Physiological Benefits Reported by Men Eliminating PMO

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guy working outOver and over again men who quit porn report physical changes that would not normally be associated with addiction-related changes. YBOP collects these seemingly unlikely reports to chronicle their existence, not frighten anyone away from masturbation. Note that the preponderance of human and animal research points to neither abstinence nor ejaculation having any significant long-term effects on blood testosterone levels - other than a spike around day 7 of abstinence. See - Any connection between orgasm, abstinence, and testosterone levels?. Perhaps porn-addiction leads to brain changes that alter the neuro-endocrine control centers in the brain (i.e. the hypothalamus).

Physique looks alternated due to NoFap. Is it actually possible?

Since I stopped masturbating and watching porn this year, I've noticed a few quite big changes. Besides the psychological advantages (which all af you know everything about; it's worth it!!), I've noticed some physical changes as well, at least I think it has changed..

My hair feels softer and looks healthier, my 3 day stubble beard looks more dense than ever, my chest feels harder and my jaw line looks (and feels) sturdier (my favourite of it all, lol).

Now I think NoFap is great, but I don't want it let it get to me. Is it possible for the human body to undergo such physical changes like that after such a short while? I mean it seems hard to believe bone structure could change so quickly, or maybe some cheek fat went away and it's more exposed.. Idk. Maybe it's placebo, which I don't mind either, I still look better to me lol.

I guess my question is if anyone has noticed similar things and if it's actually possible?

Has anyone lost some weight on Nofap? (thread on Reddit)

The real reboot for me was somewhere in the 200+ days of this current streak, that's when things started improving considerably in a strong physical way. Besides the balding effect reversing, during the 200+ days, my skin improved drastically, my acne vanished ( I was struggling with it my whole life ), my gums stopped bleeding ( every time I brushed my teeth, I would bleed ), my hips would stop hurting ( I had sore hips, legs and sometimes knees  for no reason at all ), I had severe pains on my back and joints that just stopped hurting without any change of diet, exercise or seeing any doctor.

On top of those problems being resolved, my skin and eyes have a certain shine to it, not something amazing, but people do notice it and compliment it ( the first one who noticed the shine was my mother ). Another strong  physical change was my stomach healing ( lots of cramps and bloating ). Since I had skin problems, I would avoid certain foods that would give me a strong rash, such as milk, sugars, some junk foods and etc. During the 200+  days in the current streak, I was able to eat everything I desired without having any skin outbreaks, stomach cramps or bloating. I traded the pleasure of PMO with the pleasure of being able to finally enjoy food without any repercussions, that's an amazing trade I would say.

While this might sound daunting for people who just started, please don't feel discouraged if your streak doesn't show any changes, sometimes it takes a bit longer than the default 90 days, please be patient with yourselves. So I went to take a haircut.

Changing scent

I was a hardcore PMO addict for more than ten years. And I allways had a skinny dick. But now it started to grow in girth, i can feel it getting bigger everyday, it is the benefit that i didn't expect from NoFap, but it makes me very happy. The benefit i didn't expect.

Don't short change yourself, stay on this path. Don't end like me. I lost out on crucial testosterone during my younger days. As a result I have less facial hair (no chest hair), smaller body, no Adam's apple, low confidence and self esteem. Even a smaller pecker. Things I wish I had during and after High School. I was content  with PMO instead of talking to girls.

I'm 23 and now that I've finally strung together longer streaks, I have facial hair, less acne, and ambition. To my young brothers trying to better themselves

Before nofap i had no idea what caused my hair loss and acne, i tried everything when it comes to those two because that's all a teenager think about, their outer well-being. I went on accutane for 6 months, a dangerous drug with many side effects just so the acne comes back a year later, being the anxious teen i was, i fapped everyday to relieve myself from the stress, that's when my hair started falling. Ignoring my acne, i was looking to stop the hair from shedding but no matter what i did, it just kept going. Two years later, as in 30 days ago i started nofap and all i can say is my acne is gone, and my hair is slowly coming back, not just that but i'm another person. It is really funny how the media encourages fapping because it "cures prostate cancer" and "get rid of the toxins", promoting PORN as a social norm while it's the most destructive addiction one can have, looking at the big picture, i now know porn is used to control us, PMO weakens the immune system as well as the mind, want proof? read the users posts on this subreddit. Looking back to when i was a heavy fapper, i was an animal, not using my brain and just fucking jacking it over and over at different kinds of stuff. It was making me stupid, and weak. that's how it is used against us, as long as we PMO, we are gonna be slaves to THEM buying hair loss medicine that god knows what's in it, which has "long term ED" as a side effect and that if you stop, your hair loss comes back , tell me a more contemptuous way of making slaves out of your population permalink

I'm a classic grower not a shower, meaning my flaccid penis pales in comparison to the size of my erect penis. Like, 2.5"-7.5". Always been something of a sore subject and embarrassing when I am working out and you see the nub through gym shorts, or in the locker room, or before or after sex etc.

I've noticed since starting NoFap, a month or so now, that my flaccid penis isn't as small. I sort of always seem to have that "after a hot shower" look. Maybe an extra an inch or two flaccid. It's as if now that I've stopped abusing the poor thing it feels like it doesn't need to hide haha. I'm a grower not a shower. NoFap helped!

After 22 days i can say that there are no [prostatitis] symptoms left. For years i had prostatitis with ED and bladder problems. I would go to the bathroom to pee 20-30 times per day and i would wake up during the night 3-4 times.
Also i had sleep apnea. Doctors can say whatever they want and give you drugs but masturbation ,at least in my case, caused prostatitis. After masturbation my anus felt full and i could feel my enlarged prostate ready to explode.

P.S i also do cold showers before i go to sleep. That with nofap helped me treat sleep apnea LINK

[Note: There is actually research linking masturbation to prostate problems:]

A recording of my voice before and after nofap. Proof of a deepened voice

I recorded a voice memo a few months ago before I started nofap, just about a homework assignment. Than after doing nofap for about 3 months and reaching my highest streak of 30 days, which im on now, I decided to rerecord my voice because everyone was commenting on the changes. So here it is..,

Before no fap

After no fap 30 days

...The main benefit of no fap to me has been as an acne treatment. After these consecutive long streaks my face is almost entirely clear! And this is coming from someone who almost went on Accutane!

Benefit 1 : Forget varicocele pain

My balls were always aching due to varicoceles. It bothered me a lot. But when i started nofap, it went away within a week and there is zero pain in my testicles.  "Yodelout" blog was right about varicocele. Ungratified sexual excitement is the reason of varicocele and the pain associated with it. I hope you understand how better I  feel when there is no pain in the balls. It's huge. Though the lump of varicocele has not disappeared. The swelling is not too large like before. Whenever i edge, the pain  comes back. This is a huge evidence that the edging and varicocele are very related. Masturbating does not aggravate the pain, edging does.

Benefit 2 : Mouth ulcers gone

I always had one ulcer in my mouth. If one heals, the next one will be ready within a few days. But when i started nofap, frequency of the ulcers went lower and lower. Ulcers were less painful and now they are almost gone. They don't bother me anymore.

Theses are the benefits I am sure about. I am not sure about any other benefit yet. Well, I think I am growing some better beard these days. NoFap made life easier. 4 Month Journey, 61 day streak (exception of wet dreams)

15 Days In, Fibromyalgia-type symptoms and tight muscles seem to be improving. Been a rough 2 weeks, haven't felt much different until today. Have noticed that my tense muscles and neck/back feel a bit looser than usual, headache is also feeling less tense. Noticing a slight energy improvement also. Again i didn't notice any improvements until today.

Last year I went 30 days nofap and felt "looser" than ever, and had the most mental clarity since my fibromyalgia-type symptoms began. I will let you guys know if the  symptoms continue to improve in the coming weeks.


30 fucking days. It didn't strike me till recently: A few years ago I have a hyperthyroidism problem which I blamed for me being tired and depressed yet ot might have a slight effect, yet after stopping fapping it has disintegrated almost entirely.

Hey guys just recently started to take this seriously and am on my longest streak since i was about 12 years old. Ive noticed now about two weeks in that my Adams apple has become larger or lower  and is now visible in my throat when it definetly wasnt before. My voice is deeper too. This is despite me being almost 22 years old. Can someone who experienced something similar let me know if I   can expect other physical changes? Adams apple?

Reply: Don't know what it is, but i experienced the same ever since i first started nofap. permalink

  1. I was suffering from back pain and migraine issues for almost 5 years. I would wake up to the pain every morning. Many medicines did not help but this was  automatically cured by itself and I have not experienced the pain again.
  2. Not only my hair fall issue of 3 years stopped but hair quality and texture improved. Faster facial hair growth and increased chest hair. Link-

Age 27 - Social anxiety is gone. Also, urine would drip for several minutes after pissing. No more.

I can aim my pee now. My urethra would drip after using the restroom and I would spend countless minutes milking my penis so it wouldn't stain my underwear. I don't need to wipe anymore, and I have no issues aiming anymore.

My colon problems have significantly improved since nofap though. Is been awesome! permalink

I think I just found the final cure for my acne. So, lets start with a little bit of a backstory. Around 6-9 months ago, I went on vacation with friends to this ranch, I was worried about my acne because I wasn't going to be using the OTC medication I used daily at that time (it was a soap that you apply on your face). But, when I came back from the 3 day vacation, I noticed my acne had decreased! I thought it was because of the stress-free enviorment and a change in diet.

Now, around a week ago I went on vacation to Cancun for 4 days, this time I did use the soap to treat my acne. When vacation was over, my acne at an all time low.

I tried analyzing the factors that affected my acne, I realized that diet wasn't, because I ate a lot of carbs in my vacation. Stress also couldn't be, because i'm pretty calm and never get stressed. So, what was it? Why did my acne almost disappear in 4 days? I felt like I had a revelation when I found out... I didn't masturbate in any of those trips, and they were pretty much the only breaks I had from it. I masturbate around 5-6 times a week. I think I just found the final cure for my acne.

Direct Corolation between Fapping and my chronic headaches.

Since high school I have suffered with moderate, frequent headaches. There are times when they were so bad I took Ibuprofen on daily for weeks (horrible for your kidneys and other aspects of your health). It wasn't until I got more active in this group and have spent most of the past 4 months fap-free, that I stopped having headaches so much. I actually forgot about how much I used to have headaches until I "relapsed" yesterday and had a headache again. Another good reason to continue on this path.

