hogus' supplement/drug list that might speed up your reboot

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hogus' supplement/drug list that might speed up your reboot

I just want to preface this thread by saying that none of this is medical advice and you should ask your doctor before taking anything new. But porn addiction apparently isn't a legitimate medical condition so here we are. You should treat anything I say in this thread as bullshit.Most of these supplements are aimed at increasing neurogenesis, the growth of new neurons. Effects of this are greater reinforcement of behaviours, better mood, reduced brain fog etc. But there is such a thing as negative plasticity (like addiction) and neurogenesis factors MAY theoretically reinforce negative behaviours - ie relapse. You should already be on a good streak. These are ideal for those looking to reinforce their rewiring endeavours. It's also something to consider for people who have been trying for months/years and never reached flatline. Nothing to lose and that.

Uridine + Fish Oil + Choline source + Folic acid

Uridine is a component of RNA and RNA is a part of the cell replication process. Basically it's like providing your brain/body with nutrients needed to grow new cells, even in the brain. The same principle applies to DHA (Omega 3 fatty acid found in fish oil) and studies find that uridine+DHA has an antidepressive effect. Furthermore the combination has been found to modulate dopamine release. This doesn't just mean positively modulate (increase in baseline if it's deficient) but also negatively modulate - by decreasing the level of dopamine release when it's too high in situations such as relapse. This means it has the potential to severely reduce the damage of a relapse. "Finally, neurochemical analysis of a third set of comparably treated rats revealed that uridine blunted the amphetamine-induced increase in striatal dopamine."

Read more at http://www.longecity.org/forum/topic/51802-gpc-choline-uridine-dha/

I've found benefit at these: 700mg+ DHA, 250mg+ uridine, 100mg alpha-GPC and 800ug folate but I won't suggest you start here - read the thread.


Tyrosine is a precursor L-DOPA which itself is a precursor to catecholamines (dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine). There's some disagreement on this board whether it helps. It may be that supplementation is only useful for the initial withdrawal.

Suggested dose: 500mg/day

You should also supplement with things that tyrosine supplementation depletes (B-complex, selenium, l-cysteine, l-tryptophan). Because of this I don't recommend long term treatment; we still don't really know that much about the long term effects monoamine precursor supplementation.


A psychoactive amino acid found in green tea which modulates levels of GABA and potentially serotonin (the brakes where dopamine is the gas pedal). Personally I find it has no use in the long term for rebooting quicker but it can help you get to that elusive flatline. It induces a tolerance but not a withdrawal or dependency. It's approved in Japan for unlimited addition to food - it's very safe. However user response varies so damn much.

Suggested dose: 200mg when cravings hit. Buy suntheanine marked theanine - there are actually 2 types of theanine: l-theanine and d-theanine. L-theanine is far useful than d but common discrimination techniques (HLPC etc) can't differentiate between them and suntheanine is the only way you can guarantee 100% L-.


Noopept is a peptide (short chain of amino acids) which gets into the brain and induces the release of nerve growth factor (NGF) and brain derived neurotrophic growth factor (BDNF). As a peptide, it doesn't actually do anything itself directly but it signals the body to do something. NGF and BDNF are both neurotrophins; proteins which are used in neuronal genesis that ensure proper cell differentiation during replication, survival and maintenance.

Unfortunately there isn't a wealth of user experiences in using noopept for addiction but it has been used as a  nootropic ("brain steroid") and people have reported antidepressive effects. My suggestion is 10mg sublingual (under your tongue until it dissolves) daily. You may want to cycle it since it does in a way, induce a tolerance (TrkB downregulation) however at 10mg a day people don't tend to report a withdrawal. Still if you feel the effects are wearing off (beyond the initial euphoria - "am I high?!"), take some time off but it's not a serious matter.

On a related note SSRIs, SNRIs, DRIs etc are hypothesized to work not by increasing monoamine levels (dopamine, serotonin etc) in themselves but by eventually inducing BDNF increase. Big pharma seriously lucked out there.


If you have an addictive personality (chasing the next high kind of thing) outside of porn then don't touch the shit. If you've had substance abuse problems, don't touch the shit. And also chances are it's illegal where you are. So unless you live in India, stop reading.

K is a NMDA antagonist. Two glutamate receptors are NMDA and AMPA, by blocking NMDA, glutamate concentrations rise and AMPA binding increases (possibly along with kainate and mGluR but no-one really knows anything about them). This leads to a huuuuge increase in BDNF and plasticity. It's enough to stop the severely suicidal in their tracks for a few days to a few weeks.

I'm not suggesting any dose, though I have heard of someone who takes 10mg/week. You do your own research and be EXTREMELY careful. Ketamine abuse leads to neurotoxicity, hepatoxicity, bladder and kidney damage though this is extremely unlikely at the aforementioned 10mg/week dose.

Super high risk, high reward...

I was gonna post something on bremelanotide/pt-141 but it didn't really help me much. It did make it a little easier to get an erection but mostly it gave me some heart palps, maybe I had impure stuff. If anyone has any experiences I'll add them here.