I have Waaay better sexual relationship with my wife (bit more self-esteem & energy)

So yeah 200 days. After 19 years of multiple faps a day, escalated fetishes and regular +hour long edge sessions, I quit on the 9th of January. The first 14 days or so were ok, even good, aside from the strong as fuck urges. Then all the way to around the 60 day mark were hard as fuck: really bad withdrawal symptoms, depression, flu like, random urges 5x a day, headaches, heightened anxiety, anger, sleepless nights, insecurity and probably a few more I forgot.

Age 27 - Severe PIED cured: For the 1st time perhaps in many years I was erect even with a condom on

Am a 27 year old guy, suffered from severe PIED for 2 years almost. My Porn Career: started watching when I was 15, got high speed internet at 18-19 and I was hooked up with all the new and hardcore stuff, there was so much to see so much to explore. Got into heavier fetishes each passing day. And the last 2 years I watched a lot of femdom, cuckold, shemale and one day even sissy porn videos.

Girls are overtly flirting with me; I'm making improvements in my life

I had struggled with PMO for a solid 6-7 years, until January when I had one of my longest streaks ever. After that ended, I got discouraged and binged for about a month and a half. Then came mid-March, which, as of August 5th, was the last time I masturbated. I had dreamed for years of getting to where I am now.

Age 43 - PIED: I finally had real sex with my SO but did not O. It was a great feeling, I was hard unlike before

My NoFap no pmo journey started beginning of the year. Yesterday I completed 90 days. Had been pmo’ing for almost 30 years and realised that I had PIED last year. The 90 days went with all ups and downs, started getting morning wood. Could not control wanted to try sex with escorts as my SO was not co operating. Thanks to friends in NoFap who advised me not to try escorts.

Age 27 - From a shy boy who always had low confidence, now I feel all my fears are gone and with a higher confidence

It seems like yesterday, when I just got my PMO addiction shot and was scrolling down my Facebook news feed, when I saw an article about how PMO does in your body. I was shocked about how bad PMO is to my body and before I finished reading the article, I excluded all my porn content in my pc and decided to not PMO ever again! When I completed 11 days, I discovered this wonderful community.

Age 21 – Completely cured my gaming addiction. Got a girlfriend. Real life is way better than pixels on your screen

I've been a porn addict since I was about 12yo. At the age of 19-20 I realized it's all wrong and started NoFap. I would PMO 3 times a day and play PC games for the rest of the day. I'm 21 now and PMO 1x a week, which is a great success from my point of view. Also completely cured my gaming addiction, which was way easier to give up than giving up porn.

Age 28 - Medical student: The benefits ("superpowers") are much much better than you think.

My journey in no PMO was not that hard honestly, but I'm not the lucky one, i failed before, and i learnt what i have to know and corrected my thoughts and goal. I know i had to stop this. I gave myself an order, or i call it "the fact". "The fact" was, in next 90 days, I'm not gonna PMO, for whatever reason, I'm not going to.

Age 23 - Porn-induced ED appears to be cured

It's day 88 and I have completed my reboot. I probably completed it even before, but these day counters are just numbers, that are there to give you an estimate of your progress, but of course it's individual and I feel like I have returned to "normal" with my sexuality. I just had celebratory rub and I had no desire for porn, just a release. Sensitivity has gone through the roof, it took me a minute to finish, funny to think how I'd furiously beat my half-erect penis to porn looking for some joy in my dreary existence.

Age 26 - 1 year report: The only hub that I visit now is GitHub

tl;dr the only hub that I visit now is GitHub

I managed to live a single year without PMO (not including my child years. It didn’t strike me back then that urinating is not the only activity that penis could participate in). Hooray! I’m going to celebrate my birthday on 2nd July, but I feel like it’s an early birthday present for me. I sincerely thank you, the Universe!

Age 45 - Porn free, but I still have sex and I enjoy it so much more and I am more interested in it. And my wife too.

I am 90 days porn and masturbation free. That's 3 months. I really haven't been aware of it in the last two months - its become normal and I don't miss it. What has changed in this time and what is it like?

Quitting porn hasn't made me superman. But subtle changes can be significant ones.

I'm really pumped, I finally made it through two whole months in a row without slipping. What I'm particularly proud of: I'm living in a foreign city, away from my girlfriend, and I have tons of free time. Yet I haven't given in. After seeing u/free4eden 's post, I realize I'm still a beginner. (1096 days!!). But maybe I have a couple useful insights.

Age 14 - 90 Days: I started enjoying life and the small happy things in it. No more "zombie mode".

Guys, NoFap is so worth it! You know that kind of post, so let's get right into it, shall we! The GOOD stuff that happened:

  • I'm much more confident
  • I (re)started programming
  • I started learning physics

Video - The Great Femdom Porn Experiment - 1 Year free

It hasn't been an easy ride but having been over a year since I conquered my very own addiction I feel it is my duty to share my knowledge to others and help them along in their own journey. Here is a link to a presentation I created which I encourage any fetish/femdom/findom fans to give a watch.

PIED cured: I get erections by making out. And they last so much longer!

The moment I realised my ED came from my porn addiction was super hard for me. After many tries to quit I actually did it for 70 days and HOLY SHIT. It was a HUGE difference. Before I quit I always needed hard stimulation. I hardly never get an erection by making out with a girl. I always needed to touch myself or let her touch me. And even then it often didnt work.

Age 19 - PIED: Quitting porn has helped me a lot both directly and indirectly to be happier with myself and approach relationships in a healthier way

I reached 90 days recently, and just a few weeks before my 20th birthday, which is kind of shocking to me, partly due to how fast the time has gone. At the start of the year I tried to focus on myself more, which inadvertently led to reduced porn use, mainly due to staying out of the house and spending time with others. I’ve struggled with porn use for a long time, but was made aware of the issues a few years ago after a talk at my high school.


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