"I opt out of sex with a partner" (Sweden)

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(Google translate) Many readers will recognize themselves in The Inside series about porn impotence and some will attempt a porno top. Others wish we would draw attention to the women a bit more.

"It's good that you focus on the young, but the problem is understood in all ages. I would like to read more interviews with psychologists and researchers who develop further how porn and masturbating intensively to create a self-sufficiency in terms of sexual satisfaction - perhaps associated with long periods of close, intimate relationships. It may in itself be empowering, but can act as a barrier when suddenly wants to establish an intimate relationship. A lot of possible explanations for the problems in my own relationship becomes exposed through the articles. "

- Lisa

"I recognize myself in the inside cover in the series porn impotence. I'm jerking off to porn and then I get about without problems, but when I have sex with my partner wants it not. I have wondered about the reason for my lack of interest in sex 'in-real-life'. Maybe I'm not in love with my boyfriend? Should I break up? Now I realize that maybe these are porn impotence. So now it gets porn top and I will give our relationship a second chance. "

- A

"Essential reading The inside articles about porn impotence, it was suddenly a light on what is 'wrong' with me. My life story is not as Kalle, an intense porn consumer who could not get a position with their partner (DN 5/9). But I could see the pattern. I'm in a different life stage than he does. I'm 50 +, I've had a pretty active sex life right until about ten years ago. Which came first, the lack of sex or porn consumption, I do not know.

I read the article today and got a lot to think about. But I can definitely see the pattern: much porn = declining potency with a partner. I'm in the stage where I was with a shrug opt out of sex with a partner, as it has not worked out so well the last few times, and think 'yes, that is well aged. I've fucked ready in my life, 'and started to settle with porn.

The inside article was an eye opener! I've never even thought about this with the reward system. And masturbation is so damn obvious reward! More than the food, I think ... Now I have to take a look back on my life situation and what I'm doing. "

- H

"I agree that much of the excitement surrounding sex disappears but do not think it only applies to people who consume large porn. I feel in anyway that I saturate all sexskildringar in media, including clothing ads and music, as well as various informational programs about sex. No, it's not fun anymore. "

Perhaps asexual

"It's great that pornography harms addressed. Something I was struck by the The inside article series, however, was that it only focused on how pornography harms men, men can become impotent if they watch porn too much, men not firing on their girlfriends and so on. Poor men who have to objectify women to be sexually stimulated!

How about paying attention to the thousands of women who are victims of the porn industry every year? As raped, exploited and forced to work in appalling conditions? As damaged during recordings and get his life ruined?

How about paying attention to women's sexuality also affected tremendously by porn community? Women are objectified constantly, and the female body is sick sexualized in our culture. How does it affect a woman to a porn addicted boyfriend do not get your dick when to lie?

Thanks to porn and sexist advertising, both men and women a sick picture of how the female body should look like, and how sex should go to (in women's case, submissiveness, etc.). Attempts to identify the problems and pay attention to this next time. "

- Male 1990

"I have now read the articles about porn that I think had a fair allocation. But I found a blaming attitude toward young men that I do not understand. A bit like 'moral rearmament' in the Fifties. And why not extend the analysis to include both genders? "

- Mats

ARTICLE - "I opt out of sex with a partner"