HaHaHa, you have NoFap, we China have our own

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Well it's 21:05 09/06/2014 in China. I'm not sure if you are British people or American people. But it's amazing to find this website. It seems that the bad effect of porn has spreaded all over the world. You have NoFap,and we China also have our own forum just like NoFap. There are over 500,000 Chinese people getting together there, discussing similar problems as you discussed here, trying to get rid of sex addiction and internet addiction.

And the way we speak and raising questions are exactly the same with you!(Of course in different languages.) By reading the comments here I found the symptoms with which we China masturbation patients are faced up, are totally the same as yours. Surprising, isn't it? I thought you Westerners might not be afflicted with the porn addiction due to better health conditions. But it looks like there is no difference!

If this is a fight against the porn addiction, then there are over 500,000 comrade-in-arms in China. I guess some day in the future, maybe we shall declare a war against the world's porn industry, which has destroyed millions of young people's lives!

Good luck to you!

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