While masturbating my eyesight dropped to -7, had extreme guilt, horrrrrible acne, lack of confidence, developed PE, underdeveloped body, and I could say a feeble mind.

Age 14 completely cut off porn for 3 months because I had no internet during this phase because of travel. During this time, my acne greatly improved, I became more focused.

3 months later the porn started again, on and off. I would masturbate maybe once or twice a week. Acne flared up horribly, life was terrible at this point.

Again on and off I struggled with porn, realizing what I was doing was wrong yet unable to stop at times. At age 16 I discovered your brain on porn.

When I discovered the site, I just went in 100%. No PMO for at least 3 months straight. Acne cleared up like 60%, much better grades, I rose to the top of my class, my teachers were stunned. Girls were interested for the first time since 6th grade lol - and it was just awesome.

Then i gave in at about 90 days on accident. See i have this weird developed habit: whenever i was home alone i would masturbate in the past. So whenever i am home alone for extended periods of time i have the strongest irresistible urges. that's when i gave in the first time. Acne spiked, then whenever I messed up, I would usually mess up again in the same week.

4-5 weeks no PMO, then 1-3 PMO's in a week, screwed up & feel bad, acne spikes, and just horrible everyday life in a PMO week.

Then I started noticing other things, other problems I have/had. 90% got worse in PMO week and I was amazed. Around this time I had an eye appointment, turned out my eyesight went from 7 to 6.5 ! I know this sounds ridiculous but it's the truth. When I went last time, it had improved to 5.75

Around age 17 I went completely cold turkey, from even getting turned on. If I got turned on I would distract my self. That was about 9 months ago. Here's what has changed so far;

  • eyesight has improved like crazy!
  • acne has almost disappeared from everywhere (i also quit sweets though)
  • no more lower back pains
  • improved focus in everything
  • improved memorization ability
  • better weightlifting and have gained a lot of body muscle. i used to be a stick ...

My eyesight has vastly improved. I noticed yesterday afternoon that I wasn't wearing my glasses when I would usually and I could see almost perfectly. Today, my clarity is even better.

I started wearing glasses at about 15/16 when I was really starting to get into fapping heavily. Did not expect this..

NoFap helped me with varicocele

I read about some guy a while back on some rebooting site (not sure which one), who said that his varicocele had disappeared on a long NoFap streak, and I just wanted to confirm that it has helped me as well.

For those of you who don't know, a varicocele is basically an abnormal enlargement of the veins going to your (usually left) testicle. In extreme cases it can cause infertility, and in any case, it disturbs the bloodflow to your balls. It's not considered a very dangerous condition, but it can be really scary, because when you find a huge abnormal lump on your testicle, you immediately think of cancer.

More on Wikipedia:

I've had this for at least 13 years (I first noticed it when I was 14), and lately it has shown significant improvement. I can barely notice it, when I feel around where it used to be, and even when it's noticeable (when blood packs into it), it's clearly a lot smaller than ever before.

I've treated it by applying ice wrapped in cloth on my balls every once in a while, so that might have helped as well, but it never has before I started NoFap. So, one more reason to keep going, basically

I have male pattern baldness. I started losing hair at 18, went on Propecia at age 23. Propecia didn't grow back the hair I had lost, it only stopped the hair loss. Its effectiveness actually goes slightly down with time.

Anyway, last year I was 26. My hair loss had stopped but I still had a balding sort of look. Hair all over the scalp but diffuse thinning. The wind really made me feel my hair loss. I went full cold turkey with nofap and after 6 months, I started feeling like my hair was thicker. Then last month I went on a trip and it was windy, and suddenly I realized that my hair felt nice in the wind. None of that balding feel.

So this last month I've been checking my hair and I almost have the same amount of hair I did before hair loss. Almost, in appearance at least. I'd say I grew a good 30% to 40% of my hair back.

I've been searching for info on his effect of nofap but not fining it. Note that Propecia shows its full effect after 6 months to one year and after that the hair loss still continues at a slower pace. So this isn't Propecia's effect. I started nofap after a full 3 years of starting Propecia. No Balding Look Anymore! NoFap Grew Back My Hair!

...5) The most tangible (and unexpected) benefit is that my hair started filling back in. Three months ago I had developed a very noticeable bald spot on the back of my head and my hairline was thinning out and moving fast. Plus, I'd have 10-20 strands of hair come out every time I ran my fingers through my hair. Now the bald spot isn't even visible and I can clearly see little blonde hairs coming back in my hairline peaks. And no more falling-out hair. Wow.

...Cutting out porn improves my energy, skin and drastically improves the under-eye circles.

Gynecomastia (Non cancerous man boobs) calms down if I do not mastrubate. It kind of deflates and decreases. I'm in my pubrety years (can this go  away completely? It is pretty big but not like a massive boob). If you have it when you are done with puberty, you most probably have to get it removed  surgically, as far as I know. Oh and skinny guys who think "this will not happen to me". It can. It started when I was pretty skinny like a really hard bump  in my right breast. I am still skinny. Hence the username ImPrettyFlacko, and the gyno is still there. It can form when your female hormones are higher  than your testosterone. And guess what happens when you mastrubate. Gynecomastia (man boobs) calms down?

Here is where I think I have made improvements: Physical improvements include dropping 14.5 lbs, better sleep patterns, better eye control-no nervous eye twitching/wandering, better posture, less anxiety; social improvement includes being able to converse more genuinely with opposite gender including 10's; mental improvements include better focus, better retention, 5% raise! at work, completed several certification courses, more time for study and work thus allowing me to finish projects with ease. Probably the biggest improvement factor, and I almost forgot to include it, is that I am beginning to really like myself!  LINK

Health improvements: I used to suffered from what I believed to be hemorroids. I was too ashamed to go to the doctor for something like this so i did not know if it was hemorroids but from what I read, and suffered for almost 2 years, with the last few months causing enough itching and burning to wake me up at night. I used to wake up with eye boogers every morning for the last 10 years at least. I used to attribute this to my contact lenses, even though I always cleaned them up properly. These 2 things are completely gone. I know it has to do with nofap because they stopped at around the first month and havent come back since. My guess is these things were stress related. (link to post)

I'm pretty sure my cock has grown since nofap I'm 70 days in. Talkin length and girth, not even kidding boys.

Not sure how else to say this, but... got an erection, and holy shit I don't remember my dick being this big. I've never seen it stand so magnificently. Is this what death grip did to me? Rob me of my full potential? Never going back lads.

I started masturbation when I was 12 and stopped it when i turned 18. I was having several health issues like - dandruff, itchy scalp, hair fall (I thought it's genetics because my father is also bald), acne (on face and back), aggressive behavior and weird incest fetish. I also met a skin doctor for acne but didn't get any results from his medicines. When I got introduced to nofap and took 7 day challenge I saw some improvements,

I failed that challenge 3 days later but i saw serious improvements. Then I took this seriously and stopped doing this, it resulted in serious improvements in my health. My acne got vanished, hairfall was reduced and I saw some new baby hairs on my receded hair line, my dandruff was lesser and my back acne completely went. my skin got improved texture wise and many people complimented me about these changes, I can now speak languages more fluently and think more rapidly.

Age 25 - Deeper voice, bald spots filling in, rock hard erections

  • Faster beard growth
  • REGROWTH of previously balding hairline, yep this is correct, my balding spots on the hairline has slowly started filling in again.
  • Way better skin and complexion, a healthy good almost "red" glow to my face.

NoFap may have cured my varicocele

I'm currently on a 68 day streak and have noticed many of the benefits others have talked about on here. But I think I may have just discovered a really exciting physiological benefit to not masturbating. My varicocele is pretty much entirely gone.

If you don't know what a varicocele is, it's essentially a bundle of expanded veins above one of your testicles (left testicle is most common). The blood does not drain properly causing the veins to expand and fill with blood. It feels like a bag of worms, causes your balls to ache on occasion and for the most part, is visually unappealing. The scariest thing about having a varicocele is that, if it's large enough, it may cause male infertility. Before starting this streak my varicocele was large enough to be visible through my skin (some are small enough that you can't see them). As my streak progressed I never really gave my varicocele much attention, until tonight. I have just now realized that it is almost entirely gone. Vanished.

...The main benefit of no fap to me has been as an acne treatment. After these consecutive long streaks my face is almost entirely clear! And this is coming from someone who almost went on Accutane!

Before I start, I want to say that I'm not advertising any product and neither am I associated with any particular religion or philosophy. Just doing this to merely help out and maybe get some insight from someone who's experience something similar. Also, please excuse my poor writing, aside from essays in high school, I've never written something this long

So, my background (very typical, skip if you want)...been a HH sufferer since as long as I can remember. First memory of sweaty palms goes back to age 5. Hated it all my life, been depressed because of it. Couldn't hold hands with girls, couldn't high five my friends without getting a grossed-out look. I remember this girl in high school, we were kinda close, she reached out and held my hand during math class (we used to sit together) for a brief second before being grossed out, she never spoke with me again. I had to deal with crap like this my entire life.

I ended up avoiding people, locked away from society. I work online (programmer) so I didn't have to see anyone. I choose isolation. I also started masturbating, A LOT. I'm talking, at least once a day, and at times 5-6 times a day.

Anyways, I'm 23 now. Up until now, I've had times (maybe 2-3 days and at most a week) where my hyperhidrosis would completely disappear. I just couldn't nail what the variable was, what I was missing.

A couple months ago, my mom came to visit me for two weeks after a long time. First week, my hyperhidrosis was just normal, however, by start of 2nd week, it had completely disappeared. I'm talking ZERO sweating. I knew it was a change in my life style, I just wasn't sure what it was. My mom had been cooking for me (i always get delivery, never cooked) since she came. I thought it was due to that. She was perhaps using some vegetable or spice or adding extra salt or vinegar or SOMETHING. I asked her how she cooked every meal and wrote it down, even watched her cook. It had to be diet that was my issue. After she left, I started cooking, following her recopies, exactly as she told me. A couple of days after she left, my HH was back, in FULL FORCE. I was eating exactly what she cooked when she was here, but it made no difference. So either it was some voodoo 'mom's aura' that made my HH disappear or it some other factor i was missing.

It wasn't until now that I nailed the issue. About 4 weeks ago, I went to Asia to visit my grandparents. And again, my sweating disappeared after a week. It was, on some days, 40°C where I was, yet no HH (where as in my home, Canada, it rarely breaks 20°C). I mean, I still sweat like normal people do, but not HH sweat. No excessive palm or foot sweat.

