NoFap was rather life-changing, since it led me on the path of self-observation

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After trying for over a year now (since August 2013), I finally reached my 90 day milestone today! :)

I've had long streaks that ended just because of a moments weakness (last time I stumbled on 82 days because my GF and I separated)...

Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I'm proud of myself for accomplishing this!

For me - doing NoFap was rather life-changing, since it led me on the path of self-observation and self-improvement...

I discovered the power of meditation, which was a really amazing practice to help you become more calm and in general live a more relaxed life...

I discovered my love for nature, for new hobbies (barefoot running, playing the guitar, reading)...

In a sense - I am a new person after all this time...

My tips:

  • Instead of focusing on your day count -> just find other stuff to occupy your mind. Rediscover yourself...
  • meditate! don't be afraid of looking inside...accept and love yourself!
  • believe in yourself! you have the power of choice with each passing moment...break out of your own self mental who you want to be!

The journey has not ended for me, though...

I will continue to be aware and conscious, and strive to be a better man with each passing day!

I hope to have the strength to "just be", and to be a tool of love and light for all beings!

You know, since last august, this community has almost doubled it's size! (we were around 70,000 back then...and now we're around 134,000!!!)

That's amazing! :)

I wanna thank this wonderful community for helping me and cheering me up when I was down...for giving me the inspiration to know that it's possible!

and I wanna give my support to all people who are currently struggling with their addiction... don't give up...and if you fall - get up and continue walking!


LINK - 90 days - I finally made it :)

by eitanbar