How things changed and I restored myself: A few thoughts from experience

My time was full of mistakes, ups and downs, confusion, almost edging experience, fantasy and so many things. How ever each blow taught me something new, made me more strong, and gave me that push to ask people here in NoFap, people's view and response were just amazing.

Age 42 - PIED gone, rock solid again

42 year old married guy, fapping since age 13, and using internet porn since college (dial up days). I learned about nafap, ybop, dopamine response, etc. about two years ago. That got me started on nofap. I went 17 days, and then relapsed for a week.

Age 15 - There is hope on this journey

When i first started this journey 2 years ago i believed there was no way out of this addiction. My hormones were crazy and it was almost as if i was a coke addict. i couldn't go a day without masturbation no matter how hard i tried, even just abstaining to one time a day was a struggle. It is a fact that pmo will destroy your life, deep inside you know it. That sick feeling you feel after relapse is not natural and is highly
destructive to your life.

Age 21 - I feel fucking fantastic - overccame crippling anxiety

This time last year I was in College and I had massive anxiety and was on SNRI's. Even with medication, I wasn't in nearly good enough shape to Present my presentation for one of my classes. I was forced to Defer for a year. Shortly after this period I had discovered nofap.

From mouse to someone who can sell. I trust myself now.

NoFap may even determine what my future economy [financial success] looks like! You may be thinking what the fuck? How does not fapping affect your economy? Are you fucking serious? but think about this! I was a fucking mouse, not doing anything, never determined, lazy, introverted, tried to please everyone, everyone stepped over me, my only shelter was PMO, never doing shit, never talking to girls, never trusting my looks or abilities.

I have time to do things that make me a better and happier person

Porn was ruining my life. Now my life has a purpose. I have plenty of time to do things that make me a better and happier person. I used PMO for more than 20 years. I used to M 2 times a day. I always have negative feelings towards it but did not have the will power to stop. Coming to this forum on July was the beginning of my new self.

Sexologists Deny PIED by Claiming Masturbation Is the Problem

In the last year, an audacious red herring has insinuated itself into the tweets and blogs of some AASECT sexologists: the notion that PIED (porn-induced erectile dysfunction) is caused by masturbation. Without offering any scientific support, this band of porn-apologists has determined to persuade us that porn is not behind the recent rise of coital ED in online porn enthusiasts. (Gotta be anything but porn, right?)

Age 26 - PIED cured along with severe fatigue and muscle pain

I started watching porn at 11 ~ 2001. wired my brain solely to porn. escalated etc. had first sexual encounter with a girl and was 100% dead(this year). Dick didn't work at all. Embarrassing to say the least. It scared me how f**ked my brain was - my brain had spent the past 10years+ wiring to screens and porn. It felt like my brain didn't even know what real sex was.

Now have fast wit without hesitation and I'm actually funny

From day 1-30 i didn't really notice a drastic change. i had all the normal things like facial hair growth, muscle mass, deeper voice. yada yada. Which is amazing. Now I've just reached day 40 and something has changed, like i honestly DON'T GIVE A SHIT about what anyone thinks or what i do.

Age 21 - 100 days of NoFap later and I am a completely different person

After emerging from the misty fog and looking back at the ravaged wasteland of porn addiction behind me it is like I'm a soldier who has survived a devastating battle that has claimed the lives of all my friends but instead of them laying dead on the battlefield they're simply asleep and refuse to wake up.

Age 37 - Porn-induced ED cured. Tastes reverted to pre-porn days. But I never considered myself ever having been addicted

I'm, 37, was 36 when I started nofap. I started fapping at 13, occasionally to porn but not very often. Around 2006 or 2007 I started on the high speed internet porn sites. I still never considered myself a heavy porn user, I'd estimate 20-30 percent of my faps were to porn, however when I did use porn it would generally be long sessions with a lot of edging because of those damn suggested videos.

Age 18 - Definitely more comfortable talking with people

Finally made it past a year, I'll answer questions if any of you have some! I'm 18, I mainly wanted to stop for religious reasons and for mental health reasons. [Porn use] worsened a mental issue I was having by a TON. I used porn for probably 2 years, and yes I have seen benefits.

PORN: How giving it up has changed my life. By Mark Zolo

I remember the first time I typed in the word ‘sex’ into a search engine as a young boy—back in days of Windows 95, Ask Jeeves, and that irksome cacophony of a dial-up modem. I remember my eagerness as I sat there waiting, for hours on end sometimes, just for the chance to watch a low-quality three minute clip of naked strangers violating each other for the camera. I looked at the download bar like a heroin junkie burning his spoon. How wicked and wonderful.

Early 20s - No longer a porn-stricken mess, starting to date

It can be hard to notice the improvements in the midst of them; as time passes, I gain more clarity. Last year I was a wholly negative, porn-stricken mess. I thought I could never break out of my porn habit and that I would be lonely and ashamed for the foreseeable. In the end, I sat down and made changes. Got on meds for acne, started lifting, keeping myself and my surroundings neat and tidy, checking in here frequently, and reading.

Age 16 - Got a girlfriend, studying improved, socializing more

It's really amazing how many changes happened and still happening to me since i stopped with PMO. I met a lot of new people. I have been started going out more (even too much for my parents), like hangin out with friends in the bar, night clubbing and similar.


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