Porn Use & Sex Addiction Studies

Although this section is named “Porn Use & Sex Addiction Studies,” Internet porn addiction is not really sex addiction (see Porn Addiction Is Not Sex Addiction–And Why It Matters). Internet porn addiction is considered by many experts to be a subset of internet addiction. YBOP has created several lists of porn studies. An (L) in […]

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Porn On The Brain (2010) by Marnia Robinson

Would we be happier without online pornography?

A few years ago, men from all over the world began arriving in my website’s forum complaining that they were unable to stop using Internet porn. Google had sent them—perhaps because my site shares information about the effects of sex on the brain. My site, however, is about relationships, not recovery. Yet their obvious distress, and porn’s impact on their relationships, motivated me to welcome them. As I listen, these visitors support each other in the struggle to leave porn behind.


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About Us

is about what it says in the name – your brain and porn. It is maintained by a group effort that includes men who have recovered from internet-porn related problems. It was founded by the late Gary Wilson, a retired anatomy, physiology & pathology teacher (more below). You can contact YBOP admins here. Please do not […]

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About This Site

This site is secular, although everyone’s views are welcome. It is primarily science-based, and no one here is trying to ban porn. This is not a commercial site. Our proceeds from the book you see go to a registered charity trying to raise awareness about internet porn’s effects. We created the site because we have the resources and the time, and we don’t like people suffering needlessly simply because they lack critical information for improving their circumstances themselves.


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