The Dual Control Model - The Role Of Sexual Inhibition & Excitation In Sexual Arousal And Behavior (2007)

COMMENTS: A recent re-discovery. The first paper to report porn-induced ED and porn-induced low libido. In an experiment employing video porn, 50% of the young men couldn't become aroused or achieve erections with porn (average age was 29). The shocked researchers discovered that the men's erectile dysfunction was "related to high levels of exposure to and experience with sexually explicit materials." The limp men had spent a whole of lot of time in bars and bathhouses where porn was "omnipresent," and continuously playing. The men explained that "high exposure to erotica seemed to have resulted in a lower responsivity to "vanilla sex" erotica and an increased need for novelty and variation.

Video - (Female) Day 47 on NoFap - THIS WORKS!

Mom, don't watch this please. NoFap is amazing! I know it. I wasn't interested at first, but I just started. Until now my journey is going so well.

By KasumiKriss

UPDATE Day 64:

High schooler - Less anxiety, increased motivation

Reached one year today! I'm a junior in high school and I never relapsed once. Don't give up! Hopefully 2017 will be as great as 2016 was for me. Benefits:

-Increased confidence and motivation,

Age 29 - PIED: My mind is finally clear of all the worries that have clouded my thoughts for the last 10 years and it feels f***ing incredible.

Finally I can come out of the shadows and give something back to anybody that is struggling with recovering from PIED. I’ll start with a bit of history about myself. I’m 29 years old and have struggled with PIED since my first sexual experience aged 19. I used to watch porn on an almost daily basis from the age of 13/14 to the day that I heard about the NoFap community (15+ years!).

Age 25 - My interest in porn is dropping, started martial arts, cooking healthy food

in my country we haven't got too many information about that addiction. Most people think it is normal. So let's begin. Right now, I'm 25. I don't remember, when I'm started watch porn. Anyway, I think that it was like most people, about age 13 I guess? Obviously, I didn't think about this subject in problem category. I thought - 'everyone doing that, so come on'.

Age 18 - For the first time in my life, I am becoming much more social and it feels incredible. Words cannot explain how happy I am.

The last time I fapped was August 19, 2016. Since then, I have felt many benefits including:

  • improved confidence,
  • less anxiety,
  • faster muscle growth,

Age 23 - DE cured in less than 2 months, girlfriend totally into me

It's been 60 days since I last fapped. This is still my first „attempt“ (I don't call it attempt but lifestyle change) and I must say it's not been that difficult for me. As I said in my previous posts, I think I made the connection in my head. After feeling miserable for at least 7-8 years I think it was time for me to change and now it's time to become the person I really want to be.

Age 20 - How has 143 days of nofap changed me?

  • Lower anxiety levels overall
  • Overall less irritable day to day
  • I quit smoking dope

'Porn is a public health crisis': experts call for government inquiry into health effects of porn. sex therapist Mary Hodson (2017)

Martin Tasker 1 NEWS Sport Reporter (Link to Article & Video)

Pornography might be a difficult subject to discuss for many, but experts say it is causing huge damage to individuals and the community. There are calls for a parliamentary inquiry into the public health effects and societal harms of pornography. There are now calls for a parliamentary inquiry into the public health effects and societal harms of what's being described as a "public health crisis".

Age 17 - I can function in the early mornings, spontaneous erections stronger, sensitivity back

So it's been 90 days. I feel great. There's really too many benefits to list but the main ones that stick out is being able to operate good early in the morning even with minimal sleep, lowered social anxiety, and confidence.

Irish children as young as seven are being exposed to porn. Dr Fergal Rooney (2017)

By Sylvia Pownall (link to original article)

Ireland is in the grip of a porn addiction epidemic with children as young as SEVEN being exposed to x-rated material online. We now rank fourth in the world for per capita porn use behind the UK, Canada and the US – and our obsession with it is driving couples apart and wrecking lives.

Age 25 - Becoming a new, honest person with real willpower and discipline

Thought I should share some positive news - I graduated college and will start my job soon. I’ve been PMO:ing daily since I was about 13. Mostly once or twice a day, but sometimes 3-6 times a day. I stumbled on and NoFap for the first time in 2010 - after reading up on porn addiction I could immediately relate the information I had gained to things happening in my own life, with my first girlfriend. I even told her about it, and that I wanted to quit.

Age 27 - I don't feel worthless. I have stopped hating myself. No longer feel like a loser.

One truth I have learned in past 9 months: If you are young & fat then stop fapping & get fit as soon as possible not for girls but for the confidence which will help you in life. 9 months ago I decided to quit porn cause I was turning mad because of no sex and porn addiction. I was always angry & irritated, like a rabid dog.


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