Age 23 - Anxiety, depression and brainfog gone. Motivation sky-high and rising. Confidence all the way up. Energy and desire for women are back.

I do not have "superpowers", I simply have my identity back. Granted, when you haven't felt these things for years upon years, getting them back seems almost surreal but the truth is NoFap does not give you these proclaimed powers.

Enjoying sex more in my marriage

After 90 days I can say I feel much better compared to 3 months ago. I'm not as much drawn to PMO as I used to be. I can't say the urges have disappeared, it is just easier to resist them. I think I also reached a new normal in sex life with my partner. We are both enjoying it more, I'm more alive and ready for it.

Early 30s - Sleeping better, time for projects despite greater responsibility at work, connected with crush

I'd had two long term relationships in 12 years. The end of second one left me a broken man I had been living off PMO, and it was disrupting my sleep, my health, my time, my motivation, my productivity. It was two years later that I met my crush. I would long for her like a typical nerd. Then she said she was leaving for another country. I figured I could go for it, safe in the knowledge that if it was awkward it would only be for a little while longer.

Study invalidates the CPUI-9 as an instrument to assess either “perceived pornography addiction” or actual pornography addiction

SECTION 1: Introduction

A new study (Fernandez et al., 2017) tested and analyzed the CPUI-9, a purported "perceived pornography addiction" questionnaire developed by Joshua Grubbs, and found that it couldn't accurately assess "actual porn addiction" or "perceived porn addiction" (Do Cyber Pornography Use Inventory-9 Scores Reflect Actual Compulsivity in Internet Pornography Use? Exploring the Role of Abstinence Effort). It also found that 1/3 of the CPUI-9 questions should be omitted to return valid results related to “moral disapproval”, “religiosity”, and "hours of porn use." The findings raise significant doubts about conclusions drawn from any study that has employed the CPUI-9 or relied on studies that employed it. Many of the new study's concerns and criticisms mirror those outlined in this extensive YBOP critique.

Age 17 - Long story short, I'm 46 days in and my ADHD is gone.

I started nofap to cure my ADHD. I was skeptical at first but then I did some research on Wikipedia. I used to take Strattera and Wellbutrin. Sttratera increases norepinephrine and Wellbutrin increases norepinephrine and dopamine in your brain. (ADHD happens when you have low norepinephrine and dopamine in your prefrontal cortex.)

Age 24 - Medical student: Increased confidence, energy, motivation & mental clarity. Healthier social life. Deeper emotions.

Salamualaykum all, I am currently on Day 43. I can officially say this current streak is the longest streak I have maintained since the start of my addiction. On top of all that, I have been living ALONE on campus in my own apartment! I am so proud of how far I have come and I absolutely could not have done it without this platform and this community. So I want to thank the leaders and the organizers of the Muslim Fapstronauts group.

Age 27 - I am feeling very positive changes in my body & my social life. I’m more focused & confident, glowing face. Morning wood back.

So just completed my 90 day streak and the feeling is just awesome. 90 days before I decided to quit pmo .why?  I was sitting in my room lost in my thoughts thinking about women, sexual desires, craving for more false satisfaction. Suddenly a question Pop up in my mind. Which was how many years I have watched porn and how many hours I have wasted watching porn? Then I started calculating and I found with my little knowledge of maths that I have spent about 18 months or 1.5 years of my life watching porn.

Age 18 - I am feeling more confident & mature. Relationships are better. Getting noticed by girls.

I will just post benefits that I already got: - Girls and getting noticed by people.

I just started seeing them and I started realising they are humans as well. I started looking at them. I noticed, maybe like 2 girls which randomly looked at me so far.

Age 23 - 60 days: ED significantly improved, HOCD thoughts fading away. I feel like I'm actually enjoying life now

Sorry for the long post in advance, I know it's a lot but I wanted to share how I'm doing and maybe it motivates other people to keep going or to start out. I feel like I'm less emotional or optimistic than other people so I'm not promising superpowers or girl magnets. but I'm actually seeing a better way of enjoying and going through life that I didn't see possible before.

Age 23 - I am usually very happy, and I enjoy being alive. I feel confident to approach people & talk to them.

It has been more than a while since I have been here on the forum. I had some major changes in my life and I am doing very well. I lost exact track of how many days I lived PMO-free but it is probably somewhere over 50. This is actually the first time in 15 years that I had no orgasm over such a long period of time (I didn't even have nocturnal emissions).

Age 25 - What a 100 day NOFAP journey gives to you..?

I am few hours short to complete my 100 day NOFAP journey. And I have few important words to say to my fellow Fapstronauts. Regarding benefits, apart from usual health improvements, what I can say with verified result is that

“You will get immense will power and self-awareness from your NOFAP journey which spreads to your other parts of life thereby enriching your overall well-being. This is fucking worth it. Don’t give up at any cost.”

Age 17 - Finally broke through to triple digits!

I used to fap to porn after a while i realized i had a problem I started fapping to pictures convincing myself that was healthier but each time the urge for porn came back. Tried nofap countless times relapsed countless times. Finally one of those times worked. I broke through my previous high of 30 days and now I’m home free

Success! severe PIED cured after 5 months of pornfree and nofap.

Made a throwaway for this, but I just want to thank the community for the help and support. May 1st 2017 was my first day porn free in years. I started when porn when I was around 14 and started MO even younger than that. I knew 3 months of pornfree wouldn’t be enough for me. Watched porn for hours at a time every other day.

Age 24 - Anything success stories have said as to how their life has been better without PMO, I will say this it’s all true!

It's been a while since I've posted anything on here. The last time I wrote anything on here was when I wrote saying I lied to myself and to my loved ones about any PMO substitutes. My brain was trying to deny that YouTube or any social media was a PMO but through various comments I read online I felt I knew the truth and had to come clean.

Age 21 - Improved my social skills, started dating a girl I really like

I am 21 and I started NoFap hardmode somewhere around May and today after 6 months(idk what is number of the days cause i stopped from counting them) I relapsed for the first time after 6 months. I didn't really feel any shame afterwards and after it I realized that porn is just flat out not that great.


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