Age 25 - One year to hit 90 days: Low libido & ED cured

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GuyI found NoFap while surfing reddit about a month into my redditing career. I've been a redditor for 11months and its taken almost a full year long to hit 90 days. I was a regular 2-a-day-PMO career porn surfer for over a decade. Death Grip. No sex drive to real women. Sex was scary - I couldn't hold an erection. I relapsed countless times on my way to 90 - you may also - just stick with it. It's worth it.

[After] my last relapse (22 day streak) I decided I was ready for 90 and nothing was going to stop me. I quit PMO but not looking at women entirely - I still subscribe to GW and felt I needed to see some tits and ass to keep me sane - even if it meant not acting upon it.

You don't need to go cold turkey from looking at women - you just need to go cold turkey from acting upon your urges.

Since I set off on this journey I have found a new fulfilling job (maybe career) in sales and am a much more positive and outgoing person. I am connected to myself and understand the needs of others.

Around day 70 I started to tell people about my NoFap instead of hiding it away - specifically 2 women. They were in awe over it and didn't believe me but they realized I was not joking. I remember my long time friend said* "... I dont know whats changed but you are so much fun to hang out with lately."* - Thats when I told her. She was floored and didn't understand it but eventually realized it was working just by the way I was acting, a la "I dont give a fuck."

She has told her friends about me and they all say "Really? No way..." She insists its true and they then tell her its incredibly hot - which makes me feel even better.

I feel confident in every part of my life. I hooked up with my ex girlfriend (she knows about nofap and is now 50 days no schlick) and she doesn't refer to it as "morning wood" - yesterday she asked me how my "morning steel" was. I could beat her dead with my cock.


For those of you struggling just keep with it. A relapse is not something to be down about - My journey has been filled with failure but I made it. I'm 20 hours away from the top of the mountain.

To put things in perspective-

I can fap now. And be done in 30 seconds.....

Or I can resist, become a man and own my life.

60seconds 60minutes 24hours= 86,400 seconds in a day. Which = 2,590,000 seconds in a month. Which =7,776,000 over 90 days.

Why throw away 30 seconds of death grip porn for 8million seconds?

If someone told you you can have $30 dollars now, or $8million dollars in 90 days what would you take?

Thats how I feel. I'm fucking worth $8million dollars and every second I don't give in to temptation makes me a richer person - I understand my self, my soul, who I am, my principles, and who I want to be.

I only have one life. Why not enjoy it?

NoFAP is the definition of #YOLO. You only live ONCE. Why have sex with yourself when you can get women, get money, and become the envy of other socially awkward penguin and career PMO'er?

I now notice other people who were once like I was and it makes me smile - A.Beacuse I am no longer them. B. Because its so god dam simple to fix.

I salute all of you.

LINK - 89 Days. Tomorrow is 90. My thoughts. My experience. My wisdom.

by Superfluity10k


Nice article. few questions; how do know that you r back in the game ? what are the signals? I am in week 4 no PMO no FAP. The truth is i am so nervous about it dont know if it will work? Seems to me that my mind and my body are both out of sync.

I posted this. You can follow the link to the original post/thread. We have no forum here - I suggest visiting

It's normal to be nervous.