Age 20 - Talking with people easier, My anxiety is gone, Girls are a lot more attracted to me

So last year I felt extremely depressed at uni, due to being v socially anxious and not having many friends. And now I've started uni somewhere else and feeling really awesome, making friends so easily now since I started nofap. Talking with people has become easier, and my anxiety is gone, girls are also a hell of a lot more attracted to me!

Young men who view more pornography experiencing erectile dysfunction, study says (Dr. Morgan Francis, 2017)

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - Young men who prefer pornography to real sexual encounters are unable to perform well with other people when the opportunity presents itself, according to a study recently conducted by a San Diego based urology clinic. Watch video.

Age 38 - Reflections on 1 Year Sober - Changes in Attitude

Today I am one year sober. I feel like my whole life has changed. I can't explain it easily, but staying pornfree has made a huge difference to many different aspects of life. If you told me 4 years ago when this journey started that I would go an entire year without porn or masturbation I could not possibly have believed you.

Able to talk to ladies without feeling anxious (lost my virginity), Motivation increased, Anxiety levels decreased

I done 95 out of 100 days so far without fapping, watching porn/orgasm and it improved my life. I also done no PMO back in April for 33 days and back in August last year. Things that nofap changed my life so far:

Age 27 - I have reached a level of intimacy with my partner I have never experienced before, More confident & less anxious


*MAY CONTAIN TRIGGERING LANGUAGE I joined Nofap on April 18 and began my reboot on the same day. I chose to go porn free to improve my social, physical and emotional health and to have more intimate and meaningful PIV with SO. I identified my triggers, made a freedom plan, started this journal and told SO and two friends in real life what I was trying to achieve.

Age 25 - The lethargy, lack of interest in life, depression, suicidal thoughts and the feeling of being useless in life is gone...gone....gone.

One thing that makes me, and I think most fapstraounats, proud and excited in hitting such milestones (even a mere 20 days) is because of the revelation of the potential that lies in you that you never knew. While addicted to PM, you are just like any other drug addict. In fact, for those who have been addicted for long to PM (my addiction has run for some 12 years) just like a crack addict, one becomes a poor decision maker, a shitty manager of finances and personal business, an unfocused, lowly motivated loser.

Age 29 – I am more in control of myself, no longer a victim, quit smoking

I'm on my longest streak ever and I only have 9 more days until my 3 month reboot and I want to share some stuff with you guys (and girls). I joined nofap 5 years ago, and have been trying this ever since. It is an extremely hard addiction to overcome. Trust me, I know, I am a former heroin addict with 1 year 3 months sober.

Age 23 - Hard to believe: Varicocele pain is gone. Chronic mouth ulcers gone.

My life was easy and smooth. I started fapping in 2011 when i was 17. I became a regular fapper in 2012. I also started edging (phone sex) without masturbating afterwards. Basically I was never addicted to porn. The only thing I did too much was the phone sex which is a type of edging. There were phases in which I only edged almost daily but never orgasmed or masturbated for months. Also there were phases which included both edging and masturbating at different times. This became habit in 2012.

Age 24 - Much more self-disciplined, can progress at anything I try

In terms of benefits, I have become much more self-disciplined, NoFap has given me the strength and motivation to become more consistent in anything I wished to and slowly or quickly progress in it. I have started running, something which I hadn't done since a very long time now

Age 20 – Life turning around again on second streak

A couple posts ago i was bummed out because i had no energy to do things.. especially when it came to skateboarding. well the past 2 days ive had so much energy to skate! instead of usually skating 7 hours a day, ive been skating 10+.

my confidence has gone up, not too much. but to the point where i could care less what people think about me.

and this one’s funny: i actually started getting back into meditating, watching naruto, learning about things.. mainly about the universe.

The world is a different place now

[Given] what nofap has done for me I thought it would be criminal not to at least write something on how positive the experience has been. I wasn't exactly socially inept before the challenge and I wouldn't say my life was out of control.

Sexologists Deny PIED by Claiming Masturbation Is the Problem

In the last year, an audacious red herring has insinuated itself into the tweets and blogs of some AASECT sexologists: the notion that PIED (porn-induced erectile dysfunction) is caused by masturbation. Without offering any scientific support, this band of porn-apologists has determined to persuade us that porn is not behind the recent rise of coital ED in online porn enthusiasts. (Gotta be anything but porn, right?)

Age 22 – Overcame a decade of addiction, now achieving goals that seemed impossible

I did it. I fucking did it. [Background] Started PMO when I was in 7th grade, I still remember the first time when I discovered this "amazing" thing. Going through middle school to college, I have faced obscure issues such as brain fog, social anxiety, mediocracy with the ladies and gentlemen, low self-esteem, and a low drive in life.

Age 21 - Morning wood is back, More confident, Talked to girls without any fear, Many other changes

Things I’ve noticed about nofap:

  • My morning wood is back, and it’s harder than ever before.
  • I feel more confident
  • My penis doesn’t seem small anymore

Age 25 - DE gone after quitting porn, had lied for 2 years about orgasm

I starting masturbating to lingerie catalogs at 12. I was using internet porn by 13/14 and addicted to hardcore porn around 15/16. I was unable to finish when I received my first blowjob and hand job at 16. I was unable to finish when I had sex at 17. I've been unable to orgasm outside of masturbation despite having plenty of different partners and fairly regular sex.


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