Age 20 - No superpowers but one of the best decisions of my life

Before I started this streak I had heard about the nofap-challenge although not specifically about this subreddit. I had already done some half-ass attempts before but I never commited 100% and everytime stopped my streak because ‘I didn’t get laid’ or ‘I didn’t get superpowers’, and never really went past 3 weeks.

Age 24 - Haze has lifted from my mind, interact better with others

I've been wanting to make a post for a little while now about the things that have really helped me in my recovery. It's quite a long post, so feel free to only look at the bold titles if you want. If there are any suggestions that interest you, please read the advice that I offer below the point! I'm 24. I originally started pornfree mostly for religious reasons. I am no longer, strictly speaking, "religious", but I still maintain the value that porn is not a healthy activity, and I know this from experience.

Definitely worth it. After 7 years NoFap Academy helped

I just hit my first 90 days, and the change is definitely worth it. I went through the nofap reboot academy, I can't recommend that enough guys. I had tried reboots for about 7 years in the past, and I had never made it 90 days till now. I don't want to make this an ad trying to get people to do the reboot academy because it costs money, but I do want to say that if you keep relapsing it isn't because you are not strong enough, its because you do not understand enough all the parts of the process.

Age 28 - 18 months ago I was fat, depressed, suicidal, and 24 /7 in my room.

18 months ago I was fat [100 kg], depressed, suicidal, being 24 hours in my room. I was PMO addict, spending hours every day in porn, masturbating, smoking weed, eating like shit. I could not sleep until I had masturbated many time late upto 3 at night. I was angry, irritated all the time. Social anxiety, forget about talking to girls.

Fetish porn was harming my marriage, self-realization with daily discipline was the answer

I've never been able to kick it so far, with just a "I promise to myself that I wont ever do that again." statement. Its as if, when it wants to, the fetish could disable the other, thinking parts of my brain, and get me to feed it. I wont go into details on my fetishes, but it was bad. I would wake up thinking about it. I would have a hard time staying off PMO for even a couple of days.

Late 40s - DE, ED better in just two weeks

Before: Slow to get hard, sometimes unable to get hard or only able to get semi-hard. Now: Solid hardwood. Before: Sometimes unable to achieve orgasm or keep erection after penetration. Now: geyser. I am so fucking glad I found this place!

Sex more passionate and sensitivity heightened

Run down of 90 days from a bachelor..The first 2 weeks were challenging -- slight brain fog, resisting temptation, staying busy and avoiding social media where I know I'll encounter illicit material (I also enabled restricted mode on my phone and laptop). I had infrequent erections. Possibly from PIED.

Age 20 - Brutal withdrawal, but my confidence came booming back

I'm 20 years old and I had a low self image and also depression and anxiety. Never thought I'd make it this far through NoFap in my life nor did I ever think I'd participate. So much has changed for me in these days.  I'll go through the pros: For me the withdrawal symptoms hit hard as fuck.

Age 36 – NoFap is a life changer, girl who rejected me now interested

So there's a girl that I've had feelings for, for a few years now really. Very beautiful and sweet and thoughtful type of girl. She seemed to show interest a few years ago whenever we'd see each other in passing and even though I thought she was great, I was new to Nofap and trying to work on some serious issues with myself before getting involved with anyone else.

(L) Internet porn leaves women feeling 'unsatisfied' by male sexual partners

Research suggests more women have unrealistic expectations about partners' stamina.

Women who watch porn are being left with unrealistic expectations of their partner's sexual performances after watching porn movies showing fantasy sex which are not replicated in "real-world encounters". The rise in the number of women watching pornography online has meant more are expecting bigger and better things from their male partners after seeing how sex is performed in the world of adult entertainment, according to research.

Quitting PMO has not only changed my views and attitudes towards women. But also sex and relationships as well.

SINCE doing NoFap for nearly 40 days (at the time of writing). The changes in me are more apparent than ever. The most notable one has been where it concerns women. My attitude towards women has changed from not watching porn and masturbating – and all the better for it. There’s no longer an artificial attraction to people from the opposite sex.

Age 59 - It's been one year

Today marks one year since I stopped masturbating. I started when I was sixteen and quit when I was 58. For most of those years I masturbated on a daily basis, sometimes more than once, even while married and/or involved in healthy sexual relationships. But at some point along the line I realized I was addicted and could not fight the urge. I watched porn often and became densensitized by it.

The best way to describe it is I feel reborn, that's what it's like. A new me.

I've stepped out of the spotlight updating my NoFap journey for the past couple of months, I thought I'd make a post dedicated to sharing my 6 month achievement. Here it is. From the beginning...

Age 29 - Had PIED. I would say part of my problem was also performance anxiety

I was 23 when I first went on this I am 29. You can look at my previous posts if you want to see more, but I had ED and my only sexual experience was with porn, and masturbating almost every day. The streaks were a good starting point, and I would have definitely been cured quicker if I had more discipline.

Age 14 - Reached 130 days No PMO Hardmode. Success story

I am 14 years old, I have officially reached 130 days no pmo. And this is my success story. I turned 15 today, But my whole reboot was grinded out when i was 14. So I want to talk about my WHOLE story from the beginning. I started MO when i was around 4 or 6. So i was doing this almost all my life.


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