Since stopping porn sex has been amazing (married for 10 years)

So one of the reasons that I have stopped using porn is that I wanted to have more sex with my SO. I never was lacking libido and did not have any PIED, but as part of coming clean to my SO, I also brought up that I wanted more sex. I am so grateful that they are understanding and we have been able to have more sex lately.

Age 22 - What nofap has done for me

I used to be that shy guy who couldn't even talk to a girl without going bright red. Now after years of nofap I've relapsed many times but PMO is slowly drifting away from my life and now I have a muscular body, great haircut, better college grades, confidence and girls are literally throwing themselves at me.

Porn-induced ED cured - I thought I was hopeless, and couldn’t imagine this happening a year ago

Well.. finally. About a year ago I was so stressed out that I couldn’t get hard for girls. Came to realize porn was the problem. Decided to do NoFap. Started talking to this girl and went to visit her in her dorm room. Still felt tons of nerves, but at the point where I’d usually stop progressing, I took things further.

Age 29 - This shit is the real deal guys. It’ll change your life.

I haven’t visited this sub in about a year. I feel like i need to share my story. I was addicted to this garbage since i was in my teens. Im 29 now. I was in a relationship with a girl since i was 19. Our sex life was never all that [great]. Im talking like once a month at times. Porn kept me sexually satisfied and it kept me in a limbo with life. I settled with a boring life for 9 years!

Age 30's - Married: Succesful sex - hard as a rock. I haven’t been able to do this in 8 years. Several other benefits.

Was at the lowest point of my life. Discovered this sub (and mostly Reddit) at the end of January. Read close to a thousand posts. Got extremely motivated. Also a bit disappointed I didn’t make an effort to discover this resource earlier (could have saved 10+ years of misery), but forgeddaboudid.

Age 25 - 6+ years of DE gone after quitting porn

I [M25] was not expecting to get over my delayed ejaculation so soon, but after only 12 days of NoFap, I was able to cum during PIV with my girlfriend! A little backstory: I have never been able to cum with a girl, however I am able to make myself cum. That led me to self-diagnose myself with delayed ejaculation after doing some reading.

Age 17 - Increased confidence, energy, optimism & happiness. Far less social anxiety. Get more things done. More girl attraction

Here’s a disclaimer: I am a 17 y/o Narcissist. I’ve always had this problem with keeping a steady self-image. Nofap helped me and here’s how. I started in august '17. This was the most depressing time for me ever. I moved to a new state and I didn’t understand the culture or anything of the people here. I had horrible anxiety and depression at the time.

After 4 years of trying, everything is improving

All I can say is, keep going on. After reaching a certain point, everything is better. I am fighting with this addiction more than 4 years and now I feel like I have fallen into the world from heaven. What I have gained;

  • -Social interactions got better

Better grades, more social confidence, first job, better sex

I no longer have any urges to masturbate after previously doing it for 8 years nearly 3x a day and therefore no longer need to use this sub. Yes, I still get urges to bang every chick that I look at. The superpowers are real; I literally changed my life around in those 138 days

Age 26 - Has porn use ruined my ability to enjoy sex?

I'm 26 and a couple of days ago I had my first everything with a girl - hugging, kissing, making out, sex - after having been on nofap (no PMO) for 80 days. On day 80, which was 4-5 days before the first night we spent together, I relapsed intentionally - disregard the counter - just to see if everything was working down there as intended, and also to try using condoms which I had never even bought until then, let alone used.

Critique of "Is Pornography Really about 'Making Hate to Women'? Pornography Users Hold More Gender Egalitarian Attitudes Than Nonusers in a Representative American Sample" (Kohut et al.,2016)

The authors of this study framed egalitarianism as: (1) Support for abortion, (2) Feminist identification, (3) Women holding positions of power, (4) Belief that family life suffers when the woman has a full-time job., and oddly enough (5) Holding more negative attitudes toward the traditional family. Secular populations, which tend to be more liberal, have far higher rates of porn use than religious populations. By choosing these criteria and ignoring endless other variables, lead author Taylor Kohut knew he would end up with porn users scoring higher on his study’s carefully chosen selection of what constitutes “egalitarianism.” Then he chose a title that spun it all.

Update: In this 2018 presentation Gary Wilson exposes the truth behind 5 questionable and misleading studies, including this study (Kohut et al., 2016): Porn Research: Fact or Fiction?

Age 28 - More confidence. Don’t take BS. I'm not handsome but I feel more attractive. I feel more manly

I just saw my badge. It’s my first time reaching 90 days. It feels good to be here, but frankly I don't feel I accomplished anything special. Now it's just a number for me. It was not my goal, so you know I'm not going to relapse to celebrate or something. My goal is a better life and nofap is just a part of it, although an important part.

For the first in my life my sexuality feels like a blessing and not a curse

Several months back I was extremely confused about my sexuality (bisexual, straight, gay, asexual, couldn't tell). My brain was warped by porn and real life encounters of a sexual nature scared the  shit out of me. I was incredibly troubled at the time.

I feel more fulfilled and happy day to day. Memory improving. I relate to my wife better and more calmly when there is conflict.

These past 33 days were overall less struggle than the first 30. This is my longest streak in recovery ever. I’m confident hard mode has been the best decision to really get that brain reboot done right.


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