Age 26 - Better concentration & memory, Improved confidence, Decreased anxiety, Return of "morning wood", Healthier, Greater female attention

Today marks 50 days of NoFap - no porn, no masturbating, no orgasms. I had tried abstaining a few times before this current streak but would only last a week or two before relapsing. I had no energy, no self esteem, zero confidence, crippling anxiety, and had been contemplating suicide. Well my friends, those days are no more.

Age 17 – Found a girl I really love and care for

[Benefits at 101 days?] Energy, much more positive outlook on life, less social anxiety, no more putting women and sex on a pedestal, and i also found a girl I can say I really love and care for.

I was mainly just trying to kick the addiction to porn, but it helped me kick other instant gratification habits such as smoking weed, drinking caffeine constantly, as well as my obsessive nature when it comes to video games and GMO filled junk food. I’m 17.

Age 21 - Don't wait until you have PIED to quit!

I know this may not be the case for everyone. I saw a guy come here in order to get rid of bags under his eyes. But for a lot of us, including myself, trying to perform in bed, normally multiple times, then not being able to is when we begin to seek help.

It makes me wonder about the guys that don't have PIED and have every other symptom of porn addiction, they will go on thinking its just how they are.

PIED is gone, Anxiety in the bedroom is gone, Overall anxiety has diminished, My thinking is clearer

Just thought I would take a second to share my journey for the past 90 days. I've certainly gained encouragement and strength from all of your posts so I hope this is in someway helpful to at least one of you. My intent over the past 90 days was to quit looking at porn only. I have MO 2 to 3 times a week and sometimes less without any screen in front of me.

Age 18 – Dreams, smells, girlfriend and I don't take bullshit anymore

Started pmo age 15, i’m now 18. Done nofap 3 times seriously My first streak 28 days Second streak around 60-70 days And this is my third proper streak. The first 50 days were very easy because I was so comitted to reaching 90 days,

Age 23 - Porn fetish and PIED gone

I don’t have any urges anymore and just wanted to share a few points for the guys who are struggling to see the worth of this. I’m not going to preach about superpowers but I will say so much more productive in the sense of reading and starting my own side hustle to build into a business.

Age 17 – Grades up, new interests and job, better social skills

I'm currently seventeen years old and I've been practising NoFap for over a little more than a year now. Like most of you I decided to start NoFap because I wanted to change something about myself. During my journey all the positive posts from others helped a lot at tough times, so I hope that my post is able to help some of you.

Age 32 - PIED improvements, girls now hit on me

I have just reached 90 days of nofap and I'm feeling great! NoFap by itself isn't a cure-all for your life problems. It means nothing if you're still the same ambition-less lazy fuck that you used to be. The key word in succeeding in life would be DISCIPLINE. Without it nofap, work, fitness or even your love life will not succeed! My lessons learned in this journey:

Age 19 – More productive and caring, less of a loser

I started attempting nofap back in November 2014 when I was around 16. Was kinda a loser back when I heard about nofap in 2014, and now I'm 19 and a bit less of a loser :)

Age 19 - PIED and gynecomastia subsiding, No longer an introvert

It's the day 10 of the second attempt of my NoFap campaign. And let me tell you, this time, I'm doing much better than the last time. I still get the urges, but now I have learnt how to curb those urges. I've learnt how to say no when my brain asks me to look at porns, or to masturbate. And lately, I've been observing some changes within me.

Age 44 - Had HOCD - Now, sex with wife is much better, porn fetishes fading

So it was around the end of last September that I last used porn. I have continued to masturbate. I have had a few moments when I felt tempted but have never been close to using porn. This isn't the first time I tried to stop using porn. I have used pure willpower in the past and it worked for a week here and a few days there but I would always get to a point where it just happened.

Age 20 – My sexuality is ''normal'' again, after crossing every kinky line

Male, 20 addict since 12 and since 10 on gaming, quit both... started NoFap cus i hated feeling like a slave of my own desires, so that was the main benefit of this journey, just to GAIN this power of STOPPING feeling like that, for me this alone is the only reason i needed to start NoFap

Age 28 - PIED, low attraction to women - Now, apathy and depression declining, healthier skin

I'm 28. I watched the TedX talk maybe two years ago. It gave me a feeling of dread. I realised I had a dependency on porn for the first time. I wasn't seeking out real women. Even rejecting them. I told myself I was happier with porn. The one partner I had, I couldn't keep an erection during penetrative sex. I put this down to other things.

Age 30 – Feeling like a king!

Wow can't beleive I've finally made it - fucking 90 days. Where do I even start it's hard to tell, I'll start from how I felt before and how I feel today. I am a computer programmer, 30 years old male. Been addicted to to weed for about 7 years and porn for about 17 years.

Age 26 - Excitement for life has returned!

Well... It's been a long time coming but so worth it. I'm usually just a lurker, but hitting day 90 I figured I should share my experience. It's been a tough journey but anything that's actually worth the struggle shouldn't be easy.


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