i just want to make sure this wouldnt be defined as an orgasm since i did nto and have not ejaculated and i want to make sure this is not something that will slow me down in my recovery like pmo would, again i dont think i probably have any control over this.

Thanks again in advance this site is fantastic and good luck to everyone on here on their way to recovery!

Ive been using porn for about 12 years now. Right now i can only get it up to porn. Rebooting seems legit. Would seeing a psychologist in addition be useful.

the therapist doesn't try to tell you that porn cannot cause ED. Because if your ED is caused by porn use, and you never experiment with stopping porn.........

Anyhow we a wrote a small article called educating your therapists -

I had a question relating to drinking. I am not going to drink alcohol during my reboot because i dont want to drink and not be thinking clearly which could certainly increase my chances of watching porn or masturbating. I am currently on day 9 of no PMO and it is going great this WILL be the time i beat this!
I was wondering about something though i remeber someone on here questioning if other things that cause dopamine to spike temporarily will effect the reboot and he asked if drinking would do this. I remember I believe an admin said that thats overthinking things and the focus should be stopping watching porn and drinking wouldnt effect recovery time. I just wanted to double check and make sure that drinking wouldnt effect things at all.

The reason im asking this is because I fully am striving for and WILL do 90 days plus no pmo and I keep looking forward to New Years hanging out with my friends and being able to go to a party that night and drink and enjoy life while feeling good about myself because by then that would make it 103 days of no PMO. I would also like to go on a vacation with a group of my friends in late jan/early feb. I have kind of put my social life on hold for over a year now while i have been trying to reboot its hard to explain but for one since i can get my erection close to as hard as i used not even hard enough to have sex probably or if i did i probably wouldnt have been able to keep it up, plus i have been avoiding drinking because again it may lead to watching porn or watching it the next day if im hungover. Ive tried many many attempts but this time is different i WILL do this.

So Im setting New Years as my goal where i can go back to really enjoying life and hopefully by then im cured at 103 days of no pmo but if im at 103 with no pmo and still not cured i want to make sure that drinking that night and then a mmonth later after that a few days on vacation of drinking it wont slow my recovery if im not fully recovered yet. The planning for the vacation is probably going to take place over the next month and buying plane tickets and all that so thats why i wanted to make sure and double check that it will not slow down my recovery at all if im not recovered yet by then after all it would be great to go but not at the expense of slowing my recovery which will be beneficial to my whole life many years of enjoyment.

Also going out on New Years and having a good time and going on vacation are both things that are really really really motivating me to keep going strong I actually am really happy at this moment because I know im getting my life back on track and will be able to enjoy these things in the future! Once again good luck to everyone out there!!!!

I remember I believe an admin said that thats overthinking things and the focus should be stopping watching porn and drinking wouldnt effect recovery time. I just wanted to double check and make sure that drinking wouldnt effect things at all.

I didn't say it wouldn't affcet the reboot, because no one knows, and drinking could mean a glass of wine or nightly benders. However, I did say to not overthink this and eliminate porn, porn fantasy, and rewire to a real person. That's the only advice I really have, other than to make normal plans as you seem to be doing.

so have a good time.

Today I saw a hot girl at the gym and while she was stretching I saw up her shorts in the front for a short period of time. I see hot girls on a regular basis when im at the gym and have made it without causing me to masturbate until tonight unfortunately I masturbated tonight on day 23 of no pmo. I masturbated twice once immediately after the other. The first time i masturbated it was to a fantasy with me and the girl but id say about half of it of what i was imagining was about me just having intercourse with her the other involved me and the girl but it involved stuff i used to watch of more extreme than just intercourse stuff that i used to watch on porn after having escalated from simple plain porn to more extreme. But keep in mind the whole time i didnt imagine porn videos i saw id say mabey 5 percent of my imagining things kept popping into my head of porn scenes but i dismissed them pretty quickly that isnt what i really wanted to think about i think. The other 95 percent of imagining was involving me and the girl half of that 95 percent being "regular intercourse" type fantasizing the other half being more "extreme type" of stuff that i used to watch in porn but i wasnt replaying porn scenes in my head i was imagining me and the girl doing this more extreme sexual stuff.
And then i masturbated the second time immediatley after with no time passing between the two times. The second time i masturbated was just to thinking of me having intercourse with the girl and also jus thinking about the girl and how hot she was and thinking of when i saw her at the gym today.

