Effect on Ejaculatory Performance and Semen Parameters of Sexually-Satiated Male Goats (Capra Hircus) After Changing The Stimulus Female (2003)

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The Coolidge effect is behind porn addictionComments: The Coolidge effect in goats - getting excited again with a new female. In this case, also increasing the sperm count with a new female.

Theriogenology. 2003 Jul;60(2):261-7.

Prado V, Orihuela A, Lozano S, Pérez-León I.

The association between stimulation of sexual activity and semen characteristics of sexually mature goats was evaluated. Nine 2-year-old criollo bucks were used. Each buck was subjected to 8-weekly trials in which one of the following two treatments was alternately applied. In treatment 1, males were individually exposed to the same estrus-induced female during a 4-h period, and ejaculates were collected and analyzed throughout. Treatment 2 was the same, except that a different doe replaced the stimulus animal for the third and fourth hours. The total number of ejaculations and total sperm number for four sets of data was different (P<0.01) for treatments 1 and 2 (184 versus 252 ejaculations with a total of 354.3 versus 477.1 billion sperm, respectively).

In treatment 2, when first and last ejaculation of each male with the (original) stimulus animal were compared, total sperm per ejaculate decreased (P=0.08) from 4.14+/-3.8 x 10(9) to 0.77+/-0.7 x 10(9), while this value increased (P=0.05) to 3.04+/-2.3 x 10(9) after a new female was introduced, which represented a recovery of 67.35%. All males achieved a first ejaculation with the original stimulus animal while on average, only three achieved a seventh service.

After changing the stimulus animal, all males ejaculated again. It is concluded that changing the stimulus animal after a 2-h continuous exposure to an estrous female stimulates sexual activity and increases sperm output in male goats.