Depression gone, discovered I'm as good as anyone else

I realised a few things, and i wanted to share some of these findings which are less spoken about on this group. Waking up is so much easier. As someone who has long term depression, getting out of bed in the morning to go to work is the hardest part of the day, and getting back into bed at night is usually the best.

"Hooked on porn: Prepare for a tsunami of damaged people" (NZ Herald)

Children as young as 9 are becoming hooked on online pornography leading to ­addiction, unhealthy relationships and rising levels of sexual abuse. It is the stark ­reality of a world with easy access to x-rated material on myriad digital devices and is setting a generation up for serious problems in later life. Experts say New Zealand is ill-prepared for treating the rising numbers of boys and sometimes girls needing help and that we need to prepare for a "tsunami" of damaged young people.

Age 50+ - ED so bad drugs wouldn't work. Recovery was so quick.

I arrive to NoFap because it was not working. At all. Yup, full blown ED which I realized after 18 months of trying everything it was PIED. It was so bad that ED drugs didn't work at all! In March 2015 I found myself naked in bed with a new drop-dead gorgeous and young girlfriend, ED drugs in me and.... NOTHING. FML.

Aspergers - Socializing better than ever, fetishes are fading

I've now been masturbation free since 29.1.16 and I thought if I shared my experience then it could help other people so here it is. Why did I give up masturbation: When I first gave up masturbation I was a completely different person to what I am now. No only did I have to give up porn and masturbation but I also have Mild-Highfunctioning-Aspergers so socializing was a problem I wanted to get rid of.

Age 45 - PIED cured. In a flatline for 20 months. Now morning wood has returned and I can orgasm during sex.

 I am now 45, which some of you will consider ancient Lol. However I believe that my story and experiences will help most of you benefit! Unfortunately I was one of the early adopters of the internet (age 21 then), and at that time was introduced to usernet groups. There I discovered porn. No idea that it was a bad thing for me at that time.

Age 23 - Strong and in shape, good work ethic, no more HOCD

I started as a socially awkward and unemotional wreck and here I am 90 days later, finding happiness in the small moments in life and one of the most sociable people ever. PIED is 75% gone and I no longer fear meeting someone new or being the center of attention.

Age 23 - From 3 years of severe PIED to recovery! There is hope for everyone going through this!

Today marks 90 days of being free from PMO for me. I never thought I would have gotten to this point but I am really pleased to be here. Its been a crazy, hard road to walk already but I have alot more distance to cover.

Age 24 - 7 Months - I still get depressed from time to time but it's better

I distinctly remember the first time I ever jerked off. I was 13 years old at the time, early in 8th grade. I can pinpoint the time perfectly because it was right around the time my parents got divorced. Its not that I blame this all on them and their decision, its just that the two events are tied together in my mind and give me a time frame.

Age 23 - Almost 2 years to cure ED. I had no morning wood, no physical reactions to potential mates, and weird, out of character fetishes

I am a 23 year old male. Typical story. Found out how to masturbate in my teens - liked it - finally looked at porn on the internet - life got difficult - tried to escape by watching more porn - eventually found out the hard way that porn can destroy your sexual health and induce fetishes.

Never have trouble getting it up for my wife, and am more attracted to her than ever

NoFap has been the best thing that ever happened to me – after almost 3 years. I haven't been nearly as active over the past 18 months due to it not being a terribly large struggle. The first 90 days were the hardest, but after 180 days it just kind of left my life.

Age 58 - Four decades into this I was able to shut down the craziness

I am 58 years old and have been married and have four adult children. I am successful in my business. Externally, to the world around me, I looked pretty good. I knew otherwise. I had this dark life of crazy sexual thought, encounters and non-stop fapping.

Changed me to my very fucking core

Thanks to nofap i became the best student in class (highest marks and honorary shit). After being the worst student in high school, sleeping all the time in the class because i was up all night playing video games and fapping (i'm in college now, Computer science major).

Age 29 - Severe social anxiety: Improving social skills, Feel more comfortable around women, Feel more connected to others, Clearer mind

Let me start by saying that my story is going to be a little different than most. For me it all began with severe shyness and social anxiety growing up. Basically, I became the most isolated person that you can imagine when I lost the few friends that I had when I refused to go out and live life like everyone else my age was doing.

I have never been happier. But it came at a great cost.

I hope this story help you overcome your porn addiction. I shared it with some friends and it had an impact on their own personal struggles and even helped a coworker reach out to his son. I hope it can be of some assistance to you too! Best of luck!

Porn crosses a line for me because it's simply too stimulating

I've been on the nofap grind this since the beginning of may, after a semester of jerking off many consecutive days. I was in a bad place this past winter so I decided to make a big change. I mostly was managing to go about 2 weeks straight with no jerking off.


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