Age 25 - From deep depression, hundreds of relapses and hopelessness to day 32 no pmo

 I discovered I was addicted to porn/masturbation about 2,5 years ago. In that time I was so stuck. That I could not even go 2 days without pmo. These last 2.5 years I had lots of depression and relapses, learned a lot after every relapse. In my last relapse-binged, I binged 3 days in a row a couple times a day and I felt so depressed and hopeless that I even started to ask myself the sense of me living, pretty scary thought.

Age 28 - PIED healed - The flatline is real and withdrawal symptoms are from hell

This is my first attempt at No Fap, I hope my story inspires individuals struggling with this addiction. Like many here, I got hooked to PMO in my teenage years, the generic build up from skinemax flicks to hardcore porn. Somehow, I was able to maintain a balanced life and have regular social interactions, despite my porn usage; Or was I?

Age 37 - I don't recognize myself

My apartment is clean My sink is empty My laundry is cleaned/folded/put away. I'm waking up early I'm going to the gym I'm taking a yoga class I'm reading books I'm writing music I'm doing photography. I don't feel depressed My anxiety is much more manageable Video games are losing their appeal

Age 26 - PIED: I think a partner is required to rewire the brain or at least make the process a bit faster

A little bit about me- 26yo male. Started pmo at age 13- once a day on an average. English is not my first language so I apologise in advance for any mistakes. Always been in great physical shape, was awarded the best athlete in high school and first two years of college, had my first gf at 19 who was 9/10.

Age 23 - I feel like a man. I'm much more comfortable and relaxed around guys and girls.

I honestly didn't think I was going to make it this far. I'm 23 and masturbation has been a habit of mine since the age of 12. I don't think I've gone longer than a month free of PMO for 11 years, and now I've made 120 days.

Age 15 - Escalated to extreme stuff, suicidal, developed HOCD - now recovered

Firstly to start off with I'm a 15 year old lad from North England, so hello to many foreigners but this is my success story and how I got over porn addiction. (Sorry if it's long). So where do I begin? Discovered porn at a very very young age on YouTube and u might think YouTube doesn't have porn on it and oh it does trust me.

Age 22 - Feeling confident & lively, Anger issues solved, Prostate has improved, Less social anxiety, No brain fog

Recently completed 2 month of hard mode and results are amazing. I used to M on YouTube soft porn. Normally during period of studies I MO'd weekly but when there were days of vacations, It went out of control. I used to spend hours daily masturbating to YouTube porn [sex scenes]. I was addicted to it and could not leave it even after repeated attempts.

PIED cured - After a half year of NO porn I am diamonds at the sight of a woman's exposed ankle

I was fucked up. I had been masturbating to porn every day since I started 9 years ago. I had also never worked out, ate like shit, I was this skinny fat dude that just smoked weed and jerked off. You could take a look at me and see that there wasn't a single molecule of testosterone in my body. No wonder I couldn't get it up.

Age 23 - My success with women has jumped exponentially

In these 90 days I've become a much better person than I used to be, and that I could ever have hoped to be. And I couldn't have done it without you. I shudder at the thought of being the person I used to be, someone caught in the throes of addiction, reaching for something that vanished the second it was acquired. Talk about hell.

Fantastic intimacy with my partner, as well as increased frequency of sex. The biggest change though is confidence.

Today I finally reached 90 days... Things that have changed over the course: Fantastic intimacy with my partner, as well as increased frequency. More feels, a lot more feels. It could be a song, or a movie, I feel the colors of the blue sky, blue ocean or white of the snow.

Age 20 - More satisfied with myself, starting to read books and enjoy socializing

I can't believe it I made it! Guys I was addicted to porn for six years. I couldn't stop fapping even for a week. When I saw this subriddet It was for me a life changer. The thing about this sub is that everyone is taking care of each other even if you are a loser men here will take care of you and help you. That's the difference between this sub Reddit and other places.

Age 24 - Far more confident in my social interactions, More focused & taking my studies more seriously, Overall I just feel more alive

Feels really good to know that Porn is no longer in my life. One of the best decisions you can make to improve your overall well-being is kicking a porn habit and never looking back. It's like taking back a huge chunk of your life that had been stolen from you.

Age 22 - More self confident, Depression has decreased, I finally see people as people once again

First I'll start off with some background, I have been off and on with nofap for about a year now and didn't start to reach 20+ day streaks until last summer, and the past 31 days has been my longest streak since the summer. Some things I've noticed are:

Age 32 - Delayed ejaculation cured, Social anxiety cured

Virgin until 32 years old. I suffered from loneliness so bad, I would feel the pain physically. Deeply depressed. Watched porn for many years, escalated through the categories. Out of desperation went to a hooker, but couldn´t even perform. But at home I could fap for hours - suspected something was wrong.

I was able to go from C to A- very easily. Moreover, I am very confident and persistent in doing almost everything.

I hope everyone is having good day. I rack up 32 days challenge recently. It was my second highest streak. The highest streak was 33 days. My track record is kind of funny. Nevertheless, I would like to start from the beginning. I was not heavy Porn user,


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