Age 16 - Brain fog is essentially gone; it's much easier to focus on school. Confidence & motivation are through the roof

It was hard to believe this day would come but it's finally here. I basically just wanted to talk about my journey. I'm a sixteen-year old kid that used to masturbate almost every day. Essentially I realized I needed to stop when I was sitting on my hand to make it numb so that it would feel better when I jerked off. That night was my first night I began no fap.

I'm able to be myself around anyone instead of feeling fake

Wtf I didn't even know I hit 100 days; the trick is distracting yourself I guess. Woah... [What has changed in your life?] A ton, I have energy. It's hard to explain, a kind of glow of happiness and motivation. Started to work out and better myself. My acne is just completely gone. I wake up not exhausted but energized. I'm a lot less irritable and more relaxed and at peace.

Age 21 - Thoughts on NoFap and PornFree

It's been 53 days without porn, and only one PMO this year (in January I think). I went from masturbating using porn every other day and not being able to control myself to masturbating about once every 2 weeks WITHOUT ANY PORN and being able to control my urges and my feelings! What I think so far of all the nofap/pornfree thing.

Age 25 - PIED, 2-year flatline, I am more masculine, sexually confident and sexually abundant

I was heavily addicted to porn at the age of 11, explored everything since then, and I started to become insensitive to porn and an actual sex. I saw many failed attempts to erect my penis with few of the partners I have met during college, and I saw this as a serious problem. At this time, I was a pothead, porn-addict college boy with many different substance addictions and mental illness. I went to good college, but I had no life.

Age 20 - Quit porn, learned to close a $ale, quit my 9-5 job

The changes I experienced happened because I took action. I have noticed that I'm getting more attraction from the opposite sex, I also got the 'nofap glow' and more energy. I was working 9-5 before I started my NoFap journey last year. I kept relapsing and relapsing....then I found my reason.

Age 28 - 200 days: Porn-induced ED is cured, life is good

Feels like I’m in auto pilot mode these days but I refuse to let my guard down. I’ve lost over 40 lbs after filling the void of watching porn with going to the gym. PIED is cured, life is good. It isn’t all rosy though, I’m currently Struggling with getting over my ex. Our relationship was significantly better pre NoFap (despite a horrible episode of PIED).

Age 31 - Hard-ons & morning wood are back. Sensation & intimacy are better than ever. Fetishes not gone, but greatly reduced.

It took a long time to get here. I couldn't have done it without my girlfriend. For those of you doing this alone, you have my utmost respect. I probably won't get many up votes for this, but I'm not going to tell you I have super powers now, because I don't. I still get grouchy as fuck, have bad days, and occasionally the temptation to load up porn emerges. My fetishes have not disappeared, but they have reduced in intensity.

It was like taking the blinders off, I feel so much HAPPIER

For six years, I was addicted to masturbation. The addiction got increasingly worse. I found myself seeking out increasingly messed up stuff, and going to greater lengths to feeding this addiction. Doing it in school bathrooms, doing it instead of sleeping, etc.

Age 39 – Talking to women a lot, tastes changing

100 days ago, after six months of trials and 10-15 day streaks, I made a deal with myself: I wouldn't cum anymore or touch myself in a sexual way. It's been 100 days and the deal is still going strong: I didn't masturbate, I didn't watch porn, I didn't cum, didn't even have wet dreams. What changed:

I've been living in a fog for my entire life and I've been set free

If you'd come up to me two years ago and told me about myself today, I wouldn't have believed you. I wouldn't have believed that I have a girlfriend now, or that I started going to the gym, or that I can have conversations without breaking out into a cold sweat. I wouldn't have believed you if you'd told me I was going to be happy. The difference is so drastic.

Analysis of "Sexual Desire, Not Hypersexuality, Is Related To Neurophysiological Responses Elicited by Sexual Images" (Steele et al., 2013)

Update: In this 2018 presentation Gary Wilson exposes the truth behind 5 questionable and misleading studies, including this study (Steele et al., 2013): Porn Research: Fact or Fiction?

THE REALLY SHORT VERSION: Some years ago, David Ley and study spokesperson Nicole Prause teamed up to write a Psychology Today blog post about Steele et al., 2013 called "Your Brain on Porn - It's NOT Addictive". The blog post appeared 5 months before Prause's EEG study was formally published. Its oh-so-catchy title is misleading as it has nothing to do with Your Brain on Porn or the neuroscience presented there. Instead, David Ley’s March, 2013 blog post limits itself to a single flawed EEG study - Steele et al., 2013.

I've become an another person, my character has changed, my attitude, my speech, looks and everything.

After 90 days - Here is the new me... The picture speaks for itself. I can't believe it... So much has changed.. I remember posting 2 months ago how I finally made a real friendship.. Well, guess what! I got out of the friend zone.. Now we're in a relationship.. And I still can't believe it.

I learned about NoFap a little bit over a year ago and I have to say, my life changed dramatically since.

First of all, I want to express huge thank you to this subreddit - the mods, the participants, everyone who helped me along. I learned about NoFap a little bit over a year ago and I have to say, my life changed dramatically since. I am truly overwhelmed by emotions now. Thank you everybody.

PIED reversed - I told myself “OK, from now on when I do MO or have sex I’m only going to think about my own body doing things.”

It was May 15th of 2017 that I first started taking steps to reverse my PIED.  During that same time I was also testing various antidepressants and ADHD meds so it’s hard to tell exactly how long it took to correct it since a lot of those meds had sexual side effects.  I started seeing improvement after the first month, but things weren’t quite where I wanted them to be so I kept at it.

I had multiple relapses over that time.  Some worse than others.  Some of the relapses didn’t seem to make any real difference but some definitely did. 

Age 23 - I used to be so damn anxious and fearful

Nofap gave me something new. It gave me the genuine feeling of not giving a fuck, and not caring what people might think of me, my actions or my opinions. I feel so fucking free guys, so damn free. Today I was so happy and almost cried, because this "not giving a fuck" mindset, helped me a lot. I'm more relaxed, more confident, I'm I feel no stress anymore.


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