Erectile dysfunction pills are now the top party drug for British millennials. Sexual psychotherapist Raymond Francis, (2017)

Coke, MDMA, speed… Viagra? This is now the standard pitch of UK drug dealers as more and more young people are buying the erectile dysfunction pills on the black market for recreational use on a night out.

Age 18 - Greater Energy. More confidence. I feel less social anxiety and feel good about myself. Girls are staring at me everywhere

How did I find nofap? English is not perfect. Since 1.5 year I am interested in personal development and since 6 months really active in the pickup community. I know Nofap from YouTube PUA coaches. I started fapping at 10 years old, and I am 18 now. What is the reason for nofap?

Video - 250 Days of "Effortless" NoFap


Age 27 – PIED healed, and lots of personal growth

I was at a low point sexually, mentally, and physically. I paid for two prostitutes while abroad and my sexual performance was still shit even though they were really hot. At that moment I was really mad that my PMO habit had fucked me over so badly that I vowed that I will never watch porn again and never masturbate again. I will only orgasm as a result of getting a girl to get me off.

Dismantling the “group position” paper opposing porn and sex addiction (November, 2017)


In early November, 2017 three non-profit kink organizations (Center for Positive Sexuality, National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, and The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance) released a group position paper "opposing the addiction model in relation to frequent sexual behavior and pornography viewing." The groups' press release, Position statement opposing sex/porn addiction model, explained their motivations:

Age 24 - From panic attacks to extreme confidence + other benefits

150 Days Before NoFap:

  • Overweight
  • In a toxic relationship with a depressed GF

I'm going on my first date ever on Friday!

I'm going on my first date ever on Friday :) Talk to people as often as possible, even if it's just family or coworkers. Watch their reactions and see what makes people respond positively. If you are talking about things or doing things that make people respond negatively or not at all, don't say or do that thing anymore and try something else. Don't just pretend you care about other people's lives; really care about what they have going on.

Age 24 – Out of limbo, I feel brave and resilient

I'm 24 years old, and I've kind of been stuck in this limbo where I haven't been sure of what I want to do. I graduated college in 2015, and I've had a few full time jobs since then, but I'm currently working part time for the family business.

Age 22 - Porn-induced ED: Had sex; couldn't lose boner!

Lads, I started NoFap, because I kept losing my boner with the ladies. Well after a long tough year of breaking my wanking habits even with a few setbacks. I have made progress. I found myself a pretty lady,

Age 28 - Needed 200 days, bald spot fading, skin and digestion better

[I got] a haircut. And after the job was done, I noticed to my delight that my balding spot is completely gone. I was prematurely going bald for 5 years by now, currently I'm 28 years old. Ever since this current streak, which is the longest I've taken, my balding spot just vanished out of nowhere. I'm just looking at the mirror and going 'wow, what the hell'.

Age 28 - ED for 5 years: I finally had sex without having to use the blue pill

Today, I hit the 70 day mark and it's still pretty surreal that I have gone without porn for as long as I have. I remember 70 days ago like it was yesterday when I had jacked off at least 4 times that day and I felt sick to my stomach. This addiction started when I was 13 when I came across some nude photos and then it quickly escalated to hardcore porn.

Age 17 - My journey of self improvement has made me immensely happier

I reached 90! it took about eight months of trying for me to reach this point. It is absolutely amazing. My journey was filled with mood swings, depression, intense anger and most of all longing for that dopamine rush. After all of this I have changed my life completely

"Correcting Misunderstandings About Neuroscience and Problematic Sexual Behaviors"

In recent years, neuroscience discoveries about the reward system and human sexuality have shed new light on both problematic and healthy sexual behavior.

As can be expected with any new paradigm, however, some doubtful neuroscience claims have also appeared in the media. As a neurosurgeon and the author of several papers on problematic sexual behavior and the appetite/reward mechanisms of the brain, I sometimes help to correct these misunderstandings. Here are a few examples that might be of interest to our readers.

Porn vs Having Sex With A Real Person (RelationshipSchool)

"We have a huge part of our brain dedicated to sex. What do you want to train your brain to be aroused to? Real people, or bodies on a screen?"

Great podcast about the latest research on porn use and relationships. Listen here

Age 16 - Improved magnificently as an individual

My longest streak. Ever. I've made new friends, lifted hundreds of pounds more than I ever have before, done things that I have never even considered I would do, and improved magnificently as an individual. I credit this all to nofap - without it, I would have never had the ability to push myself as much as I did and become who I have become today. And now it is time to start again.


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