My question is will this set me back at all i did masturbate and orgasm but as i stated above it was really pretty much all to me and the girl in sexual scenarios with only random pop ins of porn scenes coming to my head which i dismissed. Like i said my mind wanted to masturbate to me and the girl in sexual situations i couldnt help the pop ins and dismisse them quickly when they did pop in.
I know its not some magic formula where a certain number of days and im healed but do you think this set me back or slowed me down. For instance lets just say hypothetically i was on pace to fully recover after 90 days of no pmo if from here on out i abstain from pmo for the rest of the 90 days (which would be 67 days from here) do you think this has set me back and if so do you think it has a lot?
Im extremely mad at myself i know the only way i can ever be back to being truly happy to my fullest is for me to no longer have porn induced ED so im really mad at myself for masturbating and orgasming.
On the other hand the good news i guess would be that the one constant to recovering from porn induced ED is no porn or porn fantasy and i didnt do either of that so im happy im still going on my streak of 23 days of without that, although the reason im also abstaing from masturbation and orgasm is that its my understanding from my reading of posts on this site that also abstaining from masturbation and orgasm while abstaining from porn may help recovery fastest.

Also i dont seem to have any chaser effect where i get extremly depressed like i do after i masturbate to watching porn. The only depressed feeling i have would be more of a mad one then depressed at myself because i wanted to go 90 days with no pmo and see where im at and hopefully id be cured or pretty close to it. Also on a good not i guess too is that this is the farthest ive ever made it with no pmo and i sill have my streak going of no p because i didnt watch porn or have porn fantasy. And also good news is that i KNOW this masturbation relapse will not happen again and i will continue on my no pmo journey to recovery.

Another thing im happy about on my journey so far is that i really have no desire to look at porn it doenst seem to tempt me much at all this time around i think its because im so sick of relapsing on pron in the past this time my brain has probably just been like saying to itself wow your dumb why would you watch that its ruing your life. I am really enjoying seeing real girls i enjoy seeing real girls ten times more than i liked watching porn. One great thing that has helped me through out this is exercising also i go to the gym most days suring the week and its a win win because i get to see hot girs in workout clothes which is awesome. And if there has ever been a time where my brain seems bored and any thought of going to watch porn has occured i say to myself why would i do that when theres so many awesome women out there and then i usaully go out and just get out of the house and admire the hot girls i see. And as far as the gym goes i actually look forward to seeing the girls there on a daily basis way more than i did with watching porn its like im reversing what i didn the last time what got me into this problem was watching porn instead of the real thing now i admire girls in real life instead of watching porn.
I dont know its hard to explain its just a cool feeling not watching porn and just living life and being more happy. on the days where i used to watch porn i used to have a lot of depressing days id say on a scal of 1 to 10 i was about a 2 on happiness sometimes a 3. On this 23 day journey id say i have been around a 6 mabey 7 i love everything about life way more when i am not caught up with watching porn.I enjoy the fact that i have been working towards a goal and seeing progress is a great feeling.
The only thing i have missing from my life is the ability to get full erections and have sex which is obviously a big thing and once i am able to do that i feel ill be back to a 10 on happiness.
I know this has turned into a very very long post it seems like this has been a bit of a venting session of both the bad and good for me. If you could let me know about my question as far as if today is a "relapse" and your opinion on if it will set me back or slow me down at all.Or if there is any other information or anything you have to add if you could reply when you get a chance i would really apreciate it. Thanks again for answering my previous questions too.
And as always good luck to everyone stay strong and we will all beat this!!

When it comes to recovery from PIED, no one can answer the question about the effects of  ejaculation. I don't use the word relapse for masturbation.

It seems as though you have experienced benefits. Focus on the good, and don't let a masturbation session turn into a masturbation to porn session.

thanks for the fast response to my last question. I just had one more question i know that its 99.9 percent chance that I already know the answer but i cant get something related my whole recovering from porn journey out of my head unless i know for sure since its such a huge part of my life.