So I kept thinking about it, and finally I came to the realization: My HH was gone because I had stopped masturbating. You see, when my mom visited me, I stopped masturbating. Also when I went to Asia, I had stopped masturbating. From masturbating, on average, 3 times a day, I went to 0 all of a sudden. This was the only common denominator on both occasions. When I also look back to the times where my HH was completely gone, it coincided with when either I was travelling or when I had someone over for week or more. It all made sense to me.

So after returning back to Canada, I decided to put my hypothesis to test. When I came back, I had no HH. I started masturbating as I normally do. And I was correct: my HH was back to normal within a few days. Right after my HH returned, I stopped masturbating. After about 8 days, my HH had completely disappeared. And I'm am here now, typing this, completely sweat free. How I (think?) I've cured my HH (Palmer, planter, underarms)

[A responding poster]

Porn use is like drugs for your brain, excessive use causes a chain reaction resulting in high baseline dopamine levels, which over stress your endocrine and sympathetic nervous system, which results in excessive sweating. Abstaining from porn & masturbation can reverse these effects and restore your brain to its original state.

This is the [book] I think is of utmost relevance to you [How I stopped sweating], read the 2nd piece of advice he gives thoroughly; it is very concise and straight to the point, and gives his personal account of how abstaining to ejaculation helped cure his HH issues. He also gives good references. (you will have to download the PDF)

-Deeper Voice- Seriously my voice went down so much, it was not placebo, I had people even tell me my voice was so low, it was great.

-Muscle/Fitness- I still lifted 4-5 days a week, but my gains started to pickup again. First semester of college I was around 150, now I'm up to 160 and my strength increased too.

-Mental Clarity- I no longer had that brain fog, I felt much calmer and at ease and could fire witty comments at people pretty often.

-Facial Hair/Head Hair- My beard grows much darker and thicker, and another shocking thing that happened was the thickening of my hair, my hair was brittle and weak and looked very unhealthy, but now its thick and dark, and women comment on how nice it is!

-Skin/Eyes- My skin became less pale and more vibrant, my eyes started shining more.

-Confidence/Eye Contact- My confidence became healthy, I no longer wished to be "alpha" over everyone anymore, I became content with who I am and wasn't afraid to assert myself. My eye contact became strong, men would look away usually when I locked eyes with them, and women would hold it in awe or look down shyly (although some women, didn't seemed too phased by my eyes sometimes).

-Social Anxiety/Depression- My social anxiety was a huuuuuuge problem while addicted to PMO, I would sometimes just freeze in social situations and became fearful almost, now It is almost gone, I get the occasional anxiety but I can control it better. I was never actually depressed, but I did have some negative thoughts and shit, now I'm much more positive, I find joy in life and the little things.

-Women attention- I noticed a sharp increase in the attention I get from women, they feel my presence more and pay me more attention, I used to get ignored by them but now they ask who I am, and talk to me. Also not all women but some start flirting with me and get all submissive, it's not placebo, trust me the subtle things they do and say to me are CLEARLY signs or attraction and flirting. They look down and smile at me, their voice get all high and squeaky, they play with their hair, they maintain eye contact. The big thing I realized with women on nofap though is they will give you signs of interest, some more than others, but it YOUR job to act on it. Age 19 - My experiments with NoFap. It works and it's not placebo!

here are some of the benefits i noticed
-definitely a deeper and more manly voice...
-dark circles under the eyes have reduced alot. eyes feel a lot more alive and healthier, i used to be sensitive to the morning sun, it seems to have reduced a lot
-better digestion...
-a change in skin complexion.

I had severe acne! Like my whole face was covered with it. After 2 months of no fap It has cleared 90%. I have scars now that barely noticeable and it's fading away. I but when I relapsed after 2 months I got back few pimples. Now I'm back on it and gain my skin is clear. I'm 100% certain that acne is directly related fap in most cases!

I can't believe my eyes!!!! I was studying the last 4 weeks everyday for at least 14 hours! I didn't shave, I didn't even have time for looking in the mirror.. I didn't even fap and that was the time when I basically started NoFap... As time passed, after my exams, I looked at the mirror and couldn't believe my eyes.. currently, I'm balding and suffering  rom hairloss since 2 years. I was like everyone else, fapping irregular every day or second day for 2 -3 times. My hair was shedding slowly, I noticed bald spots and started to cover it since then... but after this 4 weeks of NoFap, I couldn't believe what I saw in the mirror... It was like I had the solution for hairloss in front of my eyes but I didn't notice it... My hairline was almost completely restored, my hair density was like 2 years ago.. I was so happy, I started crying.. I'm thinking of fapping again to proof that my hair will shed again then.. And afterwards I'll NoFap again to proof that it'll regrow. What do you guys think about that plan? I can take before and after pictures..  I'm so excited about this man. I feel so gorgeous, omg NoFAP UNBELIEVABLE HAIR REGROWTH!

A 20-year old records his voice over 60 days of nofap:

Now, changes in my PENIS.

  1. My penis has become thicker and longer, I mean literally I feel my penis is almost double thicker than what it was, and almost 50 % longer than before.  Although it’s not possible scientifically but i certainly feel.
  2. My penis has become ultra sensitive, the skin has become like velvet and any touch on my penis gives tingling effect in my spine and I begin to feel horny
    and out of control.
  3. I still don’t get erection by thinking about women or sex, but once something touches my penis, i get 70-80 % erections. 87 days of NoFap, RESULTS !!

Nofap = clearly the answer to hairloss.

This subject has probably been posted a thousand times but I just have to say this. I have been suffering from hairloss/thinning hair for over 10+ yrs. After 24 days of nofap my hairloss has halted and when I now look in the mirror i can clearly see alot more hair. I have been buzzing my hair short for 8+ years. The difference with last month is very much noticeable. It looks as if I'm only thinning at the hairline now. I have tried numerous hairloss related treatments in the past years of which none have given me this result. You can call it placebo or whatever the heck you want but I am convinced. Nofap may not be a permanent cure but it definitely can have beneficial effects for hairloss sufferers and may slow your hairloss down.

i had my first major improvement: acne ! I'm a 20 yo boy who has been struggling with this since my 14, i tried every medication, and in only 1 week, my face is like the skin of a baby butt ! i'm astonished I guess what i needed was just an hormonal reboot.. In addition of that i'm feeling very confident, and strong as fuck!

32yo Circumcised fapstronaut here. I didn't realize the damage I had caused the glans of my penis from the 20 years of repeated mechanical abuse. My glans was irritated, bright red and inflamed, with deep sulci around the rim. I always thought keratin pearls around the corona to be a normal part of anatomy.

After 63 days of PMO and using a cover to act as a foreskin replacement, my glans has fully begun to de-epithelialize and is now almost completely smooth with a healthy sheen. It's no longer bright red and inflamed in appearance, and the keratin pearls have almost disappeared. The sulci have almost fully healed as well, but a few exceptionally deep ones remain.

For years I struggled with sensitivity issues during intercourse which I blamed on being circumcised, but now I see it was mostly self inflicted trauma from PMO, physical and mental trauma. I'm really hoping that my issues with anorgasmia disappear when I'm finally ready for sexual intercourse again. I still have at least 27 more days to go before I will even allow myself to entertain that thought, and for sure Porn and Self-Abuse are out for good! Healing Years of Physical Damage (Graphic Medical Description)

When I was freshmen in college I was diagnosed with a super rare inner ear disorder called patulous eustachian tube. It's not a life threatening condition at all, but it causes some extremely unpleasant symptoms and makes day-to-day life very hard (Here's the wiki link:

Coincidentally, it occurred right around the same time that my erections with women (and even pornography) were gone for good, but I was too blind/addicted/confused to really put anything together. My pornography use only accelerated the next three years, and my disorder got worse. Fast forward: it's 2012, and I discover my addiction and decide to reboot. Nine months no PMO go by, my ear disorder is only present in one my ears daily and present in my other ear once a week. A slight improvement, but I don't think anything really of it. I met my girlfriend around then and started reintroducing orgasms into my life, and the symptoms of patulous eustachian tube go CRAZY bad and my erections start going away again. My girlfriend and I decided to do a long no O streak after this with LOTS of rewiring and I start to notice something...different. Three weeks into this streak, my symptoms would start abating randomly throughout the day. I also noticed that days I had morning wood my symptoms were best! By day 45, my ear problems were GONE. I had no symptoms in either ear, and I had no need to take the medication prescribed to me. My erections were also very responsive and I felt generally very happy. Since then, my erections quality has fluctuated in tide with my orgasms that I have with my girlfriend, but the symptoms of my ear disorder are almost completely gone. I haven't taken my prescribed medication in almost six months now. The only thing I can say is that this disorder was caused by pornography addiction, plain and simple.

  1. Deeper voice and more muscle mass. ...
  2. Oddly enough my nose isn't running anymore. Now I can breath and have more stamina. Before, when I run i felt my heart was going to explode. I feel there is some relation between porn/fapping and weakening of the heart.
  3. No more pimples on face and on the back...

Age 25 - Deeper voice, bald spots filling in, rock hard erections

My voice, believe it or not, HAS gotten deeper. I was stunned, and my S.O. noticed it as well. I compared my v-mail intro's from early this year, to the new ones I've created, and I'll be damned if my voice isn't different! My Smartphone stopped recognizing my voice commands, and I thought there was something wrong with it, but in the last month, it's relearned my voice patterns.

  • Faster beard growth
  • REGROWTH of previously balding hairline, yep this is correct, my balding spots on the hairline has slowly started filling in again.
  • Way better skin and complexion, a healthy good almost "red" glow to my face.

Thicker hair, stronger nails, brain fog gone, LESS sleep more awake, sharper, stronger, more masculine

I read about some guy a while back on some rebooting site (not sure which one), who said that his varicocele had disappeared on a long NoFap streak, and I just wanted to confirm that it has helped me as well.

For those of you who don't know, a varicocele is basically an abnormal enlargement of the veins going to your (usually left) testicle. In extreme cases it can cause infertility, and in any case, it disturbs the bloodflow to your balls. It's not considered a very dangerous condition, but it can be really scary, because when you find a huge abnormal lump on your testicle, you immediately think of cancer.

More on Wikipedia:

I've had this for at least 13 years (I first noticed it when I was 14), and lately it has shown significant improvement. I can barely notice it, when I feel around where it used to be, and even when it's noticeable (when blood packs into it), it's clearly a lot smaller than ever before.

