Age 27 - Healthier view of women, dating, more social, career progress

I thought id never do it but i did! Im so happy!! During this time i:

  • have had the energy to do more stuff than during PMOing
  • started talking to a girl and approached her and now we are happly together even without having sex yet

Age 17 - I am able to be myself more easily than ever

Last year I was a hopeless fat ugly piece of shit who had no social skills and took everything for granted. But a bit over 365 days ago I found out about NoFap, and a lot has changed since then. I'd proceed to tell you about the attraction, the new friends, all the grades I never got until this year, and all the repeated generic stories but that's not the point.

Age 28 - This was my favorite year

I started out with a massive depression. After a failed attempt of a self company, I fell into severe depression. I couldn't get out of bed to do nothing but play games and masturbate. Then, out of nowhere, an old job manager offered me a job after I called him. Not in my desired field, but it helped me beat my social anxiety a bit.

Sexual Arousal and Sexually Explicit Media (SEM): Comparing Patterns of Sexual Arousal to SEM and Sexual Self-Evaluations and Satisfaction Across Gender and Sexual Orientation (2017)

COMMENTS: In this study, participants were asked about their sexual arousal related to 27 genres (themes) of porn. Why the researchers chose these 27 particular genres is known only to them. How the authors determined which genres were “mainstream” which were “non-mainstream” also remains a mystery given their seemingly random categorization (more below).

No matter, this study debunks the claim that porn users like only a narrow range of genres. While it doesn't directly ask about escalation over time, the study found that subjects the authors categorized as "non-mainstream" porn viewers like many different types of porn (see the researchers' arbitrary categorization of porn genres below). A few excerpts:

Age 29 - Porn-induced ED cured: been having sex with my wife 2 times a day for the past 6 months

I recovered probably 4 months before but come back on this forum to give back and write my story so that those suffering from PIED can get some motivation and continue to believe in the process. Background: I am from India, age - 29.

Age 17 - Day 181 - My feelings are now strong, and no longer dull, increased confidence

Well where to start? Even though the 90 days were completed there was still this kind of feeling in my bones that I need to move on and so did I. I told myself fuck it why not? I've already made it once I could do it twice. Besides I didn't feel like it would be worth it to start fapping again as these 90 days showed me how awesome it is to abstain from this selfish poison.

PIED – A little boy has died and a man has been born

I feel like a man. A real, serious, hard man. Before I did nofap I was a cowardly little boy... that little boy has died and a man has been born. Since starting nofap ive noticed so many changes. I am more social, my anxiety has gone way down. I no longer have urges.

Age 21 - Escalated to almost every single fetish/type of pornography (so many benefits)

Hey guys I can finally say I have successfully done 30 days of nofap complete. No masturbating, no fantasising, no ejaculating, no orgasm, limited internet use/phone use except for communication.

Brief rundown..

How bad was my addiction?

Age 21 - 1 Year: This time last year I was different. Insecure, no confidence and broke

This time last year I was different. Insecure, no confidence and broke. It was just over a year since I broke up with my long term girlfriend. I was sad, lonely, anxious and probably depressed. I saw a video on NoFap and thought it was ridiculous, weird and disgusting. In fact, that is exactly what PMO is; ridiculous, weird and disgusting. So this time last year after listening and reading the benefits of NoFap, I had one more nut and decided to start this before the new year.

Start now. Don't wait until the new year. This will help you do it.

Energy, mental clarity and extreme focus

Let me tell you my experience briefly.

¤ Had a six month hardmode streak in which I managed to pull off two months zero wet dream semen retention streak.

¤ Before that I thought semen retention is a stupid thing. However, I wanted to stop fapping so as a result semen retention became a natural thing so I didn't do it intentionally like I do now.

Age 25 - Gay man. I started this journey because of PIED: yesterday I had sex twice without cialis & erections were fine

Today I'm 90 days PMO free!!! First time ever. I'm very happy, I started this journey because of PIED, and yesterday I had sex twice without any cialis and erections were fine, even though I'm on anxiety medication. Rebooting really works!

Age 36 - Realizing that the scope of a 90-day reboot wasn't enough was the best thing I could have ever done for myself

I've had a really tough 2017, starting off with my father's passing last January. I've spent the last year exploring my sex addiction (and other compulsive behaviors) and I ended up seeking help with therapy and a 12-step program. I'm super happy to report that yesterday I was gifted 300 days sober from compulsive sexual behaviors.

Age 16 – Overhauled my life

My God it's been a journey. Last year I had zero friends, and spent 100% of my free time either jerking off or playing videogames. It is amazing to compare the old me to what I am today. Now I have amassed quite a few friends, have become infinitely more confident and for the most part overhauled my life.

Age 17 - The past five months have been the most productive of my life

People here always talk about "Superpowers" But the truth is that that's really the way you are, and your PMO habits are just suppressing it. The past five months have been the most productive of my life. I've started to write a book, experienced confidence like I've never had before, started having energy I didn't even know it was possible for me to have...

Age 26 – PIED, low desire - Health problems resolving, increased confidence, glowing skin, rock hard erections

I'm 26, male and live within the UK. I don’t watch porn or masturbate anymore and I haven’t for the last 9 months. The benefits are obvious. How? There was no eureka moment and/ or special method.


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