Deeper voice, muscle growth

This is the longest I've gone without masturbating in over 30 years. Benefits: Voice has gotten deeper and I've experienced some muscle growth. You have to understand, that I've done this for so long, that it will take my body awhile longer to heal than the average person on here (16-25 yr old).

Age 23 - Lost 25kg of fat, eye contact has improved, my character has grown immensely

I'm happy to say that I reached 180 days of Nofap, and wow guys my life made a 180º turn. I started changing my diet, started meditating and also do cold showers when i need the energy. I've never relapsed since I've started my journey and I lost 25kg of bodyfat.

Age 32 - Better sleep, More energy, Sharper memory and mental clarity, More confidence, More creative

For me, the biggest thing that NoFap has done for me is that it has started me on a spiritual journey of self discovery and enlightenment. When I first learned about this practice I would read about those finding "superpowers", or "godmode". And yes I think a lot of that comes from self discipline and just learning to turn negative, self abusive thoughts and practices (like porn) into positive actions.

Age 67 - I have fallen head over heels in love again with my wonderful wife. Also, more alert & confident

So many benefits from NoFap: I went from aging like pathetic wanker to a man who is aging well; I have lost 50 lbs (in 9 months); been going to gym for over 2 months; more alert, more confident and most important of all ...I have fallen head over heels in love again with my wonderful wife.

I look at my life with appreciation and excitement

After confronting my PMO addiction that I started to regain a lot of the creativity I had lost when I was engaging with porn five times a day. Growing up, I was a creative kid, and as an adult I have worked as a professional designer for over 15 years. Now, after fighting addiction for over two years, my creativity as an all-time high. I am more productive, more ambitious, and taking on a lot more different kinds of projects.

Age 25 – My perception of intimacy was incredibly tainted by porn

Unlike most, I began indulging in masturbation when I was 22 (I'm almost 25 now), I tried at much earlier ages (~14) but could never seem to reach orgasm (it usually hurt and didn't feel pleasurable).

Age 17 - Loving my "new life"

So I started my journey after traveling to Spain for the first time ever and first time out of my own country. Something about the amazing people, the sun changed me for the better, I found this community and I have not looked back since and I love it. It was fun but now I am back in cold old Norway.

Age 25 - 7 years pornfree

Today is my 7 year anniversary of not viewing pornography. Looking back, so many wonderful things have happened since I parted ways with pornography. I am 5 months away from graduating from the university of my dreams, I’m happily married, in the best shape of my life, more creative than ever, and deeply engaged in a career I love and am passionate about. I’m also extremely self-motivated.

Porn-induced erectile dysfunction on The Butterfly Effect (Jon Ronson)

Well known writer and journalist Jon Ronson produced a 7-part series on the unintended consequences of porn tube sites. Several of the segments are focused on how the tube sites affected the porn industry. In segment #6, Ronson addresses sex dolls, odd anxieties, and porn-induced ED, which begins at 19:27.

No more porn-induced ED: My weird and abnormal fetishes are fading away. I can feel my brain re wiring

I’m very happy to share my recent improvements and changes in my life. I got rid of PIED. My flat line has ended, thanks to meditation. For people who are suffering from abnormal fetishes, porn addiction and PIED and also ED I strongly recommend meditation. It has changed my life, period.

Age 27 - Relationship improved a lot. Sex is better as well. Also, I've got insanely productive with my business.

Yeah so I just passed the 90-day mark. Can't say it was easy, but it's definitely achievable if you have strong reasons. I've been learning to channel my sexual energy into books, study groups, and spiritual practices. My relationship improved A LOT. I'm so much more present and reliable, and sex is better as well.

Better sex, and with emotional connection as well

First and foremost, NOFAP WORKS!!!!! It radically changed my entire life in every way. If you are truly addicted and stop cold turkey, but you say it doesn't help you, then you are either lying, masking your addiction with something else like video games and drugs, or have deeper psyche issues that you need to work through.

PIED - Sex was amazing! Morning wood back

I have a success story. Last night I had sex without any pills. Erection was pretty good. 100%. Also, I was able to last for 30 mins!!!! Half of that time was an intense blow-job,

Age 25 - PIED cured: I can get a 100% strong erection effortlessly, sometimes just thinking about my girlfriend is enough

When I started this streak I could not get an erection at all during sex, nor did I get morning wood. The only way I could maintain an erection long enough to orgasm was to cycle through multiple porn tabs. And I'm only 25 years old. It took me damn near the full 3 months to even get my first weak erection.

Your Brain on Porn Book now available in Arabic!

Your Brain on Porn by Gary Wilson is now available in the Arabic language as a PDF format ebook. (Detailed description at that link.) It can be purchased with a credit card or via Paypal, and Wilson's proceeds go to a charity raising awareness about porn's effects.

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