I've treated it by applying ice wrapped in cloth on my balls every once in a while, so that might have helped as well, but it never has before I started NoFap. So, one more reason to keep going, basically. LINK

220 day - Lots of progress on PIED & low libido! Also, way more confident

A side effect I hadn't planned on is that my skin is way better. I was really skeptical of everyone who said this would happen, but I just completely stopped having facial acne and the faint dark rings under my eyes have almost completely disappeared.

Age 21 - why has my body changed so much after 10 months?

6 years I have been training boxing and bodybuilding. I have never got any muscularity or veiny hands. After 10 months of NoFap attempts (longest 39 days streak) I have made the body I always dreamed of! My legs are finally thinner than my waist. My back and shoulder and arms are lean and bigger than the rest of my body. I have literally no fat on my pelvic, there are even veins. My hands are veiny and my sport endurance is amazing. I lost 10 kg (22 pounds), from 90 to 80, withouth and diet. I was eating healthy before NoFap.

I did my research and I believe that this happened because before NoFap I was spending all my sexual energy in masturbation and porn binge arousal. Maybe now I have learned to transfer it into reading and working as a construction worker. What do you think?

fFor the first time I made it till Day 72. Here are the benefits I noticed: Hair fall reduced dramatically, possible regrowth (I had a mild symptom of MPB).

The following thread contains many claims about clearer skin:

does anyone else notice their skin clearing up and looking healthier or any health benefits when they stop fapping?

  • Yes - it has been the first thing that I have noticed about no fap. My face is perfect and previous acne on my buttocks has cleared up completely.
  • In the summer, I was 25 days fap-free, and my skin was definitely glowing.
  • I am in my 20`s and have noticed this and had a few people comment on it. Just brighter skin somehow.

Age 50 - Nofap cured my social anxiety, blushing, depression and negative thoughts.

My voice got deeper and I am 50. Puberty was a long time ago for me. When I was younger people used to make fun of me, "when is your voice going to break?" I sing and cannot reach notes that I could a year ago. ...

NoFap 'cured' ED, eczema and other health problems, which I suffer from.

Between late July and mid August this year, I went 40 days without watching pornography and masturbating. That streak 'cured' numerous health problems, which I have been suffering with for 5  years, including:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Eczema (it slowly got better and better and disappeared completely by around day 30, soon after I had sex for the first time in ages)
  • Night awakenings/ poor sleep quality

For the last 2 years, I have been struggling with chronically tiredness. No matter how much I slept, no matter how much healthy food I ate, no matter how much water I drank or how many vitamin pills I took, I would simply always be more tired than anybody else. The doctor recommended me iron pills which did help a little, however it never had the effect that I was looking for. But guess what!? Today (6 days is my personal record) for the first time in a very long time I realized that I have never felt that I have had so much energy before. I basically feel like I can run marathon. But what amazes me the most is to know that we are so much more powerful than we think we are. We are able and capable to do so much more than we think is possible. Thank you :) Absolutely AMAZING!

I have crohns and being on nofap almost completely removes my social anxiety and stress. For those that don't know. Stress can trigger a flare. permalink I wouldn't say it was a side effect of my optimism but more of a direct result of my neruo and hormonal chemistry being balanced. IMO that balance is directly due to nofap.

The better skin benefit is 100% real. As I mentioned before I have skin problems and do suffer from psoriasis on my face - which is confidence destroying as you can imagine - however no fap has decreased the redness a huge amount and now even from 1-2m away my skin looks clear, it's only when I get close to the mirror I notice imperfections - after my last wet dream I was noticeably weaker in the gym and my skin got bad for a few days again - so there is no doubt for me that these NoFap benefits are real. 70+ days -- My Honest Experience

Question: anybody else notice this about your balls?


Ever since I started speaking I had a stuttering problem. Was enrolled in speech lessons in ages 6-8 I believe. I'm 15 now. It had gotten better before I started no fap, but I  would still stammer once per sentence. Now I hardly stutter at all. I do a lot of speaking in groups for assignments and I seriously can't recall stuttering in that period of time. 1  on 1 with someone I may stammer once in the duration of the conversation, but normally depends on who I'm talking too. permalink

Nofap made a HUGE improvement in how I speak. I think more clearly, I enunciate my words better, it's really noticeable. permalink

I feel like semen retention boosts executive function... which means better speech, focus, impulse, working memory, problem solving and planning.permalink

I stammered loads, still do now but NoFap helped for sure.Before I would stutter once every sentence or two, talking slowly helps too. Now, hardly at all. permalink

So, even while fapping, I have loved going to the gym. About a year ago was the first time I went to the gym. For the past 10 months, I have been going to doing strength training and moderate muscle building exercises. I have gained little strength over the 9 months of the gym. And just recently, I have gotten serious with no fap. Right now I have surpassed two weeks, and i'll use bench as an example.

When I first started going to the gym, I was BARELY putting up 95 pounds on the bench, and at 16 years old, it wasn't too bad. But 9 months later, I was only putting up 120-125 and maybe getting 3 reps of 135 but that was it. After the first week of no fap, I was able to get an entire set of 135 in. That has never happened before and it felt great! After the second week, I was able to do 5 sets of 135 which is a HUGE gain in strength versus the other 9 months of training and I have not done anything different.

No fap works guys, not just in the mind, but in the body. Keep pushing guys!!!! Exponential Gains in strength from NoFap!

I'm 27 and I've been afflicted with all sorts of horrible issues since my teen years.

  • Severe cystic acne all over my chest, back, shoulders, arms, neck and face.
  • My shins would also be covered in lesions and sometimes rashes.
  • I also had dermatitis around my nose, mustache area, chin, jaw area and scalp.
  • My face was also generally very red all over. This started after I used very strong acne products (I have stopped those years ago, but the redness never went away and would get inflamed regularly).

-I would go months where I was completely drained of all energy and totally depressed.

-I tried all sorts of extreme diets. I even fasted for 38 days (just drank water). I tried tons and tons of products and vitamins. None of it worked.

So one night I'm just desperate for a solution and I remembered that when I was 21, I came across a post on a major Acne forum about not masturbating. I remembered experimenting with it and having some success. So I decided to delve into my post archive and found myself (6 years ago) talking about my amazing experience of going 21 days without masturbation and how it improved my acne considerably.

So the mystery is why did I stop. I think it's because it was difficult and mainstream science said masturbation is healthy. Back then, I never found any supportive Nofap community (not sure if it was around). So I must have thought my problems were rooted in something else.

So I started nofapping and failing after a week or 2. I have finally gone over a month without orgasm. My acne has improved immensely, my shins are cleared up, my dermatitis is gone, I have energy, much better mood...etc.

Now here's where things get a little interesting, as well. During the beginning of this month of nofapping, I was still edging. While my skin was getting better, suddenly my skin broke out for a couple days. It was the edging. I stopped edging and everything finally got MUCH better and now I'm healing up completely from the edging.

All my skin problems are 100% attributed to my masturbation. My general facial redness is going away. My diet has even gone downhill and it doesn't matter. I used to buy all organic (trying to help my skin) and go broke doing so. However, since my skin is healing, I can shop at Wal-Mart and create a savings. I always wanted to start a particular business, but I could never save up the necessary capital because it was always being spent on Acne shit.

So there you have it. Incredible. Now I finally have the confidence to lose my god damn virginity too. New Here. My No Fap Experience so far. Very Drastic.

I can go multiple rounds of grappling in judo class in a row. Before I would take a break every 2 rounds. Now I don't need to take any breaks.

Watching porn had a very bad effect on me: It made me sweat enormously - it made me a limbic system on two legs with waterfalls pouring out from my  armpits. It is hard to explain just how bad it was, painful both physically and psychologically. As I stopped watching porn, however, the problem faded, though over a period of three years with steady improvements. I am writing to  you because I have written a short essay with advice for others based on how  I got beyond this sweating problem of mine, which underscores that stopping  watching porn was the main reason that sweating stopped for me, and it would  be cool if you could help people finding that essay by providing a link to it from YBOP. Link to EBook

[Day 100] My body hair started growing REALLY quickly?! More tesosterone maybe?

NoFap = Best Acne "Medication"?

Day 26 of NoFap and my acne is gone. I have the clearest face I've had in years. I've tried proactive , X out , and oral medications and nothing has helped. Is this just a coincidence or have other people noticed this too?

Btw I'm 16

After the first week my voice is less nasally and deeper...Anyone else experiencing this? (LINK TO THREAD)

I'm a 19 year old male and during the past few years I've developed some facial asymmetry. The right side of my face is kind of slanted up relative to my left, the eyebrow is higher up, and I have a weaker jawline. I'm on day 35 right now and this morning I just noticed that my face is more even and the eyebrows are level with each other. Also it seems like the right side of my jaw has become sharper. LINK

(Day 535) Some surprising side effects: when I was a PMO user, I was always ill: flu, colds etc. Since I gave up I have hardly had a day's Link

I feel excessive fapping contributes to this hair issue for women too. My whole life since childhood I have had this thin, brittle, hair. Everyone else in my family has thick hair (except mom, who guess what, likely has a porn/fap compulsion/addiction too) and I just figured I had mom's thin hair genes.

Well two years ago I found nofap and started trying to reach 90 days. I have never stopped, each relapse makes me want to work all the harder. I started taking better care of myself and since I have been cheating myself out of a lot of nutrients (female arousal fluids can't be just water) over the past decade in addition to eating right I have been taking a multivitamin daily since. I also tossed in a vitamin D and C.

The difference is amazing. I haven't been sick like I used to get during season changes, my skin looks better. But the best part of all (aside from fap-related anxiety vanishing) is my thick head of hair. My old friends can't believe that simply taking a multivitamin daily hair allowed me this beautiful head of hair.

What they don't realize is that I am not P/MOing 3-10 times daily anymore.

A lot of this can be chalked up to bro-science but really, our reproductive organs get first priority on our bodies nutrient distribution list, everything else is secondary. Link

Regarding abstaining and music: My hands are able to move more freely, they're less tense and shaky when I play guitar. I can improvise a lot better with certain scales and what not. Also creativity flows out of me when I'm drawing or playing guitar. ...

