Libelous Claim that Gary Wilson Was Fired (March, 2018)

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Dr. Nicole Prause prepared a libelous blog piece, which she posted on an adult industry website. It was removed after Wilson tweeted this. (Original url:

Note: Prause often flaunts her close ties to the adult industry. The site describes itself as follows:

Mike South adult industry blog, the premier destination for adult industry news since 1998. Mike South was a small-time porn producer, who won two AVN awards, turned adult news blog pioneer. South was cited on a host of major news sites, and acknowledged him as “the gonzo king of porn gossip”.

In her defamatory piece, Prause knowingly, falsely stated that,

[Gary Wilson] claims to have been a “professor in Biology”. In reality, he was supposed to be an undergrad instructor, not a professor, for a lab section at Southern Oregon University. He was fired  without pay immediately before completing even a quarter.



In truth, Gary was an Adjunct Instructor at Southern Oregon University and has never claimed to be a professor - although careless journalists and websites have assigned him an array of titles in error over the years - including a now-defunct page on a website that pirates many TEDx talks and describes the speakers carelessly without contacting them. Below is the screenshot Prause posts to "prove" that Gary Wilson has misrepresented his credentials (again, the Gary Wilson page no longer exists). Note: Until Prause produced her "proof," Gary had never seen this site and has never communicated with its hosts. Thus he never provided a bio, or claims of "professorship" for it. Gary does not seek speaking engagements and has never accepted fees for speaking. Moreover, YBOP accepts no ads, and the proceeds from Gary Wilson's book go to a registered charity.















On the about page the website said that it is not an agency and that anyone could upload a video and speaker bio: is not an agency, but rather, a media site.... is crowdsourced and fueled by, the world's largest trend spotting website. Thus, it is even possible that Prause uploaded Gary's TEDx talk with a purposely inaccurate bio in order to fabricate her desired "proof" of misrepresentation. After 5 years of continuous harassment and cyber-stalking, faked documents, libelous assertions, hundreds of tweets, and dozens of usernames with hundreds of comments, nothing would surprise us.

Gary taught at Southern Oregon University on two occasions. He was never "fired," as can be seen from the employment documents beneath this paragraph. Gary also taught anatomy, physiology and pathology at a number of other schools over a period of two decades, and was certified to teach these subjects by the education departments of both Oregon and California.


Below is the "un-redacted" copy of the document Prause posted on several websites. Prause claimed it meant that Gary was fired, when it actually meant "terminate paychecks" as Gary had to resign due to a medical emergency. The Prause version redacted the COMMENTS section, where SOU stated that Gary resigned due to a health crisis.

Incidentally, Gary receives no compensation from the charity to which his proceeds from his book go. His position as Research Officer is an honorary (volunteer) one. Nor does he serve on the Board of the charity or otherwise determine how it disburses its funds.

He hopes that one day TED will remove the unmerited warning that his critics lobbied (long and hard) to have placed on his very popular TEDx talk.

In addition to placing the redacted employment document and associated libelous statements on a porn industry site, Prause used Quora and Twitter to spread her lies. In doing so, Prause was banned from Quora, and suspend by Twitter. See these two sections from the “Prause page":

Gary also hopes that Dr. Prause will quit libeling and harassing him and others. Although this new instance of libel (her false claim that Gary was fired) isn't as shocking as her libelous claim that she has a no-contact court order against Gary, it is equally untrue.

Perhaps it is time for Dr. Prause to grow up and behave like the professional she claims to be.

PS: Southern Oregon University has confirmed that Nicole Prause was the only one who sought his employment records. Email below:
















Prause's usual partner in targeted harassment, David Ley, also falsely stated that Gary Wilson was fired from Southern Oregon university:

Another libelous tweet by Ley, promoting the Mike South article (that was later deleted):