I did it! 90 days. Here's what I've learned.

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Can't believe I made it. But I did. Ten years of addiction - done! I'm a different man now - - and here's what I've found.

1. Masturbation seems pathetic and disgusting to me now. It's very difficult to see how I loved sitting in a chair and wasting my time touching myself to pictures and videos of people I would never meet.

2. It also seems second or third-rate. Fapping to something is like trying to sate your hunger by looking at a picture of a steak dinner. It's a poor replacement for the real thing.

3. Sexual desire is a form of energy. When you turn off the faucet, the water has to go somewhere else. Stopping your PMO addiction is a fantastic way to lend [motivation] to other areas of your life. You'll want to do other things with your energy - get a different job, go to school, meet new people, pick up a hobby, etc.

4. It shows you how dehumanizing objectification is. Every single one of those people you fapped to has, or had, a real life. Dreams. Hopes. Desires. They called someone "daddy" or "mommy". They watched cartoons and went to grade school. They wanted to be something when they grew up. Once you realize this, it's very difficult to just see them as a sex object again.

5. Stopping my PMO addiction has made me desire real love. I was a sex addict. Most of the time, I didn't even want to. It was simply a habit. Now that I've quit, I want to find true intimacy with someone. I want to spill my soul into them and become one person with them...trust them with every fiber of my being, with every piece of my heart. Now sex seems like such a small, silly thing, compared to love.

6. Seduction and /seddit people creep me out. I used to admire and emulate friends who could pick up strangers constantly. That's a fine lifestyle for some folks, but not for me. It makes me sick to try and pretend I'm interested in a person just to get into their pants. I'll never do that again.

7. You have tons of time! Suddenly, hours of your life are yours once more. Seize them! Make your time work for you. Make money. Find a hobby. Join a group of people with similar interests. The days are longer when PMO isn't hogging your free time.

The last time I wasn't a PMO addict, I was in middle school. The years since seem like a nightmare. I will never go back. If this letch can make it, so can you! Keep fighting. Keep striving to better yourself. The trick is - the longer you stay fap-free...the less you wish to go back. Eventually you'll never care to again.

I wish that for each and every one of you.

Thanks to all of you for being there, as a community. Having this place to come, to when I was weak or lost, was invaluable. Bless you all for helping total strangers discussing embarrassing things. Ha ha.

Way to go, /nofap. You are helping people overcome addictions - one piece of flair at a time. I've not been so proud of a gold star since I was in second grade. :)



well said with points 2 and 3. Those should become proverbs.