Age 17 - Not getting bullied anymore, girls are attracted to me, insane energy

I used to get bullied at school all the time but people are now scared to me LOL. [It’s my] 3rd streak and im not relapsing never again. I’m 16. [Benefits?] im not lazy anymore, confidence, girls are more attracted to me. [Bags under my eyes] are almost gone :D

Age 33 – PIED cured in a month of no orgasm

Guys I did it! I did it! After trying a lot and thinking about her and watching her enjoy sex i got hard and even came! So for the first time i got sex and it was a real party for me! All because of no fap! I was just too horny to even care about performance, so i just went in blind and mindlessly aroused after more than a month of not having an orgasm.

Got Social Anxiety? Listen to this podcast (

LISTEN: Porn Addiction: Dopamine, Disgust, and Erectile Dysfunction

In today’s episode we explore the neuroscience of porn addiction, the role of dopamine in driving porn use, why emotions such as shock and disgust make pornography not less, but more  appealing, and the links between porn usage and erectile dysfunction.

Age 23 - I'm back to my real self by now, huge decline in anxiety

I'd guess [I’ve been trying NoFap for] around two years now but the progress has been quite slow but it's going in the right direction. This streak will be a great milestone. I'm 23 years old.

This is just a report to myself for motivational purposes but maybe I can inspire someone else as well.

Age 19 - Already seeing improvements after 60 days

This is not the story of that guy that got 3 girlfriends, a nobel peace prize and shook hands with Obama on the 7th day of nofap. BUT in 60 days:- (in gaming terms)

• -50% depression

• +40% confidence

Age 35 – New job, new life, more attractive to women, willing to fail

First post on Reddit. Some of what I'll say is pretty embarassing, but if it can help some of you guys, then it's worth it. When I started my first streak at the beginning of 2015, I was out of work for several years, didn't drive, and physically I was a mess. I'm 6ft and I thought starving myself down to 170lbs would make me look good.

Age 20 - Improved confidence and concentration, clearer skin

 I did it! 90 days PMO free. It's been crazy, wonderful, and tough. (I decided to tell as much of my story as I can remember. I feel it's important to show that this journey is never linear, never going straight from point A to point B). 20 years old, started MO so young that in the beginning I didn't even have any semen to ejaculate (wtf kid me, what a dumbass).

Age 26 - PIED, dating again, lost weight, powerful self-compassion

I wanted to share my story with you, but it won't be as short as expected, due to a lot of basic information to show you, how i got to this addiction. So, let's start right away: Since i can remember, abuse was part of our family. I started to participate reality and being aware of myself being a person when i was 11, same age when my parents divorced.

Age 16 - Social anxiety gone

I am 16 years old. Social anxiety: cured. Way more confidence. Etc. those are just the two main benefits I've noticed.

Age 23 - Marked improvements in PIED after just 21 days PMO abstinence

Maybe this can serve as some real motivation for others. Results can happen quicker than you think. Main points:

- Before I started I was consistently unable to maintain an erection with a gorgeous woman wanting to have sex with me.

Age 25 - With strong human connections sex goes to another level

After years and years of trying I finally made it. There are many of these 90 day posts, I want to use mine to help you guys as best I can. I have a very set approach to nofap that has worked tremendously for me. The idea is: Stop making nofap so hard for yourself and Set yourself up for success by changing your environment. You can read my past posts this streak to see more specifics.

Age 25 - Had porn induced ED, 206 days later I'm almost completely ED free and it feels great.

I'm 25, had porn induced ED. 206 days later I'm almost completely ED free and it feels great. No more PMO for me. My love life with my beautiful woman is fucking amazing, my mind has never been sharper, I'm fit working out, and I have confidence in myself that I have never ever had before.

Age 24 - Finally clear. I was using self-hatred as an excuse

Thank you all, boys and girls, for continuous help and words of wisdom. Little did I know how much reading those posts, watching Noach B.E. Church, following Gabe Deem and learning from Gary Willson will help me to mature and break the habits that have been confining me for so long. I am going to cut to the chase and keep this post as cohesive and pithy as I can.

Porn Addiction & Sexual Dysfunction (KetoGeek podcast)

With erectile dysfunction rates skyrocketing in men under age 40, it was about time we started to look at the science and evidence behind these scary numbers. What's  fascinating is how there is overlap in various addictive patterns and at Ketogeek we wanted to better understand how the brain works while potentially interpolating the findings into other lifestyle choices and addictive activities. Listen now

Age 22 - A great transition to adulthood

I just reached 100 days. The best 100 days of my life so far in many aspects. More energy, more time, more productive. Definitely more calm. Made better decisions. Had better willpower on everything. Have been more logical as a person.


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