This is something i just though of, that at my gym when im stretching the wall that is facing all people in the strecthing area is a wall that is made of mirrors the whole wall is covered by big mirrors. The way the strecthing area is set up everyone faces the mirrors my question I just wanted to make sure is if i check out a girl by looking in the mirror that wouldnt be artificial sexual stimulating right? The only reason i ask is because i guess techincally i am not looking at the girl I am looking at the mirror which has the reflection of the girl in the mirror even though shes a real girl i am viewing her by looking at the glass. Its not like i often check out girls by looking at them in the reflection of the mirror I look at them directly but the way the stretching area is set up we all face the mirror so whether we want to see each other or not we do because the wall made up of mirros is what everyone directly faces. I like to look at real girls all day in fact the way the area is is that were all usaully side by side or one in front of another so i often am turning my head to look at them directly im just checking about the very very small portion of the day where im stretching and see girls reflection from the wall covered in mirrors in front of us. Also there is know way for me to avoid seeing them in the mirror anyways becaus like i said the whole wall is covered by mirrors so whenever people are stretching we all see each other in the mirrors just by looking straight ahead the only way to avoid it would be by looking straight up at the ceiling straight down at the ground or closing your eyes all of which would look a bit strange.

Im 99 percent sure that this is fine and actually a good thing since it shows just how much i apreciate seeing girls in real life and how much more attention i am paying them as time goes on and my journey of no pmo continues but i always like to double check things on here because i like to make sure. So if you could get back to me on this when you get a minute that would be great and thanks again for the quick reply on my last question.
Good luck to everyone on their recovery!!

with checking out girls in the mirror or otherwise, as it is real. All animals have been checking each other out since the beginning of animals. It's usually the females that are checking out the male to determine reproductive fitness, then she chooses.

Some guys disagree with this. I think placing another person in a sexual fantasy should be avoided.


I have had ED for some time now and have a girlfriend. I have stopped masturbating my self but is it alright if my girlfriend dose it? Will it help me or set me back? Is it alright if I use for example viagra once when trying to have sex. The thing is I am 16 and my girlfriend and I discovered this when we were both 15. We have tried many times but it has never worked. She is a virgin, and this is there for very strange for her I believe. I found out I had ED this summer and started working on rebooting since then. What is more I have had dreams about watching porn and felt guilty about it in the dream. I think I am taking all the right actions towards getting my sex going, but i can not deny that I have vary little hope for ever getting a normal sex life. Me having little or no hope for this is not too much to worry about for me though(I mean that it is something that I can accept or deal with later), it is more over my girlfriend's sex life that I hate my self for ruining. We are very good friends and have been together a long time. I apologize for the way I wrote this comment, its not very well obstructed and I have much left to learn about using this lovely language. If you think you can point out, help me or question me about any of this feel free, I welcome anyone who is gracious enough to help me.

Hi there just checking in things are going GREAT for me. I am now on day 72 of no porn. During this time I have only masturbated and orgasmed on 5 of these days. 3 of the days I masturbated and orgasmed twice once and then once immediatley after. On the other two days i only masturbated and orgasmed once. All the times i masturbated and orgasmed it was to thoughts about real girls I had seen. My most recent time masturbating was 3 days ago thinking about a real girl i saw and flirted with earlier in the day. I am very happy with how things are I have seen tremendous improvements and i think i may be fulley cured or very close to it.My erection strength has improved tremendoulsy and I have been getting erections very often from seeing girls in real life particularly when they or are bending over or whe there panties/thongs are showing.I think i have been getting either full erections or mabey very close to it just from scenarios like that although it doesnt happen every time sometimes i dont. But it seems that more and more I am getting erections "when i should".Girls are also paying way more attention to me. I have in my opinion improved on many aspects of my life and girls seemed to be noticing. I have a lot of confidnce and feel a million times better about myself and life since stopping watching porn.And it has been fun doing it i go to the gym most days and am really enjoying being on track and seeing improvments in my shape.

