Age 27 - I needed 6 years to get to 90 days, PIED gone

First I would like to extend my deepest thanks to this community, its founder Alexander, and all the others stars who incessantly shine light on this issue. Without all of you I would have never made 90days, a deep bow of gratitude to you all. I love each and everyone of you, you are my family, who, although I have never met, I respect deeply. Without you all... well, I could have ended up devoured by this horrible addiction.

And my addiction was HORRIBLE

Age 24 - Female - I now see my body as beautiful & not in need of surgical alteration

When I was 19, I was an insecure, mentally ill disaster. I was isolated and alone. I had dropped out of college and moved 500 miles away from home. I didn't have friends. I spent most of my time engaging in PMO, posting on GW, seeking sexual attention, etc.

DE Cured after 34 days of no porn

Success Finally! I've never been able to cum during sex because I gave myself death grip, but for the first time today I was able to climax during intercourse!! And I made my lover cum for the first time in a year for her!! Twas a great day.

Mind Fog Lifted (For the first time)

This post is in celebration of a major milestone for me, not so much in numbers, but in mental/psychological success. I hope my experience can help all of you, if only to know there's hope. Throughout my struggle with PMO, I've thought I understood how it all works. The reboot, the brain fog, the depression, the dopamine lack, etc. However, up till now much of that was only theory.

Age 18 - My face looks 10x better than before, can understand things better

[150 day NoFap hardmode] So here we go:

  1. No matter how bad situation I may be at any point of time, always proud of myself.
  2. Feeling of a higher sense of purpose in life.
  3. Ability to think clearly is very strong.

PIED improving, watched porn with my GF

I used porn to masturbate since I was about 11 and didn't know it would be a problem until last August when my girlfriend and I got together. All was well until the first time we tried to get intimate - I just couldn't get excited. Luckily she was very supportive and told me it was okay, but I knew something was wrong, since I never had this problem when watching porn.

Age 26 - Gay couple - NoFap saved relationship

My boyfriend and I had noticed the sexual aspect of our relationship was becoming monotonous and a bit stale, that we were growing apart and had become quite distant in the terms of personal space and being touched romantically or sexually. I've been on and off NoFap for awhile but never stuck to it long enough to see real changes.

Age 18 – Hitting the gym regularly way more confident

I just want to give a quick thank you to everyone in this subreddit. It's been a wild ride. I had a few run-ins with PIED a couple of years back, but didn't think much of it until I found NoFap and YBOP.

Age 20 - I kissed her, productivity and confidence up

20 y/o long time lurker of nofap dropping by to say thank you for your stories, words of wisdom, pieces of advice, etc. Yesterday after an amazing day of hanging out with a beautiful woman, I finally did something that I never would have done without nofap. I made a move and kissed her before she went home. She seemed to enjoy it and now we have a date next week.

Age 30 – NoFap is changing me from within, social anxiety disappearing

Never thought myself will be improved like how it is now. It's changing my inner self. I am more satisfied with the life, things, people. I feel free and feel myself 24/7. social anxiety is getting out of myself. I'm more open while talking with people and even with strangers. I can understand what my responsibility is and I always try to act on it.

ED? Gone with the wind in less than 90 days

Finally. Freaking finally. My main objective has been fulfilled. I expected it to take longer and was a little bit nervous because I MO'd twice just two days prior to meeting her. It went perfect in the end and it feels like I've finally re-discovered sex, with no failing soldier.

Age 17 - School is becoming fun

Life is so much better now! Benefits: confidence, motivation, better at sports, I can talk better to girls, need less sleep, more energy, no brain fog, school is becoming fun, brighter eyes (like shining) and better eye contact.

Greater Awareness, Self-confidence & Self control. Appreciation for the smaller things. More comfortable with myself & others

Brothers. I did it. This is what helped me along my path:

  • Moderation of social media. It's mind numbing and very addicting. If you're not on it to market your business then there's no reason to be on it. Learn to not give a fuck, social media is the first step.

Transforming into a stud

100 days, and I'm still going strong. Over the 100 days, I have become more confident, happier, a lot calmer, Less temperamental, clearer skin, clearer mind, Smarter, more attractive to girls.

Age 22 - Everything is coming back to baseline

Back [in] my fapping days I became really much socially disconnected, my libido was super low since years, no desire for woman, despressed, didn't enjoy watching movies or music. Man, everything became boring. Really. Nowadays, everything is coming back to baseline. REAL desire for woman eg. wanting to know them better and not just fuck them to be cool.


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