Female - Quit porn, libido coming back

There's not a lot of posts on here for women, but this sub has definitely been helping me this past few months and just wanted to give an update on my situation. I've stopped engaging in pornography for 3 months after noticing that it was becoming impossible to orgasm with my partner. I just started noticing now, after avoiding porn, that I want nothing to do with it.

Age 29 - First time having an orgasm during sexual intercourse (severe delayed ejaculation)

So I'm still on the road to recovery, but definitely hit my first big milestone. I'm not going to lie, its been a struggle to remain completely abstinent from Porn. However, I have GREATLY reduced the frequency in which I watch it. Though it is still my mission to completely stop viewing Porn.

Youthful ED isn't normal, spread the word!

While drinking and talking with friends or even guys I barely know, I've heard a lot of 20-30 y/o say stuff about having failed to get it up or needing viagra. I hear it from girls as well, saying it's hard to find a guy that can fuck properly.

This isn't normal and didn't happen like 20 years ago, this generation is letting itself get fucked over by porn and becoming a bunch of insecure virtual cucks, because they don't know any better.

Glorious erections, confidence, energy and self-control

Now this might not seem like much to the absolute legends on here with 500+ days but I want to point out the benefits I've experienced personally.

  1. More energy. I always wanted to work out but always gave the excuse of there being no gym in my area and me being tired after work but now I wake up with so much energy in the mornings that I have to work some of it off.

Age 20 - Clear head, almost as if I'm working at twice the speed, Way more energy, Appreciation for what I have

This is the 2nd streak on which I got to 30, the previous being 31. Journey up til now: First 14 days were the most terrible of my life. Went through a breakup, near career suicide, Lonely AF, basically, there was no happiness. I felt like there was no point of going on, there was nothing left.

Age 63 - What is new is the experience of total virility in a loving relationship

Day 62, and a lot of changes to report. Advice to couples from our experience with "karezza". I use the word to mean loving sex without the goal oriented judgmental pressure to have orgasms. Avoiding the burnout of too many O's, (especially the man's), and eliminating the overstimulation of porn, has given us amazing sexual experiences that we've never had in our many years of marriage.

I have enjoyed replacing fantasy with real life sexual relationships built on honesty and openness.

I have now reached 180 which is my longest streak. It has become normal to live without PMO and I have enjoyed replacing fantasy with real life sexual relationships built on honesty and openness. I have essentially become who I wanted to be simply by filling the void with relationships, new friends and adventures instead of porn.

Propagandists misrepresent peer-reviewed papers and ICD-11 search features to fuel false claim that WHO’s ICD-11 “rejected porn addiction and sex addiction”

The deniers of porn addiction are agitated because the latest version of the World Health Organization's medical diagnostic manual, The International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), contains a new diagnosis suitable for diagnosing both porn addiction and sex addiction. It's called "Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder." For a responsible article quoting Geoffrey Reed, the head of Mental Health Disorders for the ICD-11, see "WHO recognises 'compulsive sexual behaviour' as mental disorder."

Nonetheless, in a bizarre "we lost, but we won" propaganda campaign, the deniers are pulling out all the stops to spin this new diagnosis as a rejection of both "sex addiction" and "porn addiction." Their assertion is nonsensical, as:

Being alpha is not for everyone. Respect others.

If you want to know about advantages of no pmo you can read my older posts. I want to discuss another topic. One of the reasons why I started my journey was because I never had a girlfriend, sex or even a kiss. I'm a good looking guy, I workout a lot, I'm successful and money is not a problem for me. But my biggest problem was my social skills.

Age 17 – My life is literally amazing, my social anxiety has completely gone

i know everybody says the same but man, this shit is real. If i had to describe how i feel in only 2 word, it would be FUCKING AWESOME! haha, literally, my life is incredible!!

Two days ago I turned 17 and the reason I started nofap was becuase i was really shy, i had masive social anxiety, negative with everything, weird and i was super lazy.

Sex with my wife has been glorious since I quit

I never really buckled down until a few months ago when I really noticed I had a problem. It all started with me noticing how I treated the people closest to me in my life and how much I actually isolated myself just to get a few minutes of pleasure. I'd even call off work just so I could sit at home at my computer and browse P all day. Then I'd wonder why i was in such a crap mood the rest of the day.

Age 17 - 750+ Days of NoFap: 5 Most Important Lessons

Here, I will simply paste in the 5 most important lessons I learned from that post. If you'd like, go back and read my full story. First, NoFap is only the beginning of a tough, but exciting, journey of self change. NoFap may seem like the hardest thing, but when you take more risks and go further outside your zone, things will be harder than you ever imagined they could be.

Why fight sexual urges when you can prevent them?

Last year I discovered that NoFap is sooo easy when I take cold showers daily. It lowers my addiction to pornographic and provocative materials dramatically. I no longer need to use my will power to keep my hand off my dick. I don't have the desire to go on porn sites. WhenI do accidentally encounter provocative content on the internet I don't really feel like masturbating to it cuz it actually feels very unnatural and weird for me to do so.

Made it through the flatline, and now lots of women look hot

Nofap is a very hard journey and succeeding requires mental fortitude. here is what i experienced:

#1 mood swings

Mood swings... every damned day,week or month. One day you feel great then you feel like shit and sometime you dont know what to feel! One day you will crack jokes and laugh all day. The next you are depressed as hell and want to cry for no reason. Be prepared for the mood swings.

Age 23 - Limitless supply of cognitive and physical energy

OH THE ENERGY. I feel like a kid again with a limitless supply of cognitive and physical energy, it's unbelievable. Today I cooked, read, ran a trail, played volleyball, swam, played games with my little siblings, then cleaned the entire house for 4 HOURS until it was past midnight. It's hard to believe that it wasn't long ago where I could barely get out of bed in the morning.


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