Anxiety levels much lower. I can think clearly. I am feeling joy again and I am returning to the person I once was.

This is my first time ever actually reaching 90 days although ive had a few decent streaks i think 70 was my best before this. How do I feel? Really good to be honest. Now for a short story. I've had basically a sad life. I started life as a winner, I was social, popular and happy. At the age of 15 my life came crashing down (for reasons I won’t bother going into).

Age 23 - PIED gone: morning wood, strong libido, frequent erections

i bcm 23 just 2 days ago. i had severe pmo addiction. i would be filled of self hate and tension of being impotent or ED. i wanted to live a meaningful life and to quit it to be more pure more real in real world. and then i did it.....a 30 (a long time enough to post a success story) nofap streak and i am planning to go for 90 days now.

Age 17 - Mental wall preventing conversation being destroyed

I’m 17 years old and preparing for my Senior Year of High School. I decided to embark on the NoFap Challenge as a means of combating PIED that I’ve acquired through my misuse and abuse of PMO, a habit that I’ve afflicted myself with since the age of 12 or so.

If I hoped to enjoy a satisfying and successful sex life now and later on in my life, pornography and rigorous masturbation were two things that I needed to banish out of my life.

Age 19 - PIED cured: I just had sex a few times and was extremely hard (even with a condom on) and it felt so much better.

I think I may have cured my pied. Backstory: Started watching porn and masturbating around 12-13 and now I am about to be 19. I had suffered from pied (for what I know) for at least 2 years - couldn't get it up for sex. I just had sex a few times and was extremely hard (even with a condom on) and it felt so much better.

YOU can become YOU once again! Hope still exists

 It brings so much joy to my heart to be able to see people on nofap completely turn their lives around and prove themselves wrong that life can be so much more fulfilling without being completely engulfed in a cycle of PMO and indulging in deviant sexual behaviors. I still remember the days after I used to relapse edging to porn 6 - 8 hours a day, 3 or 5 times a week, just lying there under my blanket and wasting my energy into an empty space.

Sex is a lot more exciting and fun, with more bonding and better erections

Sexually speaking, intimacy and sex is better than it used to be. It's a lot more exciting and more fun, and there's a lot more bonding. Sensitivity is WAY stronger, and my erections are better than they have been since I can remember, which is really surprising sometimes, - so that's a total bonus.

Much more resilient, new job, more of a DGAF attitude

Today is day 90 of my hard mode, NoFap streak. I’ve been a lurker on these forums for a couple of years, only recently joining in on some discussion. I’ve learned so much from so many different posts, and I wanted to share some experiences and insights on what my 90 days were like. In hindsight, I wish I would have journaled this journey to maintain accurate records of what happened and precisely how I felt while going through it in the moment, but I will have to settle for general recall here.

3 years of PIED gone in two months without porn

I'm in the middle of my twenties, and I had a PIED for 3 years which became stronger and stronger year after year. From occasional ED, it became no libido + no erections at all with a partner. I was PMOing ~1time a day for at least 10 years. Even now I'm not saying that porn is the only guilty here (I had developed performance anxiety as well), but I can't deny its role in my troubles.

I forgot how to make friends - until now

Yesterday i went to get a haircut and a nerdy hairdresser cut my hair. On porn, i would have seen this girl as a potential girlfriend and judged her head to toe unconsciously. But now that my brain has begun to heal, I didn’t view her in this way. [But] nofap is changing my view of women.

PIED - Now rock hard and I had an actual orgasm!

I have been on nofap for 50 days now and I feel great! The reason for my nofap participation is my lack of arousal for real women, I thought I was asexual or gay or something... I had zero sex drive and every time I went to bed with a beautiful girl my penis did not do the thing I wanted it to do.... I was not nervous at all and I have no organic problem.. I couldt also feel love or affection... I just wanted to fuck which did not work

I wanted to test the scientific benefits

It has been over 30 days that I have not watched porn. And I don't miss it one bit. I also have not googled naked pictures of women to masturbate on and then ejaculate. After 32 days, I can say the benefits of quitting PMO are true. Some you have already heard, others I have discovered as well. Here are the benefits:

The Dangers of Internet Porn (Podcast)

In this revealing episode, talks about how internet might be ruining your dating and sex life. Gary Wilson starts by clarifying the difference between masturbation and porn use. He explains why porn has become such a big problem for a lot of young men in today’s society.

Age 19 - The long road back from transgender/hypno/escorts

I had access to a pc from the age of around 8. Didn't use Pornography until the age of 10 which is when I also started masturbating. To my understanding this is quite a young age to be needing to masturbate however I do believe this was triggered by pornography. From then, I would frequently use porn and masturbation as it felt good and I knew no better at the time (millions of beautiful woman who would act ANY act I wished at the click of a button

My wife loves and respects me more, depression gone

I started nofap normal mode on October 4th was fapping and watching that shit called "pornography" (strangers having intercourse), 6 times I relapsed, anyway many things in my life change after that I realized how little I know and how bad my life was anyway. I got out of debt, lost 62 pounds.

My fetishes have diminished and I'm no longer confused about my sexuality. I also had depression & anxiety brought on by PMO

I have been on nofap for one year now after being on a 15 year binge of pornography, masturbation, dishonesty and loneliness. The first time I watched porn I was 13 years old; it was also the first time I masturbated. I would wake up at 5am to watch porn before my parents woke and throw sickies from school for the same reason. I could not get enough porn. I was also compulsively masturbating, some days going 10 MO sessions.


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