100 days - Feeling normal like a man now.

I had one hookup and one dating (which led to hookup too). They came naturally and there is no ego boost whatsoever but the feeling at the moment was good. You don't need sex to ride the first 100 days for sure because they come and go.

Age 21 - People treat me differently, have a lot of success with girls

Life is amazing. Too short to be lived by fapping. I’m not just alive anymore, I am living. I have found my identity and I wish you all can find yours. Cheers brothers.

Age 25 - Mental fog is gone. Increased concentration. The biggest benefit is proper eye contact while having a conversation with the opposite sex

Before The NoFap: Can't take clear decisions because my mind was not ready to present me the clear data and logics .there was always a mental fog .my mind made excuses procrastination and I just followed. I was a slave of my mind and mood. No debugging of thoughts, i.e I didn't question my thoughts 90 of them were negative.

Overwhelmed by the joy I get from doing the simplest things for myself and with others

It seems like the last 10 days since I last wrote a post has flown by but the goal has been achieved and I can honestly say it has worked. The quick run down of what has been achieved.

This Is Your Brain On Porn (Inside the Rift)

"Right now, many young guys believe their porn use has no consequences, and they are often distressed to find that when they connect with partners they aren’t aroused. They are dependent upon porn for arousal. Some are justifiably furious when they realize that their sexual health has been put at risk in order to increase ad revenue on porn sites." -Gary Wilson

"How did you change so suddenly?"

So last night, I was invited to a Halloween party from some old classmates in highschool. Take note that these people aren't my main homies or friends, we were simply friends. I was even surprised I got invited to such an event. So a little bit later in the party, they decided to play "Truth or Drink".

Age 34 - I've woken up from a very long slumber

Nineteen years ago, I first began wending down the tortuous spiral of self-harm of PMO, a willing prisoner to the shackles of addiction. It was from within this cage that I lost my virginity, went through three long-term relationships, matured sexually, and developed my adult personality. I have never known myself as an adult in a context free from PMO.

Age 23 - After 4 years, I'm at 123 days

To the guys that keep on relapsing again and again, I used to be you. I went on two whole years trying noFap and the biggest streak I've had in those two years was 6 days. The only thig that counts is that you don't give up. DON'T FUCKING GIVE UP.

NoFap definitely gets the girls' attention

The streak I have now started when I started the new school year and honestly, it has been great. I talk to more people naturally, people talk to me more, I can stand in place without fidgeting or look at my phone, I would say girls look at me more but I haven't really bothered to note every instance where this checked out, but they have definitely been talking to me more than I'm normally comfortable with.

Age 25 - Nofap makes picking up women easier, but I do it for the increased self-worth and other benefits

Stumbled across Nofap a few years ago after watching a Ted Talk on how unhealthy pornography is on the mind. Looked through the posts and ended up being enticed by the so called "superpowers"as I really wasn't getting laid back then. I tried for a few days, relapsed, tried for a week or so relapsed but then I managed to hold a 30+ day streak, during this time weird shit started happening!

Age 17 - Not getting bullied anymore, girls are attracted to me, insane energy

I used to get bullied at school all the time but people are now scared to me LOL. [It’s my] 3rd streak and im not relapsing never again. I’m 16. [Benefits?] im not lazy anymore, confidence, girls are more attracted to me. [Bags under my eyes] are almost gone :D

Age 33 – PIED cured in a month of no orgasm

Guys I did it! I did it! After trying a lot and thinking about her and watching her enjoy sex i got hard and even came! So for the first time i got sex and it was a real party for me! All because of no fap! I was just too horny to even care about performance, so i just went in blind and mindlessly aroused after more than a month of not having an orgasm.

Got Social Anxiety? Listen to this podcast (MyOwnWorstEnemy.org)

LISTEN: Porn Addiction: Dopamine, Disgust, and Erectile Dysfunction

In today’s episode we explore the neuroscience of porn addiction, the role of dopamine in driving porn use, why emotions such as shock and disgust make pornography not less, but more  appealing, and the links between porn usage and erectile dysfunction.

Age 23 - I'm back to my real self by now, huge decline in anxiety

I'd guess [I’ve been trying NoFap for] around two years now but the progress has been quite slow but it's going in the right direction. This streak will be a great milestone. I'm 23 years old.

This is just a report to myself for motivational purposes but maybe I can inspire someone else as well.

Age 19 - Already seeing improvements after 60 days

This is not the story of that guy that got 3 girlfriends, a nobel peace prize and shook hands with Obama on the 7th day of nofap. BUT in 60 days:- (in gaming terms)

• -50% depression

• +40% confidence


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