I love it that I desire my wife, and she does too

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coupleI finally made it! I started about a year ago being ruled by my desires, prefering MO more than my wife, and feeling horny most of the time. It was like an itch that never went away.

Then my wife and I watched the Your Brain On Porn video and saw that it may be possible to not have to live like this, there MAY be another way. My wife has been very supportive and that has helped a lot.

At first I would only make it a few days, then a week, then a few weeks, then a month, then 40 days, then 60, and now 90! Each time I beat my previous streak I was stoked. I didn't let it bother me when I relapsed because my goal wasn't a number really, my goal was to enjoy my wife, and I knew every step I took was a step in the right direction.

Benefits so far: I don't always have that itch anymore, but when I do, I use that energy for good until I can be with my wife again. I use it and focus it while desiring her. I love it that I desire my wife, and she does too. Sex also physically and mentally feels better than it did before. It feels right, it is satisfying, and it takes away the itch for a much longer time. I also don't "need" O every morning like I used to, that was just a pain and made me late for work sometimes.

This is an amazing community! I am so proud to be a part of such a positive, encouraging, and helpful bunch of people! I still cannot believe that such a group exists on the internet. Thanks for the daily words of encouragement, I hope my post helps someone out there too!

LINK - 90 day report

by nsoniat



Hi there,

Feeling very inspired and happy after reading your post, three days ago I told my girlfriend about my porn addiction and thought the after effects would destroy everything. One day soon I am going to ask her to be my wife, so before I can do that I had to explain why I see my councillor. She was surprisingly supportive and obviously a little upset, but luckily we pulled through over the weekend and the real road to recovery has started, I am looking forward to posting a message like yours 362 days from now and hopefully a married man.

Thank you for your inspiration.