I still am going to stick with my goal of reaching 90 days before I have sex with a girl. I know the 90 days is just a number and there is no magical amount of days but i like to just stick with my goalrs i made. I set out to do no pmo for 90 days and although i masturbated and orgasmed on 5 of the days so far I still would like to try and make it through the rest and not orgamsm untill its with a real girl after 90 days. I also would like to go to a prty on new years in which I would be drinking. This would be about day 101 of no porn i believe. I havent drank alcohol during my journey because i figured if i was drunk it could cause me to relapse or hungover the next day i could relapse and watch porn.I feel thats far less concern as i have no desire to look at porn at this time i have a trmendous desire to have sex with a real girl though. My plan is though ia for my first time drinking to be on new years and hen at the maximum drink 4 times in a month once i reach that i would stop because for one it might start to take away from the shape ive worked hard to get in and two there are many other hobbies that are fun that dont involve drinking that i also enjoy. I could see myself drinking less than this most months but i just put 4 times as the maximum just as a guideline in case i do drink 4 times in a month. I dont want to drink more than 4 times a month(i came up with that from on average 1 night a wkend would be 4 times a month) because one there are other activitties id like to do and two i know drinking often could hurt the shape ive worked hard to get into. I usaully drink a lot when i drink but not in a negative manner im talking about in a party type atmosphere or with friends i tend to drink a lot on the nights i drink but just as part of the fun. I also plan to cut down on the amount i drink when i do drink (i have tried this before and often times when i drink and tell myself to have only a coupl beers i often have more) but again i see this as much more doable now and if im able to do it great because again it will help with my shape. I also sont have the same desire to drink like before either im more looking forward to going to a party with friends and girls there and drinking is just part of a party type atmosphere.I dont see any events upcoming where i would smoke weed in the future but if i did it twice in a month max what do you think about that i could seemyself not smoking weed once in a year like i did this year i cant remeber i may have smoked once at the beginning of the year not sure though cant rember eactly whenit was.

I just wanted to check in one more time on the drinkiing mainly with you. I have read on here that the brin knows exactly what alchol or heroin is but it doesnt know what porn it i think is the quote(i have no interest in any drugs such as heroin or things like that just drinking occasionlay and pot even less occasionally. Also read that guys have recovered while using alcohol or pot although sometimes it may have contributed to them relapsing looking at porn while they were not thniking clearly. Again i know that i should never say oo looking at porn is not a worry at all because it is an addiction but i really have very minimal concern that i would look at porn due to using alcohol or pot at this point i my recovery. The main thing with drinking again is that i feel it will give me more options when hangin out with friends or girls. Even if i only drink occasionlay like suggested it will give me the ability to hang out with friends and meet girls or meet girls on my own. Instead of like its been i havent really hung out with friends as id like because i was avoiding drniking and even if we were to hang out and we werent drinking i didnt want it to come up there was a party and then i say i wouldnt go and i wouldnt be able to say the real reason which is i didnt want to really want to go to parties because back when i started i couldnt proabbly get erection hard enough to have sex with a girl or even if i could i probably wouldnt be able to do it consisntenyl or keep it up while having sex i dont know thats just a guess from me guaging how my erections used to be. Now i dont have to worry about that i feel i seem to be ready in my opinion certainly seems so to have sex with a girl.Worrying about th stuff of avoiding situations like that so now i am really looking forward to breathing a sign of relif and being able hang out with my friends again now and instead of worrying about us seeing an attractive girl who i would want to talk to but didnt want to orgasm then to try and help ensure my speedy recovery also didnt have confidenc in my erections anyways but now i do have my confidence back and dont worry about situations like those anymore.

Also having more options to do things and being out more socially which if im drinking will do even if i meet a girl at a party where im drinking then we always hang out the majority of the time not drinking that door is still opened up just the fact that i have the option to drink and not worry and be tense about every little thing i do. I think this will allow me to open up more doors socially again just hanging out with people and will lead to me being able to hand out an have more contact with girls and gt rewired to real girls like ive seen written here although liek i said that certainly might not be a problem because i feel i may certainly be able to have sex wih a girl at this point but being in contact with girls certainly wont hurt and it seems my erections still could mabey get a bit harder and essentially that would make them a bit bigger i semed to have an erection the other day that might have been as big and hard as i rember having before or mabey just bit less i dont know but not too far off. although im proabbly close now anyways i dont know and im certainly happy with the progress have made and i think i could deinfalty have sex with a girl now.

So to sum it up my questions are do you still think what you posted prior in the last post i asked you about drinking(this time i am wondering about pot once in a while too.The reason im asking agains is realted to dopamine not wanting these things to mess with the progress my brain has made, although from what ive read on here seems as though it doesnt(although again like you said cant be certain on that as of now the science isnt there on this yet).

