I see this as an important part of my ideal lifestyle

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I see nofap as an important part of my ideal lifestyle, and the 100 day challenge I'm currently undergoing is an attempt to consolidate this habit (or lack thereof :) ).

I call it a challenge because:

-I have to keep track of my streak in a diary every night;

-I have two accountability partners (my dad and my best friend) that I must notify on a daily basis;

-I installed a web filter on my PC and gave away the password controls to the friend mentioned above;

-I dedicate 30minutes to 1hour a day to research my addiction/keep up with this subreddit for knowledge and motivation;

-In order to focus on the current day and make this whole challenge seem more manageable, I reward myself with half an hour of music listening right before bedtime (this has worked out very well by the way: I'm only 5 days into this but I already feel that I can listen to music in a more involved manner);

-Lastly, I've been intending to upgrade my PC gear this summer for quite awhile now, but am delaying that until after the challenge.

As soon as the challenge is successfully completed, I intend on staying nofap for the rest of my life, only without all of the above. This challenge is basically a way of gradually implementing the behavior. Best of luck!