Age 26 - PE improved, working on my first novel, porn use has little to do with "horniness"

Lots of changes and benefits. The early benefits are well documented: increased confidence and energy. Over time, you start getting more subtle benefits, like being a lot more calm but also more social. As time goes on, you start to make much more productive use of your time. I'm currently working on writing my first novel. I'm exercising regularly, and I'm making an effort to spend as much time as possible around friends and family.

Age 24 - I feel like the sun; my co-worker is a black-hole

I'm 24 year old guy, been in meditation since last 4 years and had the urge to clean the nonsense out of my life. I started holding myself together by taking up hobbies and avoiding Porn, but soon realised I can't walk this path alone so I came across NoFap. It has taken me a year and a half to come to this point honestly, but the benefits are worth it.

Age 25 - Healthy diet helps a lot

I started doing the wrong thing when I was 15 and never stopped for more than a month. Today with 25 I'm into 90 straight days and I don't intend to break the streak. I wanted to share this because I never thought I would be able to keep a straight record. I just started succeeding when I started facing it like any other addiction. It's like being addicted to alcohol, once you stop you are always going to be an ex-alcoholic and fighting and controlling the urge. If you take the same approach as you did to something that you stopped doing and apply to this bad habit.

PIED - A virgin at 32 years old no longer: The idea of a woman was finally a turn on to me again!

Here's my abbreviated success story: in my teens I was very overweight and shied away from trying to date any women. Later, I lost all that weight and turned out to be a good looking guy with a lot of interest from women. I had no early sexual experiences, but naturally had gravitated to porn,

Age 22 - Porn, you had me by the balls, but now...

Porn, you are no longer my master. I'm done with the shame. I'm done with the perversion. The social anxiety. The dehumanization of myself and those I viewed. The fear. The lies. You had me by the balls for so long, but I’m finally free. Now fuck off.

Age 27 - More than 3 years since I watched porn: Life has transformed

I healed a big part of myself, in sex, relationships and manhood. I had the most amazing sex of my life (thank you Brazil). I co-created the most amazing and strong relationships with men and women whom I love. Love flows thru me. I have become love.

Age 14 - 365 days later: Greater popularity, My love of baseball returning, My emotions no longer being numbed, Me becoming a social butterfly

It was just one year ago today that on my old account that I decided to quit porn for the holiday season because I still had a faint hope that Santa was real and that my elf on the shelf would see everything (lol don't judge).

Age 22 – Eliminating porn has profoundly improved my mental state

I've been on NoFap for a while. Have not posted though. Reading content here, as well as the book Your Brain on Porn, helped me understand and eliminate my relationship with porn. I've come to an important realization. It's not just about eliminating porn. You'll see what I mean. While it helps - and it does, so so much - it doesn't solve everything.

Delving into the emotional roots of pornography addiction

Watch it on YouTube. Discovering the emotional core of why you can't leave porn behind is essential to breaking free. Learn from this subscriber's letter and experience.

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Age 29 - I did 6 months of nofap and PIED is finally better

I am 29yo male who has been PMOing since at least the age of 14. I discovered noFap in the wake of my last break up roughly 5-6 years ago. At the time I was jerking it regularly 3-5 times a day to deal with the pain of my lost relationship, my failure to get a job or into grad school following college, and a general inability to attract anyone worth anything into my life.

Quit porn! Have real sex with hot women!

I, too, understand the superpowers members of NoFap claim to feel. While I am naturally a confident intellectual type, pornography and regular masturbation sapped me of self-esteem. I began comparing myself to the ripped, huge dick-swinging men in porn and I felt like shit.

Video - 1 year nofap! (by Lemondayne)

I literally am exploding with this sexual energy/libido. Way more confidence. Social anxiety/shyness almost gone

90 days hardmode. Because damn was it hard. I began on 21st of January and promised that I would reach 90 days no matter what. And here I am. I have gone through so much hardship and pain to get to this point, I think many who have gone to 90 days can relate. This is one of the hardest things I've ever done. But also the most rewarding. The benefits I have right now are:

-More energy: I literally am exploding with this sexual energy/libido.

-Way more confidence: I have high self esteem and care less about small things. They don't bother me as much.

We need to take ownership of what porn's doing to NZ kids. Dr Mark Thorpe (2018)

11/04/2018, Jesse Mulligan. Link to 3.5 minute TV segment (transcript below)

OPINION: Psychologists here say we're in the middle of a porn crisis.

Just last year an Australian study found 100 percent of boys surveyed were exposed to porn, and 85 percent said they viewed it daily or weekly.

Age 20 - Realize I want my GF more than novelty, got prestigious internship, singing professionally

I just wanted to give everyone a report on what I've done over these 90 days. (Spoiler: gaining super powers isn't on the list. But I gained shit much more valuable than that). Needless to say I didn't open my 3rd eye when I woke up this morning. But the 2 I did open are seeing much more than they did 3 months ago. A bit of background on me. I've been trying NoFap on and off for the last 4 years.


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