I reversed my severe glaucoma and impending blindness by being on several 60+ days of Hardmode NoFap my case it was LITERALLY true..Fapping was making me blind...I already had the pre-disposition for glaucoma and it was detected when I was 14..but the doctors said there was no danger and said I neednot worry... BIG DIFFERENCE: I never Masturbated or had sex till the age of 21 years 6 months.So that in all probability staved off the glaucoma for me...within 1.5 years of me starting to masturbate, at around just turning 23, I was diagnosed with heavy body knew what to do..I was slowly going blind....then I on myself came up  with the the thought that ejaculating semen 3x a day may have something to do with my impending blindness as well as my shitty life..turned things around a lot . permalink

There's a lot of anecdotal evidence that shows excessive PMO can causes major eye issues. Mass floaters being one of them. permalink

A lot of men including me have reported a improvements in their vision, Ive heard of guys that even stopped using glasses because of nofap. permalink

[Age 23] Measured 6 foot on the dot during military medical exam last year taken by the doctor. Stood up super straight and everything. Asked him to measure again this year during the medical, now I'm 6'2. Look up the alexander method. Combined with nofap, i feel excellent. Results may vary. [23M] I've grown two inches, posture and nofap

No more left eye twitch all day. Less straining and less eye dryness. Link

I tried so many medicines and different tricks to get rid of my balanitis (inflammation of the glans of the penis, where its red instead of the normal color, and most importantly, it stings painfully when you touch it). One time I got spots of it to disappear on my glans, and I was so happy. Like my entire life i've had this shit and it was so painful, and for the first time ever, I could touch the head of my penis without pain. I lost the spots and I wasn't sure what I did wrong, i was still using the medicine but nothing was working.

My doctor even told me masturbation probably had nothing to do with it, but I used to masturbate 25-30 times a week, and now I am down to just 2 times a week, I checked my penis and realized the spots of no inflammation are back!!! Basically what I think is happening, is the inflammation is caused by fungus or some shit, and the medicine is supposed to kill the fungus which it sucks at, and i've stopped using the medication a long time ago, but not masturbating alone has stopped the spread of the fungus! Most likely PMO was causing it to spread and stay alive on the head of my penis. I've been addicted for like 10 years now, so its not surprising that this is the first time it disappeared and I noticed.

Anyways, if anyone has some inflammation problem with their penis, STOP JERKING OFF. I am 100% sure my doctor just didn't have enough research on it (can't blame him hes a urologist not a fapping expert, doesn't have time to research every possible thing, just the medicines that hes seen successfully work) and I know for a fact that this spot-disappearance will continue like before because I'm not giving the fungus a chance to regrow. NOFAP CURED MY BALANITIS

I got my eyes checked last week (day 30) and my left eye prescription stayed the same, but my right eye went from-3 to -2.75, which is a slight improvement. permalink

Starting a new nofap journey due to physical symptoms related to excessive PMO.

I started to get a terrible itch in my scalp and my skin on the chest, back and the neck everytime I ate spicy food or was running or working out or during times of sudden emotion or anger. It even got triggered in moderate sunlight and was almost unbearable in extreme sunlight. I also started to experience acne.

Now I should mention here that the itching and acne had been a problem even in my teenage years and that completely disappeared with treatment, but this recent comeback of the symptoms made me realise that even during my teenage years this problem was right around the time I had started to masturbate excessively.

I consulted a skin specialist who prescribed levocetrizine which was very effective. But I noticed that as soon as I would start to masturbate regularly the symptoms would reappear. There was definitely a correlation, if not a cause and effect relationship between masturbation and the symptoms. ... Now there are two major symptoms that I link with excessive masturbation, the  urticarial and mild acne and the problem of a microbladder. excessive masturbation makes me go much more often.

I had terrible acne, 22 day streak: baby skin. 14 day streak: baby skin. 3 day streak - relapse - 24 hours later BJ. Acne back. Now tell me there's no connection biatch;)

This is just a warning of what may happen when it comes to excessive fapping/PMO, or what I think my excessive fapping caused.

I'm 33 years old. I've been fapping since I was about 11 to squiggly images of tits on the playboy channel. In the mid 90s , that progressed to jerking off to pixelated images of nudes. My habit eventually became 3-4x a day (some days up to 6x), every day of the year....for many many many years. I was pretty depressed in my late teens and I always wondered if my fapping was a result of that. Anyways; life went on and in my mid 20s, While still in my bad fap habit, I developed awful anxiety. This is when I started looking up a connection between excessive fapping and it's causes because I had zero reason to be anxious but it was uncontrollable to the point where I contemplated suicide a handful of times. I still didn't stop though. I used fapping to cope with things in my life. I was late to work multiple times because I was busy fapping. I developed weird fetishes I would have never thought turned me on. I'm sure all of this stuff you guys have heard already. However, a few years ago I developed these strange chest pains. It was a tightness and mild shortness of breath. I had test after test from multiple doctors and experts, everything was "fine". This went on for years (still ongoing) and made my life a hell. It's not a panic attack by any means. It's a chest tightening that lingers throughout the day and varies in intensity. One of the many tests I had was a gastric motility test because they had no idea if my stomach was acting up. It is a test that checks how fast your stomach pushes food through. Well, I barelyyyy passed the test which is odd. I looked up reasons why it would be slow and it said gastric motility is effected by the autonomic nervous system....if the sympathetic nervous system is dominating , then gastric motility can be affected. Interesting but I didn't connect things.
Now years pass and I still feel like crap. Recently , a few weeks ago, I started to notice my heart rate jumps up to about 95-100 when I stand up after lying down. It turns out that is a diagnostic symptom of POTS : postural orthostatic tachycardia. I read what it is and it's basically when the sympathetic nervous system has a high tone, the parasympathetic nervous system (which is responsible for lowering the heart rate, digestion, etc ) doesn't work as well because the sympathetic is dominating. There's also a theory that a deficiency in acetylcholine can cause it..well, of course acetylcholine is one of the things you deplete from your brain when you fap excessively. It's all is way too much of a coincidence.

Was my excessive fapping the cause for this? I can't be sure but I certainly don't fit the typical profile of a POTS patient. 80% are females and they usually have it brought upon by a virus or illness. Is this permanent? I really really hope not. However, I decided 2 weeks ago to finally go cold turkey and stop fapping and stop porn. I don't know if it's going to help but I figured I've been draining my brain and body of so much for so long, so it can't hurt. I've been supplementing with B-vitamins, magnesium and some others to try and jump start some neurotransmitter production naturally.
I'm scared that I've done damage to my body by excessive fapping but I'm hoping that with some determination and work, I can reverse it. So a word to the wise: everything in moderation. Anything in excess can and will hurt you in one way or another. a word of warning to fappers

30 years old and my HAIR is GROWING back!!!   I'm on day 6. My longest streak was 30 days last month. I started nofap 8 months ago. I failed a lot of times, but reduced fapping a lot. It  is like I fapped the same amount in 8 months that I used to fap in 1 month. Trust me, I was a skeptic, but now I know the path! It is not just physical, but spiritual as well. I don't see woman as an object anymore! I see them as human beings and it is freakin awesome! My additional experience:

  • -memory improvement (forgotten old memories coming back, usually in the morning)
  • -brain fog gone (basic)
  • -thicker hair
  • -less sleep needed, easier to fall asleep
  • -depression improved dramatically

NoFap and physical strength

My strength gain as far as i can say is developing fast, back when i was regularly fapping i hit a plateau of 110 lbs on bench, but boy when i decided to cut it down ive noticed i can easily add 5 lbs every week! Its been a constant progress! Now my bench stat is 170 lbs and i dont know anything that might help me hit that mark since ive been eating, resting, and training at the same rate so im blaming it on noFap! I haven't done any research about this and just went on posting this cuz im ecstatic about it

When i was regularly fapping my i was like "fuck it man not another 10 reps, im tired".

While on noFap:"lets fucking do this! 10 reps? Bitch ill do 11! Bring it on!"

Today I was scratching my scalp thing about something. lately many of my hairs were grayed out, not sure why, I am 39. Upon scratching one hair fell down. What was  pleasant about it was, the top 30% of the hair was white and the remaining shaft till the root was black. Now the length of that hair shaft is around 2 inches and lil more. I started nofap on 3rd Aug 2015, did for 103 days full hardmode. Then relapsed heavily for 2 days and then 23 days hardmode, again relapsed heavily for 1 day. I thought on if I changed any food habits of mine. Mostly none...just that started eating oranges everyday. But I feel NoFap is the reason of this. One accidental finding about goodness of nofap

I'm convinced my voice got deeper. Not sure when it started though. ... I don't really have any hard evidence, just suspicions. LINK to thread - Does this make your voice sound deeper?

(Day 90, age 17) I used to have eye twitches, that's pretty much gone now. Acne's better too.

After nearly 2 years...I've hit 90!

My voice has gotten a bit deeper over this streak and the times I did watch porn I noticed the next day my voice would be back to  how it used to be. It would take about a week for it to get deeper again. IDK if it truly is the porn, but blaming the porn helps to stay away from it because I like how much fuller my voice is now.

NoFap and pimples, ulcers & body heat

During fapping days , pimples took longer time to settle down or it even got bigger day by day. Same goes with mouth ulcers! I continuously get mouth ulcers as I have sharp teeth. Healing took very long and it made me weak. My body use to be very warm always. 

There is some connection but don't know what exactly.  Probably reason being heat produced during fap it created weakness and bad effect on immune system.  After 5 days noFap, there are improvements. Pimples that popped are suddenly settling down without even bursting and ulcers went in 2-3 days without medication. Also the body is not warm as it was before. Hope this helps someone who is sailing on same boat.

I've been attempting nofap for at least 140 days now, having some success and some set-backs; but this is one thing that I've noticed on all of my streaks, that my vocal range increases. Highs are easier to hit and lows just come naturally. My voice is more powerful and ceases to be shaky as it's been I guess since I started pmo. Whatever anyone says about placebo, this one thing, for me, is a completely measurable, tangible benefit from nofap that goes away quickly after a few relapses. No one can tell me it's 'all placebo'.

Home stretch to 90. My experience so far.

...My voice seems to have permanently deepened

I saw near immediate changes in my physique; this may have been caused by testosterone, but I was putting on more muscle without trying

Masturbating really does cause acne for some people. It's ridiculous how much my skin clears up when I stop jerking for a week or two. As soon as I relapse, I'll wake up the next morning with acne that seemingly came from nowhere. I've repeated this experiment far too many times for it to be pure coincidence. I'm 19 btw.

