Age 22 - Arabian guy: Improved confidence, social skills, concentration & motivation. I now see women as human being not a sex toy.

Hello guys I am a 22 years old Arabian guy ,computer science and math student and this is my first thread in this forum, so this is what happens after quitting porn and faping:

Age 21 - Got my first ever girlfriend

Man these last 83 days have been a journey that I'm glad I started. In under 3 months my self-confidence self-esteem have grown exponentially. I'm way way more extraverted and did things I'd never do before I did nofap. I got my first ever girlfriend and honestly life could not be going smoother.

No longer shy. More direct & confrontational. Not lazy anymore in gradschool. Made so many friends. Extra female attention.

Wow... Here I am. 90 days hard mode. It's unbelievable. It feels like it was yesterday when I couldn't go a week without PMO. Benefits

  • No longer shy.
  • Play violin 1-2 hours everyday.
  • Not lazy anymore in gradschool.

Age 28 - On 90th day I was so confident in my ability to launch the company that I gave my CEO notice that I’ll be moving on

I've been on NoFap journey for over 3 years now. I knew I was an addict and I wasted most of my college years to PMO. After college, I moved to California to start a company, but was lacking initiative and motivation. I discovered YBOP and this sub-reddit in 2014 and decided to give it a shot.

Age 18 - Libido fired up, happier and no longer depressed, actually feeling alive

I'm 18. I dated a girl once who was gorgeous, but when it was time to get in action, I couldn't last much. Sometimes it didn't even lift. Somehow I wasn't attracted to a beautiful woman. After that episode, I kept masturbating to porn, I didn't even think that it happened because of PMO. After discovering NoFap, I thought "that's why!!!", so I started NoFap. :)

Age 25 - Lost my virginity

I have a new girlfriend. I didn't have a gf for about 10 years since I was around 15-16 years old. After that a couple of dates here and there, but never more. Never something with intensity. Lots of PMO, lots of Gaming. Let's just fast forward and say my teenage years haven't been all that successful, especially with girls.

Age 20 - Happier, Greater motivation, Social anxiety almost gone, Enjoying conversations, Depression - What's that?

I did it! :) What have happened since I started?

  • Depression? What's that?
  • Don't get tired easily
  • Enjoying conversation with people

Age 30 – Nofap is like a little snowball on a mountain that gains momentum in all of your life

I was not happy being this version of myself that went to fapping everytime I felt a negative feeling. I had already tried nofap 2 times just to see how it would go, and I remember that at least I felt proud of myself for reaching my goal those 2 times. (I went over 30 days first time, and over 40 days second time). I believe the main benefit is a great boost in self-discipline and will power. And a strong desire to improve my life in other areas, like a domino effect. And everyday I go to sleep feeling a little more proud of myself...

Age 23 - Awesome past couple of days thanks to NoFap, PIED gone!

M23/recovering from PIED. Just wanted to share my experience with you guys.  I met a wonderful woman at school, and we really hit it off. After a couple weeks of dating, she came over and we had sex like six times (throughout the course of a couple days) It was really intense and passionate, but the best part was my performance ability was incredible!

Age 23 - Attending engineering school, the conservatory of music and becoming ski instructor

If one year ago someone would have asked me "Can you stay away from masturbation for a whole year?" "Hell no!" TODAY I DID IT. I FUCKIN' DID IT. Now I understand what they mean by " You can achieve anything you want in your life, JUST WORK HARD AND GO FOR IT". IT'S SO DAMN TRUE.

Age 23 - I see women as persons (not a sex object). My confidence in talking with women is the best its ever been.

I started pornography and masturbation at the age of 12 (I will be 24 yo in this December). I started watching pornography just as a curiosity to know about sex and all stuff. I wasn't addicted till 2-3 years ago.

Age 20 - Deeper voice, vivid dreams, very productive, no stress or depression

I finally made it 90 days of hard mode!!!!!! This is the cleanest streak I have ever had because I didn’t have a single wet dream. I’m going to be completely honest about the changes and get straight to the point.


Age 17 - Get serious about nofap and watch your life transform

I'm 17 and I never had much of an issue socializing. My self esteem before nofap was not much of a concern. But Now I just speak my mind and do what makes me happy. As far as I know my attention from girls has only slightly increased, but I don't care about that anymore so that's fine with me.

Age 26 - ED and fetish healed, willpower way stronger

I’m doing Nofap because I felt depressed following fap, and [experienced] ED. 100 days today. It can be done! Take it from a guy who had a 15 year, 3 times a day habit. It's my 2nd longest streak. I had a 150 streak at the beginning of 2016 which reminds me to remember to keep my guard up. I remember when I was on my second week and felt like it was gonna be impossible.


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