Age 26 - I have the have the balls to talk to girls

I fell into the abyss of PMO when I was 16 years old (26 now). I had just moved away from my family and had a lot of adjustments to make in my personal and school life. This is when I discovered PMO and slowly but surely became addicted to it. It became a coping mechanism for everything, starting with bad grades to lack of communication with friends and family. Now that I look back at it, it is a vicious spiral.

How do you know if you have PIED? (Reddit post)

I am reading this book, 'Your Brain on Porn', and it had this small exercise to check whether you are an victim of porn and whether you are suffering from PIED. So here it goes:

  1. First, see a good urologist and rule out any medical abnormality.
  2. Next, on one occasion masturbate to your favorite porn (or simply imagine how it was if you've sworn off it).
  3. Then, on another occasion masturbate with no porn and without fantasizing about porn.

I feel more confident about myself and am not scared to approach anyone in public. My social anxiety has disappeared.

Motivation: Before I started NoFap, I was lazy and de motivated. I smoked pot all the time, 4-5 joints everyday. Then I decided this had to stop and I decided to have a complete lifestyle change and hence took a 6 month sabbatical from work and moved in with my parents, to study and work on myself. I wanted the discipline back in my life. I now have a structured life and the discipline is slowly sneaking back. I sold my motorcycle and bought a bicycle instead,

Befriended a number of girls around my age and finally restored the true perception that: Girls are people and not objects

Today is my 90th day of NoFap. It was hard. I'll admit that bein' on the leash of a personal legal situation did help somewhat, but I did it with full access to the internet and all manner of FAP shit. This group was the missing ingredient. I ain't ever leavin' this shit. Some benefits:

Age 28 - Morning wood has returned. Reduced social anxiety. More alert, awake, aware, focused. Reduced anger. Longer lasting erections with partner.

Thought I'd give you all a summary of what's happened over the last 90 days.. The highs, the lows and most importantly, what I have learned. I won't write too much about my back story, If you're interested you can check some of my past updates! So at 90 days, here are a list of some of the changes I've noticed in myself:

I no longer have PIED and I am a more social and productive person. Fuck you porn.

What a journey. It seemed a lot longer than I thought it would seem. On many days I had urges that I was sure would take over me. But I still never gave in.

It's been 90 days of keeping away the DISGUSTING demon that has brought me nothing but romantical heartache due to PIED, depression due to unhealthy use as a comfort activity, and obesity from taking up the time of physical activities. Fuck you porn.

Sense of Calmess all the time. Improved Brain Functioning. People respect and contact me more.

I would like to thank this community for providing us with the knowledge which is the ultimate blessing for us and without which we were suffering for a long time. Well my story started just like everyone else. Some day got to know about M, felt good and then continued doing it. Those days porn was not available readily but semi naked pics were there. I used to be pretty good during my academics (In top 3 every year) but started Ming.

My way through sissy fetish hell: My life feels so fulfilled and happy now.

Hello guys. I decide to share my story here to express my gratitude for abstaining for 50 days now. I do not consider myself distinctly successful, but i think it belongs here somehow. Trigger warning: I'm not going to describe details about fapping itself, but sometimes i'll describe "setting" and preparation of my sessions to emphasize depth of the problem. So if you feel you may be triggered by this just stop reading.

Research Suggests the Grubbs, Perry, Wilt, Reid Review is Disingenuous ("Pornography Problems Due to Moral Incongruence: An Integrative Model with a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis", 2018)

The authors of this so-called review would have readers believe that self-identification as a porn addict is a function of religious shame/moral disapproval about porn. They only reviewed a small number of studies, which rely on the CPUI-9, an instrument developed by co-author Grubbs that produces skewed findings. The co-authors carefully omitted or misrepresented opposing research that has convincingly demonstrated that the studies they relied on in their review are misleading.

Age 25 - PIED cured, in loving relationship. I was 24, never had sex without paying for it, hiring prostitutes to re-enact extreme porn-induced fetishes.

I've been on my NoFap reboot healing journey for roughly 1.5 years now, there were highs and there were lows, relapses and long stretches. For some reason I never created an account earlier, but I frequently visited this site and other places like Reddit that talks about this and other people’s journeys for support. Before I begin some of the details of my story may be quite revolting.

90 days - A certain kink I loyally consumed for 5+ years, believed was part of my identity, has drastically faded. Don’t think about it

What was your lifestyle before pornfree?

I was never a hardcore addict like some of the guys I see on here and nofap who consume porn for multiple hours per day. But I would indulge in short sessions regularly and I relied on PMO to relieve tension during stressful periods of my life.

Was quitting easy?

No. I often had strong urges to use. Day 45 was the closest I came to relapse. I had my phone in one hand and my dick in the other and I was 1 click away from doing something I would have deeply regretted.

PIED cured - Sex was amazing, all the problems I had been having disappeared.

I had had a relationship with a girl in April that was made more difficult by some severe ED I was experiencing. I couldn't tell what proportion of my problem was psychological, what was health-related and what was PIED.

I got healthy, got my head right, and still had issues. But it was only after I went cold turkey on pornography that my sex drive started to come back in a big way. It is without question the biggest factor in my recovery.

Age 32 - PIED appears to be cured. 100% erection with my light stroking. Morning wood returned.

I have developed PIED and decided that I would document my NOFAP jouney. The reason I decided to do this is because I had a hard time finding people who were as extreme as me in the following combined criteria. I want people to have an idea of what kind of improvements are capable in similar cases.

Age 18 - More drive, attracted to different type of girl, mental clarity

I’m 18, I started NoFap because I stumbled on it by accident. Had been going on and off for some time (streaks of a few days, then relapsing, few days again, etc. Streaks consistently became a bit longer each time.). At some point I just made it to 21 days or so without really trying and from there on the urges never really came back.

Shy bladder and frequent urination cured

After going six months without masturbation I have literally cured myself from these two.... And I just realized this now. Earlier my bladder was very shy... Haha I mean it would be difficult for me to urinate if there are other also in the line....


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