Pornography was the only one who got Donald aroused: Swedish

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young couple in bed(Google translate) When Donald would have sex for real for the first time, he felt no desire. However, he was easily aroused by porn videos. And sex problemen just continued. 

Donald is one of a growing number of young men who felt that they suffered porn impotence. That is, it does not work when trying to have sex for real.

- The first time when I would sleep with a girl I was not able. I lit simply do not and it was as if something was missing. I thought that I was just nervous, but it was the same the next time. I simply had no desire, says Kalle.

First, he felt a tremendous shame and thought then that maybe he was gay. For a few years he went about with their concerns and fears. Then he looked online and found that many young men shared experience that too much viewing porn in connection with masturbation could be a cause of the problems.

- Then I simply stopped trying to meet someone to have sex, continue Kalle.

He is nineteen today and feel that he was "healed" from his porn impotence. Sex life with his girlfriend works well and he does not look at porn anymore, would not be at risk again.

When Donald was thirteen years old , he looked for porn sites on the net. There were many movies and short videos to download - and was free. Even for those who are not of age.

- I often sat in front of the computer and masturbated. In the end, it could become three four times per day. In the movies, it was normal sex, normal sex and a lot more. I watched most of "normal" movies.

Donald says he was quite shy as a young teenager. When he was sixteen, he met a contemporary girl at a party. He followed her home. They kissed, necked and was finally naked in her bed.

- I noticed that she was pretty excited, but I felt more nervous. And nothing happened with my penis. It was loose and I did not get a position. She asked if it was the first time and said it did not do anything - but it still felt incredibly awkward.

Next weekend met Charlie and the young girl friend at his home, the parents had gone to the country. They watched a film, ate chips and drank some beer. They hugged, made out for a while - but then the same thing happened as last time.

- Neither this time I got something about. Now I felt even more embarrassed. The next week called the girl again, but then blamed me that I was busy all next weekend. Then ran it all out on the sand. I saw her at school and every time I was terrified that she told me what had happened and that I would be teased.

Donald continued to look at adult movies while he masturbated. Then it was no problem to get a position. After six months, he met a new girl at a party and they gave each other their phone numbers. They met at her house one afternoon and tried to have sex.

- The same problem again. I did not feel so light and did not get a position now either.

Now the Donald age of 17 years and their thoughts that maybe he was gay came more frequently.

- My uncle is gay, so for me it was not scary or unnatural. I have no bögfobi ... Though I had never experienced any attraction to boys or men, and I never looked at porn where men had sex with each other.

Then one day came across Donald on forums online where others told of similar experiences. He found several discussion threads where young men reported that they suffered porn impotence, that is to say that it did not work when they would have sex for real.

- I recognized myself in the stories, but also read that there was a way to become "good" again. Many had stopped while masturbating and watching porn, and after a few months it had worked when they tried to have sex for real. I decided to follow the "recipe".

Six months ago, Donald began dating a girl in high school class. And after two months it happened he dreamed of and yearned long after. He was capable and could complete sexual intercourse - for the first time.

- I was crying and the girl took first nothing, but when I told my story, she was also very taken.

Why do you think that you have previously had problems to light in connection with real sex?

- I've thought a lot about it. In porn movies moaning women directly and they are willing to do a lot of things, sets up in just about everything. I do not know if I subconsciously thought that it would be so, and therefore, I did not get a position. Now it works, anyway - and I'm going to drag me to look at porn again.

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Porren var det enda som fick Kalle att tända

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