Frequent urination during reboot?

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Occasionally, men report that urination frequency temporarily jumps up after they stop porn use.

I had an issue with frequent urination and I feel that was the greatest threat to my Nofapping. I thought it might be a side effect of not fapping. I thought I would need to call a doctor but by the time I got my health insurance card the issue resolved itself. I saw a young woman on the street with her full breasts visible through a fishnet shirt and I did not run to the nearest restroom.  One Month Report...and Sign me up for November

Here's a reply in response to a guy who asked why he was urinating more frequently since (recently) quitting porn: 

In the beginning, you have increased sensitivity. But as you recover, you will notice that you need to urinate less often. I can only  speak from a personal experience. This pattern is also applicable to sexual thoughts. In the beginning, you crave them and the  impressions in your mind "chase you."But if you get past a month or so you notice that they do not possess your mind the way  they used to (at least most of the time). Something like eating in moderation. In the beginning, you crave for food more and more.  But after a certain period, say a few weeks, you will realize you do not need to overeat.