I had MPB receding hair line before I started Nofap. My hair loss and oily scalp has stopped and is slowly reversing.

Another impact I am seeing is a reduction in body hair. When I am using soap on my body lot of strands (20-30) are now daily falling out. I am extremely hairy, I used to sometimes trim hair from shoulders, chest and arms during summers.

I started NoFap about 14 months ago, and my best streaks are 87 and 90 days. Serious depression and low testosterone motivated me to start this. I was suffering low T about 6 years (im 24 now). At age 18 I went to blood test and T result was 6,5 n/mol, normal range is between 12-30. During that time I was PMOing every day and was extremely depressed. Doctors recommended me to start testosterone replacement therapy, but It didnt help fatigue and depression. After 2 years using testosterone I decided to fix my T levels naturally and stopped using medicine. It took a long time to fix it because taking medical testosterone dropped my natural T levels even lower. TRT was a huge mistake.

Year ago when I started Nofap I took blood test ,T result was 11,5. I had lost weight and started to eat more healty food, and there was immediate benefits. I've done weight lifting workouts since I was 16, but year ago I started doing more intensive training. Mostly bodybuilding.

Two months ago while I was on my best streak, 90 days, I went to blood test at day 75. Result was 22 n/mol, so T levels were 366% higher than 6 years ago and 100% higher than year ago. Doctors were also very suprised by results. I didnt mention anything about NoFap though :D.

Nofap was absolutely the biggest reason why my T levels fixed that well, so the "myth" about fapping and T levels is very true. And believe me, I've done ALOT things trying to fix T, but nothing was as helpful as NoFap. Other helpful things are to eat more spicy food (chili), D-vitamine, zinc, eggs (cholesterol), drink more water and to do at least 3 hard workouts in a week. Also losing fat can seriously increase T levels. And of course reducing stress too.

Less fapping, more T.

I noticed that the hair loss that i was suffering from is virtually gone! I never thought this would be an effect of noFap! I'm very happy about it and with noFap in general.

So today will be day 9 for me and I noticed an interesting phenomenon this morning. I wear something like a Fitbit and when I fall asleep at night it tracks my sleep. I set my alarm for 10 o'clock this morning being that I fell asleep at 2 am last night. I woke up this morning right after and it was 8 o'clock which I thought was way too early. Interestingly enough I looked at how my sleep was logged I had actually gotten less light sleep about 4.5 hours, this is where your body is still moving and is non-restorative sleep and deep sleep was logged in at about 1.5 hours which is pretty much exactly what the adult body needs where your organs shutdown and your mind is less active and is of much more of a quality sleep! Seems that NoFap is a stepping stone to give you less sleep but of much more quality. Just an observation to those worried about having their sleep cut short because  of NoFap.

Day 92 / Schizophrenia vs Nofap.

It will be short. I am schizophrenic and because of the loads of meds that I take, I feel that somehow I am not able to experiment the full benefits of nofap and no PMOing.

Anyways, I am at my 92 days, and something amazing started to happen... CONVERSATIONAL SKILLS really improved. I don't f*** believe!! People laugh of my silly jokes. I lead a conversation most of The times I choose the topic. I don't feel anymore the feeling of having to ''fitting in'' conversations. I have never felt this before mainly because of my long-term schizophrenia.

That’s why I am IMPRESSED.

3 Week Report - Superpowers/Benefits Are Real!

You will ask - Is there benefits for someone who is confident, attractive, out-going and gets girls? DAMN STRAIGHT THERE IS!

  • Energy Ever since i have stopped PMO I now have a ton more of energy. I have started working out intensely in these past 3 weeks; the gains have been incredible already!
  • Skin is a lot smoother, has a kind of glow about it and no acne at all.
  • Hair is thicker, feels nice and facial hair grows a lot quicker
  • Voice is deeper and has a stronger tone about it, before when i spoke people wouldn't hear me very clearly, now I speak with a lot more boom.
  • Eyes are a lot sharper like a wolf and have so much more life in them. Before when I was pmo'ing they looked more zombie-like and drained now they have this electricity in them!!


I've had ACL reconstruction twice now thanks to skateboarding, when I'm on a streak like I am now I barely even notice any weakness in my bad knee if any at all. Whereas if I were to fap everyday, my knee feels a lot weaker and it seems more prone to giving out. permalink


I made it to one month and I am (doctor-confirmed) clinically healthier as a result.

For essentially the last 10 years I had been going at it at least once a day. I never really knew anything else. It was a very normal and ritualistic practice for me.

Fast-forward a few years (high school), I start having fatigue issues. I never have any energy and just generally feel like shit a lot of days. Looking back, it's obvious now, but for essentially all my teen years I had pretty low testosterone. Puberty happened relatively late, I didn't start growing facial hair until I was around 18, I've never been big or muscular. I've basically just been a rather feminine scrawny dude for most of my existence (which I had tried to fix, but lifting was hard for me, and I wasn't seeing solid results).

Fast-forward again to winter of this year, I decided to actually get serious about this issue. I go to a doctor to get a physical (which I needed), and after the exam I express to him that I'm showing A LOT of classic signs of low testosterone: fatigue, thinning hair, low libido, mild erectile dysfunction, mild weight gain. This doctor is an asshole, and he was not even going to humor me. He seriously interrupted me and said "Low testosterone? No. You're 21. There's no way." After some prying I got him to agree to do a T-count to see where my testosterone levels were, because I told him I was genuinely concerned. A nurse called me a number of days later and, big fucking surprise, turns out I now had clinically-confirmed low testosterone. I was on the incredibly low end of the spectrum for "normal" testosterone level in males. (The numbers that she read to me were maybe something like 'normal range: 45-900 - your result: 83)

It stung to hear. I mean I had had a hunch, but the reality of talking to this nurse and her actually saying they were referring me to an endocrinologist was a lot to handle. I ended up seeing an endocrinologist (who was awesome), and he ran a few more testosterone-related tests, and gave me a rather intense physical. His verdict was "You seem totally normal, and pretty healthy, and even though it's rare, you DO have low testosterone, we just want to make sure there's not something else wrong with you causing the low testosterone levels." so I had a few more appointments scheduled over the coming months.

Throughout all of this, I always had this sickening feeling that my constant fapping could be contributing to my problems. Unfortunately, I was also never able to bring myself to stop, no matter how much I thought it was an issue.

Fast-forward again, it's the end of March and I'm preparing to go on a trip. I'll be out of the country for 9 days, and it's the first time I've been away for that long in a long time. Long story short, I seriously ended up breaking nearly every one of my bad habits on that trip. It's amazing how little you think about things like jerking off when you're hiking and running around 16 hours a day.

At any rate, it's officially been one month since I've drank soda, played video games, or had any kind of PMO (I've technically been on hard-mode all of April, even though I hadn't planned on it). I feel really really great actually. I've had no more fatigue issues that I'm conscious of, and I've had enough energy recently that I've started running (I've always been pretty physically active, I've just never had enough energy to actually feel like running!) and now onto my personal favorites:

  1. I met up with some friends for lunch who I hadn't seen in a long time and one made a comment that my voice sounds different.
  2. I actually STANK after my workout the other day. I smelled of pungent, manly, body odor, which is something very new to me.
  3. There have been a number of times recently where I was FULLY aroused just by simple things like kissing and touching, which have done basically nothing for me in terms of physical arousal in the past.

I feel like a new person.

Anyway, I had another doctor's appointment last week (around my 3 week mark) and I called the other day to get my test results back. My testosterone levels have apparently improved significantly, to a little over 3 times what they were when I had my original tests. I still almost can't believe it.

It may sound like a total circlejerk (...maybe not the best term to use here) to chalk all this up to NoFap, but honestly, after a month of no PMO I am a healthier, happier human being, and regardless of whether NoFap was the sole cause, I'm incredibly happy with where I am right now.

Age 19 - Many benefits, then fell back into porn, now climbing out again


• Lost over 60 lbs in the past 6 months, now normal weight range.

• Skin is no longer oily, diagnosed psoriasis has disappeared – Due to improved hygiene overall

• Improved EQ

• Hair is soft and shiny (coconut oil + discontinuing shampoo) Why NoFap doesn’t give you superpowers: My 90 day report

I indeed have noticed how much stronger my immune system is on nofap. All my life I've had cold sores (herpes on my lips). I would get one maybe twice a month sometimes more. It was driving me crazy. I had been eating healthy for years but I just couldn't figure how to avoid getting those. After starting nofap they just disapeared. I'm the living proof that thoses studies who say masturbation ameliorates your immune system is BS.

It must be some kind of survival thing. The priority for a male is to be ready to get a female pregnant at all times. The survival of the species depends on it. If you fap and you body is under attack, the priority is to fill your balls first I guess.

Age 28 - Migraines and stuttering gone, better immunity, stronger, good conversationalist

My hair falling rate has definitely decreased significantly since I started NoFap, however to confirm that this is due to NoFap and not due to any seasonal change or any other factor, I guess I have to wait and continue my streak. permalink

Beard growth on nofap with pics

Physical benefits:

- deeper voice

- better muscular tone (even without having worked out in the last month!)

- psoriasis disappeared (it had been a yearly problem!)

- better back and neck conditions (always been suffering from back ache and stiff neck)

- better skin (I was told 'I look younger' by a professional photographer 2 weeks ago) Age 38 - Managing life with a different level of energy

I had more than 10 years constant pimples and redness on both my triceps, from shoulder to elbow! I went to see lots of skin specialists, but they all  said its normal and they gave me cream, which didn’t work. It was itchy and very red, some people asked me on the beach what is that, that’s how bad  it looked... I’m in day 6 with NoFap and my decade-long skin problem DISAPPEARED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m soo happy, no words....... I have baby skin all  ver my body! It really feels extreme soft. I didn’t change any eating or other habits, so it can be just the NoFap. MADE IT: 90 days hardcore NoFap, health benefits, etc.

120+ days no fap.......scalp oiliness gone 25 years of fapping, at times 2 times a day and usually once a day, some 18 yrs ago my scalp started becoming oily. Later on the situation became so bad that it was like, if I failed to take an head bath then the hairs will become very oily due to oily scalp. Thus the current situation was, If I take an head bath in the morning then by evening the scalp will be oily and I need to take an head bath again. But now I see that the oiliness has gone down, not sure, but I really felt it from last 2 days so thought of sharing here.