So again im asking do you still think that i should just go on about my life (which again i referred to earlier drinking ocassionally and mabey pot less ocassionally)and enjoy myself and the thing i must avoid bing porn and porn fantasy(which i plan to keep doing forever.)
An also what do you think about my plan of orgasming by having sex with a girl when the chance arises after my 90th day (obviously chance might not arise right at 90 days but whenever it does arise after 90 days to have sex and orgasm with a real girl i plan on doing so. I feel that this is best step for me to take going forward in my recovery i feel like it is time.

Agin things are going great for me at day 72 today really happy with how things are going. Goodluck to everyone on this journey i hope the best for all of you and that things are going great for you too. Im looking forward to checking back in with more very positive updates. Good luck everyone!!!

give advice on alcohol or sex. I would just go about making the usual plans as if you will be ok.

I started my reboot on February but had a lot of relapses and forgot about the whole thing all together for a few months, not heavy porn use but still masturbating. Last month I was determine to stick with it, lasted 45 days then I relapsed to porn, then two days later had embarrassing sex with this chick, then the next day she offer oral. In short it's been really hard not to be sexual and I wonder if internally there is any progress, cuz when I kiss her and touch her there is no feeling at all down there, what can I do?

When finally I got hard, came hella quick almost as soon as I put it in her...this really frustrating. I don't know what to do, since a lot of girls talk to me, it's almost an irony.

truly porn-induced ED it can take months. There is no way to predict. The only general pattern we see is that guys who used internet porn during early teens take longer than those who did not


New to this forum. Had to get my thoughts out there after weeks of seemingly becoming 'addicted' to finding info on the internet about my problem.

22 years old. Been dating a girl a few months. Had sex with over 20 girls in my life starting at age 16. NEVER had a problem, until 2 months ago I went limpy in gf’s hottub. Didn’t think anything of it. Next time couldn’t get hard AT ALL. And same story for the next few wks. Went to doc couple weeks later, test levels 520, blamed it on performance anxiety which I knew I didn’t have, had sex 100’s of times in the past 6 years before, 0 problems, and suddenly the last month mr limpy has had zero action. Needless to say, I was freaking out. Doc prescribed cialis. Minimal effects unless super turned on by gf. Still went limpy after getting 75-85% erection with cialis.

Never FELT addicted to porn. More of a habit for me I guess. Never planned day around it or looked for hours, just a 5-30 min session daily to relieve some stress and bust a nut, or maybe just to help me last longer that night with a girl. But almost ALWAYS used porn. The way I look at it is in high school and first couple years of college I smoked pot pretty close to everyday. Didn’t think I was addicted to that. Just something I enjoyed and thought I could stop at any time. But I remember thinking every time I went on a “streak” of not smoking any weed it was something to be proud of and felt like an accomplishment. In the end, I think I was addicted to weed, just as maybe the case with porn. Now I am a very healthy, athletic 22yr old, don’t do any drugs and drink every now and then.
After days of depression and hopelessness, Im on day 9 of no porn no fap. Stopped taking daily cialis, penis still dead. I know I will never look at porn for the rest of my life, and probably not even masturbate. It hasn’t been hard for me at all really so far. The hard part has been not being able to get rock hard boners I used to and doing my gf drunk or doggy style or AT ALL. So basically I’m wondering if it is PIED. The main reason I think it may be is because it was a habit for so long to look at porn and I did advance to extreme videos where I felt ashamed watching after, which now I know was for the dopamine rush. In past 10 years MAYBE averaged masturbating once a day, probably a little less because Ive had gf’s. No thoughts about the porn or urges or anything since stopping but figure it’s a good thing in the end to avoid porn for the rest of my life anyway. Just want to have sex with my gf and please her. Although she is very understanding and wouldnt leave me even if I said no sex for a couple months, don’t even want to explain this problem to her honestly.

So my question is do you guys think this is PIED? Will I have a shorter reboot due to my sexual experience before this happened? Now I did watch porn before I had sex (pics at 12 vids at 15 sex at 16) but suddenly my dick is dead, at all times. Stopped cialis and viagra for now just want to be naturally cured. You guys seem very knowledgeable, what are your thoughts? Also don’t want to stop having sex with my gf, even though I bust or go limp in like 5 minutes, even with cialis. Will trying to have sex with her help the reboot and rewire, maybe once a week to see any progress, or avoid sex and blowjobs and any erections at all costs? Also, is Viagra here and there to have sex damaging to the reboot?

