Age 23 - Extreme clarity, inspired ideas, more female attention, volunteering

I don't know how to put into words how proud I am to be able to write this.. You guys better upvote this to make it worth my while haha. I am 23yo M black guy. (from the UK if you really care?). If you want to know my back story check out my previous posts but the long story short is that I've been fapping with porn since I was 11/12.

Age 20 - So thanks for NoFap for bringing my life back on the right track!

So since I discovered noFap 10 months ago there were many ups and some downs. But yeah I have a nice GF now. It might not be the best relationship right now but that doesn't bother me. I'm glad I'm now able to make new and important experiences and that I'm able to look relaxed in the future. I'm going to the gym since 8 months and I'm going to study at a university soon.

Age 30 - No longer a zombie, I'm pursuing my hopes and dreams

TLDR Version: Shy growing up, got addicted out of highschool, completely overtook my life and prevented me from living a fulfilling life, worked hard over 2 years to break the addiction, life has improved tenfold by quitting.

The danger of porn goes beyond just sex – it normalises unchecked desire (The Guardian)

[by Andrew Brown] This is a question that is on the surface about sex but actually it goes a lot deeper than that. That’s not to say that sex on its own is a small business. It’s difficult to get solid figures, but in 2009 the American industry was the size of the mainstream film business, which is to say, as large as professional sport and live music put together. Its consumption is almost entirely normalised in the west and among teenagers. Because of smartphones, it is accessible instantly everywhere.

"Masturbation, Recovery and Sexual Health" (Jordan Green, SASH)

The blog post below originally appeared on the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH) website. Also of interest is a recent statement by Richard Wassersug PhD, prostate cancer expert and Faculty of Medicine Professor at the Department of Urologic Sciences at the University of British Columbia:

There are no really good objective data that I know of showing a causal link (positive or negative) between ejaculation frequency and prostate cancer risk.  Recently we reviewed the data for MtF, who have androgen deprivation and they, of course, have a very low incidence of prostate cancer and presumably depressed frequency of orgasm.

Age 28 - PIED: After 2.5 years I start kissing with a girl and I get rock hard. It doesn't matter if I am tired, sleepy, whatever.

I do not have many posts here because 2.5 years ago, when I found out I cannot get an erection despite having a hot naked girl in front of me, I read several posts on this forum, learnt what to do and then just executed on this. I want to write this post to help other people, because I do know how desperate it feels when you find out you have PIED, in particular the question in my mind - "will this ever be fixed and when?"

200 Days - It's just as good as advertised

I'm 6 days away from 200 days and I'm a different person. I've fallen in love, had sex, and done things I always wanted to, mostly thanks to this. I even consider rebooting near 200 days, because it doesn't seem wrong like it did during 30 - 150 days in.

Age 28 - PIED: I've had sex with my girlfriend 3 times now, and I have been able to function wonderfully each time

I'm 28. I have a girlfriend now, had one before, and I've had multiple hook ups and even some visits to a massage parlor/escort in the past (I'm not proud of that, but its valid info). My first many attempts at sex were met with failure, with an inability to either get an erection, keep it, and in many cases, orgasm when with a woman. When I watched porn, it worked.

Age 19 - Much more confident, getting more compliments, more outgoing

First of all, I would like to talk about how my journey with NoFap started. Back in September-October 2016, I stumbled upon NoFap. At first, I was skeptical, but with more research and what porn actually does to our brain I thought to myself that I wasn't addicted to porn at all, but I would still challenge myself.

Age 17 - No longer shy and awkward, girls more beautiful

I am a 17 years old boy from the Netherlands. Now let’s start from the beginning. Since I was a little kid I remember enjoying every part of life, I was very social, I played with my friends every day if I could and I was barely at home. I was also very energetic and fanatic, especially with sports. The young me had ambition, strength, willpower etc. (you know the deal). This was me when I was 6 a 7 years old until I was 11 years old. During that time I was not curious at all about sex but all of this changed.

Age 18 - 50 days completed! (10 benefits that changed my life), PIED better

Today is a really special day because I’m on day 50! Wow.. Never thought i could make this far after huge urges hit me hard, haha. So I started nofap 1 month and 20 days ago I haven’t watched porn since then and for fapping, I haven’t fapped like 65 days. I want to talk about some benefits I have recently recognize!

Age 27 - More energy, More drive, More social, Less depression, Less negative thinking, Less social anxiety

30 days my peeps!!!!!!!! Feeling BEAST!!!!!! GrrrrrrrrRrrrrrr level OVER 9000!!!!! Watchout!!!!! Wooo!!! Uuuuhhhh beast! Well I'm celebrating 30 days NO-PM aaaahhhh feels so good. I haven't had a streak this good in over 2 years. I literally cried today thanking God while I was at work. I was talking to myself like "dude I'm 30 days PM free WHAT?!!" Yea awesome.

Debunking the debunker: Critique of letter to the editor “Prause et al. (2015) the latest falsification of addiction predictions”

Introduction: In various comments, articles and tweets Nicole Prause has claimed that not only did Prause et al., 2015 falsify "a core tenet of the addiction model, the cue reactivity biomarker," but that "a series of behavioral studies replicated by independent laboratories [falsify] other predictions of the addiction model." Prause cites the Letter to the Editor (critiqued here) as her supporting evidence. Put simply, Prause has gathered all her debunking eggs into one basket - the single paragraph excerpted below. This YBOP response serves as a debunking of the debunker (Nicole Prause) and all her favorite "eggs."

Age 18 - I was scared, depressed, lonely, and desperate. Just lost virginity!

Yesterday, on my 93nd day of NoFap: Hard Mode, I lost my virginity to my girlfriend, and it was amazing. I never ever thought that I could get this far. I was scared, depressed, lonely, and desperate when I first began this challenge...And now I think it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am happier than ever with my Angel of a partner, I have a newfound confidence that could only come from the avid persistence of willpower that prevails through an addiction.

Age 37 - Day 62: ED cured, desires and intimacy with my wife are back

Sexuality before NoFap:

Relying solely on PMO for release. Not even thinking about discussing the issue with my wife. Being constantly nervous about the PMO habit and feeling bad about it. Not able to maintain an erection or O when with my wife.


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