Nofap Made Easy - Tools that you can use to change your life (by a 17 year old)

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Hi nofap

Im 17 yrs old from the Netherlands, a person that became inspired to improve his life. English isnt my first language, if you dont understand something just ask. I could share how Ive felt and all that shit... depressed,breakup,wasting time etc. Like many of the other stories. I just dont feel like writing that right now because I focus on where I am going now and thats moving forward in life.

As you know, noFap creates lots of free time and energy.

The things I mention below give me so much energy that I dont want that extra energy being spent reading countless of information on the net. It doesnt get anything done. Motivation is bullshit, discipline is that gets things done. I also found out that I worry less and sleep way better when I dont fuck up my energy staring at a screen. For the first time in 2013 Im not going to spend my vacation staring at a screen.

I agree on the part that a beginner should come here for support in the first 2 weeks but dont let it become an addiction. Print out one inspiring post, read it whenever you feel you need to. Nofap is a great time to improve other aspects of your life aswell. Please dont waste that time on Reddit, which I struggled with aswell.

Below I share some potent life changing tips if you have the right mindset. Ive been practicing to implement these into my life, some with succes, others Im still struggling with.

  1. Cold showers: Cleanses your body and mind of negative emotions that are your own or picked up from others . Wakes you up in the morning and makes you feel like a boss. Been cold showering since 1 June, havent missed a day since. I can tell based off my experience, it has helped me A LOT.
  2. Waking up early: Imagine waking up 1h earlier everyday, that would be over 300 hours each year. Imagine what you can master in those 300 hours; study,exercise,enjoy life. Dont rationalize, just get out of bed.
  3. Meditation: Look up on benefits, no reason not to start today. Ive been meditating 10 min for over 60 days. At times when urges arise, I just observe them rather than acting up on them. Sometimes Im very depressed but after a short 10min session I feel way better and a lot more calm. Negative thoughts reduced but due noFap withdrawal symptoms its changing a lot lately. Way too many benefits to list, just start.
  4. Movement: Walk/cycle everyday for about an hour.
  5. Reading: I always wanted to read books on self development but always procastinated. Back in August I started and read 5 freaking books. It became a habit and I enjoy it a lot. In addition to the above, while you are walking listing to audio books. You are exercising and getting smarter at the same time.
  6. Bioenergetics/Stretching: Especially in the morning, right after you wake up. Has a similar effect like cold showers. No need to explain, experience it.
  7. Sleep: Sleep before midnight. Every hour before midnight is worth like 3 hours of quality sleep. Less likely to relapse as I see a lot you guys relapsing because you couldnt 'sleep'.
  8. Limit screen time: Cut out the crap like news/unnecessary time spent on social media/facebook/twitter etc. You''ll sleep better and less worried. I attempted 30 day no internet back in August, made it to 43 days. Peace of Mind.
  9. Proactive: Instead of focusing on negative things (news,nofap,tv bullcrap) focus on positive things: feed your mind with audio books. If you want to succeed in this, you have to recondition, get a new "software" for your brain. You've been conditioned that porn is good, that fapping is good,that everybody does it so why shouldnt I? Fuck all that.
  10. Drink Water: A gallon a day. Drink a glass of cold water right after you wake up, you''ll be amazed.
  11. Build habits: All of the mentioned tips above are habits. They werent habits for me before, not a single one. I started with cold showers in June and found noFap in July. Highest streak was 51 days. So my suggestion is to start off with noFap and cold showers. Then slowly start adding other things and cutting out the unresourceful habits. By cutting out unresourceful things, you make space for new habits to develop. One secret to develop habits is doing 30 day challenges. Do it no matter what.

Im still not where I want to be. Waking up early is still a struggle. It is hard to wake up at 6am every morning. But hey... I wake up earlier than I used to.. I take cold showers, breathe into my balls, move, drink water, read books, meditate, take care of my body and I experience life. All of which I dreamed 3 months ago and thought that it was not possible.

Damn I have to go to bed but I feel so much better after writing this. It all popped up without thinking too much. Guys, take this seriously. The tips are very potent and can change your life for the better. I realised Im just 17 years old and life just started for me. This is not a report or something. This is just the beginning of my noFap 90 day reboot. I will update you guys at the start of 2014.

A few years from now Id like to say: ''Last time I fapped was in 2013''.

Thanks for taking the time to read my article and I hope that you take action up on it because thats what it is all about!

See you back at day 30 , 60 and 90!

PS: repost because it got overlooked I guess.

nofap Made Easy - Tools that You can use to change your life