My success is all yours YBOP guys ...
I always wished to write my success story and here you go....
How can i thank you Gary Wilson and his wife and offcourse the team of this angel website........My gratitude towards you wil be for many lives.
Today, I can say proudly >>> I had sex - a powerful sex in my 25 years for the first time, with a powerful boner
Yes, for sure it was not a cake walk , but i did it and i am so delighted that i could achieve what i wanted.
I cannot tell you how happy I am, Back in September 2012 i realised my Porn ED problem, when i failed (as i was addicted to porn form the age of 13 till september 2012..
After i understood the problem, i decided to take control on porn, and then my journey began, It was a blend of all emotions, challenges and endevour
but eventually it all was worth it.
Yes, my success story is combined with relapses, sadness, small victories and achievements at some point of time, but i never gave up to start again to reach my goal and to live upto this day to tell my success story to the world
Today I have no issues with erection and my early ejaculation has also healed.....My Brain rewired and my ED Healed I love you guys for helping humanity and saving the generatons......Three Cheers for YBOP and My Success
May all succeed in their journey, its possible don't give
Its easy to give up, tough to keep going - if you give up you loose everything and if you keep going "You become Everything" Cheers.
If you really wanna give up anything give up porn and see how nature opens the door of unexplored happiness, peace and life full of celebration. I wish you all the very best for your success.


Hi i have been watching porn since the age of around 12-13. and i started pmo and mo at the age of around 15. I started to pmo and mo last year like once per day or once every 2 days and everything was fine. i was able to erect and cum. Until like 3 weeks ago, my dick was only 50% erected and i reach orgasm. After day that i could not erect anymore when looking at porn or masturbating. I decided to take a break for awhile like 1 week. After that 1 week, i tried to pmo and mo but failed. my dick just couldnt erect. i only got morning wood like 3 times within this 3 weeks and im very worried!!! is this porn induced ed or some other problems? im now at the age of 18 by the way. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

The suggestions are real simple:

  1. See a good doctor to rule out physical causes. See several doctors if necessary
  2. Reboot to see if it helps.

You started PMO at age 15 and now have ED at 18. It's rare for ED to be caused by 3 yaers of PMO, so please see a medical professional.

What do u mean its rare for ed to be caused by 3 years of pmo? But i could do it in the past and suddenly it just couldnt do it. Could this still be due to physical causes?

that the men on the forums with porn-induced ED are rarely 18 with only 3 years of porn use. To put it another way it's rare for 18 years olds to have PIED, it usually begins after age 20. It's also rare for 3 years to cause it. Usually takes longer.

That doesn't mean you don't have PIED. Everyone should see a good urologist to rule out other causes.


Hi, everyone there!

I've just started my reboot process, on day 5 to be more precise. Some changes have occurred, like feeling tenuous arousal by women in public, on a bus for instance, and felling not commonly thirsty. Yes, I drank more water than usual in these last five days.

But, by the time I was writing this comment I was feeling an violent urge for porn. I hope I come back in another opportunity to share with you that I was NOT overwhelmed by this temptation.

Best regards,
The Clever

So, forgive for any grammar or spelling mistake I've possible had made in my comment.

Its been 3 days and counting. So far so good. Its amazing how you can go from being mildly content to suddenly feeling the need for masturbation and its associated release but I have kept myself busy doing productive things. I find it helps to keep a record; realizing that every single day I fight it is a another victory.
I dont think porn or masturbation are the work of the devil or anything; although I believe that porn is exploitative. It is the addiction that is truly evil and its on us to change it. The occasional rub is not bad. Prevents prostrate cancer and all that. But when you start planning your days around it, it becomes a problem. When it affects the intimacy that you share with a loved one, that is when you realize just how far down the garden path you have gone.
I am glad I found this site and that I can read all the stories here. It helps when you realize that you are not the only one and that despite what women believe, men are not capable of 24 hr erections.

