Married almost 20 years - I now know what passionate love making is

I want to make this as short and direct as possible. Married almost 20 years and have only been nofap for the past year. Even through most of my marriage I struggled with PMO. Sex was there about 2-3 times a week and I would still PMO almost daily, even the days I did get laid.

Age 32 - PIED: Recovery had ups and downs; today I feel like I’m cured

Last week after I hit 90 days I believe I fell into another flatline and I lost all motivation. In my whole nofap journey my libido and desire has been nonexistent. But since the weekend my libido is back and from the spontaneous erections and erections when I look at real women I believe I am more than likely cured (haven’t had the chance to test with sex yet).

Age 31 - 90 Days: What worked, What didn't

This has been a long time coming. I didn't do it for super powers. I did it because it was the right thing to do. I've been battling with this thing for over half my life, and it has sucked time and attention away from my loved ones, wreaked havoc on my self-respect, and damaged my life and my development as a human being in ways I can never fully recoup.

Age 33 - PIED Cured: I'd never felt healthier, confident and more attractive to the opposite sex.

So I signed up here after Christmas and had my last Cocaine, vodka and Viagra fuelled sex session on NYE with a girl I was very casually seeing at the time (that was also the last time I saw her) I'd suffered with what I thought was ED for a while before that (hence the Viagra) but when I found out about no fap and read into it more, I though there was a high chance it could be PIED as I'd been watching it since I was a teenager (33 now).

I'm more confident and less arrogant

Before nofap I always had a very low self-esteem and tried to compensate that by pretending to be much better than I actually am and superior to anybody in every way: telling myself that I was the smartest motherfucker in the world and would be rich in a few years and so on. Whenever I was talking with anybody, I tried my hardest to make myself seem as interesting as possible.

Age 29 - PIED: started nofap a month before my marriage. I can now achieve 90% erection.

Hi all, I am Gaink, 29 years old, newly married man with ED problem. Been silent reader for the past 6 month and now want to share my positive progress to overcome my ED problem. Sorry for my bad english because not my first language. Background of me:

I feel like myself. I feel like I rediscovered a part of who I am - a stronger, more confident, more self-assured version of me

First time posting here. I quit watching P and MB about 55 days ago. This process was already in the works, so I just never stopped my streak and here I am. Quitting porn absolutely feels like the most GROWN UP THING I have done in the last 4 years. More than marriage, endurance training, and career.

Easier to make eye contact, I speak more confidently, Best sleep I’ve had in years, Motivation is through the roof.

I originally wanted to make 2018 fap-free, but I messed up in February and was pretty down about. I didn’t want the next time to be like all my other failed attempts, so I told myself that no matter what, I will make it to 90 days.

Finally quit peeking and edging

*Crazy motivated to accomplish things, including but not limited to women

*waking up at 430 am when I don't have to. I never have to be up this early, but now I just am

*Girlfriend says I smelled amazing yesterday. I hadn't showered in two days.

Lost my virginity! I now know my true sexuality!

I didn't have ED shockingly! Women are so much more appealing than men...I now know my true sexuality! Thank God, the battle in my brain about that is over. I can now live in [peace]. I remember there was a time I use to cover the c*** when the girl would be giving a bj cos that’s how straight I was.

Age 22 - After countless sex encounters where my dick did not work: PIED gone, got a girlfriend

I don't want to make this too long, but I'm here today to tell you guys that it is all possible. I am porn free for a year and 4 months. I am masturbation free for 2 months. I now have a girlfriend, and she’s a solid 10 (serious). My true self is back.

My body dysmorphia is not completely "cured". But I’m surprised with how much my awful perception of self has decreased

Hi, guys. I was off Reddit for a while to gather myself, work on my tasks I needed for midterms/finals week coming up, and just, in general, try to get off on a great foot for some bigger plans I have next year. A lot has happened! It's been three months. It hasn't felt like less or more time; it's just felt like three months exactly.

Age 29 - Ten years of PIED: I'm finally cured, my life has never been this great.

I'm 29 and been a porn addict since 14 years old.First of all I have been through  all the super intense addiction, met plenty of women where I couldn't get hard and I know how it feels to be as ham ed of yourself in front of a woman you conquered. I met a girl I really love recently and the anxiety of not performing was strong.

Age 23 - 1 year: I’ve grown from a boy to a man over the course this year.

I’ve been doing hard mode since June of last year and I began NOFAP beginning of April last year, today marks exactly a year. I have had many stumbling blocks along the way. There were many days that I came very close to relapsing but I always stopped to remind myself that there was a time when I would have wished to even get past one day.

Age 25 – Morning wood now much healthier!

I am here to say something about myself which would basically motivate those starting their journey with nofap. Today as I woke up I felt the morning wood which is quite common but the uncommon part is that it was really wooden. My dick felt really hard. Moreover it was in perfect shape. So it was a good or say very good erection.


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