Age 17 - Severe porn-induced ED: I finally feel like a man again.

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G'day lads. It's been something like 110 days since I first posted on here. Back then I was not having a good time, depressed about my ED and in a hole of PMO. (For more see my journal). I did the 90 days no PMO and after flat line after flat line at around day 80 I had successful sex for the 1st time since I first noticed my PIED.

I've been consistently performing ever since and my reboot has saved my relationship with the first girl I've ever really cared for. 

So I figured I'd share a few of the things that made it easier for me and answer some of the questions that I had when I first started.

-I kept a picture of my girlfriend in my wallet and as the background of my phone. Every time I wanted to PMO that steered my back to reality.

-Once I stopped intermittently flatlining, and I found myself getting better erections, I slowly reintroduced M (definately WITHOUT any form of P!!!!!). Now many people say this is a bad idea, and for them it may be true. But found that having regular M and O made it much easier to manage stress and make me feel like a normal human being. I also believe it helped my erections, and defiantly did not have any negative effects on them.

-Block internet P. Get a safesearch program or something to block sensitive content. In the very few times I found myself trying to look at Porn, the Mcaffe message would come up, block the site, and also remind me why I was leaving P behind in the 1st place.

- Find a girl. The reason I rebooted, was for my girlfriend. So I could make her happier. I spent as much time with her as possible and that exposure made it 1000 times easier to reboot. Especially when I was finally able to have sex.

-Workout. Another reason I rebooted, was because I didn't feel like a man. P had taken away my virility and I felt like a failure. As well as rebooting, I have managed to put on 10kgs which is awesome (I was too skinny before) and now I play fly half on my schools 1st XV rugby team. The added testosterone from working out, as well as wanting to undo to damage done my porn has made me a better human.

- Get outside. Get off your computer, get out of your bedroom, go out with mates and live life. Not only does it take your mind of P, it makes you a healthier person.

- Get addicted to something else (something good of course) get addicted to working out, get addicted to study, get addicted to a hobby.

- Do your research. Figuring out what would help my reboot meant I had to understand addiction, and what porn does to your brain. There are plenty of resources around reboot nation, like I also suggest you go subscribe to Noah Church's YouTube channel, some good stuff there

- And finally whatever you do, never go back to porn... No matter how healed you are, porn should never be an option for you. Healed alcoholics are the most likely people to become addicted to alcohol, healed meth addicts are the most susceptible to meth addiction... why would it be any different with porn? Don't reawaken the reward circuits triggered by porn. Just pretend porn doesn't exist and never go back.

Good luck with you reboots lads, have a good one

LINK - Finally feel like a man again.

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INITIAL POST  - Making massive progress!! Rebooting with severe PIED

Hey guys,

I figured keeping track of my progress might help me, and hopefully even others, so I'm gonna make this new topic into my journal. I guess I should give you a bit of back ground info...

I started watching porn at 11 maybe 12 and started masturbating around the same time. Since then I've been consistently masturbating at least once a week and at most 3 times a day (very rare). Over the past year, (I’m 17 now) it's been more like once a day. I had no idea porn was doing this to me, until I tried having sex a month ago with my new girlfriend and my dick felt like it a bloody deflated balloon hanging between my legs.

I've been putting off sex with her ever since and I feel awful, I'm going to have to explain to her what’s going on because I’m sure it's making her feel like shit too. ever since that night, I've been researching ED and have come to the conclusion it’s because of porn. I decided to cut it out.

I've relapsed a few times to girls on Instagram and Facebook but now I want to get serious, and this journal (and hopefully you guys) will help me. It's been a few days since I masturbated (to very soft core images), and my libido has gone to shit.... I have no desire to watch porn, no desire to masturbate, and no desire to have sex with my gf.

What concerns me is that my girlfriend very attractive and definitely my type, so the reason for my limp dick issues is definitely not my girlfriend.  I discovered this site and found out about 'flat lining'...

So I guess that’s what's happening. I'm going to try and get my girlfriend on board with my recovery, if it scares her off then she isn't as good of a girlfriend as I think she is so it would matter anyway, and I'm going to keep going. I feel like utter shit, my dick is a useless floppy cocktail sausage, but in the wise words of Winston Churchill ''If you're going through hell, keep going''. And that’s exactly what I'm going to do.

I'll regularly update this journal and am eager to become involved with this community.