You've no idea how many times I failed. I started my PMO addiction at the age of 15.Now I'm 28. I tried to stop it for 10000 times. But I failed miserably. I failed in my MBA, I lost my friends, I lost my job, no social contacts. I tried to commit suicide 4 years ago, it also failed. I was a loser. I didn't achieve anything in my life until last year.
Before my suicide attempt I used to watch porn 3-5 hours day.I masturbate at least three times in a day.After the attempt I used to watch it for 5-7 hours a day and masturbate 4-8 times in a day. Every time after this masturbation it brought me nothing but guilt,shame and I let myself down. I was married 3 years ago, I didn't have a good relation with my wife. We had a fight everyday, I was very short tempered and used to abuse,beat people. I used to scold people, used to use bad words, fight with people. I was like a real villain in the society. I know I am doing a bad thing. I have to change. But I can't. I used to blame Gods, I used to tear apart their photos, I don't know what else. No one loves me and vice versa.
When I saw a girl, or an actress or a celebrity or a newsreader or any girl who is good looking and good body parts, I have temptations. I started browsing,porn sites and spent for hours and masturbate.
Why I am writing this ? This is for someone who may find it helpful.If this will change anyone's life ,then I am very happy and satisfied.
How I stopped PMO, the steps.

1. First of all you have to realize that this is the addiction which is more or as powerful like Cocaine or similar kind of drug addiction. Admit it. And the best thing is you can really overcome this addiction.

2. If you don't have any confidence or will power, you can stop PMO for more than 100 days. Yes!You heard me. You don't need any will power or self belief to stop this. Because if you are lack of that fascinating word, you can get it right now, right moment. Why because stop thinking about 'I don't have will power'. If you think like that, then it's true. If you think 'I have will power', it is also true.Let me tell you the absolute truth- "It requires more courage to suffer than to die." - Napoleon Bonaparte.
3. You are on a great war. A war with most powerful enemy in the world. The war is not to just for the victory, it's not for the land, it's not for the woman, it's not for fame, it's not for wealth, it's not for nothing but for getting a Great Friend. If you win the war, it means you will get a good friend. This friend is capable of doing anything in the world, He will help you to achieve anything in the world. This friend is your Mind or soul, you can call whatever you want.

4. In this war the enemy is more stronger. He has some ultimate weapons in his hands. Urges or temptations, anger, guilt, shame etc. Urge or Temptation is the greatest weapon with him.
How to block this weapon. For that you need a Master Plan.A plan for destroying it powerfully.

1. This war will lasts for years. The weapon may hit you today but don't just give up.
2.If you feel the urge or temptation, just close your eyes, observe the urge, analyse what it wants. Just think the outcome.
If the urge hit you too stronger,
1. Just put your head in bucket of water for 1 minute(just count down in your mind from 1 to 60). Whatever happens, don't come out before 60 seconds. If you come out try again.(This is optional, if you have an disease, fever don't do it)
2. If it fails, just get out of the house, whether there is rain or hot or anything. Walk for just 10 minutes. And come back.
3. If this also fails, do 20 push ups, if you can't do it how much you can. Try harder. If you are not good at push up, try sit ups.
4. If the urge is also there, it won't go, you can masturbate. But it is without porn, with out thinking anyone. Just do it and try to send the urge out.
You can do this every time, if there is the urge.
5.Meditation. A simple meditation.
Just listen to your favorite song by closing your eyes,try to concentrate on the music, lyrics etc. Just listen the song for 7-10 minutes.
Just close ur eyes. Inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. Try to concentrate the sound of air, nose and mouth. This is for 7-10 minutes.
Just observe your thoughts. But keep in my mind, you and your mind is two different persons. You are just seeing or observing your mind. Don't focus anything. whatever comes to your mind, just observe if it is good,bad or erotic. Do this for 7-10 minutes.
Try any of these or all of these 2 times in a day regularly, whether you failed to control the urge or not. Do this exercise. Because you are developing a great weapon for fighting with the urge or temptations.
6. Try to do morning or evening walking. The best thing is one round of walking and one round of running. It's up to your capacity. Gradually you have to increase your stamina.
7. Repeat this sentences in your mind daily 5 to 25 times.
I can control the urges.I can control the temptation. I am the master of my mind.
8. Last not the least, pray for 2 minutes before you go to sleep and when you wake up. Pray to the Ultimate Power to give you strength to win this war.

Thank You very much for reading this. If you have any doubts or comments, please let me know. My user name is sidhu.

I am the Master....I conquered....

Hello everyone, im about a month into my reboot porn and no masturbation. After a couple more weeks im goin to masturbate to a past sexual experience in my head. My question is this: am i allowed to masturbate to smelling my girls socks she leaves for me since she knows i like that, or should i keep to masturbation to things in my head.

My friend learned to quit porn by visiting this page.Thanks a lot