Age 29 - Married, PIED all but gone, best sex ever

I'm 29, and I've known about NoFap for a few years. But I didn't have any real negative effects from PMO for years, but around a year or so ago performance anxiety  about sex crept in, and for a long while I had ED. It was hell for my wife and I. After speaking to a therapist i realised the issue and worked to resolve it. So far so good!

Fantastic benefits, but nasty withdrawal still haunting me

I'm 167 days into this thing and I want people who are similar to me to know the reality of their situation. I started very early on in my life, escalating to fetishes by the middle of high school. I continued on like that until sometime during my freshman year of college, when I discovered this site. Then I spent the next 5 years trying to quit the damn habit.

1 Year - Porn served to distort my perceptions of fantasy and intimacy, and I had difficulty maintaining relationships because of it.

I'm writing this to talk about my experiences after quitting porn. This is not meant as an exemplar for what could happen, but if you find some inspiration from this, I'm happy to have helped. I had struggled for almost half my life with pornography in various forms, from text to live actions to cartoons. Porn served to distort my perceptions of fantasy and intimacy, and I had difficulty maintaining relationships because of it. I found myself depressed and traumatized at the person I was turning into, so I made a choice to quit.

Age 27 - ED appears to be cured. Morning wood has returned

I posted my 'origins' story here back in November the 12th, 2016. The title was "78 days of Hard Mode" if you want to look it up. For those that can't be arsed, in essence I was becoming addicted to P. Having spent twenty years of my life MOing with the latter 5 or 6 years or PMOing I had become rather numb to genuine sexual encounters with women. It was terrifying.

Age 26 - Deeper voice, peace and serenity, more stamina, less brain fog

I made it guys and gals. Day 90 has arrived! Good things started happening when I stopped fapping. I've been on this journey for 2 years and failed many, many times. I knew what was coming and what I needed to do to get over those bumps. I failed too many times to want to feel that way again so it was part experience and Part determination to not return to my ways.

PIED and depression healed, I've manned up

PIED led me to find NoFap but I've gained back more than that. I've been lurking on NoFap since September, had a 45 day streak, relapsed multiple times and now I'm gunning for 90 again. But what I want to talk to you about is how NoFap enabled me to get real with myself, face my fears and embrace the truth in whatever form it came.

Age 20 - Wow! I suffered from porn-induced ED since I was a virgin and I finally had successful sex

I finally had successful sex today!!!!!!!! I couldn't tell you how great this feels man honestly. It's been such a long a road from anxiety attacks, sleepless nights mental breakdowns, suicidal thoughts, feeling worthless, and just feeling like a don't belong. So many failed attempts and painful moments. So many times of feeling demasculated and feeling like I can't be the man a woman needs cause my dick doesn't work. I would have the girl of my dreams naked in front of me and I would stay limp Noodle. Gorgeous face, gorgeous body, and personality out of this world.

Age 24 - Much more confident with strangers. It's almost as though I'm a kid again and every human being is an interesting character in some kind of larger story.

I never really thought of [my porn use] as an addiction or anything unnatural. But after trying to quit and relapsing over and over for the past two years i have realized that I was absolutely addicted and had almost no self control. Any time I would get even the slightest tingling in my genitals I would instantly go and get off to some nice porn. I always assumed that's what everyone else did. But ever since I got on this site and started learning about it I have made some serious progress. It took me forever but I finally now can counter this on the daily.

Age 20 - I thought I would be socially awkward forever

I haven't masturbated or watched pornography for about two months now. I have never experienced such a sudden and positive change in my entire life. Porn and jerking off is bad. It saps your energy. It makes you awkward, withdrawn, and unambitious. Since I quit, within 1 month I was dating a beautiful brunette from my work.

Age 24 - Morning wood back, PIED better

So it’s around 6/7 weeks of no porn and barely any masturbation. My morning erections are returning to almost 100% from none at all and I've been getting erections at night too. Last Saturday I managed to get an erection while playing around with my fiancée and got a blowjob.

Depression disappeared...and then I started using again

I engaged into NoFap in october. I have been trying since september but I just couldn't do it. Then I found this site and by reading about all of your stories I earned the determintation to do it. Stayed clean for around 80 days (didn't even count them). Superpowers and stuff: yeah it worked. The most amazing fact is how much my self-awareness improved: I could track every feeling and thought to the origin.

Age 27 - Married with DE and some ED: I never thought sex can be so blissful...

I am married for 1.5 years and I have a baby. I was a hard-fapper as long as I remember myself. When I was having sex with my wife who, by the way, is beautiful and super hot, also very caring and affectionate, I had to imagine lesbians or other girls to be able to ejaculate.


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