Opinion: The day the men died — Why young men are failing in society

Although many claim that men in most west­ern countries live a rather privileged life, lthere is a stark and ongoing change in the quality of life that young men live. Men today are not like their fathers or grandfathers: They are more socially awkward and shy around women, consume more porn at a younger age, are falling behind their female counterparts in school, and are receiving only meager sex education from their parents and schools.

Age 35 - Enjoying sex with my wife again, feeling more energetic

I'm 35 and I had a nevous breakdown back in September. I ended up in the custody of a rehab center, because I was suicidal. Through counseling we figured out I was addicted to porn and alcohol.

Age 15 - How NoFap has changed my life so far.

Before giving you some background information about my PMO addiction I would like to thank everyone who helped and encouraged me to start this journey. (Especially @Burner1 ) Without various members of our community and people I know in real life I would have not made it this far.

I am a completely different person. Confidence, healthy glowing skin, sharp mind, charisma and work ethic are unbelievable

I've been involved with this subreddit for almost a year and a half. Currently I am on a 185 day streak. Excluding one MO 185 days ago, a 298 day streak. I am a completely different person. Confidence, healthy glowing skin, sharp mind, charisma and work ethic are unbelievable. My grades (currently at university) have improved drastically.

Age 33 - PIED cured. After porn I can look at girls in the eye again, and smile at them. Social anxiety gone.

Been porn free for the last six months and it has definitely changed me for the better. What got me thinking I had a problem in the first place was my difficulty in getting an erection when having sex. It didn't have anything to do with ED, rather porn creep or something very similar had begun to set in after YEARS of watching five hours of porn a day on average. It was never a problem up until the end when it had made an impact on my sexual performance.

Age 25 - Increased energy & motivation, Clarity of thoughts, Big boost in confidence, Feelings of love slowly returning

I’ve made it to 50+ days (cold turkey - first try) and I feel that I´m definitely on the right track with this change in lifestyle. I tend to go 90 days and then cut off next bad habit (gaming) alongside continuing NoFap. As others have said: I will most likely never go back to porn.

Benefits so far:

Age 22 - From Zero to Hero: My Story

Just got out of an intensive lift sesh and I thought I might wanted to share my long-overdue story here in hopes of inspiring others to reach their potential. This subreddit changed my life in ways I could’ve never imagined and I hope this brief (but lengthy) story starts my journey of paying it forward.

Commentary on "Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong - In a Nutshell"

What you really need to know about Johann Hari's claims

The popular Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell video, based on Johann Hari's TED talk, makes a couple of very good points. First, the benefits of human connection are indeed a major contributor to wellbeing for all of us.

Age 21 - More energy, More resistant to cold, Deeper voice, Less procrastinating, Less brain fog, Less anxiety, Greater happiness, My life has a direction

Today I hit the 60 days marks on my hardcore mode NoFap challenge. I wanted to share my story with you and maybe help some people to find motivation in my post. I’m a 21 years old man living in Europe. I’ve been trying to do NoFap since 14 months; I had a few good streaks during those months: 111 days, 60 days and 23 days.​ As far as I can remember I’ve always been a shy guy, I always had this fear of rejection.

Age 21 - Increased self confidence, I can speak to any girl with minimal shyness, I stopped objectifying women, I started seeking knowledge in many fields

Brief introduction of my history: I am 21 years old, college student, I have been watching P since 18 or 17 and before that i used to look at Porn images and pictures since 15 or 16. I had social anxiety (not very much), low self confidence, found it hard to talk to girls. I had one girlfriend during my whole life. I also had a need for approval, I did actions that subconsciously were to get the approval of my society. I was also a lazy ass and dependent.

Age 22 - ED healed: Earned a Bachelor’s degree, halfway through my Masters degree. Confidence is sky high. I'm with this incredibly beautiful girl

Today marks a big day in my NoFap journey. I hit 500 days with no masturbation. Zero.

Since taking on NoFap and getting past the initial withdrawal, I've earned a Bachelor’s degree, and now I'm halfway into my Masters degree. My confidence is SKY HIGH. I feel I can better direct my thoughts, I can focus better. I'm with this incredibly beautiful girl, who is well aware of my NoFap journey.

Young Porn Users Need Longer To Recover Their Mojo

What digital sex entails Is highspeed porn use rewiring adolescent sexuality?

Around 2006-07, when guys first showed up at our website with chronic porn-related sexual performance problems, they generally recovered after about two months of no porn, masturbation or porn fantasy, and a minimum of orgasm. Most were computer wizards who had acquired highspeed Internet porn ahead of the herdand then developed uncharacteristic performance problems during real sex. We'll call them "Oldtimers."

Soon we began to notice two unexpected trends:

  1. A flood of younger guys (early twenties and late teens) showed up with the same erectile-dysfunction problems. Rapidly, they comprised the majority of visitors to most threads and sites where men were complaining of porn-related sexual performance problems,  and
  2. These younger guys ("Newcomers") generally required longer (sometimes months longer) to recover from their performance problems. In fact, some needed regular contact with a real partnerwhich presents a challenging "chicken-and-egg" problem in the world of casual hook-ups.

Are Sexual Tastes Immutable?

It'sMorphing brain time to distinguish 'sexual orientation' from reversible 'sexual tastes'

"The bulk of scientific evidence currently favors the view that the origins for most sexual desires are not cultural but innate." —Leon F. Seltzer

Such statements mislead people that all sexual inclinations are created equal and are immutable. This is simply not true. 

Age 27 - PIED: First no-physical-touch 100% erection in recent memory!

Hey guys, this is taken from my journal, which can be seen here:


I'm pretty happy about it, and I think it qualifies for 'mini success story'! All about spreading the optimism and small successes.

Raised on a Diet of Internet Porn: The Health Consequences of Long-Term Use

Noah Church speaks on how Internet porn can change our brains, our sexuality, and our lives.
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