Age 32 - I have altered my personality: I'm talking to women more confidently, have more respect for women and stopped objectifying them

Warning: Possible Long Post and trigger alert ahead. The last time I PMO'ed was in late August, but due to my registration today it shows that I am on 0 days but I'd still like to share my story. I was 16 when I had my first contact with P. Boys would sneak in VHS tapes into boarding school and we would watch them from the Headboys room,

Age 22 - More energy. I feel happy much more often. Greater mental clarity. MUCH more confident socially. Stutter gone.

 It's been one hell of a journey. I've learned a lot about myself and life as a whole. I'll try sharing with you some insights and maybe inspire some of you like I've been inspired by so many before me. I got into NoFap about a year ago as a fun challenge, but that quickly changed when I saw how dependent of PMO I was. This is my third serious streak and I do not intent to lose it.

PIED went away, more alert and outgoing

[When did your PIED go away?] For me around 40 days was the turning point. I did have mild PIED and that went away. Definitely more alert and outgoing. I started seeing morning wood for the first time in years. I also practice no fap and since I have a g/f that’s usually no issue but if we go more than a couple of weeks I do what I need to do.

Age 24 - Better focus, Calmer, No social anxiety, No tiredness, Girls looking at me with a smile, Confidence way up

I am very happy coz I have completed 52 days. It feels awesome guys. If you are struggling with this problem then the best way to keep you going is train your mind how to deal with urges. Teach your mind that real world is incredible.

1 Year - I was heavy porn user for 25 years. I wish this streak happened years ago.

Wow....i made it this far ...I still can’t believe it’s so good to achieve your dreams. What seemed impossible, now happened. Many may think it’s not a big deal but in my eyes is great ...because I know how hard it was to get it . Thank you everyone who was supporting me in my journey. So...this is my story...

Age 19 - This honestly feels like the best time of my life

I have been doing nofap on and off for 2 years I'm 19 now and I'm on the longest day I had without having a wet dream 28 days and holy shit have I noticed a difference nothing like when I was having wet dreams every 2 or3 weeks or so.

How Technology is Like Bug Sex: Supernormal Stimuli

How Technology is Like Bug Sex

This week, thousands of people swarmed the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Looking from above, the scene resembled an insect infestation of scampering masses in a hive of the latest must-haves.

I couldn't be happier with my girlfriend and my PMO free life - I barely even think about porn

Like the title says I just finished my journey of 90 days. I came into contact with masturbation and porn at a very young age, in primary school to be exact. When I was in second grade (I was like 7 or 8) I masturbated for the first time. And I was around 9-10 years old when I first came in contact with porn.

Age 17 - More energy, Greater confidence, Motivated to do good things, Stutter gone

17 years old 18/05/18, 22:44. After breaking up with my ex the second time, it triggered everything up to this point. I moved out of my dad’s because my relationship there was toxic, I felt like shit, and PMOing just simply made it worse. I deleted Snapchat and Instagram, and took up Reddit, because those sites just fuck with your mental health. It was a butterfly effect and eventually I ended up here, 90 days of success.

90 Days -The differences I have in my life between then and now are incredible

Here we are. 3 months after I started this journey. Haven't really posted a lot, but I remember that first post I made. It was about 4AM on a throwaway account (I did a search and couldn't even find it). Then, I think I actually made a true post and said I was going to do this. I started attending a local fellowship for sex addiction on that first Saturday. Tonight, I received my 3 month chip for sobriety.

Age 27 - PIED: I am waking up with morning wood and have a rock hard boner fapping to just the thought of having sex. Weird fetishes fading.

I can't actually believe the results I have been having over the last months with huge reduction in PMO. My aim is to stop watching porn and artificial stimulation forever, and to only masturbate occasionally using my own thoughts. If I have a girlfriend and am having regular sex then I will aim to just stop masturbation all together.

Age 24 - Music sounds amazing, my appreciation for life and humanity has skyrocketed

I'm 24 years old, discovered nofap at 21, on/off since, and porn/masturbation at 13 (God damn I feel bad for future generations who have easy access to this leech on our masculinity). I suffered with anxiety, depression and overall low self esteem and my addictive personality made sure I abused anything pleasurable (food, drugs, alcohol, video games, porn etc.) to the point it wasn't even fun.

Finding nofap has been the best discovery of my adult life: The benefits cannot be denied

Yep, it's been 100 days. Finding nofap has been the best discovery of my adult life. I started nofap around the beginning of this year and the benefits cannot be denied:

  • Better cognition- I didn't even realize the extent to which porn affected my brain until I got 4 c's on my transcript and lost my love for reading because my intellectual stimulation was gone. College is not very easy, especially with a technical major, but I struggled more that the real me should have. But after joining nofap, this spring

Number Of People Seeking Treatment For Porn Addiction Skyrockets (LadBible)

Over the years, our internet speeds (depending on where you live) have got quicker and quicker. In the early noughties, simply downloading a 200kb JPEG could take longer than cooking dinner, whereas now it comes in the blink of an eye - and it's only going to get better. People around the world can stream HD films without much worry and we're all thankful for the technology. However, there's one group who has suffered more and more because of fast internet: people with porn addiction.

Married almost 20 years - I now know what passionate love making is

I want to make this as short and direct as possible. Married almost 20 years and have only been nofap for the past year. Even through most of my marriage I struggled with PMO. Sex was there about 2-3 times a week and I would still PMO almost daily, even the days I did get laid.


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