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I am on my day 70 but still no powers, no boners still not any single wetdream .. i am worried that i have fully lost my sexuality , i am 26 years old i started watching porn when i was about 14

Third week now and it's going great, almost relapsed today, didn't fall for the urge, and I'm still going strong, morning boner amamzing, trying to notice other positive effects, but I still have nine weeks to go so...

I dont know where to post this so here it is.
I started jerking off very early in life (10 maybe)
It then evolved to visual aid via Ftv and other shows that were broadcast on TV back in 2001-2004 period.

I got exposed to porn in 2003, I was 14 back then and had full access to it from 2006 onwards.

I left my home in 2011 due to a job and since I lived more or less alone, there was no stopping.

By 2014, I began to notice that I was not getting boners anymore. I thought this may be due to depression.

I was under severe depression throughout 2014.

In 2015, I finally got into a good college and since the room was shared, I didn't get a chance to jerk off for a month (Longest abtainence ever)

I was still not getting any boners and I got worried.

Morning boners were not 100% (more like 40-50%) and it continues.

I lied to myself when I thpught that a real girl will be different and all will work out.

I finally ended up with a girl (Technically lost my virginity to her) this July and during my first ever sexual encounter I didn't get a hard-on.

She blowed me, played with it but the erection was never stiff enough to put it in.

Finally, 2 weeks later when I was with her (for the last time) I got a full erection but this time she was watching porn with me and teasing me (a lot). That woked but I didn't go through all the way till orgasm fearing that it will again go flacid.

I put it in but didn't feel the urge to thrust ahead with passion. The condom screwed the erection this time

It was like a total 'Feeling-less' experience. The next day, things got heated up (she always got angry the next day, whenever we were together) and she broke off for good.

The reason she stated was that she did not want to get involved with me and she wanted us to be "Just Friends" but I Know that my problem was a big catalyst in this matter. My first "relationship" lasted only 20 days.

I have been addicted to porn and masterbation. I M about 2-3 times a day and it has screwed me up for good.

Its my 2nd day abstaining now and want it to continue till my marriage (4-6 months from now).

I am lost and dont know whether I will get well or not.

hey mate

May be try and get some professional help- i.e - see your doctor?


I am hugely grateful for what you are all doing to help people with PIED. I myself have been affected by this awful addiction, I would like to do something to help other people and make sure they do not make the same mistakes as we did, you have done your bit, now I feel I should do something too.

I have set up a government petition to "introduce consequences of prolonged pornography use into sex education curriculum", I want to make sure teenagers are aware of the serious consequences regarding pornography use. The petition has been accepted and now WE must collect at least 10,000 signatures to make the government respond to our petition.

I was hoping that you could help me spread the word about this petition as you are all greatly influential people.

I just want you to know that there is nothing in this for me, I am doing this purely to help others as I know how serious the addiction is.

Let's make this our petition.

The link to the petition is below: