Age 28 - ED for 5 years: I finally had sex without having to use the blue pill

Today, I hit the 70 day mark and it's still pretty surreal that I have gone without porn for as long as I have. I remember 70 days ago like it was yesterday when I had jacked off at least 4 times that day and I felt sick to my stomach. This addiction started when I was 13 when I came across some nude photos and then it quickly escalated to hardcore porn.

Age 17 - My journey of self improvement has made me immensely happier

I reached 90! it took about eight months of trying for me to reach this point. It is absolutely amazing. My journey was filled with mood swings, depression, intense anger and most of all longing for that dopamine rush. After all of this I have changed my life completely

"Correcting Misunderstandings About Neuroscience and Problematic Sexual Behaviors"

In recent years, neuroscience discoveries about the reward system and human sexuality have shed new light on both problematic and healthy sexual behavior.

As can be expected with any new paradigm, however, some doubtful neuroscience claims have also appeared in the media. As a neurosurgeon and the author of several papers on problematic sexual behavior and the appetite/reward mechanisms of the brain, I sometimes help to correct these misunderstandings. Here are a few examples that might be of interest to our readers.

Porn vs Having Sex With A Real Person (RelationshipSchool)

"We have a huge part of our brain dedicated to sex. What do you want to train your brain to be aroused to? Real people, or bodies on a screen?"

Great podcast about the latest research on porn use and relationships. Listen here

Age 16 - Improved magnificently as an individual

My longest streak. Ever. I've made new friends, lifted hundreds of pounds more than I ever have before, done things that I have never even considered I would do, and improved magnificently as an individual. I credit this all to nofap - without it, I would have never had the ability to push myself as much as I did and become who I have become today. And now it is time to start again.

Age 34 - No longer a chronic alcoholic, masturbation and weed addict

Today marks the first year I've ever spent without masturbation since I hit puberty. Until I found this subreddit, I didn't even know there were other people fighting to reclaim themselves in the same way. There's a lot of criticism of NoFap online, but the fact is; finding the 'mental muscle' in your mind with which to control your physical urges is like learning to drive stick shift.

Age 30 - Weird porn tastes were meaningless, brain coming back to normal

Who am I? I am normal heterosexual man. I was thinking that I am into femdom, or trans women, or asexual, but now i know that i am normal. Why I started pmo? Curiosity, good feeling etc. Why it escalated to femdom and shemale porn? I was looking normal porn in begin, later i moved to lesbian, after that i started to watch shemales and femdom. After long time of pmo, your brain is so damaged that it can not be aroused by female body.

Age 15 - Mental clarity, better habits, less brain fog and more discipline!!

I am currently on Day 404 of NoFap. As a sophomore in high school now, life has been so productive and great. My brain is growing faster than my body, spiritually and intellectually. My brain craves new information every day. And masturbation and porn I have now quit permanently. They mean nothing to me now, having NO POWER. This goes to show that these urges you are getting, they will NOT last forever.

Age 20 – 9 year struggle was worth it

I've heard so many stories about guys that give up PMO and find themselves in a dream situation, but I never believed that it could happen to me... Boy was I wrong. 2 months ago I met this super awesome girl, now we are in a serious relationship that I've always dreamed about

Age 36 - Successful sex after years of problems

I tried on day 50 and was still unable to maintain an erection or orgasm. This was followed by 10 days of making out, touching and cuddling (while she was on her period). On day 60, we had another go of it before bed with similar results. In the morning however when erections come easiest,

Age 35 - I still haven pangs of anxiety now and then, but now it's just stemming from my porn addiction

On Sunday I will have gone 60 days without porn, and 18 days without masturbating and I haven't felt this good in a long time. I just wanted to tell my story about quitting porn, what it has done to me and how far I’ve come now.

Age 20 - From contemplating suicide to performing with the dance team

I'm a 20m on my first try on nofap, 6 months ago I contemplated suicide and cared only about getting a girlfriend like that would solve all my problems. After stopping pmo I was so glad to be alive, with all the energy I started lifiting weights 4 times a week + eating like a horse, I was a meek skinny guy and in 4 months I gained 8kg of muscle.

Age 18 - I'm just really happy, don't ever want to go back to those days

  • Social Anxiety fucked me up, I lost so many close friends due to me not wanting to talk to them. When I did talk to people I always thought I was inferior to them and so tried to please them acting like a lil bitch.

Analysis of "Sexual Desire, Not Hypersexuality, Is Related To Neurophysiological Responses Elicited by Sexual Images" (Steele et al., 2013)

Some years ago, David Ley and study spokesperson Nicole Prause teamed up to write a Psychology Today blog post about Steele et al., 2013 called "Your Brain on Porn - It's NOT Addictive". The blog post appeared 5 months before Prause's EEG study was formally published. Its oh-so-catchy title is misleading as it has nothing to do with Your Brain on Porn or the neuroscience presented there. Instead, David Ley’s March, 2013 blog post limits itself to a single flawed EEG study - Steele et al., 2013. Most who cite Ley’s blog post are unaware that it's nothing more than a fictitious account of Steele et al., 2013. In this extensive critique we document the misrepresentations put forth by the study’s spokesperson and reveal how the Steele et al. findings lend support to the porn addiction model (5 peer-reviewed papers agree with YBOP’s assessment).

Age 21 - Social anxiety gone, new intellectual interests, truly enjoyed sleeping with women for the first time

Today is my 180th day! It's been quite an experience so far. I first tried nofap a little over a year ago, and after several failed attempts, including a 70+ day streak, I feel confident that I am finally over this habit for good.


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