My rewring strategy - User story

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This is based partly on Norman Doidge's The Brain That Changes ItselfRewire the brain to heal porn addiction

So with the stroke victims, they have to do two things:

1) Forcibly prevent use of the neural pathway associated with the good arm
2) By exerting willpower, force themselves to create and then use a new pathway, for the paralyzed arm

I am therefore:

1) Looking at absolutely NO images, whether static or moving. That includes no images (not even of landscapes or anything) on the internet, no videos on the internet, no TV, no films, no pictures in magazines (whether of women or not). I'm trying to give my brain absolutely no images that don't come from the real world.

I'm also not jacking off, and I'm not touching my penis except when I have to. I'm also not allowing myself to fantasize about women, in the sense of making up scenarios. But I am allowed to reflect visually on women that I have seen. It's actually really great, because now if I remember a woman's smile as she looked at me, I know that when I think back to who it was, it's going to be someone I met in real life. :-)

2) I have been going to bars and checking out/talking to women. Hopefully not in a creepy way. I'm fairly sociable and have plenty of female friends so I don't think I'm that creepy. I get a good memory full of seeing plenty of nice girls. Then I come home and don't whack off! I just go to bed and try to sleep.

I really want my brain to realize that the only way I get any sexual pleasure is through real women. If I don't actually have a sexual encounter with a real woman, I have to go to bed frustrated, and that's all there is to it.

So I'm trying to put down a new pathway. Once I become a bit more sensitive, I can start building on that pathway asI start having sex again, and hopefully that will complete a healthy circuit in my brain.