How I learned to stop worrying and fight urges

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First attempt to Nofap... my 30 days or:How i learned to stop worrying and fight urges

Hi guys, I'm babitoi and I'm from Rome, 30 days of NoFap are finally gone and I want to start this post with a GIANT THANK YOU!!!! Really, I have adopted several tricks to fight my (really BIG) urges, but before I list them, I want to thank all of the splendid community of NoFap, I really couldn't done without your posts of encouragement, but without further ado, here comes my list of useful things:

*WORKOUT - For REAL guys, always,always,always workout when u got urges, there is no thing like workout to resist fapping, it's August in here, and gyms are usually closed, so I'm doing this challenges found on reddit /r/100pushups/ /r/200Situps/ r/200Squats/ /r/150dips/, these are really useful and they can really help you start calisthenics.

*WORKOUT(RUN) - I'm not a running guy but really nothing helps you like a 30-40 mins slow/fast (depends on you) run.

*COLD SHOWERS - Got some urges but your so damn tired? Go do a COLD SHOWER, it really beat the crap out of your will to fap. Here is an article about the benefits :

*MEDITATION - I'm Buddhist and I actually did Meditation long before NoFap, but I found Meditation really useful against urges, 15/20 mins a day keeps the urges away :) , and it really helps you focusing about what you will do on the rest of your day.

*LEAVE HOME - I think this is the most important point, stay out of your house as possible as you can do, hangout with your friends, go dance club, hit the gym, go for a walk/run, everything is good, staying at home=staying in front of your pc=great probabilities of finding triggers.

This is it, I do not want to write about my personal history right now (maybe when I'll reach 60 or 90) but I really had an heavy addiction to hardcore and weird porn for about 8-9 years. But thanks to NoFap, my relations are becoming really solid and good (especially with girls). I'm really more confident and happier than ever.

Fapstronauts I think we are doing something important not only for our lives, but especially for our descendants. I really want to reach 90/150 days of NoFap, like I said, I had a pretty bad addiction for porn, I don't want to fail.