Age 23 - More motivation and energy, No longer anxious, I can talk to people easily without hesitation, Optimistic about the future

First of all, sorry for my English skills, but I will try to use the energy of nofap to express myself correctly. So, I'm 23 years old, I'm from Algeria, I discovered masturbation I think since 9 years something like that, and I was addict to it, it was an escape from reality for me because at school I was slapped and treated like a crap from the teacher (woman) for obvious reasons...

Just Can't Get It Up:

A short & funny video about porn-induced erectile dysfunction by two medical doctors.

Age 19 - Anxiety reduced, kissing girls, I'm a better, happier person

Today I made it to 90. Here's my story. Some basic data about me : 19 years old College Student I live in Costa Rica Instead of telling a boring story that nobody will give a shit about. Im just gonna list some achivements that I consider relevant.

Age 18 - This journey has brought so much positive energy over 9 months

Haven't been on here in a couple months (yes i'm still doing nofap). I just wanted to type a quick little update. i recently just turned 18. Anyways, so i started my nofap journey in the beginning of july, i believe on the 4th, and since then, i've been porn free.

Critiquing "Self-proclaimed porn addict hopes to make porn harder to access", by TV station KPRC, Houston, Texas

Link to TV segment (April 06, 2017).

The 3-minute segment featured Gabe Deem, Dr. Donald Hilton, and AASECT certified sex therapist Emily Deayla, MA. My first concern is with the segment's headline:

"Self-proclaimed porn addict hopes to make porn harder to access"

Two objections to this headline:

Age 34 - The results have been phenomenal. I feel this burning love for my wife that I have never felt before

I started an agreement to commit to a 90 day reboot and tomorrow I reach 80 days.  It's been an incredible journey with a lot of highs and lows and I feel absolutely amazing. 'm 34 years old.  I had been a frequent user of pornography since I was 14 years old.  I would say I wouldn't probably go a couple of days without masturbating.

Age 20 - My anxiety drastically declined, I love myself more than ever and respect others, and I'm not as insecure anymore

I really lost myself for a long time and I'm finally coming to realization of who I am and where I want to be. Porn and masturbation really fogs up your mind, you lose touch. I ditched family trips and hanging out with friends many times to simply sit there and jerk off.

Age 16 - A lot more creative, Social skills have improved tremendously, Lot closer to my family, My brain feels a 100 times bigger

I started M ing when I was 13 every day (2-3 times during weekends and summer)(used porn occasionally) when I was 14 I found a website that stated that M and P are bad for you and so I started avoiding M on my own. Porn I quit easily but Masturbation was harder. Still I had great success and improvements (some of my attempts were months long) on my own but then my streaks got worse and worse over time.

Age 16 - Charisma and memory back, now an honor student

I can hardly believe I've made it to a half a year. It sees like it was just yesterday that I swore to myself that this would be the last relapse ever, and it turns out I meant it that time. My life has become so much better without the addiction of porn, and I can finally say that I don't know what PMO feels like.

Age 23 - I can give my son the time he deserves

Porn doesn't control my life anymore. I used to do nothing but think about PMO constantly. Any spare moment. Now I can think more clearly and get other hints done. I've done a lot of repairs around the house, taken up landscaping as a hobby and I started working out again. I've also been able to give my son more of the time he deserves.

Age 19 - I'm more masculine and into the sex I'm having

I had been on day 65 of nofap the night I had any sexual experience during my nofap journey (this wasn't my first sexual experience in general), and it was an experience to remember.

Age 21 - 1.5 years of Nofap and what it did for me

My longest has been 12 days then now the record is 60 fapless days...anyways before Nofap I was shy....and awkward with ALL woman and I never had female friends or guts to get woman's numbers either...I was depressed and almost overdosed once....

Age 22 - Depression gone, sex life better, and my dog loves me

I'm 22 and I'm on my second streak. After 90 days of hardmode I relapsed and couldn't get back on track. But I guess I'm finally on track again. My benefits so far:

  1. My dog likes me more. She was dodging me all 7 years of her life. And now she is always in my room. She wants to play with me etc. I also can't stop cuddling her. We fell in love I guess :P

Age 17 - Much sharper mind, coping with stress better, speaking up more easily

So I've seen plenty other posts, in which people will try to tell you numerous things, what you should do, in order to acquire the HOLY 90 days streak, the REBOOT, the solution of all your problems. But I tell you: The number of days matters less than some may think.

Age 23 - The greatest lifestyle change I have ever made

This has been undoubtedly one of the greatest decisions I have ever made in my entire life.

Let's start by telling you where I was 90 days ago. I had just gotten into another stupid argument with my ex-girlfriend. For some reason, I was so dependent on physical affection that when it wasn't there, I would spiral into a world of panic. This panic would cause me to hold back and I would end up neglecting her emotionally.


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