Is Iceland right to ban online pornography? Truthloader LIVE (Debate)

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This UK debate occurred today via the Internet, and although the audio quality is decent, the visual quality is uneven.

Gary mentioned this research in the debate: Adolescents & Pornography.


I wanted to make a comment about Petra's opinions. Me being German myself and having experienced the rather liberal approach to sex and sex education that is not uncommon in our country can say that this does not protect you from porn addiction at all. All forms of porn are as widely spread in Germany as they are in other countries and this, unsurprisingly, has the exact same effect on German men as it has on other men.

I do believe that there is a place and a market for more natural forms of porn such as Petra seems to be producing, if consumed within limits. However, if consumed in excess it will lead to exactly the same problems as the artificial porn which is dominating the internet at the moment.

Teaching kids about sex and sexual practices is important but showing them porn is most definitely not the way to do it. The only way we can stop children (and even adults) from engaging in unhealthy porn related behaviour is to teach them about the negative consequences that it might have on their sexuality and psyche. In a way there is a much stronger and more accute motivation to quit porn than there is, for example, to quit smoking. I don't know about others but personally I was always terrified of the idea that one day in my 50s or 60s I might become impotent. But suffering from ED in your 20s? I quit porn on the day I learned about this and never looked back (which I can't say about smoking - talking about a primitive brain).

If you teach a 13 year old guy that porn might kill his sex drive and prevent him from having real sex with a woman, I think there is a good chance they will stay away from it. At the very least they will gain the power of knowledge and will know what to do in case they do become addicted. That's the only way we can try to control the problem. But certainly not by introducing a different form of porn (or censorship for that matter).

to post this comment on the website where the debate is too. Well said.

I agree with the point Lappis made and empathize with his overall sentiment.

However, I strongly disagree with his mincing words about the porn queen in the video as he said, "....there is a place and a market for more natural forms of porn such as Petra seems to be producing".

"Natural" porn? That porn queen bragged of producing perverted pornography featuring all manner of EXTREME fetishes (multiple women penetrating men with dildos - only tranny porn and beastilality can top THAT!) Just because the porn directors are women, it's shot in HD, it has soft lens filters, and whatever other trivial differences it has from American porn doesn't change its impact. (I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of her customers are men.)

Hiding under cover of politically correct idiocy (such as porn that "empowers womyn!") or, one day soon, porn that "is good for the environment" (they'll try that, mark my words) doesn't change things. If anything, this sort of porn is WORSE. After all, what is more of a threat: a wolf, or a wolf in sheep's clothing? The latter, of course, because you think he's harmless!

These pornographers are useless (producing nothing of substance for mankind) at best and highly destructive at worst. There's no need to coddle them with soft rhetoric.