The world is a different place now

[Given] what nofap has done for me I thought it would be criminal not to at least write something on how positive the experience has been. I wasn't exactly socially inept before the challenge and I wouldn't say my life was out of control.

Sexologists Deny PIED by Claiming Masturbation Is the Problem

In the last year, an audacious red herring has insinuated itself into the tweets and blogs of some AASECT sexologists: the notion that PIED (porn-induced erectile dysfunction) is caused by masturbation. Without offering any scientific support, this band of porn-apologists has determined to persuade us that porn is not behind the recent rise of coital ED in online porn enthusiasts. (Gotta be anything but porn, right?)

Age 22 – Overcame a decade of addiction, now achieving goals that seemed impossible

I did it. I fucking did it. [Background] Started PMO when I was in 7th grade, I still remember the first time when I discovered this "amazing" thing. Going through middle school to college, I have faced obscure issues such as brain fog, social anxiety, mediocracy with the ladies and gentlemen, low self-esteem, and a low drive in life.

Age 21 - Morning wood is back, More confident, Talked to girls without any fear, Many other changes

Things I’ve noticed about nofap:

  • My morning wood is back, and it’s harder than ever before.
  • I feel more confident
  • My penis doesn’t seem small anymore

Age 25 - DE gone after quitting porn, had lied for 2 years about orgasm

I starting masturbating to lingerie catalogs at 12. I was using internet porn by 13/14 and addicted to hardcore porn around 15/16. I was unable to finish when I received my first blowjob and hand job at 16. I was unable to finish when I had sex at 17. I've been unable to orgasm outside of masturbation despite having plenty of different partners and fairly regular sex.

Age 24 - 5-year recovery, severe HOCD, transgender porn

For the beginning I just want to apologize for some grammatical mistakes because I don't use English very often and I want to tell you that it is going to be a very long story, maybe one of the longest I have read so if you don't want to read it, nobody forces you. This story covers up everything important about my problems caused by porn in the last five years of my life.

Age 26 - New town, life, promotion, karaoke and girlfriend

I started NoFap in 2012, and here I am at 100 days now. I'm pretty stoked, my last good streak was 90 a few years ago, but now that I'm older at 26 now I think this will be easy to maintain, I don't care to watch porn anymore and find it boring.

Pornography use in sexual minority males: Associations with body dissatisfaction, eating disorder symptoms, thoughts about using anabolic steroids and quality of life (2017)

Comments: 98% of gay & bisexual men use porn. Increased porn use is associated with greater dissatisfaction with muscularity, body fat and height; greater eating disorder symptoms; more frequent thoughts about using anabolic steroids; and lower quality of life.

Age 34 – From insecure, awkward weirdo with brainfog to absolute clarity, energy and social ease

Background: 34, started MO around 13, luckily I didn't have high speed internet available then, so I used much tamer things as stimulation, like the occasional image on a calendar or matchbox packaging (do they still do those? :D) also ... fantasizing about girls I saw during the day. It all went downhill when I was around 19-20, moved to my own place, and got exposed to all kinds of online porn.

Age 19 - NoFap saved my life, anxiety now almost nonexistent

I discovered the sub half a year ago and gave it a shot. I've been changing for the better slowly but steadily ever since. I used to be inside all day, even going to the store would make me so anxious that I felt physically ill and sweaty the whole time. If someone made eye contact with me my eyes would tear up and I would escape the situation any way I could.

Age 21 – Helped save people during earthquake, my grades, body, mind and moral code have improved

I'm from Mexico and there was a huge earthquake and a building fell down, I helped two people escape. I couldn't have done it without Nofap, I just literally wanted to help. I believe a really long Nofap streak like mine gives you the extra benefit of really caring about other human beings besides your own.

Age 22 - Best thing I did for myself in the last ten years

I am 22, started nofap to improve productivity and have more time. Maybe on day 10 I discovered this society and decide to try 90 days challenge. Now I'm trying one year challenge. A lot of benefits, I'm good in University like never before, doing push ups 3-4 days per week (for about two weeks will start to workout in gym), better in social interactions, better motivation etc.

Age 23 - I've achieved more in the last 9 month than in my entire life, clear thinking, great health

I've achieved more in the last 9 month than in my entire life. I had the biggest progress in my passions - Graphic design, Freestyle football, workout/healthy lifestyle but also in social life. Insane amount of energy, will, confidence, creativity, vitality etc...

Personal Pornography Viewing and Sexual Satisfaction: A Quadratic Analysis (2017)

Comments: Whether male or female, religious or non-religious, greater porn use correlated with less sexual satisfaction. An excerpt from the study:

"reductions in satisfaction tend to initiate once viewing reaches once a month, and that additional increases in the frequency of viewing lead to disproportionately larger decrements in satisfaction"

Age 17 - PIED healed! HOCD and brain fog down

Last night was my first time actually being able to get a boner maintain it and fuck with it! And the best thing is I fucking came!! Twice!! God damn my girl was so fucking shocked because we went 2/3 times last night and I finally feel like a man! Nofap helps with PIED and performance anxiety!


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