Age 23 - I went from living at home financially dependent on my parents to living & working abroad in 2 different countries

My personal quick tips for you to become successful along this journey:

  • Practice having unshakeable and unflinching honesty with yourself and others. Be comfortable with being inexperienced in whatever it is in life. You will free yourself from expectations and just start living. This is the process of internal validation and true self-love. When you're no longer invested in what others think of you.

Age 19 - Boners stronger than ever. My thoughts are clearer. I'm more social. I'm more involved, more willing to try new stuff.

Unlike many others who did nofap for the superpowers, I did it simply because I did not want to be a slave to porn and my urges. I did not like the fact that I couldn't go a few days without masturbating or/and watching porn. I wanted to be free nothing more. But as the journey progressed I could see its effects.

Age 18 - PIED: F**k yeah. My first succesful sex

Hey there. Hear me out!

I’m 18. PMO: 13 to 17 years old.

Age 26 - I appreciate life more and can control negative intrusive thoughts

Before, I would only feel short bursts of positive energy, but it was mostly flatlining. At that stage, I was still trying to sort everything out (anxiety, depression, etc.). Still trying to figure out who I am. Now however, it seems this positive energy lingers a lot longer.

Age 23 - Back and forth for 4 years. Changes with nofap are unmistakable.

People can claim there are no superpowers all they want, but I know for a fact certain things change with me while on NoFap. One of my favorites is needing less sleep and actually feeling refreshed when I wake up. One of my favorite things to do before I slept was wank one out. Usually I slept for about 9-10 hours afterward and felt groggy upon wake up. Now I only need 7-8 hours per night and I wake up feeling refreshed!

Generation Porn, How The Internet Shapes Youth Sexuality

Many adolescents watch hard-core pornography online long before having their first sexual experiences. This changes how they deal with their own sexuality. Here's Daniel's story.

MUNICH — Fear is Daniel’s constant companion. The fear of relapse, of falling back into his old addictive habits is not unjustified because it would be all too easy.

My life has improved in all areas. Health. Wealth. Love. Relationships. Happiness. Lifestyle. Time well spent. Purpose. Meaning.

It's been a hell of a journey. My life has improved in all areas. Health. Wealth. Love. Relationships. Happiness. Lifestyle. Time well spent. Purpose. Meaning. Substance in life. Class. All these things I worked towards

Age 22 - This is not a myth - what are you waiting for?

It was countless relapse cycles before "I'm On Top of the World" now. I was just PMO free for a week, then fap. Then, another week, fap again. I thought I couldn't make it, it was infinite cycle.

But, one day I just look myself in the mirror. Fat, useless, no job, slave of Pornography... Realizing myself pushed me to "Beautiful Dimension" from "Dark, evil Dimension"........

Age 24 - Lot more confident, Happier & more energetic, Everything looks and sounds better/brighter, I notice girls

So, I've been on NoFap for 60 days and noticed quite a lot of benefits. I've relapsed but started again. Here's the benefits I've noticed:

1. Confidence. First of all on NoFap you gain a LOT of noticeable confidence, you can walk through a lot of people, talk to people without any social anxiety.

Age 30 - More focus, Calmer, Motivated in life, No more headaches, Attract girls easily

Start PMO since 15 year ago. After many time relapsing I was amaze with how I feel the different with my body. I realised I was nice funny confident boy before I met pmo now I feel again that boy that lost 15years ago. Stop pmo its destroying our life to become a real man!

Age 25 - I am one fucking HAPPY HUMAN

Cold Turkey - (EZ Mode) - 1st try - Dominating. Here is my experience with how things have gone for me and a tutorial to maybe help you on your Journeys. Things are stressful for me. I don't have time to think about how many days its been. My uncle is dying (Cancer, Alcoholism). My GF is moving away from me soon (Mongolia, Peace Corp). And my parents drive me crazy (Still live with them). (1st World problems I know...) But guess what. I am one fucking HAPPY HUMAN.

Age 36 - Depression lifting

Keeping this post simple. What I am attributing to my new life free of my addiction to MO/PMO:

-Whereas before in social situations/environments I seemed to be in some way withdrawn within myself; and socialising was all the more dissatisfying for that. It seems I do have previously blocked reserves of 'spirit' or 'power' that make that part of life so much more enjoyable and less fraught than before.


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