The girl on the phone

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guys staring at screen[Submitted by a rebooter]

The vulgar girl has left my screen,
the one who with her two boyfriends could be quite obscene.
She used to tease me from within my phone,
now it is empty and I am alone.

Between them they never did what I'd want to do,
but I was obsessed and wanted to view.
She sucked away my inner life,
while with my hand I'd crafty swipe.

Real girls never matched her heights,
her unnatural blonde hair and fishnet tights.
She had a longing horny look in her eyes,
yet something within was wanting to die.

I ripped her off from Redtube,
selecting her because I liked the way she moved.
I had an app to view her,
but neither of us could care.

She's gone now, she was wiped yesterday,
her physical memory cleanly flushed away.
One day a real girl will excite me,
and from her grip I will be free.

    - James