For the last 2 weeks I have been experimenting with MSM and Milk thistle. It had pretty much eliminated all of my Rosacea/SebDerm. (I have the kind which is along the nasal folds and eyebrows that gets red. Diet flares it off and common rosacea triggers) I started gaining weight and am very happy. I can go outside and not have to worry all the time :).

However... now and again I had a small resurgence. And I figured out it was Masturbation.

The entire first week was great. I was clear, happy, and clean as a whistle. Then I had sex. About 3 hours later.... SHIT red spots and webby inflammation in 3 spots. WTF? I had been clean all week! A few more days I was back on nofap. Clean again....

And then a few days later, I fapped twice within an hour... omg... some of the worst rosacea ever. I've been doing this several times and the connection is 100% there. It may not be for everybody, but it is for me and several other people I've seen from different online threads.

In addition, I found an interesting tidbit that Rosacea in the Victorian era was supposedly a sign of a chronic masturbator. We are finding more and more that these "myths" about masturbation are real. Acne, hair loss, etc... tons of reports of people saying they are actually connected. I've spent the last year researching acne/rosacea/sebderm. And all these skin issues are related to masturbation for a ton of people.

I'm fully convinced a wealth of problems are connected to fapping. I don't want to be too tin foiled hat here, but like acne, the medical industry doesn't want you to find out the real cure. IF you knew that acne was just dieting... they couldn't prescribe you accutane, peroxides, laser treatments, ointments, and all this other bullshit that is a billion dollar industry. I remember 10 years ago I went to my derm and asked him if diet was related. He said "Absolutely not". Now latest science and even personal accounts say 100% YES it is.

Here's my hypothesis. All the triggers related to skin issues on the face almost certainly are related to liver and/or some mineral. Tons of people are cured by MSM, Zinc, Magnesium, etc. These skin problems resolve. Often they are anti-oxidants. OR Milk thistle, MSM, etc, which are helpful for healing the liver.

Now what causes these issues? Well skin triggers are almost always related to the liver. Alcohol, histamines, stress, metabolism, sugars, fats, etc... All are related to the liver.

And many people online are reporting liver problems associated with Fapping. I believe fapping is drastically hitting the liver in some people and messing with it's ability to clean out oxidation in the skin thereby causing issues. Which is why skin problems seemed to be caused by diet. Since the liver cleans out the blood and controls metabolism, but masturbation thwarts the livers ability to clean out and you end up with poorer skin.

I apologize some of this is science heavy but if I were to explain it all it might be 20x longer.

So TLDR here's the cure:

1) Take MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane supplements) 2) Take Milk Thistle. 3) Don't Fap

I've been doing this for 2 weeks and I've been clear. I've also been forcing myself to do the triggers and besides histamine foods and fapping, I've been clean.

I hope it helps you bros out.

PS. Hair loss and dandruff are gone too. Just bonuses. For those who have Seb Derm/Rosacea or skin problems (NoFap Related)

[Not a benefit, but interesting] I don't know if it's a side effect of [15 days of] nofap but recently I have become very [sensitive] to alcohol, in the sense that I will sense a change of behavior even after one beer. I don't like it and I'm thinking about stopping alcohol completely. Anyone in the same situation? I have became very sensible to alcohol

A reply: Yes absolutely same thing, i still drink but i don't enjoy it much any more and actually after clubbing night yesterday  decided i might try and stop for a while.

Another reply: I've had to cut down my alcohol intake after starting NoFap definitely.The times I drink as I used to I get very drunk and get a terrible hangover with urges from hell. All of the times I've relapsed this year have been due to being hungover from drinking too much alcohol. After I started to cut down my intake I've had more enjoyable times with less hangover and no urges. Thinking of going a period completely without alcohol soon.

Age 23 - Best time of my life, no longer a virgin

Voice is a lot deeper, almost powerful. i have crazy body heat now, and can feel a presence deep within. it's hard to explain but you just feel alive you know? when you're dead your body becomes cold, but right now i feel an aura emanating from myself. also no more brain fog, i don't get sick as easily, i have more strength, my hair is thicker and softer, and my beard has grown in full, no more patches or bald spots.

I'm on day 8 and I started to notice something I never paid attention to before in longest streaks.

I like to sing and psalmody a lot and I always noticed huge inconsistency in my voice. Sometime I would obviously lack power in my vocal cords and I would lack clarity. As well as having terrible breath management, to the point where I could barely hold it for more than ten second.

These last three days I've noticed huge changes that can't be ignored. Not only I've a much clearer singing voice, I can reach higher or lower levels without forcing. It flows naturally. And the most striking, I can manage my breath so much longer now while singing, I'm constantly reaching 40 sec mark.

There is definitely something to No Fap, or rather something about fapping that negatively impacts the voice. An interesting change on no fap, singing and voice

The Most Subtle yet Amazing benefit of NoFap

This is the one superpower no one has talked about and it is the most beneficial. I am pissing as straight as an arrow. Seriously I am like Legolas and Chris Kyle in the bathroom. I am taking pisses in people's houses without having to worry about it hitting the floor. Seriously this needs to be put as the number 1 benefit of nofap.

Deeper voice.. NOTICEABLY deeper..

So much deeper that my girlfriend keeps asking me "why are you talking like that?" A girl making my sandwich at subway said "Wow.. sorry, I just wasn't expecting your voice to be that deep.." after I told her what kind of bread I wanted. It's not because I'm going through puberty or anything like that. I am almost 21 years old now and my voice got deeper when I was like 14 years old. It's like I'm hitting puberty round 2! haha.

Ever since I started NoFap (there have been a few relapses, though) I felt more stability while walking. Does PMO effect your walking gait?

A reply: Yes that's possible. I find that whenever I relapse, the next day I feel, basically, weaker than the previous day. Hand-eye coordination is worse, and a little more unstable when walking. I don't think it's your imagination.

Since going pornfree a lot of people have commented that my voice is getting deeper.

I'm liking this, often times when on the phone I'd get a representative of a credit card company or whatever call me "ma'am" when they respond to me - and since stopping my porn viewing habits I don't get that anymore and others have commented on my voice being deeper.

bad knee problems due to injury and surgery are no longer problems Long story short: Tore ACL. had reconstructive surgery and 75% of meniscus removed in 1999. ever since my knee has been a problem. sore, stiff, swollen, reduced range of motion, pain, fluid build-up, etc. etc.

Well, not any more. things i used to not be able to do: leg presses/extensions, squats/deep knee bends, quadricep stretches, running without knee pain. Things that i can now do with total ease and knee comfort: leg presses/extensions, squats/deep knee bends, quadricep stretches, running without knee pain (pain everywhere else, but not in the knee).

I'm not saying that all this is due to masturbation abstinence. but this time last year i had to go for a few rounds of cortizone injections because my knee got so bad i could barely walk, from doing the above mentioned activities.

[REPLY COMMENT] I would go as far as suggesting these improvements to your knee are due to abstinence. I had pain in a lot of my joints, mainly elbows that I put down to exertion at the gym. It lasted for a couple of years. This pain disappeared after a couple of weeks of no pmo and it reoccurred a while ago after having LOTS of sex with new gf. I only orgasm occasionally now. I don't know why this happens, I have just accepted it :)

14 Days No Fap - The Science Behind Stopping Acne with NoFap

Normally, I fap 3-4 times a week. I never considered it to be a lot. I read that many of you here used to fap multiple times everyday. That's why I always thought it's a healthy behaviour and never thought it contributed to acne. I was always under the assumption from medical professionals that masturbating does not cause acne. However, as I read more and did additional research, I started to put the pieces together from multiple studies and anecdotal experiences. Masturbating may not "cause" acne, it definitely has an impact on it.

I began the NoFap challenge as an experiment to test my theory. My first try was 4 days. My second try was 5 days. Now I am going into my 14th day, which is the longest I have went in many years.

Here is the challenge though. Studies have shown that when a male stops ejaculating, his testosterone levels will spike up drastically during the 6th day and peaking on the 7th day. The peak can be about 50% higher than your normal levels.

On my 6th and 7th day, my face broke out like the gates of hell. Several bloody cysts came up and made me want to stay indoors all day. They were painful and are leaving scars.

However, there was light at the end of that tunnel. Throughout this week, my skin has miraculously gotten significantly better. I have been in sweats a lot more due to the weather. I have been eating more unhealthy and oily foods. Despite that, my skin is still healing and not breaking. I have never seen improvements like this since Accutane. At the end of each sweaty day, I am beyond surprised that a new painful cyst did not come up.

I am convinced that all my theories are coming true. NoFap is the final piece of the puzzle of the solution for my acne.

Final Tips

Here are several supplements that I recommend. I have used them for months and they do help. It's just that the results of NoFap has surpassed all of them combined.

*1) Saw Palmetto - A natural herbal extract that blocks 5 alpha reductase

*2) Green Tea Extract - Clinically tested to lower testosterone levels

*3) Zinc - Important for hormonal balance. Also zinc is depleted with ejaculation

I am currently on my longest streak and my acne has cleared up tremendously. My face is totally clear and my back is about 95% better than it was. Prior to this streak I've had acne going all the way back to puberty (I'm 26) and had only mild success with hardcore stuff like accutane and proactive. permalink

If I'm PMOing then I tend to itch a lot more but after about 3 weeks off the itching subsides as well as the general dryness. I've literally had pretty bad eczema ever since high school (I'm 22 now) and the only thing that has given me amazing results is nofap.

Has any of the users who have or had long streaks noticed any difference in their penis?

I'm on my longest nofap streak. I'm avoiding my counter but I'd have to be at around 20-30 days. I'm impressed by the physical changes. I'm getting chest hair for the first time in 26 years and my eyes are slowly changing. They're  growing a green tint and the "bags" (black spots under the eyes) have dissipated to the point of only being visible from certain angles.

I was worried that if I ever had a wet dream I would lose all the physical effects. I woke up in a sea of seed today and the first thing I did was swim to the mirror. It's all still there! :D The burden of my fears has been lifted

When I don't orgasm for a while, like 1+ weeks, I don't feel any pain after my workout with 30% more intensity. This also happens after 3-7 days of not having sex but it only works if I do between 1%-15% more intensity than what I normally do. When I frequently have sex -- let's say I get lucky and I have it every other day -- I don't get post workout pains if I stick to my usual level of intensity. On the other hand, If relapse lets say more than 4-7 times a week, I have post workout pain even if I do my normal workout...

