1 year - I feel a lot better in my mind about life in general. 80% cured from the sexual problems

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I made a huge achievement. I never imaged I could get this far but after a few attempts at NOFap and three years worth of trying I finally made it to a year of NOFap. I got the rocket and I feel that it's so worth it. I just wanted to say that If I can do it then it gives hope that anyone else can do it if you go in with the right mindset you will get there.

I feel a lot better in my mind about life in general and I feel that it has benefited me. I also feel about 80 percent cured from the sexual problems that I was having. It's so worth it. You are worth so much more than porn, so stick with it. Remember that you are better than you think as well.

I don’t know what the future holds for me. I obviously don’t want to go back to a lifestyle of porn. I think I will just try and keep my head down and keep moving forward. NoFap is a lifestyle. hopefully I can keep with it.

LINK - I'm A Rocket Man

By idealclone