Age 23 - PIED cured & sex was great. Went back to porn: less sex with GF & flatlines. We broke up.

Hi so here’s my story, about a year back I decided I was going to give up porn for good after failed attempts with multiple women. At first I had no idea what was goin on with me I was confused/ angry at myself that I couldn’t perform I had serious anxiety issues. I finally stumbled upon this website and found out what my problem was, it was too much pixels not enough real interaction.

Age 21 - I cannot put into words how much this has changed my life so you must trust my words and give it your all.

Well thought I owed this to this community after starting my journey in December 2015 and Not MOing (not what cows do) since January 15th 2017. It’s been a year and almost 2 months of semen retention. WOW! I lost my virginity Thursday so there's that. Never thought it was possible. When I started this all in Dec 2015 I was an awkward 19 year old mess.

Age 17 - I never have felt this happy or confident before. My views on girls has changed: I don’t think of them as sex objects anymore.

Finally, I have gone 3 full months without PMO for the first time. I’m 17 years old and started PMO when I was 10. I used to do it only sometimes back then, but when I got to middle school, it was everyday. As I got into high school, I started masturbating at least 3 times a day and was addicted to porn. It wasn’t until I got into high school when I found out about Nofap and realized how PMO was affecting me.

Age 27 - PIED & HOCD. I abstained for most of the last 4 years: I needed to rewire before I could fix this

I began my journey in 2013. At the time I was extremely fearful of my situation. I had PIED, I was nervous around women and intimacy was a difficult thing for me. I even developed HOCD. Fapping had a detrimental effect on my mental health overall, and I began to feel shame.

I abstained for most of the last 4 years. I questioned in that time whether I would ever heal. I would occasionally test with disappointing results. 'People heal within 6 months, why am I suffering years later?'.

Age 27 - PIED, to my surprise, the benefits have been awesome

So I've decided to post for the first time at this milestone, it's been quite a ride and I just feel like sharing to hopefully help those currently abstaining, those needing encouragement and give a little back to the community that has spurred me on. Me --> a 27 year old guy in the UK, currently doing hard mode (no PMO).

Age 22 - Severe PIED: New life! I haven't felt this self-confidence for two years.

I'm 22; I used to do PMO things on a daily basis since puberty. Two years ago, I found myself having a severe PIED. At first I was denying it saying that I was exhausted or drunk or any other excuse, my girlfriend didn't show any reaction she was afraid to embarrass me.

Seen some major improvements in my life: More confidence, Less social anxiety, More firm in bed with women.

I'm new to this forum but I have been on the reboot path for over 5 years. I just wanted to say I feel successful going without porn or fapping for 4 months straight. I've gone 3 months-free a couple times and did the 1 month-off several times. My porn use has immensely dwindled down in both frequency and volume so to speak.

Age 19 - Reap the benefits and go change someone's life

I just wanted to be a better person. I wanted to live a higher quality life. I was sick of finding myself looking at the floor with my hands in my pockets whenever that girl I liked walked into the room. Sure, I'm feeling worlds better about all of that, but I'll be damned if I told you that it stopped there. This was a journey of self-discovery, of heartache, of clarity, and I couldn't be happier that I decided to go on it.

My childhood friend was arrested for child abuse

Someone who was a childhood friend of mine, yeah, haven't talked to this person for years and years.., but yeah, well this person was arrested for sexual abuse. News article says this person said they were sexually abused as a child and that they were asking for help.. Still, everyone thinks they are a monster or creep, of course.

Age 21 - Stop masturbating, start living

I was addict. Porn and fapping was was basically my daily basis. I was constantly tired i at the edge of depression. I was then in a relationship but I've felt like it was not complete. I often felt distanced from my gf and our relationship was going bit stale, after only one year!

Age 29 - Medical Doctor: ED appears to be cured. Moral of the story is nofap works.

Since May 2017 I’ve been wishing to write this. Now I am, and it feels good. I’m hoping that like myself, others will see this to embolden themselves with the fact that things WILL get better. You WILL get through this. You WILL recover your sexual potency. You need to believe in your body. I have a medical background (physician), and so I come at this from a distinct angle.

Age 32 - Life has not become suddenly wonderful. However, yes, I do feel noticeable improvements and benefits.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Hello, welcome to my "success story" that I decided to publish on my 128th day of nofap. Why 128 days you might ask? Well, in the early days of my nofap journey, counting the number of days became very helpful and using significant numbers as markers of my progress gave me something to aim for and focus on.

Age 31 - Married: Both PIED and premature ejaculation are gone. Had some of the best sex we'd had in a long time.

I've seen a dramatic, like dramatic, improvement in my sex life in the last year or so. I don't have much time consecutively away from pornography or masturbation, in fact yesterday I lapsed--not proud of it but it's the truth. The thing is though, is that when I was at my worst I was masturbating to porn about 6-7 times a day when I was in college. During that time my libido was all fucked up and I could rarely get it up with my then girlfriend (now wife). If I got it up I could hardly keep it up, and if I kept it up I'd ejaculate within seconds.

Age 23 - My 200 days celebration post

So the other day before heading to work I logged in to check the day counter and it was 199 days, so I posted a really short celebration post. To make up for my troll post I'm going to answer some of the questions that were asked in a Q&A. This post is long so it's the opposite of the last one I made. (Yay 300k Fapstronauts. That's totally cool!)

Age 32 - It's completely worth it and I wish I had done this years ago

Before I knew about this I was a pathetic addict to porn, after many failed attempts I have made it, this is what I feel now. First: a huge chunk of bad stuff is taken out of your life when you don’t need to get your fix, that’s the best thing. You don’t want it anymore because the brain has been rewired to fully known how toxic it is by comparing the cause and effect of doing it and not doing it.


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