One unpleasant development i am proud of  I. STIIIIIIINK. MY PITS ARE AROMATIC. GOOD. MANLY STINK. It is strange, but this is one drawback i am more than ok with on the road to recovery. Before i was quitting, i could work out, reuse the same shirt for 2-3 days and not have it stink, but now the natural processes (endocrine maybe) seem to have rebooted or have started to.

i was diagnised and have had telogen effluvium for 2 years now, i was having both shedding and dead looking hair and brittle nails. now that i am 2 months in nofap, nails recovered and hair quality improved, also shedding is almost completely gone ( from losing around 20 hairs when i run my fingers through my hair to 2-4 hairs), however no noticeable regrowth for now can pmo cause telogen effluvium

I was suffering from dyshidrotic eczema on my hands and I tried various herbal meds and clobestasol cream for tis cure ..It healed for certain time and again came back.I got fed from this eczema cause it was coming recurring again and again. Eventually I found its cure....The excess habit of masturbation was the cause for the trigger in eczema. So guys if you are suffering from Dyshidrotic eczema don't fap and it will fade away :) Dyshidrotic eczema (small blisters on fingertips) and masturbation?

Improvements are starting to show up, mainly my strength. When before my fingers kept shaking up due to lack of energy, my fingers have become more steadier and controllable. 25 To Life

Is nofap helping my beard grow thicker?

I'm not a rocket scientist, but my beard feels pretty thick and it used to be patchy as hell.

Some views of a guy with no porn problem

I've never had a porn problem, I watched it sometimes, maybe 20 mins a week, always really soft stuff. But, I did have a masturbation problem, I did it to 'start a day', as a stress release, in the evening to fall asleep easier.... Now, after ~2 months i started (12 days longest streak, a lot of 5-7 days ones) I know that I'm never going back.

Through all my 'adult' life (basically since I was 12 years old, till now - 23) I didn't even know how is it to feel really happy. I thought that i should be happy only with a really good reason, and relatively shitty the rest of the time. I didn't even know I have anxiety / social anxiety problem. It was mild but it was still pretty shitty. I thought that was just who I was, and now i know that it's bullshit. We're supposed to be fuckin happy just for being alive, luckily i know it now, and it's not late.

It also helped me with acne, I had mild acne, not too big of a problem, but it was still a problem. Nothing I did, and bunch of products I used didn't help me fully. Now my skin is totally clear without using anything.

I'm 14 and started NoFap, currently on a 7 day streak. I had some acne on my face, which I'm insecure about, but after a week of nofap, acne has decreased so much. Such a confidence booster! I think this is because I started drinking a shitload of water and working out every 2 days, but man, I feel awesome! Holy shit. Acne gone?

I've noticed that only hours after relapse, I notice the acne on my chest and back flaring up. I definitely notice a correlation between good skin and nofap, and an almost immediate bodily response. Acne and relapse

I am 22 years old and everytime I do nofap for like 10 days, I feel so good. I do not sweat excessively anymore, my skin gets much better and I am far more outgoing. Can you explain that? It's no placebo, my acne is connected to masturbation. When I abstain, I am clear. When I masturbate, the next day my face is inflamed and oily as shit and I am sweating like a crazy motherfucker. I need your help

PRetty much all my life(since puberty) I've had pimples on my face. But now that i started NoFap. Day 0 I had some on my face 5-6 Constantly on my face. Day 15, just  notices they're pretty much all gone 95%. Day 15 Face Pimples Gone


I had the same results.. My theory is that it is something to do with testosterone levels.

Well, it's not testosterone. NoFap doesn't dramatically increase that  besides a brief bump around a week in. But it's definitely something, can't argue with the results :)

Confirm this too, my face becomes smoother and if I get acne at all its really small. Overall my skin looks better just after 12 days.

I have less bags under my eyes and no pimples on my face (just scars).

As a relatively serious runner who runs 10Ks regularely, I can say that masturbation & ejaculation has an enormous effect. Its night and day, as to how my run is. If I masturbate before, then my legs are heavy and I am somehow slow. If I don't masturbate, I am my normal self. Something to do with the energy in your groin and lower body...When you jerk off, somehow you become weak as hell down there. permalink

Agree Ber. Runner here. Started triathlons 4 years ago and my running went down for this reason As I have to put miles in swimming amd biking. This year is projected to be my best running year ever. I have so much energy that I work long hours skateboard run swim. NoFap is a miracle. Am on hard monk mode with just a lil sex encounter in a 33 day streak. Am on for a 120 no Pmo orgasm or anything til triathlon race day on

"Find a lion that hasn’t had some food for a while, and you’ve got one dangerous cat. I don’t ejaculate for six weeks before the fight. No sex, no masturbation, no nothing. It releases too much tension.  It releases a lot of minerals and nutrients that your body needs, and it releases them cheaply. Releasing weakens the knees and your legs. Find a lion that hasn’t had some food for a while, and you’ve got a dangerous cat. So there won’t bet a drip from me. Even in my sleep — if there are girls all over me in my dream, I say to them, ‘I’ve got a fight next week, I can’t do anything. I can’t do it.’ That’s control. I’ve been doing that since I was fifteen and its part and parcel of my preparation now. That’s why I am who I am today — it’s down to all those little sacrifices. Find me another boxer who makes that sacrifice, and you’ll find another champion." Boxer David Haye on Semen Retention (Former World Heavyweight Champion).

I have tried nofap many times but failed all the time. But this time i am on day 40, and i can feel the difference. My skin is healthy and clear. My hair fall stopped. infact my hair is become thicker and better quality. i had receding hairline. 40 days of nofap

I have some thyroid abnormalities that run in the family and although I'am not diagnosed with neither hypo.. nor hyper.., I've used to (and still do to some extent) experience symptoms of hypothyroidism at times and actually I have been told that my thyroid is quite substantially smaller than average. Anyway my point is, I do believe people with thyroid issues can be affected by PMO even more and so cutting it could as well solve most (if not all) of their thyroid problems - at least that's pretty much what I was experiencing several months ago when I went NoFap for ~3months (well not literally, but I did relapse only on a few occasions during this period and cut the P completely).

Towards the end of that streak, I just felt 'normal' - took this for granted and foolishly started thinking that PMO is not that big of a deal - needless to say my symptoms - the most scary ones being anxiety, nausea and depression started all coming back after I full blown came back to PMO. Still it was hard to exactly pinpoint the cause of the symptoms and tell for sure, cause A) it takes time for nofap to take effect and you can't just expect all negative symptoms to subside after a day or two B) Before and during NoFap I've made some great progress on self development so I was still better off than I potentially could be. C) At that point I was still stubbornly convinced that PMO isn't doing any substantial harm to my well being. This all made me confused and thinking that PMO isn't big deal (except feelings of guilt, shame... ) despite those negative feelings coming seemingly out of nowhere. I thought that since I didn't feel any "superpowers" while I was abstaining from PMO, that must mean that it's not hurting me much. I couldn't be more wrong. Now when I know exactly where to look for positive changes, I can already tell the difference after 8+ days of abstinence (and greatly limiting PMO starting 3 weeks or so ago).

Slowly progressing gains and being tricked into underestimating negative effects of PMO. And little something about thyroid

I'm 62 days in and have found that some hair around my temple region is getting thicker. Hairline straightening out too. Hoping for more results as the days go on. permalink

I have had acne for so long, and I have tried everything to make it go away, even becoming a vegan. But, you know what eventually cured it? NoFap. It started to really clear up around 35 days. It isn't a linear process, and I have very small break outs occasionally, but it is basically almost gone. Such a confidence booster!! Link

Noticed my hair loss stopped when I did nofap, relapsed and binged, hair is coming out again.

I also noticed that my depression is coming back and my diet has been declining ever since. I'm back on Nofap now. Fapping just isn't worth the few minutes of porn and few seconds of orgasm.


After a 13 day streak I relapsed, PMOed 6 times, the difference is amazing,

BEFORE RELAPSE: Glowing Flawless skin, Deep voice, mental stability and clarity, well shaped face (High cheekbones, jawline.etc), no acne, dark circles fading, lively eyes, excellent looking hair,

AFTER RELAPSE: Dull Hyperpigmented skin ridden with acne, Brain fog, dark circles under eyes, bitchy voice, OCD, lifeless eyes, puffed looking cheeks.

This is fucking real, not a placebo at all, Hell, when I visited my family, my brother asked me if something was wrong, he told me I looked like shit, even my Mother told me that my skin tone was very weird looking.

The difference in my skin after just 1 month, is a living proof that Nofap fucking works.

Further, it does not appear that hypersexuality is a manifestation of high sex drive,22,23 but that it involves high excitation and a lack of inhibitory control, at least with respect to inhibition owing to expected negative outcomes.

I used to fap 3-5 times a day. I'm not really sure about what day I’m on at the moment(stopped counting) But I have not fapped in maybe 45 days, and I’ve only had one orgasm during sex maybe 2 weeks ago. But anyway before Nofap I used to have zits and a little bit of acne on my face, and REALLY red, itching, unhealthy looking skin on my legs and arms. Now it's almost gone, you can barely see it anymore! It's amazing, it just proofs too me that semen contains so many vitamins and substances and holding on to it makes you a much healthier person.


Surprising Health Benefit!

So before I started noFap, I had respiratory/breathing issues. I got constant check ups for any complications at all, I thought I had some sort of cancer! Doctors couldn't find anything. They would subscribe me Pills and I DO NOT TAKE PILLS UNLESS THERE ARE A LAST RESORT. And the pills wouldn't solve the issue, just ease the symptom, and I refused. It was something I thought I would just have to figure out later on.

GREAT NEWS: Just a couple weeks ago IT CLEARED UP! I have been dealing with this issue for 2 years! Is NOFAP/Retaining my sperm which contains vitamins/nutrients/minerals thanks to this? Not sure, but I know it cleared up after deciding to live this new lifestyle and I am forever thankful!

(Also circulation with my hands and feet became better, body temperature has rose and I can tolerate the harsh winters better! And FINALLY NO CONSTANT TEARS FALLING OUT MY DAMN EYES FROM THE COLD, THAT WAS AN ANNOYANCE lol)

I've had man boobs my whole life and nofap cured it

Yep that's right. The number 1 thing I've been insecure about my whole life was man boobs. I'm not even fat but all the way through high school and middle school I've suffered from gynecomastia. Ever since I stopped, literally testosterone has evened out my body. I'm so thankful that I've finally made a difference for myself